‘Rude and dismissive!’ Naga Munchetty under fire as BBC viewers fume at Coffey interview

Health secretary Thérèse Coffey is set to outline a new plan for the NHS on Thursday which will guarantee no one will wait more than two weeks for an appointment with a GP. The new mandate has already been criticised by doctors, and Coffey’s interview with Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast came under fire as the broadcaster made constant interruptions to try and make the MP’s points clear.

BBC viewers slammed Munchetty’s disorganised interview with Coffey as she outlined her divisive plan to ensure patients aren’t waiting longer than 14 days for a GP appointment.

Coffey’s plans have been criticised by doctors and health experts, some of whom believe the cap on appointments will only put more pressure on already over-burdened surgeries.

Speaking over Coffey, she said: “Sorry, when you say… I understand you’ll be setting out more detail.

“When you say ‘unlocking’, does that mean there’s money there that just hasn’t been able to be used?”

Munchetty also questioned where the funding for the new demands on appointments would be coming from.

She asked if there was “spare money”, to which Coffey explained her plan was about clinicians having the freedom to designate their own funds.

“Excuse my confusion then,” Munchetty tried to begin. “Excuse my confusion…”

“Over 44 percent of our national expenditure on day-to-day running of the country goes to the NHS,” Coffey explained.

“I’m conscious that needs to be well-spent and for us to remove some of the issues in government that people have raised.”

However, the BBC presenter still felt the need to interrupt in order to make the Health Secretary’s points clear before Coffey cut the interview short.

Taking to Twitter to slam the interview, Tash Putter tweeted: “@BBCBreakfast you know it’s quite hard for your guests to tell you things if you keep interrupting them @TVNaga01.”

Laura Hall-Wilson wrote: “@TVNaga01 so chippy, so rude, so dismissive. She’s just awful!! Please let ministers talk and answer!!! #bbcbreakfast.”

“@TVNaga01 here we go again!” @Sniffer1967 exclaimed. “You can’t bear allowing someone you don’t like to finish their answer to a question!

“It’s always obvious when you dislike someone – can’t wait to butt in!”

And @DanDan_1979 said: “What an annoying interview both as bad as each other #bbcbreakfast stop talking other each other!!”

Although, other viewers were glad to see Munchetty scrutinising Coffey’s plans, which some doctors have called unrealistic.

“Loving the interview on @BBCBreakfast @TVNaga01 holding @theresecoffey to account!” Catherine B said.

“Not letting her just try to use key words without backing up! Like recruitment! The ones on benefits aren’t GPs and nurses! #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #notGPsfault #funding.”

And Paul Carr quipped: “@theresecoffey sounding pretty blaa-blaa-blaa on @BBCBreakfast!

“I just don’t hear anything worth commenting on? The public don’t need more information – we need more GP’s and nursing staff who are properly paid.”

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  • 46 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Alex Scott breaks down in tears while discussing childhood with abusive father on This Morning

    Alex Scott broke down in tears as she recalled her troubled childhood growing up with an abusive and violent father on Monday’s This Morning.

    The former Lioness, 37, admitted that discussing her traumatic past in interviews to promote her memoir How (Not) to Be Strong was the ‘hardest part.

    Despite writing about her distressing formative years in the book, she claimed to not have spoken it out loud – and began bawling when Phillip Schofield read a segment.

    She had written : ‘When my dad was sober he was a charming guy, but the moment drink was involved that would change. Me, my mum and brother have never spoken about it.’

    When the former children’s presenter asked Alex whether it was ‘difficult to write’, she took a moment to regain her composure while filling up with tears.

    She said while bawling: ‘The hardest part is, I didn’t write that chapter to shame my dad. I wanted my mum to be free.

    ‘I want her to believe she’s a role model and move forward. I write in the book she still thinks she’s a coward. She’s anything but.’

    Alex recently confessed that before her parents separated when she was seven years old, both she and her brother would frequently hear their father beating their mother – with one incident so violent that she believed her mother had died.

    Such was the level of control that her father inflicted that Alex was banned from showing any kind of affection towards her family members, admitting that to this day the trauma has stopped her from being able to hug her mother Carol or brother Ronnie.

    Speaking to Steven Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO podcast, Alex admitted they would ‘live in fear’ of upsetting their father Tony and having to deal with the consequences.

    Recalling the ‘hardest night’ she experienced, Alex remembered the day of her sixth birthday party when Carol had declined to fetch Tony a drink.

    Alex confessed: ‘As soon as everybody leaves that night he doesn’t forget… that was the hardest night that one… My mum is trying to survive for her kids and im in a room listening to everything go on and just hoping she’s alive

    ‘I heard everything. I heard her trying to run. I just want to hug my mum but I can’t. we weren’t allowed to show love.

    ‘That’s the control. If we spoke back or didn’t obey orders, didn’t show you were strong – something would happen to me or my brother.’

    Speaking about the long-term impact, she continued: ‘To this day I can’t hug my mum. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged my brother because of that environment.’

    Speaking about her coping mechanisms as a child, Alex added: ‘The football cage was a safe space. I felt fun, I felt free and at home I was locked in, it was an environment where it was very much controlled.

    ‘I wanted to love my dad so much, I was daddy’s little girl, but he had this dark side and that’s a side we saw a lot of growing up.

    ‘Drink helped it out come out a lot more, you could see him turn, that’s how he took it out on all of us, more so my mum.

    ‘From a baby I could feel it, the environment we’re in. If you step out of line you know what’s going to happen and you don’t want that to happen…

    ‘What my mum would go through, the terror, the helplessness that you can’t do anything, you’re just living in fear.’

    Asked if she ever feared being at home, Alex reasoned: ‘I wanted to go home to protect my mum, to put a shield around her, to be strong for her even though she was doing the same for me and my brother.

    ‘It’s easy not to talk about it, every single day you see your mum walking on eggshells, she’s scared to have a voice, say something, because she knows what she’s going to go through.’

    Alex revealed that when her parents separated her father forced her and her brother to choose which parent they wanted to live with on the spot.

    She confessed: ‘I feel sad thinking about him, even to this day… then my dad just goes, leaves with everything, furniture, everything.

    ‘I’m so lucky I had football. I had that out, something to focus on an environment that gave me structure.

    ‘My mum puts a lot of blame on herself. I felt guilty as I went to therapy and learnt to go away and talk, but it took my mum back to a place that hurt her.’

    After bottling up her feelings for so long Alex used the tools she learned in therapy to help her move forward and heal from her experience and gave her the strength to recount the abuse in her autobiography, How (Not) To Be Strong.

    She explained: ‘I’ve hidden it up until now but I’m older, I’m wiser and I don’t want the heaviness of it anymore. I wrote my book hoping it frees my mum and she can move forward from it all.

    ‘She read it and she loved it. I’ve gone through a lot of stuff that she didn’t know about. I didn’t want her to panic about me. She’s learnt a lot about me, my emotions.

    ‘She didn’t know that as a child I didn’t sleep because I was listening to see if she would move in the morning.

    ‘I was shutting off from life, dealing with emotions, not letting anyone in to help me. Doing everything for everyone around me but I needed someone to do something for me.’

    Alex went on to reveal that she hasn’t spoken to her father in person for five years after they attend her grandmother’s funeral.

    She recalled: ‘He had some drink and said he knows he’s not the person he should’ve been and he carries a lot of regrets and he’s going to change.

    ‘I remember thinking “I don’t care.” I spent my whole life sending cards, gifts, ringing him jut to check in because I had this guilt he’d be lonely, and from that moment I thought “I’m done.”

    ‘I didn’t hear from him… it’s just all talk. I’m over it.’

    She revealed that her last contact with her father came two years later when she was competing on Strictly Come Dancing and had made it through to Blackpool week.

    Alex was shocked when she received a text from Tony out of the blue asking if he could get her tickets to the show for a couple of his friends.

    She recalled: ‘He didn’t care about me or ask how I was. All he cared about was Strictly tickets for his mates.

    ‘I had the courage to write back “that’s wrong” and I think it must have touched him in a way as I’d never done that.

    ‘Straight away he text back apologising and I thought “this is bulls**t” and I haven’t spoken to him since.’

    Yet she revealed that she planned to speak to him before her autobiography was released, noting ‘I have to and I want to.’

    She explained: ‘On one hand I’ve done this book to free my mum, on the other hand I’m scared it could ruin my dad’s life and I don’t want that.

    ‘I need to pluck up some courage because I need to tell him I’ve written stuff that’s not going to be comfortable for him. I truly hope he’s not that person anymore. people change… he doesn’t know anything about me.’

    Alex’s candid chat comes after Alex revealed the reason she chose to detail her past relationship with her teammate Kelly Smith in her new memoir.

    The footballer, who played alongside Kelly, 43, for both England and Arsenal, confirmed their once rumoured relationship for the first time earlier this week.

    Speaking on The One Show on Wednesday, Alex explained that ‘parts of the relationship affected her throughout her life’ and she needed to ‘break the cycle.’

    Joining Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas she explained: ‘I am super private and I will continue to be about my relationships.

    ‘The only reason why I wrote that chapter because I was doing this book and felt like I was cheating, not only myself but everyone else, if I didn’t include it.’

    ‘It was such a big part of my life, it’s about me falling deeply in love, that feeling we all wish we would have and I was lucky to have that.’

    She added: ‘There are parts of that relationship that have continued, part of that I have carried into other things, that I needed to change. I needed to break the cycle.

    ‘There was certain parts of that relationship that affected me throughout my life.’

    It comes as the footballer candidly admitted that Kelly was her ‘first love’ as she spoke of the ‘heartbreak’ that followed when they split.

    In the book, titled How (Not) To Be Strong, Alex lifts the lid on her past and added that it would be ‘cheating’ to not include their time together as they helped each other face their demons.

    Sources close to Alex also revealed that she has had relationships with both men and women but ‘doesn’t label herself as anything.’

    Speaking to The Mirror at the launch, she explained: ‘I’m writing this book and I want to tell everything. I thought I’d be cheating you all if I didn’t put that in there.

    ‘For me, it’s like that first love story, I fell madly and deeply in love. And yes, there’s that heartbreak and those things, but it’s a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t go back and change that.

    ‘Because that feeling of love and that excitement and what it gives you, it needed to be in there.’

    Alex recalled how Kelly helped her helped her to deal with her traumatic childhood whilst she battled alcoholism.

    A source for Alex added: ‘Alex dates both men and women and doesn’t label herself as anything.

    ‘This isn’t her big coming out story but was a chapter in her life that she wanted to include in her book because it had such an impact on her.’

    Following their split, Kelly went on to marry DeAnna Dobosz in 2016, with whom she has two children.

    Alex largely remained tight-lipped about her relationships in the past, though she was rumoured to be in relationship with Coronation Street’s Sam Robertson in 2020.

    The footballer detailed her first date with during an interview with The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine in March 2021.

    She said: ‘My one date in ages was going out with Sam [Robertson], who is lovely.

    ‘The next morning, our pictures were all over the press because someone in the restaurant had taken a photo. It wasn’t exactly a great start!’

    In a recent interview with The Times, Alex hinted that she was currently single as she admitted she is ready to ‘let her walls down’ and find love again.

    If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse of any kind please contact Refuge for free on 0808 2000 247.

  • 2 часа, 47 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Monty Python star Eric Idle, 79, says he’s ‘grateful to be alive’

    Monty Python star Eric Idle has said he feels ‘grateful to be alive’ after surviving pancreatic cancer.

    The comedian and writer, 79, revealed earlier this month that he had received a rare early diagnosis and was successfully treated for the illness.

    Eric has now teamed up with Stand up to Cancer in a bid to increase awareness for cancer research and recently appeared on the U.S. version of The Masked Singer as part of the campaign.

    Appearing on the series launch of the Graham Norton Show, he said: ‘I am definitely more grateful, grateful to be alive.

    ‘I am very fortunate and hopefully I can do a bit of good by raising money for research.’

    The British icon went on to appear in The Masked Singer in America where he was disguised as a hedgehog and performed a cover of Love Me Do by The Beatles as part of the surreal TV guessing game.

    He told show host Graham: ‘I thought I could raise awareness.

    ‘I asked Paul McCartney if I could sing Love Me Do. He said, ‘Yes, of course you can,’ then joked, ‘Do let me know me when it airs so I can be sure to miss it’.’

    Earlier this month, the actor told TIME: ‘About three years ago I was incredibly lucky: I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    ‘One of the most lethal forms of cancer, how on earth was that lucky? Well, because it was found incredibly early… before it had gone anywhere.’

    Discussing his motivation to appear on The Masked Singer, he told Entertainment Weekly that he is on a mission to spread awareness and raise money for cancer charities.

    He explained: ‘I felt this was a chance for me to come out to cancer publicly, and thank the people who saved my life, but more than that, to start raising money, so that other people who find themselves in my position can survive as well.

    ‘It was a big decision, you know, because you keep your personal life quiet, and I thought, this is a good thing: I can make them laugh, and now I can make them cry. There’s more money in crying. So that’s what I’m doing.

    ‘I’m gonna [raise awareness] in England, I’m gonna do it in America, and I’m gonna do it in Australia, I’m gonna just be the person who says, I’ll sing, [Monty Python’s] Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and give us some money.’

    It was because of a friend that Eric received his diagnosis, revealing that while staying in the United States with his pal he had been urged to undergo a variety of tests to help his friend – a doctor – in his studies into preventative medicine.

    He was told the diagnosis by his friend, who enlightened him that there was a good chance of removing the cancer due to the rare early diagnosis.

    While emboldened with positive news surrounding his diagnosis, Eric recalled that his wife Tania, whom he’s been married to for 41 years, went out into the garden and cried when he told her.

    He revealed: ‘I tell her early on that she is in no way British and that tears, and even other expressions of emotion, are quite acceptable. She can weep. She can come for a hug. Anytime, night or day.’

    Next came the task of telling their children, Carey, 49, and Lily, 32.

    Eric recalled: ‘My son is brave and very encouraging. He immediately offers to fly in from Australia… [Lily] has been avoiding me as if some instinct is warning her.’

    The Grammy-nominated artist added that he chose not to tell friends about his diagnosis until he received the all-clear in order to spare them from worry.

    Explaining how The Masked Singer changed his life, he told Entertainment Tonight: ‘The whole thing was very Zen. I really liked it. It changed my life to be honest. I had pancreatic cancer, and I have been very fortunate and lucky to survive.

    ‘It was caught early, I had a big operation at Cedars and they saved my life, and I hadn’t told anybody.’

    After having his surgery, the comic ‘plucked up the courage to ask [his] doctor how long [he] had’ and was stunned by the response.

    He recalled: ‘He said, ‘Oh at least 10 years. You’re very fit, you’re healthy, the cancer’s all gone’. And I hadn’t really counted on that.

    ‘So I thought, ‘Here’s my chance to do something good’. I have to come out now with my cancer [battle], tell people I’ve survived, and share that experience.’

    During his appearance on the Fox show, his clues were that he had been naked in Playboy. He also said that he was part of one of the most famous groups of all time and had a cult following.

    Hedgehog had performed the Beatles song Love Me Do accompanied by a college marching band. Confetti rained down on him when he finished.

    ‘Let me tell you Hedgehog, I dug it,’ judge Robin Thicke said.

    After Hedgehog shared that he won a Tony and Grammy, judge Ken Jeong thought it might be Ringo Starr or Elton John.

    Jenny McCarthy thought it might be John Cleese or Michael Palin while Nicole Scherzinger believed it could be actor Bill Nighy from Love Actually.

    Yet Robin said he was a huge Monty Python fan and guessed correctly that it was Eric.

    Later, Eric revealed that he wanted to sing that Beatles song because it was the first song Paul McCartney wrote.

    ‘So I wrote to him and asked him if I could do it,’ Eric said. ‘I have a letter back saying ”Yes, you can do the song, but would you please tell what show it is so I can make sure to avoid it”.’

    Eric then performed his iconic song Always Look On The Bright Side of Life from the film The Life of Brian.

    ‘It was a little hot in there and actually this is John Cleese’s real body,’ Eric said of his costume.

    Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal forms of the disease, and around 95 per cent of people who contract it die from it.

    Joan Crawford, Patrick Swayze and Luciano Pavarotti all died of pancreatic cancer.

    It is the sixth most common cause of cancer death in the UK – around 10,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year in the UK, alongside about 55,000 in the US.

    It is caused by the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the pancreas – a large gland in the digestive system.

    Pancreatic cancer typically does not show symptoms in the early stages, when it would be more manageable.

    Sufferers tend to start developing the tell-tale signs – jaundice and abdominal pain – around stage 3 or 4, when it has likely already spread to other organs.

    Eric has teamed up with Stand Up to Cancer to form the Bright Side fund, which was inspired by his experiences on the reality show.

    He said: ‘We’re going to raise money specifically for research and early testing to help other people survive this thing.

    ‘And it was a bit of an epiphany for me and it was entirely because of The Masked Singer experience, and I’m very grateful to them for that.’

    Writing on his Twitter, with a link to Stand Up To Cancer, he said: ‘I did the Masked Singer because I wanted to see if I could still do it after I had survived Pancreatic Cancer.

    ‘My life was saved by early screening and an op. Now I’m starting the Bright Side Fund to raise money to help save others.’

  • 2 часа, 47 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Kaye Adams says cha-cha-ciao to Strictly Come Dancing

    Kaye Adams admitted it was the ‘right result’ after being named as the first contestant to leave Strictly Come Dancing following a dance-off with former Bros star Matt Goss on Sunday evening.

    Both couples went through their routines again, with Kaye and her dance partner Kai Widdrington performing their Charleston to Music! Music! Music! by Dorothy Provine.

    Then, Matt and his dance partner Nadiya Bychkova performed their Samba to Night Fever by the Bee Gees in a bid to impress the judges and remain in the competition.

    After both couples had danced a second time, the judges delivered their verdicts, with Craig Revel Horwood chose to save Matt and Nadiya.

    Craig said: ‘Well the couple for me, that I considered danced the best on the night, and the couple I would like to save is Matt and Nadiya.’

    Motsi Mabuse also chose to save Matt and Nadiya, adding: ‘Well that was so close, both couples made mistakes. I feel like they were on the same level, but one couple was a little bit better for me, and I am saving Matt and Nadiya.’

    Confirming the result, Anton Du Beke said: ‘Well it wasn’t a vintage dance off, and I know exactly how they feel and I’ve been in that position many times myself and I think if you had the chance you would like to go again, both of you.

    With three votes to Nadiya and Matt, it meant they had won the majority vote and would be leaving the competition regardless, however Head Judge Shirley Ballas said she would have decided to save Kaye and Kai.

    When asked if she agreed with the other judges, she said: ‘I didn’t, I thought due to a little better quality, I would have saved Kaye and Kai.’

    Reflecting on her brief Strictly experience, Kaye admitted she had no argument with the judges’ decision to let her go.

    She said: ‘It was the right result and I did make mistakes, and when it comes to that high pressured situation that’s what happens.

    ‘So I am delighted for Matt and Nadiya, the only person I am just sorry for is this wonderful man [Kai], who has just been so brilliant…It was a hell of a lot of fun, I said my ambition was to learn to love to dance, and actually I have seen a whole new side to myself, it’s opened a little door.

    ‘It’s been a wonderful experience and to spend time with such talented people who love the show so much has been a joy!’

    A disappointed Kai added: ‘Well, you know, only we know how much real hard work has gone into this. There has been lots of ups and downs and we won’t go into them, but this lady is a trooper, and I know what she’s been going through in the week.

    ‘For this woman to come out and give the performance that she did tonight really shows the testament to her character.’

    Turning tov Kaye, he said: ‘I am proud of you, I know that your girls and your other half are proud of you, but the most important thing is that you should be proud of yourself, because you are a superstar.’

  • 2 часа, 47 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Eric Idle, 79, reveals why he chose to keep his pancreatic cancer diagnosis a secret

    Monty Python star Eric Idle has revealed he decided to keep his pancreatic diagnosis a secret until he knew he was going to survive.

    The comedian and writer, 79, revealed earlier this month that he had received a rare early diagnosis three years ago and was successfully treated for the illness.

    In a new interview with The Guardian, Eric admitted he ‘just got on with it’ when he was told his diagnosis and decided to speak out when he got the recent all-clear to give others hope.

    Eric was diagnosed early after a pal who he was staying with in the United States urged him to undergo a variety of tests to help his friend – a doctor – in his studies into preventative medicine.

    He was told the diagnosis by his friend, who enlightened him that there was a good chance of removing the cancer via surgery due to the rare early diagnosis.

    Eric told The Guardian he didn’t feel emotional when told the news, explaining:

    ‘I didn’t cry till I knew I was going to live. I just got on with it. I’m British! You try not to show emotions in the face of danger.’

    The comedian told his wife of 41 years Tania and his children Carey, 49, and Lily, 32, but chose not to tell friends until he received the all-clear in order to spare them from worry.

    He admitted he didn’t have time to be shocked as within 10 days of his diagnosis he was in hospital undergoing surgery. After five hours on the operating table, his cancer was removed perfectly intact.

    He kept the news secret for three years, undergoing bi-annual tests, and only recently learning that he had the all clear.

    ‘I’ve been living six months to six months on tests. I didn’t know how much longer I had. I saw my doctor recently, and that’s when I got the real shock. I asked him how long I had left, and he said: ’10 years’,’ he explained.

    He also said: “Had you been two weeks later you wouldn’t have got to see the surgery; you would have been straight into chemo”, which is unpleasant and not much use at that stage.’

    Eric has now teamed up with Stand up to Cancer in a bid to increase awareness for cancer research and recently appeared on the U.S. version of The Masked Singer as part of the campaign.

    ‘That’s why I came out about it,’ he said of his decision to reveal his diagnosis. ‘I wanted to say: “Look, I was very lucky and I survived. And so can you.” I’ve heard from so many people how much that meant to them. And that chokes me up. That makes me cry.’

    He cites his old friend George Harrison as ‘a great example’ of dying with dignity. The Beatles star passed away from lung cancer aged 58 in 2001, with Eric among those at his deathbed.

    He always said to me: “Well, you can have as much money as you want, you can be the most famous person in the world, but you’re still going to have to die.” … ‘It was just fabulous to see someone pass away calmly without panic, regret or bitterness.’

    Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal forms of the disease, and around 95 per cent of people who contract it die from it.

    Joan Crawford, Patrick Swayze and Luciano Pavarotti all died of pancreatic cancer.

    It is the sixth most common cause of cancer death in the UK – around 10,000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year in the UK, alongside about 55,000 in the US.

    It is caused by the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the pancreas – a large gland in the digestive system.

    Pancreatic cancer typically does not show symptoms in the early stages, when it would be more manageable.

    Sufferers tend to start developing the tell-tale signs – jaundice and abdominal pain – around stage 3 or 4, when it has likely already spread to other organs.

  • 2 часа, 47 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Demi Sims goes topless as she shows off her HUGE new back tattoo

    Former The Only Way is Essex star Demi Sims flaunted her huge new back tattoo on Instagram on Sunday.

    The influencer, 26, who is currently filming her new reality show House of Sims with her sisters Chloe and Frankie Sims, went topless to show off her new ink.

    The blonde bombshell got a tattoo around the theme of love, with one quote reading: ‘Your heart is safe here’.

    Demi went topless and wore a pair of sheer white briefs and a pair of black velvet tracksuit pants.

    She showed off a golden tan and wore her long blonde locks out and over to one side, with a beanie.

    In the middle of her back was a pair of two skulls kissing and script including: ‘Show me the most damaged parts of your soul and I will show you how it still shines like gold.’

    She also got the word ‘Amor,’ which is Spanish for love, inked onto the top of her back.

    ‘I want the parts of you that you refuse to give,’ another quote on Demi’s back read.

    Demi already has two giant tigers on her lower back with the words, ‘no risk, no story’.

    She also has numerous hand tattoos, including the phrase ‘pretty poison’ transcribed on her hand.

    Demi and her sisters Chloe, 40, and Frankie, 27, have been keeping busy in recent weeks filming their new reality TV show, House of Sims.

    The trio’s contract is said to be worth £1 million.

    The Sims family’s initial deal with the OFTV platform is a ‘six-figure’ sum set to rise to millions with extra add-ons and earnings, MailOnline has been told.

    The new show is slated to be broadcast around the start of next year on the free viewing app.

    Publicity pictures for the series features them decked out in leather outfits and look similar to some of the Kardashians’ famous shoots.

    Just like that hit, this series will follow the principal family The Sims as they attempt to ‘go global’ away from Essex and on their travels in the USA.

    Chloe told MailOnline: ‘I get people will want to compare this to TOWIE, but this is a different concept; this will be a fly-on-the-wall insight into our lives as a family, currently calling it House of Sims as a working title. It will be completely real, and we’re really excited to bring our viewers along on a big unfiltered adventure.

    ‘We’re proud to be The Sims, but being compared to the Kardashians all the time is a big compliment to us as a family. We want to see where this new show can take us and plan to go global.’

  • 2 часа, 47 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    TikTok superstar Anna Paul reveals how old she was when she began earning her OnlyFans fortune

    Anna Paul has shared intimate details of her success as an OnlyFans superstar.

    The Tiktok sensation, 23, made the revelations during a question and answer session on Instagram Stories on Monday.

    Asked when she started OnlyFans, she replied with her age at the time and the stunning number of posts she has shared on the adult platform.

    ‘I was 18. Which is why I have 733 posts on there! I kept every single post like a diary There is so much to look at,’ she wrote.

    Anna also indicated that her boyfriend, fellow influencer Glen Thomson, appears in her racy videos and photos.

    ‘Let’s just say he helps me in my videos,’ she replied to the curious fan.

    The buxom beauty was also asked if her famously ample bust is natural or the result of surgery.

    ‘Haha my bitties are real,’ she captioned an image in which she posed in a skimpy bikini.

    ‘I’ve never had any cosmetic surgery,’ she insisted.

    Anna went on to say she had only had some ‘filler’ in her face, before sharing an image of where she got the injections.

    ‘My face is literally a moon,’ she wrote, adding: ‘I scribbled where I have filler.’

    Anna has four million followers on TikTok and 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

    The brunette is the No. 1 OnlyFans performer in Australia, surpassing adult stars like Renee Gracie, Jem Wolfie and Hayley Vernon.

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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is going where no central bank chief has gone in decades: whacking the economy and…
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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is waging a relentless battle against inflation that threatens to leave a path of destruction…

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