‘I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet’ Rachel Daly talks becoming a household name after Euros win

Sitting in the modest front room of her semi-detached house on the outskirts of Wakefield, not long recovered from the hangover that followed her Euro 2022 celebrations, Rachel Daly is trying to comprehend the magnitude of the week just passed. From the historic triumph over Germany in the final at Wembley to serenading 7,000 fans packed into Trafalgar Square and then getting mobbed on her return to Leeds, it has thrown up one surreal experience after the next.

‘I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet,’ she says, having invited The Mail on Sunday into her home for an exclusive interview. ‘Before the Euros, if I went into Leeds, I’d hardly get recognised but yesterday hundreds of people were coming up to me on the street. And it wasn’t just young girls. It was men and women, young and old, all saying well done. I had an 89-year-old woman hug me.’ What did she say? ‘She just thanked me.’

Footage of Daly belting out River Deep, Mountain High in central London, with a Union Flag wrapped around her waist, went out across the primetime news bulletins. A photograph of her performing a cowboy dance on the Wembley turf while wearing a Stetson-styled hat enjoyed viral status, thanks partly to David Beckham’s Twitter endorsement. If Chloe Kelly’s celebration after the winning goal in the final provided the tournament’s outstanding image, Daly’s post-match revelries came a close second.

Back home with only her mischievous dog Dexi — she was rescued from the streets of Houston — Daly insists she would not typically seek the spotlight. ‘Everyone thinks that now, but I wouldn’t, honestly!’

Why, then, did the Lionesses encourage her to assume centre stage? ‘What people don’t realise is that was just another rendition of what we did in the dressing room after every match in the tournament,’ says Daly, who plays for Houston Dash in the US. ‘We had a singalong. Sweet Caroline, Rag Doll [her name for River Deep, based on its chorus]. When I got up at Trafalgar Square, it was just that bit more full on. I think it was the euphoria of the fact that we’d made history the night before.’

With the Lionesses serving as de facto backing singers, clapping out a rhythm with the crowd, the scene captured both the spirit in which England attacked the tournament and the enthusiasm that united much of the country behind them.

‘It’s something Sarina [Wiegman, the manager] instilled in us: connect with the fans,’ says Daly, 30. ‘Don’t ignore them, make sure you interact and show people who you are. It’s nice to express who you are and for other people to see we’re not just footballers, we have personalities as well.’

Daly betrays no sign of last week’s revelries, much less the exertions of a tournament in which she played a crucial role, starting at left-back in each of England’s six matches. Instead, she exudes the healthy glow of the professional athlete, albeit one who insists on apologising for the (hardly perceptible) smell of beer in her otherwise pristine kitchen and who paid her first trip to the local pub last week because there was no food in the fridge. The evening did not pass quietly.

‘No one knew I had moved into the village,’ she says, smiling. ‘They couldn’t believe it when they saw me. I don’t mind it but, yeah, I’m still getting used to the attention.’

With 17.4 million BBC viewers making the final the most-watched television event of the year, and another 5.9million streaming the match on digital platforms, Daly’s team-mates are also coming to terms with some form of new-found fame. Not only did the women win a major trophy for the first time but it was, famously, the first such success for any England senior team since the boys of 1966.

Did she feel the burden of this past as the tournament progressed? ‘I don’t think anyone in the team expected to lose at any point,’ she says. ‘It was pure belief that we were going to go all the way, and that was down to Sarina, too. She has given us this confidence.’

It helped that the squad respected Wiegman’s request to ignore all media coverage of their tournament, lest it should add to the pressure on them. Daly also avoided social media and was content to adhere to the restrictions of the Covid bubble that the squad formed once they suffered several cases early on in the tournament.

She sharpened her table-tennis skills, followed Love Island and enjoyed boat trips on the bend of the Thames close to the team hotel. For all that Daly relished every aspect of the Euros, however, in the back of her mind there was always the thought that her late father Martyn was missing her career pinnacle. Inevitably, winning only sharpened the sense of loss that she has felt since he died last September, aged just 56.

‘It’s been the hardest year of my life,’ she admits. ‘It’s crazy because I’ve had so much success as well. I don’t think a minute goes by where something doesn’t trigger a memory of him. That’s why I posted on social media at the end of the final that it was for him. It was devastating to think he couldn’t be there to celebrate and to see what we’d just done and witnessed the things that I’d achieved.’

Martyn, once a semi-professional forward with Harrogate Town, had fostered Daly’s love of football. She recalls him putting her in goal over the park and blasting shots in her direction. They travelled to Leeds United matches when they lit up the Premier League in the early Noughties, often listening to Celine Dion’s rendition of River Deep en route, hence Daly’s solo turn in London.

Once Martyn realised his daughter had been gifted exceptional athletic talent, he served as both firmest fan and fiercest critic, attending as many games as he could and sometimes leaving Daly in tears afterwards with stinging assessments of her performances. ‘He was very hard on me,’ she says. ‘But that’s allowed me to take criticism well, from coaches and the players.’

He also arranged to watch all her matches in the US on television. Daly, a forward for her club, knew something was wrong when she broke Houston’s scoring record on September 10 but could not then make contact with her dad. It turned out that he had developed a urinary tract infection and was too unwell to respond. His body reacted badly to it and Martyn developed sepsis.

Within six days he was dead. ‘He liked to drink, so his liver wasn’t the strongest,’ says Daly, wiping her eye. ‘He had been ill earlier on in the summer and was in a hospital for a few days with it.’

Daly was due to join up with England a day later for their World Cup qualifier against Luxembourg. After some deliberation, the family decided Martyn would not want her to turn down the opportunity. When she scored in stoppage-time of a 10-0 rout, her team-mates formed a huddle around Daly and allowed her emotions to run.

‘I saw a different light in every person when that happened,’ she says. ‘When you face something like that, the people that get around you, and support you, are the ones that you’ll remember for ever. That’s something that makes this team so special. They are family away from family.’

Last week, the other Lionesses signed a letter urging the Tory leadership candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, to act on this opportunity to inspire the next generation. Specifically, they want girls to be granted as much access to football in PE lessons as boys. As it stands, according to Football Association figures, only 44 per cent of secondary schools meet this demand. When Daly was at school, she was actually punished for trying to play the beautiful game.

‘Any time they made me do anything else, I’d just kick the ball around. If it was hockey, I was kicking the ball. In netball, every time I kicked it, they said I had to pump up 10 netballs. So I spent my lunchtimes pumping up that ball. It got to a point where a teacher was like, “Just let her play with the boys. She’s not bringing the level down, she’s bringing it up!”’

Daly has felt an all-consuming passion for as far back as she can recall. She never played with dolls nor sought colouring books, while her bedroom was painted green with white pitch markings. She kept her hair short to blend in with team-mates at her childhood club Killinghall Nomads in Harrogate, a boys’ team which had agreed to accommodate her talent.

She was eventually invited to join the women’s academy at her beloved Leeds. She left it for Lincoln Ladies, then affiliated to Notts County, before accepting a football scholarship from St John’s University in New York. She has called America home almost ever since.

The toughest time for her at Euro 2022 came in the quarter-final against Spain when she was tasked with marking Athenea del Castillo, the winger who beat Daly to set up the opening goal. ‘I was fuming with myself. I watched the clips back maybe 200 times to see where I went wrong.’

Under previous management, Daly would have felt vulnerable in such circumstances but Wiegman has endeared herself to the Lionesses partly through the loyalty she has shown them. She picked the same starting XI throughout the Euros.

‘In the past, England has been an environment where you live in fear of making a mistake. I used to come off thinking I have had 89 minutes of playing brilliant, but I made one mistake, and I’m dropped the next day. But Sarina allows you the freedom to make mistakes. She just said I shouldn’t get hung up over a couple of mistakes.’

The Lionesses’s exuberance was no better illustrated than in Kelly’s response to her winning goal in the final, whipping off her top to reveal a sports bra and whirling the jersey above her head. Commentators celebrated what it represented not just for women in football, but also the feminist cause.

Daly is also quick to acclaim its body-positive connotations. ‘This is what I mean by expressing ourselves and encouraging other girls to do the same,’ she says. ‘There are so many stigmas around us behaving in a certain way.

‘The euphoria went to her head and the first thing she wanted to do was celebrate in any way, shape or form. It was iconic. It was about allowing girls to be free. Nobody would say anything if Harry Kane took off his top after a goal.’

Daly is in a relationship with Millie Turner, a defender with Manchester United’s women’s side. Couples are commonplace in the women’s game. The difference with the men’s Premier League, yet to entertain an openly gay footballer, is stark. ‘I think they’ll get there,’ Daly says. ‘It’s a generational thing, some older people [have a problem with it]. But it’s more common now to accept it and be OK with it. I think they’ll lose the stigma eventually.’

In truth, Daly is more concerned with breaking down a few more barriers in her sport. ‘Women’s football is nowhere near where we want it to be but we’re getting there. We want to keep going because the kids need something to aspire to, so that they can earn 10 times the amount that we do. We want]to start to bridge that gap towards equal pay and opportunities.’

Next up are two World Cup qualifiers in September and a friendly against the United States, the world champions, at Wembley on October 7. That match sold out last week in less than 24 hours. You might guess Daly’s prediction for it. ‘Of course, we’ll beat them. We’ll beat anyone!’

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  • 22 минуты назад 15.08.2022Sport
    Toto Wolff offers intriguing Lewis Hamilton retirement update ahead of Belgian GP

    Toto Wolff has hinted Lewis Hamilton may not leave F1 for at least another three seasons and could help Mercedes to a trio of titles. Wolff claimed Hamilton could secure a tenth drivers’ title before hanging up his helmet if the Silver Arrows solved their issues.

    Hamilton’s current deal expires at the end of next season but Wolff’s comment suggested a two-year extension could be on the cards. The Austrian made the comment when he was asked how important an eighth F1 title was to Hamilton.

    Speaking to Motorsport.com Italy, he said: “Of course, he would have been the only [driver] to hold this record, but I think he can be equally proud of having seven titles like Michael [Schumacher], I think this milestone is also very historic and important. But the goal is to get back to having the right performance soon, and if we return to providing Lewis with a good car, why just think of eight world titles? Why not ten?”.

    Another three seasons would see Hamilton competing in F1 until the age of 40, the time when the Mercedes star has previously revealed he will walk away from the sport. Last season, the seven-time champion told Corriere della Serra he “honestly hoped” that he wasn’t still racing at 40.

    He stressed there were “so many things I want to do” after F1 that staying in the sport past this age “would be difficult”. However, Hamilton could be on the verge of a major u-turn as he recently suggested he could be enticed into a new deal.

    It comes after he missed out on his eighth F1 crown in controversial circumstances at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year. He is also desperate to get Mercedes back to the front after the German manufacturer dropped to the third-fastest car this season.

    Speaking to Vogue, Hamilton commented: “I’ll be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought about extending.

    “I’m still on the mission, I’m still loving driving, I’m still being challenged by it. So I don’t really feel like I have to give it up anytime soon.” Hamilton also expressed his desire to stay at Mercedes despite the frustrations of being uncompetitive.

    He announced he was “100 per cent committed” to the Silver Arrows and stressed it wasn’t in his DNA to walk away at the sign of a rough patch.

  • 22 минуты назад 15.08.2022Sport
    Transfer news LIVE: Man Utd in £25m talks, Gordon to Chelsea close, Ten Hag accepts exit

    The end of the summer transfer window is in sight and there is still likely plenty of business to be done from the Premier League big boys. Manchester United’s need for reinforcements was made all too clear during their dismal 4-0 defeat to Brentford on Saturday, and manager Erik ten Hag has reportedly pleaded with the club’s superiors to splash the cash.

    With Cristiano Ronaldo looking like he’d rather be anywhere else, the need for a new forward is painfully obvious. The Red Devils have been linked with a whole host of names, but PSG’s Mauro Icardi is beginning to appear the most realistic option, and United are thought to be ramping up their efforts in hope of signing the 29-year-old striker.

    Meanwhile, Chelsea drew 2-2 with Tottenham in a frenetic and bad-tempered London derby on Sunday. Manager Thomas Tuchel is believed to be keen on adding at least one or two new faces in the coming weeks, and Everton winger Anthony Gordon could be the next one through the door, with the deal potentially sealed before their next match.

    Elsewhere, the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds could also all make late moves, and with money being spent left, right and centre so far this summer, you just never know what will happen next.

  • 22 минуты назад 15.08.2022Sport
    Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag ‘open to Cristiano Ronaldo sale’ as worrying behaviour emerges

    Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag is thought to be open to selling Cristiano Ronaldo before the transfer window slams shut on September 1, according to reports. The Portugal international has worried team-mates with his behaviour since linking up with the rest of the squad, having missed pre-season. And he’s been unable to find the net in matches against the likes of Brighton and Brentford so far.

    Ten Hag has previously been keen to keep hold of Ronaldo, despite the 37-year-old’s desire to leave for a team playing in the Champions League.

    But The Athletic say the 52-year-old is now open to cutting the veteran loose, even if it would leave the club short on players up top.

    United have already lost Edinson Cavani this summer, while Mason Greenwood remains unavailable for selection having last featured in a 1-0 win over West Ham back in January.

    And, now, Ronaldo could be about to be shown the door.

    The report says there are days where the Portugal international eats lunch alone in the Carrington training complex canteen, isolating himself from his team-mates.

    It’s also claimed he’s been seen flapping his arms about in training, while also attempting to argue against Ten Hag’s high-pressing approach.

    Man Utd transfers: Man Utd have a De Jong swap deal that can change everything

    Some sources close to United, who do not want to be named, have claimed Ronaldo has been indulged far too much by the club.

    And though they’re yet to receive any formal offer in the forward, the Red Devils are willing to negotiate Ronaldo’s exit if the right bid comes in.

    Chelsea have previously been linked, though it’s believed Thomas Tuchel is against the idea of swooping the former Juventus and Real Madrid star.

    Bayern Munich were tipped to pursue Ronaldo earlier in the summer but the Bundesliga giants have since ruled themselves out of the running to land the Portugal international.

    And though a move to Atletico Madrid was mooted, the La Liga giants appear to lack the finances required to strike a deal.

    DON’T MISSBruno Fernandes has approved Frenkie de Jong alternativeWhen Chelsea will bid for Man Utd target Frenkie de JongMan Utd should have sold these five players already

    Ronaldo appeared to ignore Ten Hag after the 4-0 drubbing at the hands of Brentford on Saturday night.

    And he also didn’t react positively to coach Steve McClaren asking him to thank the fans in the away end for their support.

    The report adds that there’s a feeling within United that they are ‘psychologically scarred by their collective experiences as a team.’.

    And whether Ronaldo hangs around to try and drag the club back to where they used to be is something only time will tell.

    One thing that doesn’t appear to be on the table, however, is terminating Ronaldo’s contract.

    Want the new Man Utd shirt? Click here to buy it.

    Reports on Sunday claimed the Portugal international could be cut loose amid the club’s frustration at the way he’s handling himself behind the scenes.

    Yet United have dismissed those rumours as ‘false’ and, publicly at least, continue to stress the 37-year-old isn’t for sale.

    Speaking recently, meanwhile, former Red Devils defender Jaap Stam insisted Ronaldo was still a player worth keeping at Old Trafford.

    The centre-back, who flourished during his four years in Manchester, said: “I was hoping that Ronaldo was going to stay because I think he could be very important for the club. I think Ronaldo is still one of the best players at United.

    “Even when he’s not scoring, he’s always making the opposition aware of him and they always need to pay him a lot of attention which creates opportunities and space for other players.

    “I assume that Ten Hag spoke with him about the new season. I don’t know exactly what happened, but it looks like Ronaldo wants to make a move and play somewhere else next season, which I think is a shame.

    Man Utd fixtures: When Erik ten Hag’s team face every Premier League team

    “If the player has said that he wants to leave, although it’s very tough for the manager and for the club and especially for the fans, then the situation doesn’t need to drag on that long.

    “United need to make a decision as a club and find a way to deal with his departure.

    “The manager needs to build his squad and understand who he will be working with.

    “United don’t want to be in a situation where they have been using other players up front, and those players that have been performing are all of a sudden dropped because Ronaldo didn’t get his move and he needs to play.

    “You then have a situation where a player that has been agitating for a move all summer, who hasn’t featured in preseason or trained starting games, and that will create problems in the United squad.

    “Eventually you need to make a decision.”

    Want the latest football news? Join our brand new Facebook group by clicking here

  • 22 минуты назад 15.08.2022Sport
    Emma Raducanu and Serena Williams fans left furious as blockbuster clash rescheduled

    Emma Raducanu and Serena Williams fans are furious after the blockbuster clash between the duo was rescheduled. Raducanu and Williams were supposed to go head-to-head in their Cincinnati Masters first round match on Monday, but the encounter will now take place a day later.

    A star-studded line-up will battle for honours in Ohio as players look to hit form ahead of the US Open, which gets underway later this month. And Raducanu’s clash with Williams is the pick of the first round.

    Raducanu became an overnight sensation last year when she won the US Open at the age of 18. The youngster cruised through three qualifying matches before winning the New York tournament without dropping a single set.

    Williams, meanwhile, is one of the most recognisable faces in tennis, having won 23 Grand Slam titles throughout her illustrious career. The big-hitting American dominated the sport for years but has now announced that she will retire following the US Open.

    This week’s clash between the pair has been hotly-anticipated since the draw was made. But a spokesperson for the Cincinnati Masters has confirmed that the match has been pushed back a day “on account of a number of factors related to scheduling.” And fans aren’t happy at the decision, with some making their thoughts known on Twitter.

    “Wow,” wrote @JMT41909199. “The tournament officials advertised all weekend on WCPO that Serena was playing Monday night. What happened here?!?” And @katievarnadoe added: “Y’all are going to lose a lot of future fans for this, plus I smell a false advertisement claim in the making. You can’t tell reporters Monday and switch to Tuesday an hour before midnight the day before!”

    Other fans went on to reveal that their own plans to watch the match had been ruined. “This is so disappointing,” wrote CoachCodyHurley. “After spending HUNDREDS of dollars to watch Serena, the schedule is changed the night before? I have been coming to watch @serenawilliams play in Cincinnati since the mid-2000s. Watching the GOAT play one last time would’ve been a dream come true.”

    And @cngunny penned: “Came in from out of town to see her play. Now we won’t get that chance. I’m heartbroken.” Another fan @Swim4life107 said: “I am pretty peeved off. I bought tickets and now had to pay way 3x as much for Tuesday tickets. I doubt my Monday tickets will be able to resell. There better be some reimbursement.”

    Meanwhile, @katievarnadoe wrote: “Where is Serena? Your CEO said Monday. We have the receipts. This was a false advertisement ploy to get people to buy tickets for Monday and now they have to buy Tuesday as well.” And @cutekayla1 added: “Well I just wasted my money for day and night tickets for Monday thinking Serena and Venus was playing LIKE THEY SAID!!”

  • 1 час, 8 минут назад 15.08.2022Sport
    Former Liverpool transfer chief Michael Edwards turns down Chelsea job in major Blues blow

    Former Liverpool sporting director Michael Edwards has reportedly ruled out a move to Premier League rivals Chelsea, dealing the Blues a major blow.

    Todd Boehly has been on the trail of Edwards since he left Anfield at the end of last season, as he searches for the best way to fill the void left by Marina Granovskaia’s exit.

    New co-owner Boehly has boldly shouldered the responsibility of leading Chelsea’s hectic summer of transfer business, with head coach Thomas Tuchel also playing an active role.

    Edwards forged his reputation at Liverpool as an expert negotiator and clinical closer of deals, at the head of a team blending data and eyes-in-the-stand scouting operations with the demands of manager Jurgen Klopp and the club’s financial limitations.

    After their success in recent years and huge signings that have paid off, it is little wonder he figured so prominently on Boehly’s list.

    It has, however, now believed that Chelsea will need to look elsewhere, as Edwards has turned down the potential opportunity, according to The Athletic.

    The same report suggests that Edwards, who joined The Reds in November 2011 following two years at Tottenham, informed Chelsea of his intention to take a break for up to a year to refresh and recharge, so stepping into such a role is not on his agenda for now.

    They will now have to turn their attentions elsewhere and ideally get someone in before the transfer window closes.

    Tuchel and Boehly will remain in control for the time being, in what has been a busy window so far, and will continue to be.

    They have completed the signings of Raheem Sterling from Manchester City for £47.5million and Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli for £34m and stand on the brink of a £50m deal for Marc Cucurella from Brighton, an eye-catching swoop for a left back wanted by Manchester City.

    Other ambitious targets remain active but some have gone, including Sevilla defender Jules Kounde and winger Raphinha of Leeds, who both snubbed the London club for Barcelona.

    Chelsea still also have players who want to leave and their futures remain unresolved with the transfer window due to close in just a few weeks time.

  • 1 час, 8 минут назад 15.08.2022Sport
    Barcelona ‘remain keen to sign Bernardo Silva after agreeing personal terms with the Man City star’

    Barcelona are still planning a move for Bernardo Silva this summer despite not yet being able to register all their summer signings due to LaLiga’s financial regulations.

    The Blaugrana view Portuguese midfielder Silva as the icing on the cake for their summer recruitment and, according to Sport, they have been in contact with the player for weeks and have a pre-contract agreement in place.

    However with their corpulent wage bill as yet balanced they have been unable to register £45million defender Jules Kounde so any move for the Portugal international can surely only take place once that issue is solved.

    It has long been Pep Guardiola’s modus operandi to let players leave if they do not want to be a part of his squad, with the likes of Leroy Sane and Ferran Torres recent examples of this.

    With Silva coming close to an exit last summer, there is an agreement between the player and his manager that he will be allowed to leave this summer should a good offer arrive, according to Sport.

    It is believed an offer of around £60m, plus the obligatory performance based add-ons, would be enough to land their man, who has played only 37 minutes so far in City’s opening two games this season.

    It is unclear how Xavi’s side will be able to afford yet another big-money move, having already sold portions of their own in-house production company to finance their £127m summer spree, and even that has not been enough to register all five players.

    But on this occasion the Santpedor coach looks set to change his ways and keep Silva at the Etihad, largely because it would be difficult to bring in a replacement with the end of the transfer window fast approaching.

    Guardiola has shown that Silva is one of the key players in his squad in recent seasons, with the Portuguese being crucial to his side’s Premier League victory last time out, despite not always starting due to the infamous ‘Pep Roulette’.

    City are adamant they have received no contact from Barca and it will surely prove too difficult for Barca to land their target this summer, despite an Instagram post potentially hinting at an end to his Etihad career.

    In the post made by the player himself, Silva appeared to thank the City faithful for all the love and support they have shown him in the past following their 4-0 mauling of Bournemouth, and he was the last player to leave the pitch applauding the fans.

    For Barca, though, the need for Silva is clear. Having struggled in a limp 0-0 opening day draw to Rayo Vallecano, Xavi has been vocal of his need for further recruitment despite already adding five signings including Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha.

    Silva has shown time and time again under Guardiola that he can do exactly that, combining brilliant ball skills, agile dribbling and clinical finishing to produce 48 goals and 50 assists in his 252 City appearances.

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Sport 'I don't think it has quite sunk in yet' Rachel Daly talks becoming a household name after Euros win