Tanya Bardsley reveals she suffered a seizure after being prescribed new medication for her ADHD

Tanya Bardsley has revealed she suffered a seizure after new medication she was prescribed ‘didn’t agree’ with her brain.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, 41, who was diagnosed with ADHD back in 2020, candidly admitted that she had been taking antidepressants for the majority of her adult life and adding more chemicals to the mix proved too much.

Speaking to New magazine she said: ‘My brain chemicals were all messed up, they [the new medication] didn’t agree with my brain and I ended up having a seizure’.

The reality star famous left the ITVbe show last year and told the publication she did so because her mental health ‘was not in a good place’.

The terrifying seizure occurred in April 2021 when she was promoting her clothing brand MyGlamStyle.

An ambulance was called to her mansion in Wilmslow, which she shares with her footballer husband Phil Bardsley, 37, and their children.

An insider told MailOnline at the time: ‘It was absolutely terrifying and everyone was screaming fearing the worst. She’s now been discharged but this has obviously been an extremely scary 24 hours for the family.

‘She’s so grateful for the incredible ambulance and hospital staff, who were nothing but amazing throughout’.

Despite claiming at the time it was simply exhaustion she told the magazine that her newly diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder was actually to blame.

She admitted: ‘It was the ADHD, the new medication. I was completely overworking myself because my brain was going 100 miles an hour’.

The beauty went on to say that she had luckily not suffered from any further seizures and thanked her footballer beau for helping on her road to recovery.

‘My husband puts me in what I call Tanya jail, I wasn’t allowed on my phone – he would hide it. He was like, ‘You’ve got to stop doing so much’.

It comes after Tanya revealed that she has given up alcohol after drinking left her ‘crippled with anxiety’ and feeling depressed.

The television personality admitted she decided to go teetotal in the new year as hangovers would leave her mental health in a ‘dark place’.

She told Closer magazine that although she didn’t drink often, when she did she would go on 10-hour binges, which left her feeling depressed for a week.

Speaking about her hangovers, she admitted she would end up feeling bad about herself and ‘snap’ at her children – as she was short tempered.

She told the publication: ‘The next morning, I’d be crippled with anxiety, which would go on for about a week. My poor husband would have to drag me out of bed, and you just lose all motivation for life.’

Tanya also admitted said drinking alcohol would make her mental health even worse.

‘If you’re feeling low or have any kind of mental health problem, it’s [alcohol] like pouring ethanol on to an open fire,’ she added.

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    Liz Truss could “shortly” be forced to call a general election, according to a leading political commentator. Christopher Hope, the associate editor of The Daily Telegraph, remarked that no one voted for the radical shift in economic policy pushed by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwartang. The Jeremy Vine Show panellist forecast that Ms Truss may end up having to call on Britons to vote to calm the market turmoil.

    This comes as more than 100,000 people have signed a government petition calling for an immediate general election “to end the chaos of the current government”.

    Author Jemma Forte, also a panellist on the programme, claimed the days of market turmoil were “total and utter mayhem”.

    She even called on Ms Truss and Mr Kwarteng to be “put in prison because I think it is criminal for what they have done”.

    Ms Forte added: “There is justification for that because there is no mandate for her gobbledygook plan.”

    Mr Vine quizzed Mr Hope on whether this was right since “there is no manifesto nor mandate” for the policies being pursued.

    The political editor responded: “In the 2019 manifesto, there was no mention of cutting the 45p tax rate.

    “No mention of national insurance increase or decrease.

    “Therefore there is an argument that there should be an election shortly.”

    Ms Forte called the situation “an unmitigated disaster” prompting Mr Vine to say: “Let’s see – we are only in the first month!”

    Also in the programme, the panel discussed the electoral “wipe-out” that the Conservatives would face if an election was held today.

    This comes after a new YouGov poll shows Labour an astonishing 33 points in front of the Conservatives.

    Mr Vine joked: “If we put the poll into the electoral map, I would have to use some red paint. There would be a lot of blue going red.”

    He noted that there are only three seats that the Conservatives would hold according to the “mindblowing” survey.

    The latest figures show Labour with a majority of the vote on 54 percent, with the Conservatives behind with less than half that on 21 percent.

    The model shows the Tories holding three seats while Labour win 565 seats out of 650 in the Commons.

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    Rod Stewart’s wife Penny flashes legs in fringed minidress as she steps out without rocker

    Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster, 51, seemed to be in high spirits in spite of the distance between her and her rocker husband, who was seen grabbing a steak with his son in West Hollywood that same evening.

    She got into the burlesque spirit with a red fringed party dress, showing off her endless legs in black tights and a fitted black blazer to add a sophisticated edge to the outfit.

    The former model was among the top stars celebrating the Moulin Rouge gala, which was held to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

    Meanwhile, eagle-eyed fans will have noticed the showgirl style feathers on the ankle strap of the patent peeptoe sandals Penny was wearing.

    The star looked happy, radiant and younger than her 51 years as she posed on the red carpet alongside musical greats such as Howard Jones.

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    David Beckham read ‘riot act’ to Brooklyn as Victoria ‘extends olive branch’ in Nicola row

    David Beckham, 47, is said to have confronted his son Brookyn Beckham, 23, over the rumoured feud between his family and his son’s new wife Nicola Peltz, 27. This comes as David’s wife Victoria Beckham, 48, has been reported to have invited her daughter-in-law Nicola to sit front row at her Paris Fashion Week 2022 show today in an attempt to “extend an olive branch” to the couple.

    A source has come forward reportedly claiming on an alleged confrontation between the close father and son duo.

    The source said: “I’m told that Beckham ‘read the riot act’ to Brooklyn last week, telling him: ‘We don’t do that in this family.’

    “I don’t think David has ever lost his temper with Brooklyn or had cause to talk to him harshly, but that has now finally happened.

    “He had it out with him and told him: ‘We don’t do this in our family – and you know that we don’t do this in our family. What happens next is up to you, but we are done with the drama.”

    The source also claimed to the MailOnline that David had to speak to Brooklyn, as he was “really appalled” by the couple’s recent Grazia interview that seemed to be “washing the family dirty linen in public”.

    In the Grazia interview, Nicola replayed tensions over the making of her wedding dress and accused her mother-in-law of “blanking” her and backing out of their gown arrangement.

    Meanwhile, aspiring chef Brooklyn told the magazine: “To be honest, my wife is obviously my first priority and I never want to see her upset ever.

    “We have each other’s back 100 per cent and we just move on together.”

    Sons Romeo Beckham, 20, and Cruz Beckham, 17, are also said to be “hurt” by all the rumours.

    This comes as it has been reported that Victoria has invited Nicola to attend her debut Paris Fashion Week show today.

    The insider revealed: “Victoria extended the olive branch and asked Brooklyn and Nicola to stay on in Paris and come to her show.

    “It would put a stop to the rift rumours and she and the family would love to see them.

    “To have him and his wife sitting front row at her first Paris show would put on a united front”, the source told The Sun.

    Express.co.uk have contacted David and Victoria’s representatives for comment.

    Brooklyn and Nicola have been in Paris this week and were pictured attending the Balmain show on Wednesday night.

    Nicola Peltz looked sensational in a small leather crop top and belted mini skirt, showing off her petite frame.

    She paired the outfit with black tights and high black stilettos, boosting her height as well as showing off her toned pins.

    The actress accessorised with a small gold and black clutch bag and wore her dark tresses in a straight style.

    Brooklyn Beckham meanwhile looked dapper in a tight-fitted white shirt, paired with smart trousers and Balenciaga trainers.

    Nicola’s brothers Bradley and Diesel are also joining her and Brooklyn in Paris this week.

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    Royal expert claims Harry made ‘nasty’ remarks about Camilla as she defends Queen Consort

    Angela Levin has released a new book named Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort which explores how Camilla managed to establish herself as one of the key members of the Royal Family. The royal author explained on Friday’s instalment of Lorraine she wanted to “rebalance” how the Queen Consort has been portrayed. She also alleged Camilla’s stepson, Prince Harry, has spoken unpleasantly about her.

    Christine Lampard, who was filling in for Lorraine Kelly, said Angela was compelled to write the book about Camilla.

    “You felt Camilla had been misrepresented and you wanted to give your version of events almost,” Christine added.

    Angela explained she wanted to “rebalance” how the Queen Consort has been portrayed over the years and stressed how she felt her depiction in the Netflix drama The Crown “has been really cruel”.

    Season four of The Crown explored Camilla, King Charles III and Princess Diana’s love triangle.

    Historians have argued the Royal Family could have avoided scandal if it had only allowed the heir to the throne to marry his first love, Camilla.

    They met back in 1971 and were reportedly “smitten” but Camilla did not have a title and he went on to marry Lady Diana Spencer which ended in divorce.

    King Charles and Camilla eventually married in 2005 at a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, with Prince William being the best man.

    Prince Harry attended the ceremony but many publications commented on how the princes did not smile throughout the wedding.

    During her appearance on Lorraine, Angela claimed Prince Harry had “said really nasty things” about Camilla.

    “So I decided it should not just be me saying I had spent time with her, as in 2015 I spent about three months with her to write a long piece,” Angela shared.

    “I needed to have people who really know her and would give me their names and they don’t say, ‘Keep me anonymous.’

    “This is because you never know if it is really true whether the source is somebody close to them, it could be anyone, it could be you.”

    Camilla was painted in a poor light for decades and was blamed by the public for Diana and King Charles’ break-up.

    Camilla became Queen Consort of the UK and 14 other Commonwealth realms on September 8 after Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

    Prior to the 96-year-old monarch’s death, she released a message for her Platinum Jubilee saying it was her “sincere wish” Camilla should be known as Queen when her eldest son ascends the throne.

    Angela’s book also recalls a time when Camilla went out of her way to use her own experience of being an outsider new to the Royal Family.

    She said: “Prince Charles enjoyed talking to [Meghan Markle], especially about the theatre and arts.

    “Camilla felt the experience she had from coping with public abuse, press insults and frostiness from the Royal Family put her in a good place to help Meghan adjust to the restrictions of royal life and was equally keen to help Meghan find her feet.”

    Angela claimed the Queen Consort tried to be supportive of the Duchess of Sussex as “she did not want to see anyone struggling”.

  • 15 минут назад 30.09.2022Showbiz
    Arnold Schwarzenegger causes controversy with ‘I’ll be back’ comment in Auschwitz book

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, has caused some controversy after leaving a quote from the first Terminator film in the Auschwitz guestbook on a is it to the concentration camp. The actor toured the site with the Auschwitz Jewish Foundation.

    He was recently awarded by the foundation for Fighting Hatred.

    The Hollywood legend vowed to help the organisation earlier this month in a bid to “terminate hate”.

    He said: “I am witness to the ruins of a country broken by the Nazis.

    “I saw first-hand how this hatred spun out of control.

    “I share these painful memories with the world in the hopes of preventing future tragedies and educating soldiers about personal responsibility.

    “I stand with the Auschwitz Jewish Centre Foundation and their mission of education to ensure NEVER AGAIN.”

    On leaving the Polish camp the former Governor of California signed the guestbook – with the site’s museum later sharing his inscription on it’s official Twitter account.

    Arnie simply wrote “I’ll be back”, referring to a line first made famous in 1984 in the first film of The Terminator franchise.

    Users on the social media platform appeared to be slight shocked, however.

    Many believed the star should have been a little more sensitive with his choice of words.

    JPhilips88 said: “I’m glad he visited and wrote in the book but I had to think twice about the message.

    “I’m sure he meant it in the nicest possible way and having been there I know its hard to find the right words but I’m not sure these were the best.”

    HayleyM98 replied: “Not sure the tone of that was entirely suitable.”

    G3bbieh0lmes00 added: “Not sure quoting a genocidal robot is appropriate in the circumstances.”

    cHlo3Love wrote: “If my father was a Nazi I’d have written something more poignant, just saying.”

    The museum later stepped in to defend Arnie and clarify the meaning behind his comment.

    “This visit was planned to be relatively short,” it read.

    “The inscription was meant to be a promise to return for another and more in depth visit.”

  • 28 минут назад 30.09.2022Showbiz
    Miles Teller says he breached protocol when meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Miles Teller said he made a breach of protocol when crossing paths with the Duke and Duchess of Wales, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

    The 35-year-old actor, appearing Wednesday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, opened up about meeting the royal pair in London at a Royal Film Performance screening for his film Top Gun: Maverick this past May.

    Teller, who played Lt. Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw in the film, said that he and his costars were given a list of ‘rules of dos and don’ts,’ joking, ‘There’s a lot of etiquette … and I kind of had a sheet so I wouldn’t mess it up.’

    But Teller made a miscue, as he said, ‘Right off the bat I messed up: You’re not supposed to extend your hand right off the bat unless they do.’

    ‘But I felt the vibe, so I’m like “I’m going in, I’m going in.”‘

    The Whiplash star credited the royal couple as being ‘very disarming’ in his meeting with them.

    ‘I was lost,’ he said. ‘In Prince William’s eyes … I mean, blue as the bluest ocean, Jimmy, what do you want? Bora Bora … and Kate is beautiful and very cordial and holds herself so well, yeah, regal … but with William I don’t know, I blacked out.’

    Teller said he thinks Prince William is ‘a lifelong fan now,’ adding, ‘I was just picking up what he was putting down.’

    Teller is set to host this week’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live on October 1, with musical guest Kendrick Lamar.

    The Banshees of Inisherin star Brendan Gleeson will host the following week, with Willow as musical guest; and Megan Thee Stallion will host and perform on the October 15 edition.

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Showbiz Tanya Bardsley reveals she suffered a seizure after being prescribed new medication for her ADHD