Qatar World Cup reality… Booze bans, grim rooms for fans and Big Brother spy cams

Harry Kane will never have known projection like it — a 30ft image of the England captain is wrapped around a glass skyscraper in central Doha.

It makes him a dominant part of the visual landscape on the road to the World Cup media centre, where every single pre-match press conference will be held during the tournament.

He’s not the only one. Luis Suarez, Luka Modric, Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mane are among the 13 players also ‘wrapped’ around buildings. One from each competing nation should follow between now and November 20, if image rights approval can be secured.

The World Cup and its stars are being paraded like never before by a host country. The players are pictured everywhere, as is the tournament slogan, ‘Now is all’.

But behind the razzmatazz, how prepared is this tiny nation for an influx of one million fans? And what will the experience be like for supporters?

Getting around

It’s World Cup fever from the moment you board a Qatar Airways plane. Robert Lewandowski and Neymar feature in the on-board safety video. The pillows state: ‘Football is passion.’

Hamad International Airport has a smooth efficiency, with a Metro station at Terminal 2 linking the network’s red line to central Doha. The Metro has stops within a 10-minute walk of five of the eight stadiums, including Khalifa International, where England start against Iran, and Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, where Wales play all three group games.

But beware jumping on the wrong carriage: some are family and women-only. For the first time, any fan with a ticket to a game can ride the host country’s Metro for free, by waving the all-important Hayya Card app — which must be secured to get visa access to the country and to matches.

The Uber network is effective, though supply will be severely tested. In an attempt to get traffic off the frequently gridlocked roads, Qatar has designated the month of the tournament a school holiday.

Where to stay?

It’s a chaotic, last-minute race to make rooms available and this a source of real concern to the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA). The main hotels in Doha have had 80 per cent of their rooms taken from them by FIFA, who have been marketing them.

But a number of hoteliers say that when they get the unsold ones back — at the end of the month — their priority will be their oil and gas industry customers, who install their rig workers in them.

Many of the cheapest £70-a-night villa and apartments have gone and though 20,000 more rooms are expected to become available in the next few weeks, there is a big rush to get them finished in time.

There’s been a huge demand for November 24 and 25, the early days of the tournament, so the FSA say anyone still looking to book for the entire two weeks should consider splitting bookings by moving from location to location during the tournament. This might help keep costs down.

The Qataris have just announced that local people will be allowed to let out their own villas to international fans. There’s very little under £200 a night on Airbnb.

There are 20 properties on booking.com for the first three nights of the tournament. Many different contractors are building the facilities. That appears to be contributing to the challenges of getting a clear picture of what will be ready and when. Qatar says there will be 100,000 rooms available on any one night.

Tent life

A tented village, ‘Al Khor Camp’ which is one of the official accommodation options, was still under construction when Sportsmail visited 10 days ago and is being built out into the desert, on a dead-end road, 40 minutes north by car from central Doha.

We see square canvas dwellings that campers would walk into, rather than Glastonbury-style tents.

Security officials guard it fiercely but tell us that there will be beds in the tents, a communal swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and air conditioning. Small wooden food kiosks are already built.

One will sell Egyptian and Lebanese ‘koshari and falafel’. Another is the ‘Blue Mountain Cafe’. Qatar says 1,000 ‘Bedouin-style’ tents will be pitched. The cheapest being marketed at Al Khor is the ‘Deluxe King Tent for two’, which is spacious with wardrobes and a flat-screen TV but is a cool £365 a night.

Fans will have to make their own entertainment up there and that won’t include alcohol, though the complex is built on the Al Farkiah beach. It’s only a few miles from the Al Bayt stadium, where England play USA. There is also to be a Caravan City, run by a company called Asco Trading.

…Or cabin fever

The tents certainly look a great deal more appealing than the ‘cabins’ that the World Cup organisers are offering.

The artists’ impressions show communal areas but when Sportsmail visits the site — again, very much still under construction — we find row upon row of soulless metal buildings in shades of yellow, pink and turquoise on a desert site at Ras Bu Fontas inside the ‘Free Zone’ off the airport road.

A hand-painted sign suggests it will be called ‘The Al Wakra Camp’ but it’s more like a PoW camp with vast numbers of 10-cabin blocks positioned in rows which run for a quarter of a mile.

The artists’ impressions show arches of topiary at the entry to the walkways between each row but this place, built out near the main Hamad International Airport, feels like a place to get away from.

The cabins we saw were still shells, with a bedroom and shower. The starting price of 740 Qatari Riyal (£176) seems a lot for these rudimentary huts.

It’s unclear, either through online images or our investigations, whether the toilets are communal. It is thought that 3,500 more of these may come online via the official Qatar Accommodation Agency.

Life on the ocean?

Two cruise ships will arrive to house fans in Doha Port. The MSC World Europa cruise ship, with its 1,900 cabins, is due to depart from France in October and will be joined by the MSC Poesia the following month.

Between them, they will provide 3,898 cabins, 45 bars and 10 dining facilities. They are not cheap. Minimum price £530 a night. But they do throw a buffet breakfast in.

It is thought that there are plans to secure a third cruise ship. The vessel is available but there have been problems with the logistics of mooring it, which it is hoped will be resolved.

Many fans have decided to base themselves in Dubai. Argentina fans — always the life and soul — will arrive from South America on their own cruise liner.

On the Waterfront

The best of Doha for fans is the beautiful four-mile waterfront promenade, or Corniche, on the fringe of the Arabian Sea, which is clearly being lined up as a major congregating place.

It has been widened and landscaped, with a turquoise cycle track installed. The race to get things ready is last-minute here, too. It’s the Qatari way. Workers had hosepipes turned on sections of brown, sun-parched grass when we visited.

They were also toiling to complete the task of laying paving stones, setting lights into them, and finishing underpasses linking the walkway with Doha’s historic Souk, with its narrow walkways, market and restaurants.

Temporary seating was being created in the Souk, too. This is also where it is anticipated that many Argentinians, Spaniards, Australians, English and Welsh can mix, eat and digest football.

The excellent cheese and honey Qatari pancakes usually sell at £1.50 and Majboos (chicken curry and rice) for £5. Great, cheap local delicacies but the Souk is very small. It will be an extreme squeeze.


Doha’s problem is that there’s not much culture — or indeed much at all — in this largely barren moonscape. So they’re going to throw the kitchen sink at it and will borrow heavily from Glastonbury.

They’ve recruited British festival creators Arcadia, shipping in the 50-tonne fire-breathing spider, made from a decommissioned crane at Bristol’s Avonmouth docks, which has bewitched Glastonbury festival goers for a decade now and was back in Somerset this summer. There will be live shows and DJs.

But like so much of the tournament backdrop, there are still very few details. No one has announced for how long and at which time of the day the Glasto event will run.

But one well-placed source suggests that this might be the only public place, other than stadiums and the Fan Zone, where alcohol will be available — and that it may be licensed to do so from 10am to 5am. That’s unconfirmed.

But this experience, like much else, might not come cheap. It is thought it might cost £75 a day to get in. Just eight weeks out, the price has not been disclosed.

FIFA’s big party

The lack of space means they’re creating one big Fan Zone — with a 40,000 capacity — at Al Bidda Park, near the Corniche. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy a drink and watch a game on the big screens, so long as you have a taste for Budweiser, the ubiquitous official beer partner.

They will be selling it from 6.30pm until 1am there. Not great if you want to watch one of the daily 1pm and 4pm games with a beer in your hand but FIFA have taken the view that maintaining a no-alcohol environment for the first two games at the Fan Zone is appropriate and respectful of a host nation in which many view alcohol with suspicion.

Beer was selling for £5.50 a pint at a 2019 experimental Fan Zone for the Club World Cup. FIFA promise free concerts with international stars. But there are no names yet.

Going on a beer hunt

Finding a beer is statistically football fans’ biggest source of concern about this World Cup. The Qatari state sets the price and some of the 30 or so Western style hotels which serve it believe there may be orders to bring the price down from the current £12-£15 to around £8 pint. Very pricey.

But the good news for fans is that some of the hotels — whose bars will be packed to the rafters — are looking at providing outdoor drinking areas.

The Intercontinental Beach Hotel, where the tournament’s referees are staying, is creating a 1,500-capacity outdoor space for its Oktoberfest event and may keep that available for the World Cup.

The Radisson is also thought to be considering an outdoor space for 400 and an additional area for 1,100. Qatar officials were asked last week if pop-up off-licences will enable fans to buy alcohol. They refused to say. But the answer is almost certainly no.


All eight are architectural masterpieces. The Qataris are planning to make them a place for congregation. Once beyond every stadium’s security checks and x-ray machines, on the ‘inner perimeter’ fans will be able to buy yet another Budweiser for the three hours before kick-off and for one hour afterwards.

Sportsmail’s entry to the stadium from Lusail Metro, two hours before kick-off in a match between Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s club champions, was smooth and untroubled.

A direct 25-minute walk. But the heat and humidity were broiling inside and did not live up to what Qatar’s World Cup air conditioning guru Dr Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, known locally as ‘Dr Cool’, had promised.

Many ordinary fans also found the experience a dreadful one. The stadium stands were out of water by half-time and there was none outside, where the late summer temperature was 34°C (93°F), though it felt far hotter because of the humidity.

There were long exit queues, with the stadium close to its 80,000 capacity. At least it will only be 25°C in November.

All kicking off?

The Qatari security forces doing a ceremonial walk on camels when Sportsmail visited last week did not look the best equipped to cope with anything that might kick off before England v Wales or USA v Iran. Qatari officials refused to tell us how many officers would be assigned to games.

Qatar is the only Gulf nation which allows non-nationals to do its policing, though at the Lusail Stadium’s opening game there seemed to be different firms running security, judging by their different uniforms, and no identifier to reveal who was actually in authority.

That could create a problem if, say, England and Wales fans had a difference of opinion and one of these men in uniform tried to make an arrest or eject someone.

But there has been strong liaison with overseas police. Mark Roberts, head of the UK Football Policing Unit, visited in August and RAF jets will patrol airways, as part of a long-standing co-operation between Qatar and the UK.

The risk of trouble from England fans is actually remote — simply as the tournament is too far away and too expensive for them to travel in the kinds of numbers which saw the open fights with Russia fans in Marseille at Euro 2016.

Crowd control

You only have to walk around Qatar’s public areas to see that it is a CCTV surveillance society. Rules are rules. One motorway sign warns of a 10,000 Qatari Riyal (£2,400) fine for littering.

There are cameras all along the Corniche. This has been extended into the way the tournament is being policed via a NASA-style control centre from which — for the first time at a World Cup — all eight stadiums can be simultaneously monitored by staff who can zoom in on a single fan or identify a storeroom door being left open.

There are 15,000 high resolution cameras in every stadium and AI technology means an alarm will sound if groups of fans move into a section of a stadium where they shouldn’t be. ‘We can clearly identify a fan and where there’s an undesired activity, like people jumping on chairs,’ says Niyas Abulrahiman, the facility’s chief technology officer.

It sounds very Big Brother, but the Qataris tell Sportsmail how their control centre viewing cameras at every stadium turnstile area and concourse means that the chaos which beset the French security services at last May’s Champions League final cannot happen here.

‘Our algorithms can predict how a crowd is forming and take corrective action to prevent it escalating into an uncontrolled situation,’ says Abulrahiman. ‘The Paris situation happened because there was a crowd control issue that went beyond their control. We are not going to be in that situation.’

On the bright side…

The key is not to expect the usual football experience. Fans who accept this is a non-drinking country and that a drink is a less prominent feature feel better for it. But accommodation is a worry.

‘Last-minute’ is the Qatari way and it feels like the overnight experience may not be great for some.

But Qatar will throw money at making this a party. This is a land of the British three-point plug.

The service culture among immigrant service sector workers is superb. There will be the chance to see multiple games in the compressed space.

Some Welsh fans will be at the Morocco v Croatia game. An England contingent are even planning to support Denmark against Australia. There’s always a silver lining.

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  • 1 час, 11 минут назад 03.10.2022Sport
    Manchester United fans are seen leaving the Etihad BEFORE half-time against Manchester CIty

    A number of Manchester United fans were seen leaving just before half-time during a frustrating afternoon that saw their side thrashed by Manchester City.

    Erling Haaland and Phil Foden both scored twice as Pep Guardiola’s side headed into the interval with a commanding 4-0 lead.

    Just before the whistle went, the Sky cameras pointed to the exit gates at the Etihad and United fans’ frustration were seen as they headed for the exit.

    Foden opened the scoring after just eight minutes as he got on the end of Bernardo Silva’s cross before Haaland doubled City’s lead with a header.

    The Norwegian striker got on the end of Kevin De Bruyne’s superb cross to make it three before Foden piled more misery on the visitors.

    As United fans headed for the exit, Gary Neville, who was on commentary for Sky, said: ‘They’ve [the United supporters] had enough.

    ‘That last goal was an absolute pleasure to watch, absolutely brilliant. The first few minutes when [Diogo] Dalot got booked, Manchester United have never settled into this game. Forcing it, anxious, no composure, then pulled apart from an outstanding football team.

    ‘Haaland was quiet, we hadn’t seen him then he’s taken the game away from Manchester United in three blistering moments.’

    Haaland and Foden went on to complete their hat-tricks in the second half but United closed the gap in the scoreline through Antony and Anthony Martial in a 6-3 loss.

    United boss Erik ten Hag was left frustrated as he admitted his players lacked belief against the reigning champions.

    ‘It was a lack of belief,’ the United manager told Sky Sports. ‘I’m surprised why we didn’t bring that on the pitch. I have seen a different team, a different spirit and a different fight… We were not brave in possession. It is always difficult to find out.

    ‘The players know they can do better. If you don’t fight, then you have a problem against a team like Manchester City. This is definitely different [to the 4-0 defeat at Brentford]. We didn’t run there. We wanted to today but didn’t follow the principles.

    ‘I will show the team that we could have been front-footed. We win the ball then give it away for the first goal. We take wrong decisions in the transition afterwards. We don’t follow the rules so we are undisciplined. It cannot happen. It is unacceptable.

    ‘It is a process. It is one game. Maybe against other teams, the problems would not come but against Manchester City they will. I want to change the head and the attitude from the team. There was a reaction in the second half. We were more brave and scored three goals. Only from mistakes you learn.’

    United will need to regroup before a Europa League visit to Omonia in Cyprus on Thursday, before travelling to Frank Lampard’s Everton next Sunday.

  • 1 час, 11 минут назад 03.10.2022Sport
    Man City’s Laporte jokes he’s signed ‘more balls than contracts’ for Erling Haaland’s hat-tricks

    Amyeric Laporte has joked that he’s signed more balls for hat-trick hero Erling Haaland than he has signed contracts.

    Haaland made history as the first Premier League player to get a matchball in three consecutive home games, after netting half of Man City’s derby day tally against Man United.

    It followed on from his trio of goals against Crystal Palace and then Nottingham Forest, at the Etihad Stadium at the end of August.

    And 28-year-old Laporte, who has been at the club since 2018, noted the arrival of the Norwegian had also increased the number of mementoes that needed signing.

    Above his signature on Haaland’s hat-trick ball from the United game, Laporte wrote: ‘I have signed more balls for your hat-tricks than contracts.’

    The message was clearly shown in images with Erling next to his father, Alfie Haaland, who also spent three years at Manchester City in the early 2000s.

    Erling Haaland also posted a picture on Twitter of himself next to Phil Foden – who also scored a hat-trick against Manchester United.

    Laporte retweeted the image, attaching the comment: ‘This is going to cost a lot of money in foot balls lol’.

    Whilst holding onto the matchball after scoring a hat-trick is not an official part of the rules, it is a long held tradition in football, and one which has been embraced by City’s super strikers.

    In 2019, Haaland made a bizarre claim to Dagbladet that he slept with balls after a handful of hat-tricks for Red Bull Salzburg.

  • 1 час, 11 минут назад 03.10.2022Sport
    Furious fans SLAM Gary Neville for pre-match optimism ahead of Manchester derby

    Fans online have blasted Gary Neville for his pre-match optimism ahead of the Manchester derby, as City proceeded to tear apart their rivals United in the first-half.

    In a video posted to his Twitter, Neville claimed that Pep Guardiola’s side were ‘getting done’ after seeing the team sheets for both sides prior to kick-off.

    But after Erik ten Hag’s side conceded four goals, following a dominant first-half display from the hosts, fans have quickly called Neville out for his wild claims.

    In his Twitter video, Neville says: ‘Well, I’ve just seen the teams here at the Etihad and this lot are getting done! They’re getting done.’ The camera pans to show former City player Micah Richards.

    ‘Don’t count your chickens Gary,’ Micah warns. ‘My chickens have been counted,’ the United legend says.

    After City quickly dispelled Neville’s prediction, as they took a 4-0 lead into half-time with them, fans lamented the pundit for his bold claims.

    One fan wrote: ‘Gary Neville before the start of the game – City are getting done… Just like your punditry…not a blooming clue’.

    Another mentioned some his pre-match punditry by saying: ‘Gary Neville before the game started “United will be very much in this since it is away, they would counter city with both wide players”’, before adding a number of laughing emojis.

    ‘Is there a bigger jinx in world football than Gary Neville?’, one fan queried – suggesting the pundit was perhaps to blame for the result.

    Phil Foden opened the scoring early on for Pep Guardiola’s side before a quick-fire brace from Erling Haaland put City into cruise control.

    Foden then got his second thanks to Haaland to cap off a brilliant first half for City, resulting in hoards of United supporters heading for the exit and onto social media.

    The duo both got on the scoresheet again in the second-half to claim hat-tricks, as United’s Antony and a late Anthony Martial brace gave some respectability to the final scoreline for the visitors.

  • 1 час, 11 минут назад 03.10.2022Sport
    Robbie Mustoe SLAMS Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag’s tactics in first-half drubbing by Man City

    Following Man City’s first-half destruction of their rivals Man United, Robbie Mustoe had some strong words for manager Erik ten Hag, as he accused the Dutchman of getting his tactics wrong and said the team had been ’embarrassed.’

    City raced out to a 4-0 halftime lead behind two goals each from Phil Foden and Erling Haaland, who both finished with a hat-trick, as United were carved up all over the field en route to a 6-3 loss.

    Antony pulled a goal back for United in the 56th minute with a stunning left-footed strike before Anthony Martial scored a brace off the bench, but it didn’t change the outcome of the match after a poor showing from the Red Devils in the first half.

    ‘We admire a manager who trusts his players and says, “we’ve won the last four, we’re going to do the same thing again,’ Mustoe said on NBC Sports. ‘This is different, isn’t it?’

    ‘He’s got it wrong. The manager knows the profile of those midfield players. He knows that Antony isn’t gonna track back and help that side, they’ve been destroyed on that side.’

    ‘They’ve been embarrassed. And the main reason I said that Rebecca, about the lineup, is midfield players. The back four have been stretched like crazy, but when you’ve got midfield players that want to just attack and don’t want to defend and protect the back four.

    ‘Kevin de Bruyne is running free, running wild and destroying the team, as all the forwards are for city.

    Ten Hag started the match with Christian Eriksen and Scott McTominay in central midfield with Bruno Fernandes ahead, as a relentless City piled pressure on United.

    De Bruyne assisted Haaland for two goals in the first half, as Jack Grealish ran rampant on the left wing as well, causing problems for Antony and Diogo Dalot. The right back picked up a yellow card in just the second minute.

    Six minutes later, City went ahead via a deft Foden finish.

    ‘This is a reappearance of the United from the first two games,’ Mustoe’s colleague Robbie Earle said. ‘All that hard work has been undone, all that points they’ve got… it’s gone in 45 minutes.’

    ‘This looks like the bad old Manchester United days again, which will have shocked Ten Hag at halftime. He’s has got work to do in that dressing room to at least stop the rot and make sure they don’t concede too many goals… but the players have to take responsibility as well. They’ve let him down today.’

  • 1 час, 11 минут назад 03.10.2022Sport
    Dylan Edwards and Nicho Hynes are SHOCK omissions from Kangaroos’ Rugby League World Cup squad

    Dally M medallist Nicho Hynes and Clive Churchill medallist Dylan Edwards have been surprisingly omitted from Australia’s Rugby League World Cup squad.

    After a stunning performance in Penrith’s Grand Final triumph on Sunday, Edwards was considered a potential late bolter for the Kangaroos squad.

    However, his superb display at Accor Stadium against Parramatta wasn’t enough to convince coach Mal Meninga and national selectors Laurie Daley and Darren Lockyer that he deserved a World Cup spot.

    Hynes also missed out on a place in the Kangaroos 24-man squad, which ARL Commission chair Peter V’landys announced on Monday morning.

    Meninga conceded leaving Edwards out of the squad had been a difficult decision.

    ‘He has had an exceptional year,’ he said.

    ‘It is a difficult situation when you can only pick 24 players. Our best player was the fullback in James Tedesco. We had several conversations about this. Unfortunately in this instance Dylan misses out.

    ‘He is our premier player. I thought he was the outstanding candidates. It was a pretty easy one.’

    Meninga, meanwhile, confirmed James Tedesco will be Australia’s new captain at the tournament, which kicks off in England in two weeks.

    The Roosters fullback replaces Boyd Cordner, who was skipper for the Kangaroos’ last Test in 2019.

    ‘Given the opportunity to captain and led the whole country, I don’t think there is a higher honour in the game,’ the Roosters captain said.

    ‘I am really proud of myself.’

    South Sydney forward Cameron Murray will be Australia’s vice-captain.

    There are 13 debutants in Meninga’s squad, who begin their World Cup defence in Leeds against Fiji on October 15.

    Among them is premiership-winning Penrith captain Nathan Cleary, who will jostle with Daly Cherry-Evans to wear the No. 7 jersey.

    Cleary enjoyed an outstanding season for the Panthers, but Meninga insisted he would ‘consider all options’ as far as the halfback role was concerned.

    ‘Daly is the incumbent as well. He was there three years ago and had a very good season, particularly Origin.

    ‘We will consider all options. That is what the tour is all about. everyone has the opportunity to prove that they deserve to be there at the back end of the tour.

    In the hotly-contested battle for the No. 9 roles on tour, Rabbitohs hooker Damien Cook has missed out on the 24-man squad but will remain on standby.

    Meninga has banked on Queensland’s winning State of Origin formula with Maroons duo Ben Hunt and debutant Harry Grant set to rotate the hooking role as the Kangaroos seek a third-straight World Cup title.

    Cook, Hynes and Edwards are three players on standby.

  • 1 час, 11 минут назад 03.10.2022Sport
    Brentford mock Man United on Twitter for being 4-0 down at half-time to rivals Man City

    Brentford have jumped at the opportunity to humiliate Manchester United even further following a dismal showing in the Manchester derby that saw United lose 6-3 at the Etihad Stadium.

    Man City were in cruise control at half-time with a well-deserved 4-0 lead thanks to goals from Erling Haaland and Phil Foden, both of whom went on to score hat-tricks.

    Brentford, fresh from their 0-0 draw with Bournemouth on Saturday, took their chance to remind downbeat United fans about their own demolition job of Erik ten Hag’s side earlier in the season.

    United’s first away game of the season saw the 13-time Premier League champions 4-0 down after 45 minutes, just the second time since Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager in 2013.

    Posting on Twitter, Brentford’s official account rejoiced at the interval scoreline as they drew similarities between themselves and Pep Guardiola’s unbeaten City side.

    At the time of publication the post shared with Brentford’s 287,000 followers had achieved over 220,000 interactions with many supporters from other clubs joining in to heap more misery on United supporters.

    The social media humbling from another Premier League side clearly infuriated United fans that were reeling from their team’s on-pitch performance with one supporter replying: ‘Where’s your Premier League title?’.

    Others cut a more downtrodden figure admitting that United are now a ‘laughing stock’.

    Goals from Josh Dasilva, Mathias Jensen, Ben Mee, and Bryan Mbeumo put Brentford in control when the two side’s met in August as Thomas Frank masterminded his team to a stunning victory.

    Just over a month later, United again found themselves four goals behind at the break as Man City showed their class in the Manchester derby.

    Victory for Guardiola’s side saw City reduce the gap between themselves and Arsenal at the top of the Premier League table to just one point, while United remain sixth in the standings, nine points off top spot.

    Man City will host Southampton in the Premier League next weekend with United seeking to bounce back with an away trip to Everton.

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Sport Qatar World Cup reality... Booze bans, grim rooms for fans and Big Brother spy cams