Thanksgiving Day parade: Paula Abdul, 60, glows in a metallic outfit in NYC

The Thanksgiving Day parade had some major star power on Thursday morning.

Singer and American Idol alum Paula Abdul, 60, glowed in a metallic outfit as she lit up the festivities in New York City while on a float.

The star looked slender in the sparkly number as she belted out her 1988 hit song Straight Up.

Also at the parade were singers Jordin Sparks, Lea Michele and Mariah Carey.

‘Today’s the day! I will be on the fabulous Jennie-O Big Turkey Spectacular Float performing “Straight Up” in the 96th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,’ wrote Abdul on Instagram.

‘For everyone at home tuning in while you prep your JENNIE-O® Turkey, head to JennieO.com for all your holiday needs!! #JennieO #Turkey #MacysParade @hormelfoods @Macys.’

She was seen in a sparkly catsuit as she sung her heart out.

With temperatures rising to a high of 50 on Thursday morning along with clear skies, spectators should have a clear view of the 16 giant balloon characters set to fly at 9 a.m.

While all eyes will be on the parade, viewers may notice the absence of The Today Show’s Al Roker, who will miss the event for the first time in 27 years after being hospitalized for blood clots. Y

et the show went on without the popular host as Broadway singer Lea Michele kicked off the festivities with a performance of Don’t Rain on My Parade from her Broadway Show Funny Girl.

Along with the iconic balloons, the parade will also feature 28 floats, 12 marching bands, 700 clowns and several music stars are set to make their way through on Thanksgiving Day.

The tradition dates back nearly a century, when Macy’s flagship Manhattan store put on its first holiday parade.

It was then called the Macy’s Christmas Parade.

It has always taken place on Thanksgiving morning and the first parade was in 1924.

It was created in hopes to attract customers for holiday shopping.

In the decades following, the parade has grown and evolved to the hours-long event filled with towering balloons, celebrity performers and festive floats.

Paula made news last year when she had breast reduction surgery to make her implants smaller.

The former America Idol judge underwent a corrective operation to reverse a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Paula had old implants removed that were ‘a little too big’ for her body and were causing her discomfort.

In a video shared on Instagram by medical device firm InMode – which Paula is a brand ambassador for – she said: ‘With my height, I’m petite, I started with smaller breasts and about 20-plus years ago I had implants put in, and the more I was dancing the harder it was getting on my back.

‘As the years go by, gravity happens too, and I just always felt like [they were] a little too big for my frame, and I wanted to get the old implants out.’

Also in the video – which was recorded before the op took place – Paula is told by her surgeon Dr. Jacob Unger his plan is to ‘reshape the breasts very well and get the best overall shape and contour to match your frame’.

Professing her excitement, the ‘Opposites Attract’ hitmaker exclaims: ‘I’m very excited. This is going to be great.’

Back in 2019, Paula honestly spoke about the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures she’d had, insisting her goal was to enhance her natural looks and not try and pretend she wasn’t ageing.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the time, she said: ‘I feel like I’m ageing as gracefully as one can be, with a healthy outlook. Dancing with passion everyday keeps that going. Ageing is inevitable, and I haven’t really put too much pressure on it.’

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  • 1 час, 42 минуты назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    NCIS fans fear Gibbs death as CBS star drops crossover ‘bodybag’ clue: ‘Please not Gibbs!’

    Nick Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama) is just one of the stars from NCIS who’ll soon be joining forces with NCIS LA stalwarts G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) as well as Hawaii’s Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and Jesse Boone (Noah Mills). There have been a few pictures and plot details released to tease what’s in store from the January 2 event, but the latest spoiler from actor Valderrama has left a number of fans concerned there could be an exit for former leading man Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

    After all, Gibbs hasn’t been seen in the world of NCIS since he decided to enjoy some downtime in Alaska at the start of season 19.

    Alden Parker (Gary Cole) has since led Torres, Knight (Katrina Law), McGee (Sean Murray) and the rest of the team in Gibbs’s absence and a return has looked increasingly unlikely.

    But could CBS bosses really be lining up his death? Fans have shared their concern after a new snap was shared on Valderrama’s Instagram.

    He’s joined by NCIS LA’s Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) Callen as well as Hawaii’s Jesse and Tennant, and Parker, McGee, Knight and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) also strike a pose.

    However, the most striking observation is the fact the dream team of agents are standing around a body bog.

    And judging by its shape, it’s clear to see there is a body inside the sheet.

    “Monday January 2nd 2023,” Valderrama penned in the caption to the snap. “History will be made.. #NCISVerse.”

    Naturally, fans wanted to learn more about the upcoming scenes, with @lindajillrandall replying: “Who’s in the body bag???”

    Dropping a worrying teaser, Valderrama replied: “@lindajillrandall someone we ALL know..” followed by a handful of sad emojis.

    Inevitably, this sparked concern amongst followers who saw Valderrama’s reply in the comments.

    And Gibbs quickly emerged as the frontrunner who’d fit the bill to be the victim according to fans.

    “@wilmervalderrama Please not Gibbs,” @arlarm112 pleaded while @ts_mme.g echoed: “@wilmervalderrama tell me it’s not gibbs.”

    Elsewhere, @alexissssespinoza_ went one step further with her reply: “@wilmervalderrama If he is one of the most beloved characters, I swear to hate NCIS with all my soul.”

    While @rebeccainnes_ seemed puzzled by the clue: “@wilmervalderrama um, what!?” followed by a straight-faced emoji.

    And @dianehep was already fearing the worst: “@wilmervalderrama oh. I don’t say that,” followed by crying emojis. (sic)

    Fans will have to tune into the episode to find out for sure but judging by Valderrama’s tease, the agents are going to have a personal connection to the victim.

    The three-way crossover event will take place over the course of three hours on Monday, January 2.

    NCIS LA is ditching its usual Sunday night slot for one night only to accommodate the one-off special.

    This will be the first time LA, Hawaii and the flagship drama have merged together in this way, with NCIS having taken part in crossovers with each of its spin-offs separately beforehand.

  • 1 час, 42 минуты назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Max Thieriot details how SEAL Team co-star inspired exit for Fire Country stint

    Clay’s (played by Max Thieriot) exit from CBS drama SEAL Team wasn’t exactly an unexpected one as fans had become well aware the actor was at the forefront of another of the network’s biggest new projects. That project, Fire Country, has proven to be a huge hit with audiences and it ultimately meant Thieriot was unable to lead the way on both action-packed dramas. In a new interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show, Thieriot delved into exactly how he got the series off the ground.

    Thieriot doesn’t only star in Fire Country but he also co-created and produces the smash-hit CBS firefighter drama.

    And this was the first thing Corden was keen to ask the SEAL Team star about as he opened their interview in Wednesday’s show: “Congratulations! It is an absolute smash, people are going crazy for this show.

    “What was it that inspired you to come up with this idea and create, produce and star in this absolute smash hit?”

    Thieriot took a breath before he revealed former SEAL Team colleague AJ Buckley was the one who planted the seed to bring Fire Country to screens.

    “First, I think I’m out of my mind, it’s crazy, it’s a lot,” Thieriot began with a chuckle.

    “But I was actually – I was driving to work one day with my buddy AJ Buckley from SEAL Team.

    “And we were sitting there going back and forth talking about firefighting.

    “I grew up in this small town in Northern California and a lot of my friends… the community is a very firefighting community, and a lot of my friends work for this department.

    “It all sort of felt very normal to me because I was around it and had seen it and I started telling him about it and he’s like, ‘Dude, this is a show.’

    “And I was like, ‘Do you think?’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah.’ Then the more I started telling people… when I started talking about the inmate firefighter programme, a couple of years ago it wasn’t known.

    “People were like, ‘What do you mean there are inmates who fight fire? Right alongside regular firefighters?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah!’

    “(So) I just started like building out the world and a lot of the inspiration came from this crazy little country town that I grew up in and people I grew up with, you know.”

    Thieriot explained further: “I basically – I didn’t know what I was doing at first, I’ve never pitched a show, I was like, ‘What do I do?’

    “And so I pulled pictures of my friends from like Facebook, from their wives’ Facebook pages because they don’t even have Facebook these dudes.

    “I’m like getting pictures of them and put together this kind of sizzle reel, put together this big document and sent it back and forth to my agents and was like, ‘Is this enough?’

    “(And they said), ‘Give us a little more.’ So I (say), ‘How about this?’ ‘No, that’s too much,’ and so it was this whole sort of process and yeah, here we are.”

    So it transpired Buckley, who plays Sonny Quinn in SEAL Team, was the one who gave Thieriot the nudge he needed to get Fire Country off the ground.

    Buckley remains an integral part of Bravo in SEAL Team, which is currently still awaiting the green light for season seven on Paramount+.

    Thieriot was joined by Black Adam star Noah Centineo on the Late Late Show sofa who went on to detail his own experience with firefighters.

    The actor inadvertently set off a fire in his bathroom when a candle flame got out of hand.

  • 1 час, 42 минуты назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Virgin River’s Teryl Rothery shares regret at limited screen time with co-star ‘Like more’

    Muriel (played by Teryl Rothery) has loitered around Virgin River since the show began on Netflix four seasons ago. She’s even had her fair share of gripping storylines, from her flirtations with Doc (Tim Matheson) to helping Hope (Annette O’Toole) assimilate back into normal life following her traumatic brain injury.

    However, Muriel and the rest of the girls who regularly attend the town’s knitting circle tend to keep themselves to themselves.

    While they may like a gossip about their fellow residents, it’s rare to find the likes of Muriel and Connie (Nicola Cavendish) away from Jack’s (Martin Henderson) bar playing cards or enjoying a bit of knitting.

    Now though, Rothery has spoken out about how this has led to her enjoying rather limited chances to film opposite the show’s leading stars Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge.

    And hinting there’s a bit of regret about missing that opportunity so far, Rothery has shared her hopes to remedy this.

    Speaking on the Chatting with B podcast, one fan asked Rothery: “In previous seasons you’ve had a lot of scenes with Tim and Annette…

    “So who is one character or actor that you hope to have more scenes with in season five and hopefully in more seasons to come?”

    Rothery was quick to identify Breckenridge and Henderson as the two co-stars she hopes to enjoy more scenes with.

    “Yeah, oh my gosh, that’s a really good question,” she began to answer. “You don’t really see her interacting as much…

    “We see her flirt with Jack when she goes to ear or whatever and Preacher (Colin Lawrence), that sort of thing.

    “But I think I’d like to have more of a relationship with Mel, I don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with the Mel character.”

    Rothery’s hopes didn’t stop there: “I would want to obviously spend more time with Jack simply because obviously he’s so easy on the eye – did I say that out loud?!

    “Seriously, he’s so fun,” Rothery continued. “I want you to know what another great human being he is, he’s just lovely, a really great heart and he feels things deeply and he’s just a joy.”

    Not only has Rothery hinted at more of an involvement with newly-engaged Mel and Jack, but she went on to suggest she could turn her back on her pals.

    As mentioned earlier, Muriel often enjoys time with the girls at the knitting circle but Rothery has hinted this could change.

    “Obviously it’d be nice to see her step out and do more with the town instead of just like the sewing circle,” Rothery went on.

    She added: “Maybe get to know Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) more because she’s so fun and yeah, that kind of thing.”

    The fan agreed Mel and Muriel would be a good duo to see more of on-screen before another fan asked Rothery what storyline she’d write for her character in season five if she had the choice.

    “I would love to have a love interest, right,” Rothery said. “That poor woman, Muriel is just searching and searching and searching, it’s like okay you need a break, give her somebody.

    “Just for her to experience that because there’s obviously a tremendous need in this woman to do the things she does, she behaves the way she behaves, and that’s all a way of covering as we discover the vulnerability within her like all humans do, right?

    “So it would be nice for her to feel some kind of a connection where she feels wanted.”

    Could Mel and Jack serve as match-makers for Muriel if Rothery gets all her wishes granted?

  • 1 час, 56 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Scarlett Johansson transforms into a 60s siren with Channing Tatum as they film Project Artemis

    Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum were spotted working on the set of their new movie Project Artemis on Wednesday.

    The two costars, 38 and 42 respectively, were dressed in character for the upcoming 1960s-based film.

    The Black Widow star wore an orange color blocked outfit while Magic Mike leading man sported a blue, collared shirt.

    Scarlett’s blonde hair was styled in voluminous curls and a sideswept bang that was secured with a scarf.

    The orange, magenta, and white accessory was tied at the nape of her neck and blew in the breeze.

    She bared her arms as she wore a sleeveless blouse with buttons along the front and a tie collar.

    Her pedal-pusher slacks were a slightly darker shade of orange than her top and she matched her lipstick to the pink tone in her kerchief.

    The duo filmed a scene on a pier as cameras and crew members surrounded them with equipment.

    Details about the seasoned entertainers’ character in the project haven’t been revealed yet.

    The filming comes six months after Jason Bateman, who was originally slated to direct, bowed out of the endeavor due to creative differences.

    Deadline reported that the decision between Bateman and the film’s production company These Pictures was reached amicably, and that the entities could join forces again if the right project were to arise.

    Chris Evans was initially due to star opposite Scarlett but was replaced by Tatum in July due to a scheduling conflict.

    Earlier this year Apple shelled out more than $100 million to acquire the motion picture, which was written by Rose Gilroy, daughter of writer-filmmaker Dan Gilroy and actress Rene Russo.

    Johansson will soon make her first major foray into television with a new TV adaptation of the 1992 John Katzenbach novel Just Cause.

    She’ll star in the show and also serve as executive producer, with Amazon handing out a straight-to-series order.

  • 1 час, 56 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Kyly Clarke looks super-fit while dropping items off at ex-partner Michael Clarke’s house

    Kyly Clarke showed off her ageless figure while stopping by her ex-husband Michael Clarke’s home on Thursday.

    The 41-year-old displayed her muscular arms as she stepped out of her car wearing a white active singlet top and tight blue Running Bare bike shorts.

    Kyly, a former model, was greeted by the couple’s seven-year-old daughter Kelsey-Lee, who ran to her parked car.

    The mother-daughter duo spoke briefly and hugged each other before Kyly dropped off a few items and left.

    The interior designer completed her ensemble with a pair of white running shoes, a gold necklace and a silver wristwatch.

    Her brunette tresses were tied back in a high ponytail that was held back with a black srunchie.

    Kyly’s lookalike daughter recently turned seven and hosted a birthday party at a Strike Bowling venue in Sydney.

    Last week, the Dancing With The Stars contestant paid tribute to her daughter in honour of her birthday.

    ‘What a Birthday Party! Full of love, laughter, fun, great food, beautiful company and the worlds best smiles,’ she wrote in one post.

    ‘The day was filled with laser tag, bowling, amazing food serving pizza, fresh fruit platters, dips and vegetables, chips and a never ending supply of beverages.’

    Kyly continued: ‘The table adorned with what I call The Worlds Best Cakes by @pasticceria_caruso… always such amazing and creative cakes from Kelsey Lee’s chosen inspiration.’

    She went on to say: ‘Thank you to all of Kelsey Lee’s friends and family that came to be a part of her special day, Kelsey Lee was overwhelmed with your beautiful and thoughtful gifts and we are forever grateful for your wonderful friendships.

    ‘Love you Bella! Seeing you with so much joy in your soul makes my heart sing. Doing life for you is everything to me.’

    A second post earlier this week read: ‘HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY ANGEL. I love you to the moon and back. You are such a glowing light. Xoxo Mumma’.

    Kelsey Lee’s father Michael also shared a message to his daughter on Instagram, writing: ‘My baby is growing up way too quickly..

    ‘I love you more then you will ever know. Happy 7th birthday baby, have the best day’.

    Kyly and Michael continue to co-parent their daughter following their separation in September 2019, but only revealed their split in a surprise announcement on February 12, 2020.

    In an official statement at the time, the former pair said the ‘amicable’ decision to separate was ‘the best course’ for their daughter.

  • 1 час, 56 минут назад 08.12.2022Showbiz
    Lara Worthington gushes over husband Sam on red carpet for latest Avatar film premiere

    Australian model Lara Worthington has publicly gushed over her actor husband Sam following the premiere of his new film, Avatar: The Way of Water.

    The 35 year-old took to Instagram on Wednesday to write an eloquent post about her husband’s achievement.

    ‘Proudest wife! What an amazing family to be a part of for all of these years…thank you everyone,’ she said.

    As they stepped out onto the red carpet for the world premiere of his new film in London on Tuesday, the loving pair exchanged a high dosage of PDA for the cameras.

    Lara, a former bikini model, wore a plunging black cape dress with gothic-style makeup as she supported her man at the star-studded event.

    Her frock featured a thigh-split and sleeveless design along with a hood which covered her dark blonde locks.

    She shone with an added height to her frame made by a chunky pair of black heels.

    Meanwhile, Sam chose to wear a traditional black suit and tie look for his red carpet appearance to promote the latest instalment of the Hollywood film franchise.

    Sam recently revealed that filming the sequel was the ‘hardest thing’ he’d ever done.

    The former bricklayer said the role required him to learn how to ‘free dive’ into water without scuba gear.

    Lara and Sam began dating in 2013 and married in secret a year later.

    They share sons Rocket and Racer. and their most recent addition, a one-year-old baby boy named River.

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Showbiz Thanksgiving Day parade: Paula Abdul, 60, glows in a metallic outfit in NYC