France are in DISARRAY and it’s not the first time Les Blues have had problems

Trust France to be world champions and have a team that will be considered favourites once again in Qatar this summer, only to see preparations overshadowed by talk of witch-doctors, image rights, an alleged extortion plot and more than a dozen star players out injured.

‘Clouds are gathering’ over the squad, came the verdict from daily newspaper L’Equipe on Tuesday and while the storm is yet to rip through Didier Deschamps’ group, chaos doesn’t feel too far away in Clairefontaine.

Le Scandale – scandal in French – on the eve of a World Cup evokes the unedifying memories of 2010 when the squad, then managed by Raymond Domenech, revolted at the tournament.

Having lost their first two group games, Domenech had a blazing half-time row with Nicholas Anelka before sending him home from the tournament. The following day the rest of the squad boycotted training in protest. France’s tournament ended in the most explosive fashion.

Deschamps will not need reminding of how sour things developed at the end of Domenech’s reign.

It is never too far from the tip of the tongue when it comes to French national teams and sport. The rugby team only just seems to have shaken off their habit of being sucked into drama.

But heading into Nations League matches this week with Austria and Denmark, Deschamps’ brow is more than furrowed.

Paul Pogba is out injured and is still reeling from, as he detailed to police in a statement, being held at gunpoint in an alleged extortion, 12 senior players have been ruled out through injury and star man Kylian Mbappe is at war with the French Football Federation over players’ image rights.

With the World Cup in Qatar less than nine weeks away, shades of 2010 are beginning to haunt the halls of France’s Clairefontaine base.

Let’s start with Paul Pogba and the story of a witchdoctor, alleged extortion and masked men holding him at gunpoint.

The barely believable story came to light last month when his brother Mathias threatened to share ‘explosive’ revelations about the former Manchester United star to the public. It arrived as a distraction Deschamps didn’t need.

The Juventus midfielder responded by claiming that he was unsurprised by Mathias’ threat, as he revealed he had been held hostage by men with assault rifles as part of a long-running blackmail plot that involved his brother.

The incident, which Pogba relived to police, and were published by French publication Le Monde, is believed to have taken place on March 19 in the suburbs of Paris, and it has been reported that Pogba paid £85,000 to the extortionists, despite them demanding £11million from him.

Pogba’s brother, Mathias, has subsequently been charged for his alleged involvement in the extortion plot, and is currently being held in police custody. Four other men, who are alleged to be his accomplices, have also been placed under formal investigation for extortion and criminal association.

‘I was scared,’ Pogba is reported as telling police. ‘The two guys pointed their weapons at me. So, having been held up like that, under threat, I told them that I was going to pay.’

But there are so many layers to this family feud that is has run far deeper and worryingly has seeped into the rest of the group.

Mathias Pogba, who has denied accusations made by his brother, labelled him ‘a coward, traitor and hypocrite’, before claiming Pogba had met with a witch doctor to cast a spell on his international team-mate Mbappe.

Pogba strenuously refuted this claim, and Mbappe has since spoken out about the accusation, insisting he is believing the word of a team-mate over a team-mate’s brother.

Nonetheless, harmonious isn’t the word being bandied around Deschamps’ world champions.

Factor in too that Pogba, a key component of Deschamps’ side that won the World Cup four years ago in Russia, is currently sidelined after having knee surgery and is at risk of missing the World Cup in November.

‘He will not come just because he is a ‘framework’,’ Deschamps warned.

‘If he has not played before and is not in top form, it is useless. He himself does not want it.’

As for Deschamps’ verdict on the whole saga?

‘Everyone is free to believe in what they want,’ he said. ‘I’m not here to judge, it can make some people feel better.’ That’s one way to wash your hands of it.

Only it is one thing after another for Deschamps and France.

Pogba’s case is ongoing, injuries are mounting up and all the while Mbappe is taking on historical agreements over image rights owned by the FFF.

Mbappe had reportedly refused to take part in the France national team’s photoshoot on Tuesday over a long-running dispute on image rights – incredibly embarrassing as the poster boy of the team.

The PSG striker led a boycott among the French team of certain sponsors back in March as he did not want to be associated with particular brands but for it to flare up again, on the eve of two Nations League games and just weeks out from the World Cup, is alarming.

The FFF acted quickly – they needed to to avoid a media circus greater than the one already in town – and released a statement confirming they will look into the situation surrounding players’ image rights.

Their statement read: ‘Following conclusive discussions with the French team’s executives, the president, the coach and a marketing manager, the FFF has undertaken to revise, as soon as possible, the agreement on image rights that binds it to its national team players.’

It continued: ‘The FFF is looking forward to working on the outlines of a new agreement that will enable it to protect its interests while taking into consideration the legitimate concerns and convictions unanimously expressed by the players.’

The FFF know the court of public opinion is always going to land in the box of Mbappe and FFF president Noel Le Graet, himself attracting negative headlines in recent weeks, has tried to put out the fire.

It was agreed back in 2010 after the national team’s disastrous World Cup that image rights would be distributed equally between the 23 members of each French squad.

However, Mbappe, who sees any money earned from sponsorships with France go to charity, wants to see more of the team’s revenue going to grassroots football.

Add on top of Mbappe and Pogba the unsavoury situation that is enveloping Le Graet’s presidency.

The FFF president has been accused of inappropriate behaviour towards female co-workers as well as overseeing an alleged wider culture of harassment within the organisation.

The bombshell allegations against him led to France’s sports minister, Amelie Oudea-Castera, ordering an investigation into the FFF.

The investigation – known as ‘audit and control mission’ – was announced a day after FFF confirmed their plan to file a defamation case against So Foot magazine, the original publication of the allegations of harrassment against Le Graet.

So Foot’s six-page investigation quoted anonymous current and former FFF employees, as well as alleged text messages from Le Graet, 80, that it has been claimed were sent to women at FFF.

It is ‘imperative that the FFF continues its activities with absolute respect for all employees, regardless of their hierarchical position,’ Oudea-Castera said.

Le Graet has not spoken publicly on the allegations but the FFF are taking the strongest possible line against So Foot magazine.

So that’s the star striker fighting the war on image rights, the FFF president facing allegations of misconduct, and the FFF deciding to file a defamation lawsuit, and one of their key midfielders embroiled in a police investigation into an alleged extortion.

Not exactly the tried and trusted recipe for success.

‘With just a few months until the World Cup, it is important to show solidarity and concentrate on the objective [of retaining the World Cup],’ goalkeeper Hugo Lloris told L’Equipe, worried that everything is unravelling before the side even touch down in Qatar.

‘We will need to rely on all of our strength, all of our energy. We need to remain focused on the pitch. Things are too scattered around at the minute. I think that the international break will do us some good.

‘Even if there isn’t any risk involved and a few important absences, it will be good to get together and be close again, especially since we left each other in June with slightly negative feelings.’

And to top off Deschamps’ woes right now, he is facing an injury crisis.

Lloris is one of 12 players that Deschamps is having to do without for this pair of Nations League games and given this is the last international window before the World Cup, the last chance to work on tactics and fine-tune plans for the tournament, France’s options have been decimated.

Karim Benzema, Pogba, N’Golo Kanté, Kingsley Coman, Presnel Kimpembe, Lucas Hernandez, Lloris, Ibrahima Konaté, Adrien Rabiot, Boubacar Kamara, Théo Hernandez and Lucas Digne are all missing.

On paper, France have the best squad in world football in terms of the depth they have in every single position.

But as Domenech found in 2010, things unravel quickly and those top players that jump off the page on paper can often jump off the wagon just as swiftly when things go awry.

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    Heavyweight boxing world champion Mike Tyson winds back the clock with an impressive training video

    Just weeks after being pictured in a wheelchair, boxing legend Mike Tyson has shared ferocious footage of himself in the ring – displaying impressive speed and power.

    Tyson, who was been officially retired since 2005, posted the clip to Instagram on Wednesday morning of him hitting pads with his trainer Rafael Cordeiro.

    The former heavyweight champion of the world looked to be fighting fit as he punched, ducked and weaved during the workout – captioning the clip: ‘Roll with the punches.’

    The 56-year-old has suffered with health issues in recent months and was pictured being wheeled through Miami Airport in a wheelchair in August.

    Tyson explained that he’s been suffering from a ‘sciatica flare-up’, a medical condition relating to the lower back, which is said to be an ‘old issue’.

    He has previously revealed back pain made him quit boxing – and a serious flare-up in 2020 left him in tears and bed-bound for two weeks.

    More recently, Iron Mike has spoken morbidly about how he expects his death to come ‘really soon’ while speaking to a trauma and addiction therapist.

    ‘We are all gonna die one day, of course,’ Tyson said.

    ‘Then, when I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face, I say, “Wow. That means my expiration date is coming close, really soon”.’

    Tyson made a stunning return to boxing in November 2020, more than 15 years after he announced his retirement from the sport.

    Tyson had an eight-round exhibition with fellow American boxing legend Roy Jones Jr, 53, on a pay-per-view which sold a reported 1.6million packages.

    It later emerged in late 2021 that Tyson was in negotiations for a big money fight with YouTuber Logan Paul.

    Tyson’s latest workout video has received more than 15,000 comments since it was shared with his 19.4 million followers – some of those messages are from rock stars, actors and fellow athletes.

    ‘This is a 56 year old man… I can’t even do this at 28,’ said one Instagram user

    ‘Real talk, at his age still with that strength and speed, THE GOAT!’ insisted another.

    Others seemed to be more concerned about the safety of Tyson’s trainer.

    ‘Hope that dude is getting paid well,’ commented one person

    ‘Bro hell nah. Ain’t no way he getting paid enough for that weekly beat down,’ added another.

    Cordeiro, who trained Tyson for his 2020 bout, claimed at the time that, despite his age, Tyson has the intensity, speed and power of a 21-year-old.

    ‘As soon as we started training I said ‘My Lord’. I didn’t know what to expect from a guy who hasn’t hit mitts for – I think – almost ten years.

    ‘So I didn’t expect to see what I saw – I saw a guy with the same speed, the same power as a guy who is 21, 22-years-old.

    ‘And I can tell; you would have to be a good guy to spar with Mike, because if you don’t prepare, he is going to drop you for sure – 100%. The power is different level.’

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    MLB fan jumps over the railings for Aaron Judge’s home run No. 62 ball but epically fails

    Lost in the madness of Aaron Judge hitting his record breaking 62nd homerun was one fan who risked it all to catch the long ball, but ended up catching nothing but air.

    Judge finally surpassed Roger Maris’ American League single-season home run record by hitting his 62nd of the season to become the all-time leader.

    During the first inning Judge sent a slider just over the left field wall to finally break Maris’ AL homerun record.

    What many may not have spotted was one fan who attempted to scale over the guard rail of the wall as the ball neared closer. The fan ironically ended up being at least 10 seats away from where the ball actually landed.

    To make matters worse he was then seen jumping from the guard rail to the ground behind the left field fence.

    Fans who witnessed the dangerous leap on social media speculated that he was attempting to position himself in case the fan who ultimately caught the ball dropped it, or the ball fell short of his grasp.

    According to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, the fan did not obtain any injuries, but was escorted out of the stadium by security for jumping the guardrail.

    According to USA Today the fan who did catch the ball was escorted away by security, sense according to reports the ball is worth at least $2 million.

    After equaling Maris with his 61st in Toronto on September 28, Judge overtook him in Texas with a first-inning homer against the Rangers – taking the record with just one game to go of the regular season.

    Judge finally went long after failing to clinch the achievement at Yankee Stadium last week, leaving it to the team’s final road trip of the season to seal history.

    He finally made history Tuesday night against Jesus Tinoco of the Texas Rangers in the second game of the Yankees double header.

    The Yankees gathered to meet Judge at home plate after the home run, and he took off his helmet as he walked back to the dugout to acknowledge the fans.

    The fans at the Globe Life Field gave the No. 99 a standing ovation at the bottom of the inning as he took to the field.

    Across the whole of Major League Baseball, Judge’s 62nd home run of the season takes him to sixth on the all-time list, behind Barry Bonds (73), Mark McGwire (70, 65) and Sammy Sosa (66, 64, 63), although media reports have previously linked all three with performance-enhancing drug use.

  • 51 минута назад 05.10.2022Sport
    Fan who caught Aaron Judge’s home run No 62 ball ‘has already received offers of $2MILLION’

    Aaron Judge finally broke the single-season AL home run record Tuesday night, and the fan who caught the piece of history will likely be in for a massive payday.

    The fan who caught the home run ball, which was hit in the first inning in Texas vs. the Rangers, was seen being escorted away from his seat by security and has already received offers of $2 million, according to Front Office Sports.

    The lucky attendee has been identified as a man named Corey Youmans.

    Youmans was asked was asked what he was going to do with the ball after he secured the valuable artifact.

    ‘That’s a good question, I haven’t thought about it,’ he said.

    Judge tied the 61-year record last week vs. the Blue Jays, before Yankees fans who wanted to see him break the record at home vs. the Orioles were left disappointed.

    Based on previous estimates by one expert, Youmans would be wise to hold out for more than $2 million.

    ‘With that said, we can expect Judge’s 60th to be valued at $500,000-plus, 61st at $2 million-plus, 62 and record-setting at $5 to $10 million.’

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    Conor Coady set to stay at Everton despite Wolves change of manager

    Conor Coady’s loan to Everton is not affected by Wolves’ change of manager and the Goodison Park club intend to make his switch permanent.

    The England international has been outstanding since he left Molineux early in the season, relishing the chance to play consistently again after he has been axed from the starting line-up by Bruno Lage.

    Coady has been a huge figure for Wolves but there is no suggestion he can – or will be recalled – from Merseyside nor is there any indication that he wants to go back.

    It is understood a fee of £10million will secure Coady’s services full time and it is Everton’s ambition to have that deal done before the end of the current campaign.

    Manager Frank Lampard has been thrilled with how the 29-year-old has had a positive impact on his dressing room and does not want to lose him.

  • 2 часа, 51 минута назад 05.10.2022Sport
    Tennis star Nick Kyrgios wins at Japan Open amid court dramas with ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari

    Nick Kyrgios has revealed how he had to overcome breathing problems before breezing into the second round of the Japan Open.

    Australia’s Wimbledon finalist was back in impressive business on court in Tokyo on Tuesday while in his home city of Canberra, his lawyer was in court applying to have his charge for alleged assault against former girlfriend Chiara Passari dismissed on mental health grounds.

    The common assault charge relates to an incident in January 2021 that was reported to ACT police in December.

    Kyrgios’s lawyer Michael Kukulies-Smith said the tennis player’s mental health history since 2015 made the application appropriate, citing a number of public statements made by the world No.20.

    The offence carries a maximum jail sentence of two years if convicted.

    Kyrgios, who’s set to appear in person at the next hearing in February, was evidently not distracted by events back in Australia as he saved a break point in his opening game before going on to an emphatic 6-3, 6-1 victory against Taiwan’s Chun-Hsin Tseng in the Ariake Colosseum.

    But Australia’s no.1 admitted afterwards that his early struggle in the 66-minute rout had been down to a touch of breathlessness as well as ring rust in his first tournament since his US Open quarter-final exit.

    Telling reporters how he’d found it difficult to breathe because of the high humidity and different air conditions compared to back home, Kyrgios also noted how the courts were speeding up – something he feels will work to his advantage as he seeks his second title of the year.

    Kyrgios has to be careful, having also struggled with asthma at the start of the season, with the condition forcing him to pull out of a warm-up match before the Australian Open.

    In Tokyo, though, the best server on tour this year dropped only four more points on his own delivery after his first-game struggles, winning 25 of 29 points on first serve.

    ‘I played really solid,’ said the No.5 seed in the tournament.

    ‘I came out a bit slow, but I don’t play many matches so it’s hard to just get straight back into that competitive flow. But as soon as I held the first game I kind of found my form again and played really well.

    ‘The court is obviously playing faster compared to normal hard court events. I’m not complaining about that – I think big servers and guys who like to take the ball early and have flat backhands, it suits our game style.

    ‘It’s fun tennis to watch, people playing aggressive and coming to the net and serving big. I think that’s the type of tennis that fans like to see sometimes. The court’s probably faster than average, but I like it,’ said Kyrgios.

    It was Kyrgios’s 36th win of his breakthrough season, and sets him up to maintain his top-20 position as he gets ready to face Poland’s Kamil Majchrzak in the next round.

    He was the sole Australian survivor, though, as Alex de Minaur went down 6-3 6-2 to Kwon Soonwoo and Thanasi Kokkinakis fell 6-4 7-6 (7-4) to ninth seed Borna Coric.

  • 2 часа, 51 минута назад 05.10.2022Sport
    Mathew Barzal commits to the New York Islanders with a eight-year $73.2m contract extension

    Mathew Barzal has committed himself to being a star player for the New York Islanders for a long time to come.

    The superstar center has signed an eight-year contract extension worth $73.2 million. The deal kicks in after this season, and will see Barzal pocket an average of $9.15 million annually.

    The deal means Barzal will stay with the team that drafted him through what will be his prime years with a contract that will not expire until 2031.

    ‘It’s one of those days you’re never gonna forget,’ Barzal told reporters.

    ‘Called my parents last night when I got done. Anytime your mom’s got a tear in her eye, you either did something really good or something really bad.’

    Barzal’s commitment helps the Islanders greatly in terms of reestablishing themselves as an attractive location for future free agents. Ever since John Tavares departed the team in 2018 the Islanders have missed out on a number of their top free agent targets.

    During Tuesday’s conversation, Barzal took some time to praise both the organization, as well as the area when discussing why he chose to remain an Islander.

    ‘I love it here. I genuinely do,’ Barzal said. ‘I think anyone that plays here knows, I think it’s one of the top places to play in the league.’

    ‘From the rink we have, the practice rink, UBS [Arena], the boys in the room, Lou [Lamoriello] being here, fresh coaching staff and the city itself, 30 minutes from New York City, the lifestyle is elite.’

    ‘I’ve loved it here. Literally every minute. There’s really no other place I’d rather be.’

    According to Barzal, negotiations started about two months ago between his agent and Lou Lamoriello, the team’s president.

    At the start of training camp, Barzal said that he was willing to negotiate during the season, but both sides had expressed interest in having a deal done before October 13.

    Barzal now joins Adam Pelech and Ryan Pulock as the only members of the Islanders signed through 2029, a list he hopes the team can add more players to.

    ‘Hopefully we can get some more guys locked in in the next couple years and just ride with this group,’ Barzal said.

    ‘I feel confident. I think anytime you go to war with guys that are your best buddies and in your bachelor parties and at your weddings, you want to win for each other. And that bond, I feel like we have a real strong bond here.’

    ‘I can’t wait to spend the next eight years with these guys. Hopefully we can win and have that and bring that [Stanley Cup] home. Bring that back to Long Island.’

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Sport France are in DISARRAY and it's not the first time Les Blues have had problems