Outlander bosses addresses Starz series is ending as prequel confirmed

After Starz’s hit drama Outlander confirmed the makings of a prequel, fans were concerned Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) love story would soon be coming to an end. The show’s writer and executive producer finally shed light on the topic after addressing the rumours.

Outlander is the onscreen adaptation of a best-selling series of novels written by Diana Gabaldon.

Before the highly anticipated sixth season of Outlander landed on screens in March, the author revealed she was working on a prequel series.

In December 2021, Diana confirmed: “The other major thing that I’m working on right now is the prequel volume, which is the story of Jamie Fraser’s parents, Brian and Ellen.

“I’ve been carrying that one around in my head for quite a while, so I know quite a bit about it.

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“And I’ve just started serious work on it, you might say. So I have actual scenes, things like that,” she told Town and Country.

As a result, many fans speculated the announcement of a prequel hinted at the end of the original Outlander series, even though there are currently nine books in the novel series.

Diana also revealed she had been working on the 10th book, however, when a fan quizzed her about it on Twitter, she told her followers: “I’ve barely begun Book 10; it’ll be awhile.” (sic)

Following an official announcement about the prequel series, showrunner Matthew B Roberts addressed rumours about the original series coming to an end.

Taking to Twitter, Matthew wrote: ”A beginning doesn’t mean an ending…”

This sparked a frenzy on social media with fans expressing their excitement about the show’s continuation.

A relieved @WdawsonDawson stated: “Thank you Matt, I truly hope not! I am NOT ready for Outlander to end. I need more Jamie/Sam.”

A grateful @GaleER13 added: “I’m excited to see both – anything that you, Maril, Ron, and Diana produce, is sure to be wonderful!! You all take such care with your projects. Thx for bringing us what you can, any time you can!!”

@patchamm20 stated: “Thank you!!! Matthew I regained hope this morning by reading you.”

A sixth fan @Benligh1 speculated: “Thanks for clearing this BIG question up Matt!!! I’m taking it we can expect a new announcement soon.”

The prequel titled Blood of My Blood will follow the love story of Jamie’s parents Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser.

As the production is currently in development and still in the writing room, the show is yet to reveal the cast of the prequel.

Speaking on the upcoming series Kathryn Busby, President, Original Programming at Starz, released a statement.

It read: “Outlander is a riveting show that from season to season has captured the hearts of its fans around the world.

“We are excited to peel back the layers of this vibrant world to bring our audience the origin of where it all began.

“Matthew, Maril, and Ronald will continue to bring their excellent vision and creativity to this new iteration, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Outlander is available on Starz in the US and available on Starzplay in the UK

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  • 45 минут назад 09.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘In a lot of pain’ Jane Seymour opens up on Olivia Newton-John’s ‘tough’ final moments

    Icon Olivia Newton-John died on Monday after 30 years of enduring cancer. It was announced by her husband John Easterling the Grease legend, 73, died peacefully surrounded by family. Actress and close friend Jane Seymour talked to ITV audiences on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, where she revealed the singer had been struggling in her final days.

    “She was an amazing woman,” Jane commented when describing the Australian star.

    “And I knew her, gosh, I knew her from the time I first came to America.

    “I came out to America and stayed with her sister, Rona, and we got to know each other, we both had children around the same time.

    “We shared a lot of ups and downs, we both had a very interesting kind of parallel in our lives.”

    Reflecting on some of Olivia’s final moments, Jane continued: “I also saw quite a lot of her recently while she was really ill.

    “And she was in a lot of pain – it was really tough to see.

    “She’s such a fighter, no one imagined she’d ever manage to keep going as long as she did, but she used to say to me, ‘I’m a thriver, not a survivor.’

    “She supported everything I ever did, all she cared about was, ‘What was my life like? How were my kids? How was life going on?’

    “We’d sit together in her back garden and just look at the hummingbirds.

    “And I brought a couple of pictures of her from the last time.”

    Jane raised a couple of sweet photographs of her alongside a smiling Olivia for the camera to see.

    “She was very ill at that time and anyway, she was a really special person.

    “She changed the world in many ways, especially in terms of what she did with cancer.

    “And she basically, instead of hiding things in her life, she opened up and said, ‘This is what I’ve got, this is what it looks like.’

    “And then when it came back again and then again she was very open.

    “I spoke to one of her family today, I said, ‘If I talk about her is there something I should or shouldn’t say?’

    “They said, ‘Do you know what? She laid it all out there.’

    “She cared about everybody else, she made a huge difference.

    “Her legacy is extraordinary, not just as a performer but as a friend, a champion of people who are dealing with cancer.

    “And I know from a personal level that she was so helpful to me.”

    Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

  • 45 минут назад 09.08.2022Showbiz
    Emmerdale theory: Entire Dingle family killed in village disaster after fatal mistake

    The Dingles have become Emmerdale’s most iconic family since arriving on the ITV soap two decades ago. From explosive storylines with matriarch Faith Dingle (played by Sally Dexter) to heartbreaking moments with Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), the family has given viewers their fair share of drama over the years. However, will the family’s reign over the village come to an end following a fatal mistake?

    Emmerdale bosses have revealed a devastating storm is due to rip through the village in upcoming scenes.

    Producer Jane Hudson revealed to Express.co.uk and other media at an Emmerdale press event the catastrophic storm will wreak havoc during the soap’s 50th anniversary week in October.

    She explained: “It involves so many of our families, it is not just a storm which affects some people, it affects the entire village.”

    “It’s a storm so it would be crazy if nobody were injured,” she teased. “It’s not a storm in a teacup, it’s a storm in our village.”

    The disaster is set to strike over the space of a day, but viewers will watch it play out across multiple episodes, Jane revealed.

    The last storm which sent shockwaves through Emmerdale occurred on New Year’s Eve in 2003.

    The disaster caused major damage to the village and took the life of Tricia Dingle (Sheree Murphy).

    Could history repeat itself with the upcoming storm taking the life of another Dingle?

    Jeff Hordley, who portrays Emmerdale hard man Cain Dingle, explained his character might be about to discover his sister Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is having an affair with his nemesis Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

    Jeff said: “This is going to lead to something if he finds out.

    “I think there could be fireworks but not the kind you get in November.”

    Will the affair come to light at a family event moments before the storm hits?

    Could Cain and Al get into a fist fight in the street as the storm approaches?

    Will Cain’s family try and pull the two men away from each other which, in turn, puts them in danger of the extreme weather?

    Perhaps a building or large tree falls on the Dingles as they try and break up the fight, leaving all of them dead.

    Will the storm mark the end of the Dingle family?

    Emmerdale fans will have to wait to see who survives the storm as the cast and producers remain tight-lipped about the scripts.

    However, Jane said she wants to ensure the storm happens in the daytime “so we can see what is happening and what is going on”.

    She continued: “It is very much a windstorm rather than a rainstorm.

    “For all the stories which are being told across this month and all the stories that have been building across the year, nothing has just been shoehorned in, all the stories have been driven by the characters and they all have an impact.”

  • 45 минут назад 09.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘Stop talking pish!’ Richard Madeley sparks GMB fury with ‘daft’ Olivia Newton John probe

    Olivia Newton-John has died at the age of 73 following a lengthy battle with cancer. Tributes have poured in from across the globe, including from Grease co-star John Travolta and numerous famous faces who’ve been inspired by and held close bonds with the late singer and actor. Jane Seymour was a close pal of Olivia’s and joined Good Morning Britain’s Richard Madeley and Charlotte Hawkins to discuss her legacy – although ITV viewers weren’t impressed with Richard’s line of questioning.

    After Jane recalled her final time meeting Olivia, in which she claimed she looked very ill and frail, Richard turned his attention to his own career.

    The former This Morning star said he’d always “regretted” not having the chance to interview her.

    However, he went on to discuss the iconic post from the ‘70s of Olivia donning a denim jacket, claiming it used to “stop traffic” as people would gawk at the actor’s beauty.

    “I wish I’d met her, I wish I’d interviewed her – it never happened,” Richard weighed in during the chat with Jane.

    He continued: “I always regretted it actually as the years went by.

    “But that publicity picture, I don’t know if you can see it on your end, let’s see that again, the one with the denim shirt…

    “There’s a picture we’re showing of her here, it was a very famous poster of her in the 1970s.

    “She’s just looking at the camera, she’s backlit by sunshine, her hair’s down, she’s wearing a denim shirt…

    “And I was saying earlier in the programme that that poster was on the wall of a radio station I used to work in back in the 1970s and, I’m not exaggerating, it basically stopped traffic in the corridors.

    “It was up there for months and even after months, the guys would just stop and look at it.

    “And (they) just get lost in her beauty and I would have loved to have told her that.”

    Jane then weighed in to discuss Olivia’s modesty when it came to her looks but several watching at home took issue with the wording of Richard’s probe.

    Twitter user James Dawson fumed: “#GMB oh Richard stop talking pish lol she would stop traffic.”

    And @IanMcGillivra17 agreed: “Richard Madeley asking some daft questions about ONJ, no wonder she never gave him an interview #GMB.”

    While @Gargrave65 agreed: “@gmb why can’t you see that Richard Madeley is so embarrassing especially watching his interview of Jane Seymour he’s got to be the most ridiculously insensitive presenter ever – he talks such utter drivel! Over to BBC now!”

    “Madeley being creepy again #GMB,” @EllaK189 fumed while Clive Woodbridge claimed: “The very last person you want on #GMB when anybody dies is Richard Madeley – or any other time to be fair.”

    However, there was some support for the GMB host, with Roy Martino chipping in: “Well done Richard that was a great interview with Jayne Seymour #GMB.” (sic)

    Elsewhere on GMB, entertainment correspondent Ross King also shared his memories of the star.

    Having worked closely with her over the years, Ross said Olivia was “everything you wanted her to be” and described her as one of the nicest people.

  • 58 минут назад 09.08.2022Showbiz
    Jennifer Lopez rocks colorful tie-dye sweatsuit while heading to dance studio in Los Angeles

    Jennifer Lopez stood out in a colorful outfit while heading to a dance studio in Los Angeles on Monday.

    The singer-songwriter, 53, wore tie-dyed sweatpants and a matching sweater with swirls pulling focus to the center of her chest.

    She held a green leather handbag and wore big, red-framed sunglasses.

    The New York native wore her light brown hair back behind her head in a thick bun.

    She accessorized with huge hoop earrings and a giant gold watch. She walked in white sneakers with colored Nike symbols on the sides.

    Lopez’s appearance out came just a day after her husband Ben Affleck took his son Sam out.

    They looked relaxed with the Argo star in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He walked in white and green sneakers.

    His 10-year-old wore a gray t-shirt with orange lettering on the front. He tucked his shirt into the jeans, sans a belt.

    The father and son duo went to pick up junk food on their outing in Lopez’s Rolls Royce.

    Jennifer and Ben surprised some fans by announcing they married in a low-key ceremony in mid-July. They married in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas.

    Shortly after, they jetted off to France, where they were spotted taking in the sights and enjoying the scenery.

    The twosome were joined by their respective kids: Ben’s two daughters with ex Jennifer Garner – Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13 – and Jennifer’s 14-year-old twins Maximilian and Emme with ex Marc Anthony.

    Ben will turn the big 5-0 on August 15 – right around the time they’re planning a wedding celebration at his 87-acre Georgia property.

  • 58 минут назад 09.08.2022Showbiz
    Pete Davidson is in ‘trauma therapy’ due to Kanye West’s online harassment

    Pete Davidson has been seeing a therapist for trauma therapy after months of online harassment from Kanye West over his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

    The comedian and actor, 28, is said to have decided to ‘seek out help’ after Kanye, 45, made numerous threatening posts about him on social media, including claiming he was ‘dead’ in a celebratory fake newspaper page after they recently split.

    The former Saturday Night Live star is said to have found the ‘attention and negativity’ coming from the rapper a ‘trigger’ and has been receiving trauma therapy since April.

    The news comes after Dailymail.com’s exclusive story in which a source said Kim, 41, found Kanye’s Instagram post on Monday – an image of a fake New York Times newspaper with the headline ‘Skete Davidson dead at age 28’ – ‘appalling’.

    Kim is said to have been ‘vigorously defending Pete’ and ‘won’t stand for this type of behavior’ from her ex-husband, the source told Dailymail.com of the post, which Kanye later removed.

    A source told People on Monday: ‘He has been in trauma therapy in large part [due to Kanye].

    ‘The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for [Pete], and he’s had to seek out help.’

    In spite of the situation, Pete is said to have ‘no regrets’ about his nine month relationship with Kim.

    The insider added: ‘[Pete] has no regrets for dating Kim and wants it to be made very clear that she’s been nothing but supportive of him throughout their relationship…

    ‘Moving forward he just wants to focus on his career.’

    The Monday post from West also included a line that read, ‘Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers,’ referring to an incident in which concertgoers at the Rolling Loud Miami festival in July pelted water bottles at Kid Cudi, 38, whose friendship with Davidson is the source of hard feelings between him and West.

    Both reps for Kardashian and Davidson have contacted Instagram to report the post, a source told People, noting that ‘his team and Kim’s have reached out repeatedly to Instagram asking to make the platform a safer space.’

    Davidson has ‘been absent from social media’ as result of frequent attacks from West, an insider told the outlet.

    West in March released a claymation video for his track Eazy, in which he depicted himself committing violent acts against a character resembling Davidson.

    West also took to social media in March and said he was ‘really concerned’ that Davidson would get Kardashian ‘hooked on drugs,’ adding, ‘He’s in rehab every 2 months.’

    Davidson and Kardashian parted ways last week after a romance that began in October of 2021, with a source previously telling the outlet that ‘part of the reason they split was because of their busy schedules,’ as ‘they both travel all the time and it was hard.’

    The trauma therapy did not lead to Davidson and Kardashian’s split, a Kardashian source told People, as ‘she’s upset about the breakup.’

  • 58 минут назад 09.08.2022Showbiz
    How ‘Lovely Lizzy’ charmed Australia: Olivia Newton-John ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes’ until TV talent show

    Olivia Newton-John was simply a softly spoken Melbourne teenager until she made an appearance on a TV talent show that charmed Australia and set her on a path to showbiz superstardom.

    The late Grease star – who died on Monday at home in Southern California, age 73 – was born in the UK and moved to Melbourne with her parents and siblings when she was six-years-old, in 1954.

    With a strong academic and legal history in her family – in mathematics, physics and the judiciary – a career in music and acting was an unlikely path, but she was determined to make it.

    Newton-John got her first break at just 15-years-old, winning the Sitmar Talent Quest on Channel Seven’s popular Sing Sing Sing show, hosted by Australian rock icon Johnny O’Keefe, in April 1964.

    Newton-John performed the songs Anyone Who Had A Heart and Everything’s Coming Up Roses, winning the top prize of a trip to the UK.

    With a voice Australia’s National Film and Sound Archive described as ‘pure and powerful’, Newton-John was in demand and appearances on 7’s Sunnyside Up, ABC’s Teen Scene and a return to Sing Sing Sing followed.

    Billed as ‘Lovely Livvy’, she filled in as hostess on Seven’s Happy Show over the summer of 1964–65 and then – against her Cambridge University-educated father Bryn’s wishes – Newton-John left school to follow her dream.

    She appeared in the children’s movie Funny Things Happen Down Under, followed by the first of many appearances on ATV-0’s (later Channel 10) pop music program GO!!

    Newton-John also signed a contract with Seven to appear on daytime variety show Time For Terry.

    These productions also featured her boyfriend of the time, singer and actor Ian ‘Turps’ Turpie.

    Her rush to success continued in May 1965, when Newton-John was the opening act on an episode of Boomeride, a new live music show on Channel Nine.

    Given her experience over the previous 12 months, she already had a confidence seemingly beyond her years.

    This was reflected in the risque song she was given to sing, with lyrics saying that though she was ’16 now … One of these days, when I grow up, I’m gonna make love to you’.

    In early 1966, accompanied by her mother, Irene, Newton-John finally used her Sing Sing Sing prize, travelling by ship to England.

    The unbridled early success she had achieved in Australia was not immediately replicated in the UK.

    Her debut single, Till You Say You’ll be Mine, flopped, as did a singing duo with fellow Australian, Pat Carroll.

    A Monkees-style pop group called Toomorrow then recruited her and she fronted them on a flop 1970 ‘space musical’ film and two singles.

    Despite the tough times in England she never gave up and in 1971 things took a better turn when Cliff Richard hired her as a regular guest singer on his TV variety show.

    With the help of Richard’s backing band The Shadows, Newton-John finally scored a hit single with a cover of Bob Dylan’s If Not for You.

    Several more hits, including two albums, quickly followed, with an up-tempo take of the murder ballad Banks Of The Ohio, doing well in Australia as well as the UK.

    Her 1973 song Let Me Be There was her key to success in the US, earning her a Grammy award for best female country vocal performance.

    With a follow-up hit, I Honestly Love You, Newton-John won the female vocalist of the year trophy at the 1974 Country Music Association awards.

    Some of the biggest names in American country music were reportedly angered by an Australian pop singer having hits in a genre they regarded as their territory.

    It made no difference, and Newton-John later said she had no idea there was a backlash.

    ‘I was travelling and touring, and I heard about it after, and heard that Dolly [Parton] and Loretta [Lynn] had backed me up, so I had great support,’ she said.

    While some rock music magazines railed against her for not being ‘authentic’, others gave her a pass due to her looks.

    Creem magazine asked it’s readers ‘What female singer would ya like most to sit in yr lap? ‘Connie Francis? (too old) Cher? (too bananas). Answer: Olivia!’

    She won more awards, including another three Grammys, but by the late 1970s her sales were dropping.

    And then she was cast in the 1978 film Grease, which took her fame and success to a new level.

    She was initially not sure if she was right for the part of Sandy Olsson because she was aged 29 when it was filmed and would be playing a 17-year-old.

    But she went for it and demanded and got equal billing with co-star John Travolta.

    An even smarter bit of negotiating was insisting on a percentage of the film’s profits in return for a lower initial fee of $125,000.

    The film and its soundtrack’s success made Newton-John a huge star and a millionaire.

    Hit singles such as You’re the One That I Want and Summer Nights were followed by continued success in the 1980s with singles such as Physical, which had originally been turned down by both Rod Stewart and Tina Turner.

    Though she never again reached the heights of success she enjoyed with Grease, Newton-John still notched 100million record sales in her remarkable career.

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Showbiz Outlander bosses addresses Starz series is ending as prequel confirmed