The Handmaid’s Tale fans ‘work out’ Nick’s next move in Mayday twist

Hulu’s popular dystopian drama has returned to screens for a fifth season, which sees former Handmaid June Osborne (played by Elisabeth Moss) continue to take on Gilead from behind-the-scenes. After a covert conversation with her old flame Nick Blaine (Max Minghella), fans think they know his next move in the remaining episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Fans have predicted a huge twist for Nick’s relationship with his new wife, Rose (Carey Cox).

In episode three, Border, June was left reeling after her daughter Hannah (Jordana Blake) appeared on the Gilead news.

Meanwhile, Nick’s loyalties are still up for debate as the newly-appointed Commander meets up with June’s nemesis, Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski).

However, it appears Nick could still be working in the background to take down Gilead from the inside after his revealing phone call with June.

Later in the episode, Nick discusses Hannah’s appearance with June and confirms to her the purple colour she was wearing signifies she’s being groomed to become a Commander’s wife.

He also confirms he has a new wife, Rose, and urges June to stay safe.

Nick confesses he won’t be able to get in touch for some time, but fans believe it won’t be long before the Commander’s plans are revealed.

Although Rose has only made brief appearances in the new season so far, viewers are also convinced she could play a key part in the next stage of Nick’s sabotage.

On Twitter, @sophiamosc said: “Okay, after that scene and June’s reaction to Nick’s new wife we can definitely say that June and Nick are endgame. June really loves Nick.”

And @mobprincess2714 agreed, adding: “This is why June and Nick are soulmates.

“She isn’t mad that Nick has a new wife. She gets it’s all business.

“June and Nick are so deeply intertwined with Gilead’s customs it’s second nature to them.”

A sizeable majority of The Handmaid’s Tale fans are still convinced Nick and June will end up together by the end of the series.

But, how could Rose’s new role as Nick’s wife come into play as the war against Gilead heats up in the drama’s final two seasons?

@mobprincess2714 also speculated: “Nick met Rose recently. That was fast!

“Seems to me like Nick is using Rose as a distraction and political gain since he knew once June got out of Gilead, they would no longer be able to be together.”

While others are convinced Rose herself could be a part of Nick’s infiltration of Gilead, and could eventually join up with June and other members of the resistance group Mayday.

Reddit user k_g_a 57 commented: “OK I love Rose, I hope she’s part of Mayday somehow!!”

And PastorsDaughter69420 agreed: “Yes, totally! She has the advantage of an extended social reach due to her family.

“But also the ‘handicaps’ of her gender and physical disability that make her both invisible and relatively untouchable.”

Rose’s disadvantages could prove to be an unexpected advantage in The Handmaid’s Tale’s cutthroat dystopian society, and she could eventually become an integral freedom fighter against Gilead in the final stretch of Hulu’s hit drama.

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  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Madonna, 64, covers up her pink hair in oversized graphic jacket and hoodie in NYC

    Madonna was dressed in stylish layers as she made a show-stopping appearance at JFK International airport in New York City earlier Sunday.

    The award-winning singer, 64, donned a pair of loose-fitting pants and a black hoodie as she stepped through the doors of the busy airport lobby.

    The beauty recently teased fans on her own Twitter page on Friday that she is back in the recording studio working on a new music project.

    The Vogue hitmaker opted for comfort, and donned a pair of black loose-fitting, baggy sweatpants.

    She paired the bottoms with a printed hooded sweatshirt, and placed the hood on top of her head to cover some of her light pink, wavy hair.

    Madonna added a long, sleeveless puffer vest that also had a large hood to keep her warm.

    The star added a pair of black sunglasses as she quickly made her way through the crowds of travelers inside the airport.

    Madonna was seen carrying a large, black duffle bag that held a few items she needed on the plane.

    Her phone was hooked to a black lanyard that was simply slung over her left shoulder.

    The mother of six held the hood of her vest closely around her face as the paparazzi’s cameras surrounded her.

    The iconic performer has had an influence with fashion since her leap to fame in the 80s, and she recently opened up about her 17-year-old son, David, and how he often will borrow her own clothes.

    ‘It’s really irritating. He wears my clothes and looks better in them. He can even wear a dress and look butch,’ she humorously stated on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

    ‘He can put on any outfit and look swag as you know what,’ Madonna added during the interview about her son who recently turned 17-years-old.

    The performer threw a disco-themed birthday bash for her son, who she adopted in 2008, with her ex and director, Guy Ritchie.

    She shared a video onto her Instagram that captured fun and memorable moments from the birthday celebration in late September.

    David donned a green sequin ensemble that glittered in the light, while his mother chose a green, floral outfit.

    On her Twitter page earlier on Friday, Madonna teased her fans with snaps of herself working hard in a recording studio. She typed out in a caption on the post, ‘Back at it…’

    She could be seen looking down at a notebook potentially with lyrics to an upcoming song. Another snap showed the star playing keys on a piano.

    In August, the talented singer released Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones which was a ‘remix collection’ of her top dance hits over the years.

    However, her last original full-length album was released three years ago in 2019 with Madame X.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    House of the Dragon’s Olivia Cooke unveils her sexy Savage x Fenty campaign

    Savage x Fenty CEO Rihanna named House of the Dragon star Olivia Cooke the newest brand ambassador for her four-year-old lingerie line.

    In the sexy new campaign – which dropped Saturday – the English 28-year-old emerged from a red curtain wearing a single-strapped fishnet dress over black bra and panties.

    Olivia showcased her slim 5ft5in figure and pert posterior wearing three different looks in the video.

    ‘Serving bawdy… high in her tower,’ the campaign read.

    Cooke was also seen modeling a neon-green bra and mini-skirt, featuring cut-outs at the hips, while posing seductively next to a marble column.

    The Slow Horses actress – who boasts 278K Instagram followers – wrote of her new scantily-clad gig: ‘Would jump off a cliff for Rihanna so this felt like a better option.’

    Olivia’s Savage x Fenty campaign came two days before she revealed that she suffered a ‘full mental breakdown’ at age 22 in 2016 while filming Thoroughbreds and Ready Player One back to back.

    ‘It was bad, bad. Awful, actually,’ Cooke told Observer Magazine.

    ‘It was a big old lovely cocktail. Being homesick and not knowing it, having not stopped since I was 18, being on my own for large swathes of time.’

    The Soft Voice producer-star said she was ‘very good at hiding’ her depression, which was worsened by the double shock of Brexit and election of President Donald Trump.

    ‘I’m so grateful for that job, but I had a really tough time on it,’ Cooke admitted.

    ‘The way the schedule worked, we all had different storylines, so a lot of my time was spent in this apartment in Vancouver, working once every two weeks.’

    The ex-girlfriend of Christopher Abbott said her ‘incessant, persistent, anxious thoughts’ diminished by 2019 and she now feels ‘quite content, for the first time in years.’

    Olivia admitted she never watched Game of Thrones before being cast as Lady Alicent Hightower in George R. R. Martin and Ryan Condal’s $200M-budget prequel, House of Dragon.

    ‘I resist things that are popular, but to my own detriment, because it’s really f***ing good,’ Cooke gushed.

    But the Sound of Metal alum – who’s the daughter of a retired policeman – still does not believe she’ll ever become a huge, massive celebrity like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

    ‘I’ve worked for a decade and I’ve done what I thought – or what everyone told me – would be the thing, and still managed to live very anonymously,’ Olivia scoffed.

    Catch more of Cooke’s ambitious character vying for the Iron Throne from the people-pleasing King Viserys I Targaryen (Paddy Considine) in the 10-episode series, which airs Sundays on HBO.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Goldie Hawn and granddaughter Rani dress up as Cinderella with Kurt Russell as Prince Charming

    Goldie Hawn uploaded a loving birthday post onto her Instagram earlier Sunday to celebrate her granddaughter, Rani’s, fourth birthday.

    The talented actress, 76, donned a classic Cinderella costume along with a tiara, while her husband, Kurt Russell, 71, wore a prince costume.

    The Oscar-wining star’s daughter, Kate Hudson, shares Rani with her fiance, Danny Fujikawa.

    The actress shared an adorable snap of herself wearing a blue Cinderella dress along with a silver tiara on top of her blonde hair.

    Her husband and fellow actor, Kurt Russell, also joined in on the festivities, and dressed as a prince. He added a large, gold crown to complete his ensemble for the day.

    Goldie’s granddaughter and birthday girl, Rani, matched her grandmother by wearing a Cinderella dress with a full skirt. She added a glittering headpiece to complete her princess-inspired costume.

    ‘Happy 4th birthday our precious Rani Rose. You are the real queen,’ the actress typed out in the caption of her post.

    Goldie concluded, ‘I’ll take Lady in waiting everyday as long as the prince is always beside me! WE LOVE YOU!!!’

    Kate shared snaps from the celebration too that showed Rani wearing yet another princess dress, this time in purple.

    She wrote: ‘Our dreamy girl is 4 years today! Happy Birthday to Rani Rose! Rani fills our hearts so full of love as she meets everyday with enthusiasm, beauty and humor. We partied hard today… the princess way’

    Rani had an earlier celebration at the happiest place on Earth, also known as, Disneyland last month towards the end of September.

    Kate took her daughter to the amusement park, and was also accompanied by her fiance, Danny, and 11-year-old son Bingham, whom she shares with her ex and Muse singer, Matt Bellamy.

    The family took a cute group photo with Minnie Mouse as they posed in front of a Mickey Mouse shaped pumpkin at the theme park.

    The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days actress also shares her oldest son, Ryder, 18, with ex and musician, Chris Robinson.

    Goldie and Kate appear to have a very close relationship, with the Death Becomes Her star having a major role in her grandchildren’s lives.

    During a recent interview with E! News, Kate opened up about how she doesn’t want to surpass her mother’s acting career.

    ‘Contrary to how I guess it seems from the outside in, for me, our family is much more focused on emulating who we are as people,’ the mother of three stated to the publication.

    ‘There’s no emulating mama’s career,’ Kate added. ‘She’s an original. She’s an icon. It’s a different generation.’

    However, the Almost Famous star admitted she does like to ’emulate’ Goldie’s incredible balance as a mother and actress. ‘I do really like to emulate the things she brought to her career and to us as kids, and how she balanced that out.’

    During a joint interview with People, Kate and Goldie opened up about their close relationship.

    When talking about what Goldie ‘admires’ the most about Kate as a mother, she explained she applauds her daughter’s, ‘ability to stay steady and mindful as she guides her children to the right road, the right way, and even in discipline.’

    ‘She has a lot of patience, and a lot of what I would call, good critical thinking on how you handle children,’ she added.

    Goldie also gushed that Kate is very, ‘devoted’ to her family and that it is a ‘very beautiful’ part of her.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    The Block’s Scott Cam takes drastic action to prevent Sharon and Ankur from going over budget

    The Block host Scott Cam was this week forced to ban Blockheads Sharon and Ankur from hiring more workers to prevent them from continuing to go over budget.

    The presenter, 59, revealed the controversial couple had surpassed their building budget by over $50,000 leaving him with no choice but to put his foot down.

    Cam bluntly told the pair they are no longer permitted to hire new tradies or purchase materials without the approval of their newly appointed financial advisor.

    ‘I kept telling the teams they needed to watch their budgets, it got away from them. I had to step in,’ he told TV Week.

    A devastated Sharon and Ankur did not take the news well and insisted ‘substantial drama’ within their camp delayed their progress.

    Cam, however, said it was a tough love decision ultimately made to help them.

    It follows series ‘villain’ Sharon launching an extraordinary attack on the Channel Nine renovation show last Friday, revealing her family was hurt by her ‘unfair’ edit.

    The former Neighbours actress, 34, revealed she and husband Ankur Dogra were unprepared for their ‘soap opera-like’ portrayal.

    ‘It’s really unfair. My family and friends are really disappointed in the edit. They say, “It’s not showing who you guys are,”‘ she told SAFM’s Bec, Cosi and Lehmo.

    The radio hosts questioned the idea her on-screen portrayal wasn’t accurate, pointing out the times on the show when she was seen badmouthing her tradies.

    Sharon insisted she was merely ‘venting’ on those occasions and they were not an accurate reflection of her personality.

    ‘I 100 per cent walked from one soap opera to another,’ she said, referring to her stint on Neighbours in 2021 prior to joining The Block.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Em Rusciano confesses to ‘2am meltdowns’ about her life

    Em Rusciano has shared raw details about she previously struggled to balance her high-profile career, parenthood and undiagnosed ADHD at the beginning of her career.

    Em, 43, who rose to fame on Australian Idol before working in TV, cabaret, stand-up comedy and podcasting told Sydney Morning Herald columnist Peter FitzSimons on Sunday, she would suffer existential crises at night.

    ‘At times, I’d be crying myself to sleep at 2am questioning, ‘What am I doing with my life? Should I just go and get a regular job? Are my kids OK?” she confessed.

    EM, also spoke about her recent ADHD diagnosis, saying she felt a weight lift from her shoulders after realising she was ‘wired differently’ to others.

    ‘I’ve spent my life trying to figure out how to be like everyone else and I exhausted myself pretending to be different versions of myself,’ she said.

    ‘And then when I found out that my brain was in fact wired a different way, it was a relief to realise it wasn’t because I was a bad or inadequate person. I was just different.’

    Em said she wishes she’d been diagnosed earlier in life, but noted that if she had, her career may not have been as successful.

    It comes after Em spoke to the National Press Club where she called on the government to add ADHD to the NDIS.

    ADHD, also known as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, was recognised as a disability in 1992 under the Disability Discrimination Act, but is not included in the list of conditions covered by the NDIS.

    ‘ADHD needs to be included in the NDIS as a primary disability,’ she said during her speech in Canberra.

    Rusciano said one in 20 Australians has ADHD, but women often go undiagnosed because the symptoms are more noticeable in young boys.

    ‘I associated it with hyperactive 10-year-old boys who should avoid red cordial, certainly not 42-year-old anxiety-ridden adult women who are chronically exhausted all of the time,’ she said.

    ‘I felt a deep sadness for that precocious, curious and chaotic 10-year-old girl who desperately wanted to get things right, the girl who tried hard all the time, and who just wanted to be like everyone else.’

    Elsewhere in her speech, Rusciano revealed that working in breakfast radio brought out the ‘worst’ of her then-undiagnosed ADHD.

    ‘I know now that a person with rejection sensitivity dysphoria, low self-esteem, time blindness, someone who is very blunt, has a complete inability to regulate her emotions, and is hypersensitive to external stimuli should be nowhere near the breakfast radio environment,’ she said.

    ‘It brought out the very worst of my undiagnosed ADHD symptoms. It brought out the worst in me as a human.’

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon and Maggie Rhee hunt down villain Lance Hornsby in mid-season premiere

    Daryl Dixon and Maggie Rhee hunted down Commonwealth deputy governor Lance Hornsby as The Walking Dead on Sunday started its final eight-episode run.

    The season 11 episode titled Lockdown started off with a voice-over by Judith Grimes [Cailey Fleming] as images were shown from past seasons of heroes and villains on the AMC show.

    ‘I’ve heard a lot of stories about when the world fell. There were more dead than the living, and it started to look like the world would go cold. It felt like it was almost there,’ Judith said.

    ‘Some people survived by connecting with each other. Making found families. Others gave in to the darkness. That was a long time ago. And it’s now. Will it be tomorrow?,’ she added.

    The episode then cut to Daryl [Norman Reedus] and Maggie [Lauren Cohan] engaged in a gun battle inside a building with Commonwealth troopers commanded by Hornsby [Josh Hamilton].

    ‘Fan out. Check every window, doorway, stairway, and hallway. This ends here,’ Hornsby said.

    ‘How many you think they got?,’ Maggie asked Daryl.

    ‘Don’t matter. Gonna take them out one by one,’ Daryl said.

    They were about to ambush troopers, but were instead surprised by Gabriel Stokes [Seth Gilliam], Aaron [Ross Marquand], Negan [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] and his pregnant wife Annie.

    Maggie immediately asked where her son Hershel was and Annie assured her the boy was hidden and safe with Elijah and the others.

    ‘He’s good, Maggie. We’re here to take out s***head and the dickless brigade,’ Negan said.

    The group considered their options and Daryl came up with the idea to send Negan back to the Commonwealth to look out for their loved ones, while they kept up the fight against Hornsby.

    Zombies helped take out a Commonwealth solder and Negan in disguise as a zombie worked with Daryl to steal a vehicle.

    Hornsby desperately tried to get a message to the Commonwealth, but Calhoun only got part of it mentioning Daryl.

    Daryl fired at Hornsby and grazed his shoulder and also nearly ran him over with a stolen vehicle.

    Negan was chased by Commonwealth troopers, but Daryl crashed into them allowing Negan to escape.

    Meanwhile, Commonwealth governor Pamela Milton [Laila Robins] was dealing with civil unrest as citizens wanted her son Sebastian to be held accountable.

    ‘We want justice! Deliver Sebastian now!,’ a crowd chanted in response to an underground newspaper report.

    ‘Citizens of the Commonwealth, this is your governor, Pamela Milton. And I want you all to know this so-called report is nothing but lies meant to sow fear and anger in people who have suffered enough,’ Pamela told the crowd over a loud speaker.

    She told the crowd that she knew her son and he couldn’t have done the ‘horrible things’ he was accused of and would never undermine the safety of their community.

    Ezekiel [Khary Payton] warned Rosita Espinosa [Christian Serratos], Magna [Nadia Hilker], Connie [Lauren Ridloff] and Kelly [Angel Theory] that things could get ugly as the protest continued.

    Commonwealth military general Michael Mercer [Michael James Shaw] told Rosita that she needed to be in uniform before he was called away to ‘processing’ for an immediate issue.

    Yumiko [Eleanor Matsuura] talked with Max ‘Stephanie’ Mercer [Margot Bingham] who revealed that Sebastian was likely in hiding and was more scared of his mother than the crowd.

    Mercer was called away to deal with Negan who revealed that he was sent by Daryl to protect their people while they tried to kill Hornsby.

    Carol Peletier [Melissa McBride] looked over the children amid the protest and had them hide as Hornsby sent people to go after Daryl’s loved ones.

    Maggie and Connie teamed up to kill Hornsby’s radio specialist before he could send off a message.

    Yumiko as Milton’s lawyer promised a thorough investigation after soldiers started to intimidate protesters and defused a tense situation.

    The crowd chanted ‘Down with the Miltons’ and graffiti read ‘Miltons Are Murderers’ as Pamela got into an armored vehicle.

    ‘B14. Do it right away,’ she said into a radio inside the vehicle.

    Yumiko told Magna that she couldn’t leave her brother Tomi, and Magna said they would all leave together whenever the other shoe dropped.

    The public address system then beeped and a woman’s voice said, ‘Lockdown procedures initiated. Proceed to your residences. Follow all instructions, remain inside until further notice.’

    ‘This might be the other shoe,’ Yumiko said.

    Jerry [Coooper Andrews] looked over the kids as Hornsby’s agents tried to track them down.

    Carol and Negan looked for building schematics to find Sebastian and Negan revealed that he was married and expecting a child with Annie.

    Maggie and Daryl stayed on the move and in hiding from Commonwealth troopers.

    ‘Daryl, what you did back there. I know that Leah meant something to you. I’m sorry,’ Maggie said after Daryl shot Leah to rescue her.

    ‘Glenn would’ve wanted me to look after you. You don’t have to ever say sorry. Not to me,’ Daryl told her.

    They then met up with the others who reconnoitred and determined they should head east.

    Annie suggested they use the sewer to go undetected.

    Jerry helped the kids escape to an attic safe room that he and Carol set up in case of an emergency.

    Carol and Negan found Sebastian hiding in a small room behind a hidden door and told him they were bringing him to Pamela.

    Protesters defied the curfew and were told by security leader Henderson that the zombie swarm already had passed two checkpoints.

    The crowd demanded that Sebastian be brought to them and he was noticed being escorted by Carol and Negan.

    ‘This is for your own protection!,’ Henderson warned them as zombies could be heard on speakers.

    The protesters were then tear-gassed to clear the area.

    Mercer and Rosita were outside dealing with the swarm of zombies and she promised to be there for him in the field, but not back at Commonwealth.

    They rescued a soldier after his vehicle overturned, but zombies tore another soldier in half before Mercer could pull him to safety.

    Yumiko confronted Pamela for tear gassing her friends and Pamela admitted that Sebastian was a renegade, but wasn’t a murderer.

    Negan and Carol then brought in Sebastain who was hugged by his mother before she slapped him across the face.

    ‘You humiliated me. And yourself,’ Pamela told him.

    Sebastian denied any wrongdoing and Carol suggested they could help each other.

    ‘I work for Lance Hornsby. He’s out there hunting my friends under your flag. I need your help to stop him,’ Carol told her.

    Carol suggested that Hornsby could be a scapegoat.

    ‘If your son didn’t do the things that he’s accused of, someone did,’ Carol said.

    Commonwealth soldiers were then shown in the sewer where they were ambushed by Aaron and Connie.

    ‘Okay, this ends now,’ Hornsby said as he emerged with his gun drawn surrounded by soldiers.

    ‘Drop your weapons,’ a soldier yelled at them.

    Daryl was then shown sneaking up on Hornsby and putting his hunting knife to his throat.

    ‘Guns on the ground!,’ Daryl shouted.

    A stand-off ensued as everyone kept their guns drawn and Hornsby gave a devilish grin.

    The Walking Dead will return next week on AMC.

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Showbiz The Handmaid's Tale fans 'work out' Nick's next move in Mayday twist