England take a deeply underwhelming stance on World Cup hosts’ human rights abuse

There is an armband. Of course there’s an armband. There’s always an armband. And a statement. Of course there’s a statement. There’s always a statement.

A mealy-mouthed word jumble concocted to sound like real protest and activity, while in reality signifying less than nothing.

Yet beyond these empty platitudes, these woven gestures, what more could the Football Association and England have done? How could they, or any of the European nations, have taken positive action against the Qatar World Cup?

By stopping it? Actually saving lives by preventing it happening? Well, yes, there was that.

Had the major footballing nations joined together soon after December 2, 2010, when FIFA made the corrupt decision to send their marquee tournament to the Gulf and heaven knows how many migrant workers to their deaths, an international boycott of the tournament might have changed that.

Had these nations combined when the decision was made to switch the timing of the tournament from summer to winter — meaning this was now a World Cup that nobody actually supported in a ballot — a re-vote could have been forced.

And had they stood firmly together at any stage over the last 11 years when the steady drip of corruption allegations were published and broadcast, their protests could have mattered and had an impact.

A pariah World Cup without the leading European players would have lost commercial and broadcaster support instantly. It would have threatened FIFA financially and we know that organisation is all about the money.

Had Europe stood against it, maybe taken some of South or North America along with them, FIFA would have been isolated and would have had to rethink. They didn’t because the European leagues are as in hock to Qatar through their broadcast contracts as anybody.

So it’s armbands instead. Fair enough. Who doesn’t love a good armband? In lieu of a genuine challenge — and not a single word of yesterday’s statement belonged to England manager Gareth Southgate, either — this is what the FA and their European counterparts will now do. They’ll armband the bullies into submission. That’ll show them.

The FA consulted with ‘numerous human rights organisations, trade unions and NGOs’ and this is what they came up with, apparently. Armbands.

Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress certainly missed a trick there, not to mention Ukraine. Think how many of the world’s conflicts could be resolved if only people recognised the power and authority of the armband.

Some will argue that anything would be better than the words emanating from the England camp yesterday, but it’s worse than that. Nothing would. Literally nothing.

If England had said nothing, gone to Qatar, played their football and come home again, we could at least have interpreted it that they were there for the sport, to win, and the politics and human rights issues were of no concern.

This might be considered shallow, even appalling, but at least it would be sincere. They are footballers after all, not politicians. This is a greater insult. This is England and the FA embracing politics but not at a time, or in any way, that matters. It’s a PR exercise. It’s branding. It’s making sure the optics look right.

What it certainly isn’t is a stance that will resonate or will affect change. It’s too late for that. A decade has passed in which an organised, concerted protest might have addressed the many issues around Qatar 2022.

Nothing happened. Now, long past the point of no return, England and the European nations want to try on a conscience to see if it brings a smile.

Nothing can be done about Qatar now and the hosts know it. In the long lead-up to this tournament, Qatar took great care to exude compromise and welcome.

There were encouraging noises about the relaxation of rules, about meetings of East and West, about a more liberal approach conducive to the arrival of so many guests. In recent weeks, that’s changed.

The sale of beer will be strictly limited to certain times of the day, respect must be paid to local laws regarding homosexuality and public order.

‘We are a relatively conservative society — public displays of affection are not a part of our culture,’ a spokesperson said. ‘We believe in mutual respect and so, while everyone is welcome, what we expect in return is for everyone to respect our culture and traditions.’

And not hold hands. Couched in politeness, is a coded flexing of muscles. It is too late for the World Cup to be removed from Qatar now, and the hosts know it. So now the world has to play ball with them, not the other way around.

If you want a firm date when all protest — whether real or in mighty armband form — became redundant, it was August 11 this year when FIFA changed their schedule to give Qatar the opening game.

Hosts have had the honour of leading off the World Cup since Germany v Costa Rica in 2006. Yet the first game in Qatar was scheduled as the Netherlands against Senegal, with Qatar playing later the same day.

Maybe FIFA felt the hosts’ encounter with Ecuador wasn’t eye-catching enough for the global audience. Crucially, that altered mid-August. Suddenly, Qatar and Ecuador were playing Sunday, November 20, the rest of the tournament unfolding from the next day.

That was when Qatar’s clout became obvious. They were no longer dancing to FIFA’s tune. This was their World Cup, and they were owning it.

So the armbands and the well-intended statements are meaningless, too. England’s captain will be adorned in colours promoting inclusion and sending a message against discrimination of any kind? Big deal.

These aren’t even specific issues at the Qatar World Cup. Workers dying in searing heat, in slave labour conditions, for menial pay. That’s the problem. You got a colour for that? What colour represents the 12-hour shifts for £1 an hour being worked by foreign labour near to England’s team hotel in Al Wakrah?

One worker told The Guardian his shift was 30 days in a month ‘and if I take a day off, they cut my salary’. Has Harry Kane got an armband covering this, or is it just for vague, woolly concepts like inclusion or anti-discrimination?

Agents control the migrant labour market, charging fees of up to £1,360 for a job in Qatar. At the hourly rate, it takes more than 113 days just to pay that fee. Many workers also find the salary promised is not what is delivered. So quit.

Changes to Qatari employment law mean workers are now free to leave — and the FA even referenced the country’s ‘progressive legislation’, toadying to the hosts while posturing as if standing against them — but that is not how it works in practice.

‘The company won’t give us permission to leave,’ said one worker. ‘They tell us we have to cancel our visas, go home and then apply for another job.’ Good heavens, don’t they know about the armbands?

There is barely a newspaper in the West that hasn’t investigated, and documented, the plight of migrant workers in Qatar since FIFA’s decision in 2010. If the FA wished to take a stand, years, entire regimes, have since passed.

When Qatar got the World Cup, Manchester City were still two seasons away from their first title of the modern era; Fabio Capello was England manager while Roy Hodgson was at Liverpool; the winners of the League Cup that season were Birmingham City; Brighton, Southampton, Brentford and Bournemouth were all third-tier clubs; Gary Neville was still playing; Harry Kane hadn’t made his debut for Tottenham, or even gone on his first loan to Leyton Orient.

That is the time elapsed. The time when the FA, and England, could have spoken out, or taken the lead.

Imagine if just a handful of the armband wearers of Europe — England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany — had rejected the idea of playing in Qatar. What a message that would have sent.

Instead, it was revealed yesterday, migrant workers will be invited to England’s training base and given the chance to ‘engage’ with the players.

Their time on the playing fields of Al Wakrah may be docked from their £1 an hour at a later date, but no doubt there’s an armband for that, too.

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    It wasn’t a great performance for him vs. the 49ers, however, as he needed 48 attempts to reach that figure and took seven sacks.

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    UFC president Dana White has revealed an amazing body transformation and says he feels like he’s 35 again after recently being given 10.4 years to live by a DNA analyst.

    The 53-year-old posted a gym snap to Instagram on Monday in which he appears very lean with a six-pack and muscular physique.

    White revealed that he has been on a ketogenic diet and that the health transformation has only taken 10 weeks and he’s dropped around 13kg.

    ‘I feel like I’m 35 years old again. Swear to god, I feel like I’m 35 again,’ said White on the Action Junkeez podcast.

    ‘I did everything he said to the letter. I lost 30 pounds, my legs were so f****d up thirteen weeks ago I couldn’t tie my shoes.

    ‘No more sleep apnea [now], I don’t snore, everything is gone in ten f*****g weeks.’

    White made the change after recently consulting with Gary Brecka of 10X Health Systems, who has supposedly found a way to predict your death date based on your blood and DNA samples.

    ‘This guy can take your blood and your DNA and tell you when you’re going to die, and they’re right within a month,’ said White.

    ‘I connect with this guy, and they come in and they do my blood work and they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA.

    ‘So, he calls me [and says] I’m going to come out personally and walk you through your blood work. He ends up coming out, he sits down for three and a half hours and goes through my blood work.’

    White explains he had a shock when told how many years he was told he had left.

    ‘I’m all f****ed up. Everything that can be bad can be possibly bad. He gave me 10.4 years to live,’ he said.

    ‘This was 16 weeks ago and he said to me ‘If you don’t change these things, this is your life expectancy.’ He told me everything that was wrong with me, s*** I hadn’t even told my wife.

    ‘And he says, ‘If you do everything I tell you to do for the next ten weeks it will change your life.’ I did everything he said to the letter, and I lost 30lbs.

    ‘Everything is gone in ten f***ing weeks, I have been working with doctors for ten years and they haven’t been able to do anything,’ said White.

    White’s impressive health results have led to many encouraging comments, with broadcaster Laura Sanko writing: ‘That’s amazing, well done.’

    Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury reposted the photo on his own account, saying: ‘Wow Dana White is looking fantastic. Hard work pays off. Go get it people.’

    Some scientists have cast doubt on the accuracy of DNA tests like the one White undertook.

    Dr Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at NYU Langone Health, says that providing a time as specific as 10.4 years is irresponsible as no one can tell the future that accurately.

    While these types of results may scratch a morbid itch some have, they are not reliable for people that are not elderly or suffering from a severe chronic condition.

    Dr Hank Greely, a genetics and neuroethics expert at Stanford University, compared these tests to palm reading – and says they ‘almost certainly’ are inaccurate.

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    North Queensland Cowboys NRL star Luciano Leilua denies domestic violence allegations

    NRL star Luciano Leilua is ‘upset’ about being charged with a range of domestic violence offences on Monday, with his lawyer indicating he ‘denies any wrongdoing.’

    The 26-year-old North Queensland Cowboys player was arrested and charged with two counts relating to domestic violence, accused of assaulting a 26-year-old woman who is known to him and allegedly smashing her phone.

    NSW Police confirmed they were called to a Harrington Park home, in Sydney’s south-west, around 1pm on Monday, after reports of a domestic violence incident.

    Officers attended and arrested Leilua, who was then taken to Camden Police Station, where he was charged with common assault (DV); damage or destroy property (DV).

    He was granted bail to appear at Campbelltown Local Court on October 11.

    Leilua broke his silence on Tuesday, through his lawyer Elias Tabchouri, who said his client would be pleading not guilty.

    ‘I can confirm that Mr Leilua denies any wrongdoing and will be defending these matters vehemently,’ Mr Tabcouri told the Sydney Morning Herald.

    ‘Mr Leilua has never been charged with any matters of violence in the past and is upset by the allegations that have been made against him, as he is opposed to violence of any type. It is not in his nature.’

    Mr Tabcouri also confirmed there was no Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) in place that prevented Leilua living with his partner.

    The 114kg second rower was due to represent Samoa at the Rugby League World Cup in England starting on October 15, but his place in the tournament is now clouded.

    He is ‘very keen’ to represent the tiny island country alongside NRL stars like Jarome Luai, Stephen Crichton and Junior Paulo – but did not fly out as scheduled with the team.

    ‘At this stage it is unclear what the situation is. These matters are being determined as we speak,’ Mr Tabcouri said of whether Leilua will be donning the Samoan shirt at the World Cup.

    ‘Mr Leilua voluntarily chose not to fly out with his teammates as scheduled to allow these matters to be addressed.’

    The matter has also been brought to the attention of the NRL Integrity Unit who are liaising with the Cowboys, a NRL spokesperson said.

    The club also confirmed it had been made aware of an alleged incident regarding Leilua, which resulted in police charges.

    ‘The club is gathering further information and assisting the NRL Integrity Unit as well as providing support to all parties involved,’ a club statement said.

    ‘Further comment will be made in due course.’

    It is unclear whether the NRL will enact its controversial no-fault stand-down policy, which can be automatically enacted for charges that bring with them a minimum 11-year prison sentence.

    While Leilua’s case doesn’t fall in that category, the NRL has previously stood down players charged with domestic violence under the discretionary part of the policy.

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    Deebo Samuel’s ‘monster play’ during the 49ers win over the LA Rams leaves fans praising him

    Football fans went wild with praise for Deebo Samuel following his performance against the LA Rams on Monday Night Football.

    Samuel caught six passes for 115 yards, including a long catch-and-run touchdown, and Talanoa Hufanga scored on an interception return to help the San Francisco 49ers notch a 24-9 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

    It was a dominant victory for the hosts over the reigning Super Bowl Champions but Samuel in particular dazzled as he made one of the most spectacular plays of the season so far.

    The 49ers were engaged in a tight battle against the Rams late in the second quarter with a narrow 7-6 lead when they just got Samuel on the ball and let him loose.

    He reached high and snagged a pass over cornerback Derion Kendrick from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

    The Rams defense was then tasked with the task of brining him down in open field but Samuel evaded them time after time.

    He first broke a tackle from safety Taylor Rapp, then darted away from a couple other defender as he continued his charge up field, broke another tackle attempt by cornerback Jalen Ramsey and finally got one big block from teammate Brandon Aiyuk near the goal line to score the 57-yard touchdown.

    The display had football fans on social media in raptures as they praised the ‘special’ player, with some even describing him as a ‘human cheat code.

    One fan tweeted: ‘Deebo Samuel ladies and gentleman…the human cheat code.’ Another echoed their thoughts as they added: ‘Deebo Samuel is a cheat code!!’

    Others claimed Samuel was inhuman for the monster play as one supporter wrote: ‘DEEBO SAMUEL ISNT HUMAN.’ Before one hailed the play, saying: ‘What a monster play by Deebo Samuel. Absolute freak energy.’

    Others insisted the plays wasn’t only remarkable but demonstrated that Samuel was a ‘special’ player.

    Former linebacker Emmanuel Acho wrote: ‘Deebo Samuel is so special, there’s literally NO ONE who plays the game like him. He has hands like a wide receiver but runs like an All Pro running back. He is TRULY 1 of 1!!!’

    NBC reporter, Matt Maiocco claimed Samuel ‘slowed down more for speed bumps than he did for that Jalen Ramsey tackle attempt.’

    Others insisted that Samuel has embarrassed the Rams defense and Jalen Ramsey in particular.

    One fan account posted: ‘The 49ers and Deebo Samuel just put a clown suit on the Los Angeles Rams defense.’

    The Athletic’s David Lombardi added: ‘Deebo Samuel just embarrassed Jalen Ramsey It’s hard to explain, but it just felt like the Rams (unsurprisingly) wanted no part of tackling Deebo Samuel on that TD. Ramsey especially. Half-hearted dives at his legs. Samuel has a reputation, especially with LA’

    Samuel and Co will face the Carolina Panthers in Week 5 as the wide receiver looks to continue his magical plays Sunday.

  • 14 минут назад 04.10.2022Sport
    Jamie Carragher says Gabriel Jesus and William Saliba have ‘taken Arsenal to another level’

    Jamie Carragher has pinpointed Gabriel Jesus and William Saliba as the men that have turned Arsenal’s fortunes around.

    Arsenal maintained their place at the top of the Premier League, after Saturday’s 3-1 north London derby victory over Tottenham.

    Jesus has made an immediate impact since his summer arrival from Manchester City, while Saliba has impressed after spending much of the last three seasons out on loan in Ligue 1.

    Carragher has been impressed by Arsenal’s progress and believes much of their success so far this season has come from Jesus and Saliba.

    He said on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football: ‘A lot of people thought that this season, maybe Spurs would be in the position that Arsenal are in now.

    ‘I’ve seen Spurs got a bit of criticism, but in terms of how Conte plays – they played like a Conte team. If they’d have got the final pass right on three or four occasions, they should have gone in at half-time in front.

    ‘But I take nothing away from Arsenal, I’ve been so impressed with them at the start of the season – the pace they play at, the football they play.

    ‘And the two signings…well not signings but Saliba and Jesus have come in and completely taken this team to another level.’

    Arsenal got revenge on Spurs after their 3-0 defeat to their rivals in May – a result which proved costly as Mikel Arteta’s side missed out on Champions League football.

    With 21 points out of a possible 24 gained this season, the Gunners look strong contenders to qualify for Europe’s top competition next campaign – as well as possibly mounting a shock title challenge.

    When speaking about Jesus – who has scored five league goals so far this season – after the match, Arteta said: ‘It’s his winning mentality, the way he trains every day it brings confidence to the team and he has taken us to a different level.’

    On the result, he said: ‘They were phenomenal. We went from it and we created great energy in the stadium and deserved to win the game.

    ‘With our way of playing we can attack in different ways.

    ‘They [Tottenham] don’t need much and you have the feeling that they can create. You have to live with that.

    ‘But we didn’t have that in the back of our mind, we were free, courageous and brave and this is what we demand from the players.

    ‘It gives us a lot of encouragement and confidence to believe that we can play at this level.’

    It was reported by Sportsmail on Monday meanwhile, that Arsenal have opened up contract talks with Saliba.

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    Former Australian cricket captain Tim Paine set to return for Tasmania after sexting scandal

    Disgraced Australian test captain Tim Paine will make his long awaited return to first class cricket with Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield on Thursday.

    Paine, 37, has been named in a 13-man squad to take on Queensland at Allan Border Field in Albion.

    After stepping down as Australian skipper last November following a sexting scandal with one-time Cricket Tasmania employee Renee Ferguson, some feared the wicketkeeper would be lost to the sport for good.

    There were also concerns surrounding Paine’s mental health after the saga – which unfolded privately in 2017 – went public.

    The matter was investigated by Cricket Australia the following year after Ferguson complained – but Paine was cleared of misconduct at the time.

    Before his fall from grace, Paine had led the Aussie team admirably since the Sandpapergate ball-tampering scandal in South Africa back in 2018.

    Following his shock appointment, Paine was painted as the saviour of Australian cricket after captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner were both suspended for 12 months for bringing the sport into disrepute.

    Opening batsman Cameron Bancroft served a nine-month ban.

    Eyeing off an emotional return following a 11-month hiatus, Paine, a married father of two, has kept his eye in recently by turning out for University in Tasmanian club cricket.

    ‘He’s been training with us most sessions the last five or six weeks,’ Tasmania head coach Justin Vaughan said.

    ‘Physically he’s going well, emotionally going well. I’m sure everyone would agree that we trust his wicketkeeping skill set and his leadership skill set.’

    Paine is said to be in ‘exceptional physical shape’ and may also turn out in the Big Bash this summer, with the Hobart Hurricanes the early favourites for his signature.

    His world came crashing down last year after details emerged of the explicit texts, including a picture of his genitals, with Ferguson.

    In one exchange, Paine allegedly wrote: ‘Will you want to taste my d**?? F**k me, I’m seriously h***.’

    Another text read ‘need to ease the tension…finish me off with those lips then.’

    In August, Ferguson fronted Hobart Magistrates Court over stealing allegations.

    Police allege Ferguson stole $5600 from Cricket Tasmania, where she worked from 2015 to 2017.

    Ms Ferguson denied the charges, and is suing Cricket Tasmania over allegations she was subjected to sexual harassment by multiple employees, including Paine.

    Both matters are ongoing.

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