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I’ll be honest, if this hadn’t popped up on my reviewing schedule I would never in a million years have watched it. But watch it I did, and I can honestly say it put the biggest smile on my face.

It’s not just that it’s a charming mixture of nostalgia and eccentricity, or that Susan Calman’s enthusiasm is so infectious, or that the places and people have a delightful warmth and authenticity to them – it’s also that the timing couldn’t be more apposite.

After all, what better antidote to six-hour queues at Dover and cancelled flights than a bracing bucket-and-spader in Skegness or Scarborough? Seriously, why spend days waiting for a surly French border guard to come back from a threehour lunch when you can sample the delights of the British seaside?

We’re not talking the fashionable coves of Cornwall or Devon here, much favoured by the Boden-wearing, gelato-eating classes. We’re talking knotted handkerchiefs and traditional fish and chips.

Episode one takes us to Skegness where, in the shadow of the Jolly Fisherman, the resort’s famous mascot, Calman sets about embracing the entertainments on offer. Decked out in a garish holiday shirt and armed with a windbreak and a determined grin, she heads straight for the beach, that vast expanse of windswept sand washed by the North Sea. Simple pleasures.

From there it’s to Butlin’s, first opened in 1936 by Billy Butlin. A small town almost in its own right, the Skegness resort was the first of its kind, and the training ground for many of the light entertainment stars of the 50s and 60s, from Dave Allen to Des O’Connor.

It’s like a mini Las Vegas on a budget, with everything from arcades to live shows. Yes it’s cheesy, yes it’s cheap, but it’s also very cheerful, thanks in no small part to the famous Redcoats, as iconic now as ever.

And since no British seaside resort is complete without a magic act, Calman is joined by Debbie McGee for a spot of escapism – followed by a trip to the local seal sanctuary where the cuteness overload is almost too much to bear. Honestly, it’s the TV equivalent of a cup of strong sweet tea and a packet of Hobnobs.

The joy of this show, and the reason it works so well despite being – let’s face it – not exactly prestige, is that it is totally unpretentious. There is not a hint of snobbery about it, nor in Calman’s approach.

No snide asides, no sneering at the people, just a genuine appreciation of what these places (Scarborough, Weymouth, Tenby and the Isle of Wight are also on her itinerary) have to offer and their place in the cultural landscape of Britain.

It’s a wonderful romp through our seaside culture, as light and airy as a Mr Whippy ice cream but also curiously satisfying. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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I must confess that I was a little thrown by this show. The cast is absolutely cracking: Stephen Graham, who’s just brilliant in everything he does, as well as Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin (ditto).

But there’s something about this black comedy – now returned for a third series – that for me at least didn’t quite gel.

The premise is intriguing: Graham and Mays are crime fighting duo Carver and Major, top-notch investigators. Major is shot and killed in the line of duty – only to reappear a year later, resurrected by science and enhanced with AI.

Now he dresses like Neo in The Matrix and has a gadget behind his ear.

Unfortunately, the technology is still in the experimental phase, meaning that as well as being a cyborg, poor Major is also a bit of a loose cannon. Even worse, his wife is in love with his partner, and she’s used the insurance payout from his death to build an extension.

There’s lots of potential here for a Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes style cult police drama, but it never takes off.

This is partly because it seems to be trying too hard to be crazy, but also because the characters are not much more than caricatures and the script is peppered with clichés that are meant to be tongue-in-cheek but which just fall flat.

Admittedly I only managed two episodes, but I wish they’d been better. Sadly, they were not.


If you enjoy home makeover shows (me), you’ll love Worst House On The Street (Tue, Ch4). Charismatic brother-and-sister property developers Stuart and Scarlette Douglas help a young couple to transform a drab terrace into an elegant first home.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s well-executed, the siblings are very engaging – and in a world where every penny counts, the budgets are refreshingly realistic.

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  • 21 минута назад 07.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘Very sad’ Matt Baker and wife Nicola had fans in tears with heartbreaking goodbye

    Matt Baker, 44, is known for his work on Countryfile, having presented the show since 2009, and he is now commentating on the gymnastics panel at the Commonwealth Games. The presenter has built a close relationship with his fans, so close that when he and his family had to say farewell to others on their Dale farm, viewers were reduced to tears.

    Matt’s Channel 4 show called Our Farm in Dales was a massive hit with fans last year.

    At the time, Matt’s wife Nicola shared a sweet photo of her son Luke cuddling an adorable puppy from their Cairn Terrier dog’s litter.

    Alongside the heartwarming snap, she announced the final episode of Our Farm in the Dales.

    She penned in view of her 21,000 followers: “It’s the last Our Farm in the Dales tonight at 9pm on More4!

    “We’ll be saying a fond farewell to the puppies as they head to their forever homes.

    “If you haven’t seen the first few you can catch up on demand on All4.

    “Hope you all enjoy the last one! #puppies #farmlife #family #lastone.”

    Fans rushed to the comments section of Nicola’s post to share their sadness over the series ending.

    Wadeyzoe said: “I do hope you do another one it was brilliant x.”

    Paul.Spanners added: “Absolutely loved the series, I really hope you will be able to do a second series.

    “It has been one of my favorite things to watch and Matt is just brilliant in it!”

    Paddingtonsdufflecoat commented: “What a beautifully heartwarming series. Such a wonderful family. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it.”

    However, fans won’t be too disappointed after the former One Show host recently teased some exciting news.

    Following the success of the first series last year, Matt said on social media in the summer of 2021 that the show had been recommissioned for another two series and a Christmas special

    Matt is now currently commentating on gymnastics at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

    Having commentated at previous prestigious sporting events as well as being a young gymnast himself, he was perfect for the role.

    Matt was planning to have a successful gymnastic career, however, a sudden health condition forced to him give up that dream.

    He told BBC Get Inspired: “When I was 14 I started to feel really tired and I had a few tests. It turns out that I was anaemic.

    “You can’t say alright then I’ll have a few days off, because you just can’t do it.

    “And it was a really tough decision because I never once felt that I didn’t want to go to gym.”

    The presenter previously shared clippings from a scrapbook, proving to his fans about his gymnastics past.

    The caption read: “For all those asking… Here’s some clippings from my Old scrapbook!

    “As a lad gymnastics was my life…it taught me the simple recipe: if you work hard you get a result. Without my sport, I would never be where I am today … #gymnastics #workhard.”

  • 21 минута назад 07.08.2022Showbiz
    Sheridan Smith quits judging role on ITV’s Starstruck after one series

    Starstruck first hit our screens in February this year, and saw ordinary members of the public transform into pop icons for a chance to win a huge £50,000. Sheridan sat on the judging panel alongside Adam Lambert, Jason Manford and Beverly Knight for the first series of the show.

    Viewers got to see people perform as musical legends such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse and Lionel Richie.

    Although Starstruck was a success with viewers, an ITV spokesperson confirmed that Sheridan won’t be making a return for series two.

    “We would have loved Sheridan to have returned to the show, but she has sadly had to decline due to scheduling conflicts with a new acting project,” a spokesperson for ITV said.

    They added “The team absolutely loved working with her, she was a fantastic judge and provided some invaluable feedback to the contestants. We wish her all the best.”

    The Two Pints of Lager star’s career first started back in 1999 when she appeared in ITV’s Dark Ages as Matilda.

    Since then, she has starred in hit comedy series’ such as The Royale Family, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Jonathan Creek and she also played Cilla Black in the 2014 TV drama, Cilla.

    More recently, she has been dominating TV screens with major roles in No Return, Four Lives and The Teacher.

    Despite shying away from talent shows, Sheridan revealed the reason she decided to join Starstruck was to do with her son.

    Before the show aired in February, she said: “You know I’ve always kind of shied away from talent shows before.

    “I think maybe I was scared to step out of my comfort zone, which was being an actress.

    “It’s about making him (her son) proud, and if I push myself out of my comfort zone, that’s good.

    “I was very flattered to be asked to be honest, because they could have had anyone, but I’m loving it.”

    There are yet to be any details revealed on what Sheridan’s “new acting project” will be.

    However, there have been reports that she will be starring in her own one-woman show next year.

    The first series of Starstruck, which followed a similar format to the classic programme Stars in Their Eyes, saw Rachael Hawnt walk away the winner for her impersonation of Cher.

    After presenter Olly Murs announced Rachael was the champion, he confirmed the show would be returning for a second series with details on how people could apply.

    It has not yet been confirmed if there will be any changes made for the new series or if it will follow a similar format to the first instalment.

  • 21 минута назад 07.08.2022Showbiz
    A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth hits back at repeat episode backlash ‘They’re coming’

    Lee Juggurnauth is one of the newest members to join the A Place in the Sun family, and ever since, he has helped several house hunters to find their dream holiday home abroad. Along with his Channel 4 co-stars, Lee travels to many exotic countries, and over the course of a week, he shows his buyers five properties in the hopes they fall in love with at least one.

    In recent weeks, Channel 4 have begun to air brand new episodes of A Place in the Sun.

    However, in the months leading up to that, they broadcast repeated episodes that had been shown before.

    At the time, viewers took to social media to share their frustrations over the repeats.

    Responding to the backlash in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, referring to the new episodes, Lee insisted: “They’re coming.”

    He continued: “All I can say is thank you to everyone that has been patient, myself included because I want to see some new stuff as well.

    “My friends and family are like, ‘You’re going off to do all these episodes, when are we seeing all these episodes?’ and I’m like ‘They’re coming’.”

    Discussing the latest series, which is currently airing on Channel 4, Lee said: “All I can say is they’re all really exciting.

    “Italy was great, it was lovely to be out there. I had a really nice couple that came out and we were able to help them find where they wanted to be and see their journey develop.

    “I think that’s the beauty of this show,” the property expert added.

    When looking at properties, Lee’s mission is always to try and meet his house hunter’s criteria.

    However, admittedly, Lee explained that isn’t always possible and sometimes he doesn’t get it right.

    Recalling one episode with sisters Roz and Liz, Lee said despite it being one of his favourite episodes to film, the siblings did have some disagreements about the home they were looking for.

    “They stayed in my mind because they were very sincere, very humble and you could see how much it meant to them,” he said.

    “And I think the beauty of seeing Roz and Liz when we were in France all together was that sibling bond, no matter how old or young you are, [the bond] will always be there.

    “And it just showed that even though they had kids themselves…grown-up kids, they were fundamentally still sisters.

    “So, to see that dynamic, it was very emotional.”

    “And also, it was one of those things where we were looking at properties and they were very specific and what they wanted,” Lee went on to say.

    “They didn’t want to live in the same house [in France], so you find a house and there’s always a guest house next to it.

    “So, you know, they were like ‘Who’s going to be in the guest house?’ because I guess it was going to be smaller.

    “But they’d obviously discussed who was having what house.”

  • 33 минуты назад 07.08.2022Showbiz
    Gillian Anderson says she wants ‘psychopath’ roles as there’s more pressure playing real women

    Gillian Anderson has said she wants to play more ‘psychopaths’ after having played mainly trailblazing women in her career so far.

    Having taken on roles as Dana Scully in The X Files, Margaret Thatcher in The Crown and Jean Milburn in Sex Education, the storied actress has said she is keen for a change.

    ‘Women interest me. I enjoy it [playing real life women]. But the pressure and expectation is greater.’ she told the Mirror.

    ‘I might take a break for a while and play some psychopaths.’

    It comes after Gillian was touted for a villainous role in Doctor Who by the new Time Lord Ncuti Gatwa.

    Ncuti starred alongside Gillian in Sex Education as Eric Effiong and told reporters that he would love to do battle on the long-running sci-fi series with his co-star.

    She is currently starring in Channel 4’s The Great – a drama about Catherine the Great led by Nicholas Hoult and Ellie Fanning.

    Gillian accredited her success in her career to taking risks.

    ‘I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in my lane, figuratively and literally,’ the 53-year-old admitted.

    ‘I remember being in a therapy session with my mum, working through some stuff.

    She recounted that her mother told a therapist: ‘No one is ever telling Gillian what she could and couldn’t do. She’s going to do what she wants’. That was true then and now.’

    Gillian added: ‘If I’d listened to other people I wouldn’t have ended up in the UK, wouldn’t have ended up doing theatre, The X-Files… sometimes you can succeed if you don’t toe the party line.’

  • 33 минуты назад 07.08.2022Showbiz
    Holly Ramsay displays her jaw-dropping figure in a black bikini as she enjoys trip to the beach

    Holly Ramsay looked nothing short of sensational as she enjoyed a trip to the beach on Saturday.

    The daughter of Gordon Ramsay, 22, showcased her incredible figure as she donned a black bikini for a stunning Instagram snap.

    The beauty let her blonde locks fall loose down her shoulders as she struck a pose for the camera.

    Highlighting her toned midriff in the photo, Holly also sported a gold necklace and a matching bracelet.

    Alongside the post, she wrote: ‘Out of office until further notice’.

    Meanwhile, Gordon, 55, took to his Instagram Stories and shared snaps of himself enjoying a bike ride in Cornwall.

    The chef sported a black lyrca outfit as he kept up with his fitness routine with a workout by the coast.

    Along with Holly, Gordon and his wife Tana are parents to Holly’s twin Jack, 22, Megan, 23, Tilly, 20, and Oscar, three.

    It comes after Gordon and Holly arrived in style to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex last month, rocking up in a 1963 Aston Martin DB4.

    The celebrity chef was in great spirits as he sat behind the wheel of the retro blue car alongside his influencer daughter in pictures and videos shared to her Instagram.

    Holly was seen beaming at the camera as she sat comfortably in the passenger seat of the car, thought to be worth up to £1.5milion, captioning her post: ‘We ❤️ Fast Cars.’

    The beauty looked smart in a structured black blazer as she enjoyed a drive with her famous father who was clad in a plain white T-shirt.

    In a video shared on her page, Gordon burned some serious rubber as he sped off in the car as Holly delightfully filmed the action on her phone.

    The duo were certainly looked the part in the stunning car at the event which sees historic motors take place in an annual hill climb in the grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex.

  • 33 минуты назад 07.08.2022Showbiz
    Emma Watson is dwarfed by her statuesque personal trainer

    Emma Watson was dwarfed by her statuesque personal trainer as she stepped out in London’s Mayfair on Sunday.

    The actress, 32, went makeup free as she slipped into form-fitting running shorts and joined the fitness professional.

    She showcased her incredible complexion as she pulled her brunette locks back from her face and into a short pony tail.

    Emma added a black long sleeved top and a practical pair of Veja trainers as she jumped into a waiting car.

    The star carried her belongings in an oversized brow leather handbag as she was whisked away.

    Elsewhere, her PT showed off his gym-honed physique in a low cut vest top and loose fitting navy shorts.

    It comes after Emma made an appearance at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week’s Schiaparelli Couture Fall Winter 2022/2023 show, last month.

    The star was snapped in the front row of the show alongside Euphoria star Hunter Schafer, singer Rina Sawayama and pal Derek Blasberg.

    Heading in to the show, which was held at the French capital’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the beaming actress looked typically stylish in a distressed ensemble.

    Emma added a white vest and tie-hem shirt to the ensemble, with a black draped shoulder cape coat layered on top with chunky Dr. Marten Chelsea boots.

    Smiling for snaps as the fashion show got underway, Emma was sandwiched between Derek and Hunter.

    Hunter, who plays Jules Vaughn in HBO hit Euphoria, donned a chic black strapless dress with matching elbow-length gloves for the show.

    Sitting on her right was hitmaker Rina, who put on a busty display in a cut-out chest black mini dress.

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