Cristiano Ronaldo: Gary Neville takes a swipe at Man United star for creating a ‘messy’ situation

Gary Neville admits Cristiano Ronaldo conduct has been ‘disappointing’ this summer amid ongoing uncertainty over his Manchester United future.

The Portuguese superstar has told the club he wants to leave Old Trafford in pursuit of trophies and top four football but an exit is yet to materialise and no concrete offers have been forthcoming.

Tensions heightened further last week when the forward was subbed off during a 1-1 friendly draw with Rayo Vallecano and left the stadium before full time – with manager Erik ten Hag calling the episode ‘unacceptable’.

The Dutchman still faces a huge dilemma over whether to start him in their pre-season opener against Brighton due to his poor match fitness, and United legend Neville believes the entire saga could have been diffused if the player had given more clarity over the situation.

Speaking after Arsenal’s 2-0 win at Crystal Palace on Friday night, Neville took aim at Ronaldo, saying: ‘I’m a little bit disappointed in him. Because he’s letting the manager go into those press conferences.

‘He’s a good age, he’s been one of the best players in the world. Could he not do that interview? On Sunday we’re going to ask for him after the game, could he not come out and speak to us intead of getting other people to say it.’

Indeed, Ten Hag has had to do much of the fire-fighting over Ronaldo in a situation that has dominated much of United’s pre-season so far.

This week he was forced to cool things when quizzed over the player’s decision to leave the Rayo friendly early, showing his frustration with the uncertainty as he changed tac and said it was ‘unfair’ to target Ronaldo when a number of players also left too.

‘Now I have to point out, those who left… there were many players who left but the spotlight is on Cristiano, and that is not right,’ said Ten Hag.

‘So do your research and make out that many players left. That is not correct or acceptable. I don’t understand what is the relation. He was part of it. There were a lot of players.’

Asked if he has spoken to Ronaldo and the other players, Ten Hag said: ‘You mention it, you correct them, then move on. We’ve said enough on it. I said it’s not correct.’

Neville reflected on what had become a ‘messy’ situation at Old Trafford, and he called for the club’s hierarchy to resolve the matter either way to allow the team to focus on the forthcoming season.

‘I think we all know that if a Champions League club comes in from him he will go. But at this moment in time that hasn’t happened. It feels a little bit unpalletable.

‘This is messy for him, its messy for the club. We want him to stay we just don’t want these sagas to drag on. As United fans we don’t want this to drag on for another three weeks.

‘I think by all means it’s a harder job than it already was for ten Hag, with the Ronaldo situation and the de Jong situation. If [Ronaldo] is fit, he’s starting.’

Anthony Martial is unavailable for the first game against Brighton after picking up a hamstring injury, so Ten Hag has a real issue on his hands over who leads the line for his new side as he looks to lead a new era at the club.

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Former Leeds United, Manchester City and England full-back Danny Mills…
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  • 2 минуты назад 19.08.2022Sport
    Man Utd hero Gary Neville branded ‘totally wrong’ for gutsy Man City statement – EXCLUSIVE

    Former Leeds United, Manchester City and England full-back Danny Mills has labelled Gary Neville ‘totally wrong’ for his recent comparison of City and Manchester United. Neville risked angering Sky Blues fans by suggesting that their club would never compare to the Red Devils due to the roots, history and fanbase.

    United fans have been put through the wringer lately with last season’s problems refusing to go away. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick have given way to Erik ten Hag in the dugout, but his reign is off to the worst possible start after defeats to Brighton and Brentford.

    City, meanwhile, have won each of their first two Premier League matches and sit comfortably at the top of the table. Speaking to The Diary of a CEO podcast, Neville has been critical of United’s hierarchy but sought to remind rival City fans that there are some fronts on which he believes they can’t compete.

    “Pep Guardiola is a genius,” he admitted. “The football is mesmerising. The operation is slick. It will bring criticism from football fans and Man City fans, but it’ll never, ever be Man Utd. It can win more trophies but it can never be bigger in scale or size. It doesn’t have the roots, the history.”

    Mills, who contested Manchester derbies against Neville and shared an England dressing room with him for three years, has since put forward a counter-argument.

    “Fanbases take a very long time to grow,” he told Express Sport, in association with Sky Bet. “Man United are not one of the biggest clubs in the world because of the Class of ’92 and Sir Alex Ferguson. You’ve got to go back to the Busby Babes and everything else.

    “City don’t have that history but if they continue this way, their fanbase will grow and grow as they win more trophies. If Man United continue to play the way they do, their fanbase will dwindle because kids won’t want to support them anymore, they’ll want to support Man City because that’s what kids do. It’s down to history.

    “To say that they’ll never be there is totally wrong. Man United didn’t just appear as one of the biggest clubs in the world, neither did Liverpool. It’s built over the course of time. Once upon a time, Nottingham Forest were one of the biggest clubs in Europe but look what happened to them. At the moment City don’t rival them for commercial prowess but there’s no reason to say that can’t happen.

    “Man City have enjoyed success for around a decade so realistically, in terms of success, they’re 10 years old. In terms of success, United are over 50 years old. In another 40 years, where are City going to be? Gary Neville has got no idea where either team will be. Things will change over the course of time.”

    Ten Hag has a daunting task ahead with Liverpool preparing to visit Old Trafford on Monday and a turnaround needed immediately. The three summer signings made so far have failed to make a positive impact and, although others are thought to be on the way, they are unlikely to sign in time to face the Reds.

    As for City, they face Newcastle United on Sunday afternoon with managers Guardiola and Eddie Howe both vying to preserve their unbeaten starts. Fresh debate is likely to be sparked as two of the league’s wealthiest and most controversial owners prepare to battle for three points.

    The Sky Bet Fan Hope Survey asked fans from all 20 Premier League clubs their views on the way their clubs are run.

    Manchester City fans are understandably very pleased with their club’s hierarchy, with a staggering 99% of City fans believing their club is well-run and 88% hoping their owners remain at the club.

    As it turns out, Manchester City has been ranked as the second-best-run club in the league, taking 16% of votes from all Premier League fans, behind only Liverpool (26%).

    Somewhat surprisingly, 70% of City fans would prefer to have an owner who funds their club ethically even if it meant less money for them, despite speculation that their owner’s funds originated from shady sources,. Nevertheless, it appears City fans are content with their ownership structure, with 83% believing their owners care about the fans.

    It appears that Newcastle fans are willing to turn a blind eye to their financiers, with 59% stating they do not care where their owners’ money comes from. This is a stark difference from the overall 76% of Premier League fans who’d prefer an owner who funds their club ethically, even if it means less money.

  • 2 минуты назад 19.08.2022Sport
    Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag takes swipe at Cristiano Ronaldo over ‘truth’ interview

    Manchester United head coach Erik ten Hag has aimed a subtle dig at Cristiano Ronaldo, telling the forward that a tell-all interview will not achieve anything. Ronaldo has promised the ‘truth’ about his situation with the Red Devils in a chat with the media over the coming weeks.

    The United veteran has hit out at reports over his future this summer. He claims to have kept a book of the last 100 new stories written about him and claims that only five are correct.

    Ronaldo wants to leave United this summer in order to play Champions League football this season. But Ten Hag has now appeared to tell the 37-year-old that conducting interviews will not help him achieve his ambition.

    United’s public stance is that they do not want to sell Ronaldo. Especially as he was by far the Red Devils’ top scorer last season, bagging 24 goals across all competitions.

    Ten Hag has suffered disastrous defeats in his opening two Premier League fixtures, with Ronaldo coming back into the starting line-up for the thrashing at Brentford. Ronaldo returned late to the club’s pre-season preparations amid his quest to leave the club, although he cited ‘personal reasons’ for remaining in Portugal for much of the summer.

  • 49 минут назад 19.08.2022Sport
    Luke Rockhold slams Paulo Costa in X-RATED rant ahead of their clash at UFC 278

    Luke Rockhold has taken no prisoners ahead of his fight with Paulo Costa as he slammed the Brazilian in an x-rated rant.

    Rockhold appeared on stage at a press conference ahead of his upcoming bout with Costa in the co-main event of Saturday’s UFC 278.

    The 37-year-old one-time middleweight champion slammed his opponent and claimed Costa did all he could to avoid taking this fight, claiming the Brazilian kept postpoining their fight because of ‘all the cosmetic bulls*** he got done’.

    Rockhold said: ‘This m*********** didn’t want to take the fight in the first place.

    ‘The UFC forced it down his throat and then he delayed it twice, month after month and all the cosmetic bull**** he got done. You little b****, shut up.’

    Costa took Rockhold’s words with a pinch of salt and mocked the American’s age.

    He responded: ‘Come on, this guy is too old to say this kind of bull****. Come on. You are too old to say this kind of bull****.

    ‘He can say this bull****. I don’t feed on an older man like he is. It doesn’t matter on the day of the fight. We will be close in the same cage, just me and him and we will see who has more energy, who has more power and more will to win this fight.’

    Later on at the press conference, Costa took aim at Rockhold’s outfit, saying he was trying to dress like a ‘teenager’.

    The veteran fired back: ‘I’m old, I’m young. What am I? ‘Shut the f*** up.’

    The tension between the pair didn’t stop there, with both fighters continuing to throw a slew of insults at each other.

    This included when Rockhold questioned Costa’s desire when he faces challenges.

    ‘Have you ever dealt with adversity?’, Rockhold said, before he pointed to when Costa was criticised for missing his weight in a previous clash with Marvin Vettori.

    ‘The one time you dealt with adversity you missed weight by 20 f****** pounds.

    ‘My question: what’s your weight at? We all want to know. Are you going to make weight? Are you going to make f****** weight?’

    Costa fired back at Rockhold with ‘f*** you’, before he claimed he would win the fight easily on Saturday evening.

    He said: ‘I’m on my primetime. I will f*** this old man up on Saturday. He is visibly uncomfortable because he knows he will face a monster. He knows already. Look at him, He’s uncomfortable. I will retire him on Saturday.’

    The end of the press conference didn’t end the animosity as the pair stomped towards each other on stage with UFC President Dana White ready to step in.

    Saturday’s fight is definitely not one to be missed as the hostility between the pair shows no signs of relenting.

  • 49 минут назад 19.08.2022Sport
    Rutgers football players ‘ordered $450,000 in DoorDash deliveries’ that university paid for

    Rutgers football players reportedly spent more than $450,000 on DoorDash for meals and other items – on the university’s dime – from May 2021 through June of this year, according to an investigation from the Bergen Record.

    The practice of allowing the players to expense food orders started during the pandemic, Rutgers said, as student-athletes were forced to quarantine for up to two weeks if they had tested positive or been exposed to coronavirus.

    Still, as Patch.com noted, that bill ultimately falls to New Jersey taxpayers (Rutgers is a public university), and Rutgers Athletics has operated at a $73 million deficit through the last two years.

    The investigation found that athletes had made orders from Outback Steakhouse and Red Lobster, plus pizza, tacos, chicken wings, Chinese food and even pharmacy items – with some orders even coming thousands of miles away from the Rutgers campus near athletes’ hometowns.

    One player made orders in New York and Florida on the same day, continuing to order in Florida for the next couple of days, the Record said.

    Rutgers did not dispute the hefty tab, and said they were ‘permitted to use DoorDash’ based on COVID guidance from the NCAA.

    ‘Many of our student-athletes come from economically challenged backgrounds and in addition to how difficult it was to meet their nutritional needs with COVID, this was the best way to look out for our student-athletes’ welfare,’ Rutgers said in a statement.

    ‘We continued to use DoorDash until June 2022 to provide to-go meal options to student-athletes in instances when a permissible meal was not otherwise available or provided.

    ‘DoorDash was used as a substitute for institutional meals when student-athletes were in quarantine or participating in team activities such as rehab, practice and competition, and food was not provided in the facility.’

    The school, which noted that the DoorDash program extended beyond football players to other student-athletes on campus, estimated an average monthly spend of $22.88 for most athletes entitled to free food. There were roughly 19,745 orders placed over the period, Rutgers said.

    Rutgers continues to offer free meals to its students (non-food items are no longer permitted), but switched to GrubHub in late June, citing the rival app’s cheaper costs.

  • 49 минут назад 19.08.2022Sport
    Real Madrid eye Tottenham’s Pierre Emile-Hojbjerg as a potential replacement for departing Casemiro

    Real Madrid are interested in signing Tottenham star Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg to replace the departing Casemiro this summer.

    The Danish midfielder has established himself as a key part of Antonio Conte’s Spurs squad, and made 48 appearances for the club across all competitions last season.

    According to a report from The Telegraph, Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has earmarked Hojbjerg as a transfer target as Los Blancos look to strengthen their squad before the end of the transfer window.

    Hojbjerg still has three years remaining on his current deal at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, having joined the club from Southampton.

    Ancelotti has long been an admirer of the 27-year-old, and even agreed terms to sign Hojbjerg back during his time in charge of Everton, but the midfielder ultimately opted to join then-Spurs boss Jose Mourinho instead.

    Since making the move to Tottenham, Hojbjerg has been virtually ever-present in north London, missing just two Premier League games since signing for the club in August 2020.

    The Denmark international has been in fine form this season, starting both of Spurs’ games in the heart of midfield and scoring an equaliser as Conte’s team salvaged a late point against Chelsea on Sunday.

    Madrid’s interest in the Spurs midfielder comes after Ancelotti allowed Real stalwart Casemiro to depart the club to join Manchester United in a £60million deal earlier this week.

    The Brazilian has signed a four-year deal at Old Trafford but will not be available for Monday’s game against Liverpool as United were unable to get the transfer over the line in time for Friday’s 12pm Premier League registration deadline.

  • 50 минут назад 19.08.2022Sport
    Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud wants Big 10 TV revenues ‘shared’ after record shattering deal

    One of the largest TV rights deals in college athletics history was signed Thursday and a star in the conference wants the wealth distributed among the players.

    Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud thinks a portion of the money given to the Big Ten Conference in its new media rights deal should be shared with the players.

    Yesterday, the Big 10 announced they signed a deal with NBC, Fox, and CBS worth $7 billion and going into effect next season creating an NFL-esque TV schedule on Saturdays.

    Each school will be getting a cut of around $1 billion per year under this new agreement in what is the richest deal for a college athletic conference in history.

    Given the conference’s newfound riches, Stroud believes the athletes that provide the product shown on screen should get a cut of that money.

    ‘I definitely think it should be shared,’ Stroud said, ‘but if not, at the end of the day, we have the NIL space.

    ‘We can do it that way. The new college world is turning around, and I’m here for it.’

    Stroud helped win Ohio State a Rose Bowl title last season, and loves the college environment, but feels athletes shouldn’t be under compensated just due to their amateur status.

    ‘This game is amazing, especially the college atmosphere, because it does have amateurism to it,’ Stroud said. ‘That’s definitely a plus.

    ‘But at the same time, I’m not 100% sure what our tuition is, but I’m sure it’s not the worth of what we’re actually worth. My mom has always told me to know my worth.’

    Players only recently were allowed to sign deals letting them profit off their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) that many athletes have already taken part in.

    But revenue sharing is an entirely different argument, but it’s something Big Ten leaders are open to having a discussion about.

    ‘I’ve already started some dialogue with our student-athletes,’ Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said during the conference’s media days last month.

    ‘I want to be a great listener to figure out what is important to them. It’s so easy to talk about money and share money, but what does that really mean?

    ‘I want to make sure that I listen and learn to be able to have big ears and a small mouth to truly understand what’s important to them.’

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