Melanie Blatt admits she’s ‘scared of absolutely everything’ ahead of Celebrity MasterChef final

Danny Jones, Lisa Snowdon and Melanie Blatt will battle it out on Thursday to be crowned the winner of Celebrity MasterChef.

And ahead of the grand finale, the top three have shared their hopes and fears.

All Saints star Melanie, 47, admitted that she’s nervous and fearful of ‘everything – absolutely everything,’ about the finale.

It comes after Celebrity MasterChef viewers were left ‘feeling sick’ during Tuesday night’s show after singer Melanie Blatt served up a pea and lamb dish.

The former All Saints singer, 47, was criticised by those watching at home for using a ‘disturbing amount of peas’ to go with her meat.

Her full dish consisted of a pan-fried loin of lamb, served on a lawn of minted puree and buttered peas with asparagus tips, cheesy dauphinoise potatoes, braised carrots and a Madeira gravy.

‘What on earth is Mel thinking? I feel sick looking at her plate – far too many peas for my liking!’ one fan commented on Twitter.

Another added: ‘Echoing their comments, someone else said: ‘Those peas are a bit off-putting. What an awful dish!’

While a third joked: ‘I think Mel’s dish needs more peas…’

Meanwhile, the star said her highlight of the series had been when Dame Mary Berry made a surprise appearance during the semi-finals stage.

McFly singer Danny, 36, said he’s ready to give it his best shot during the finale.

‘At the final you’ve got nothing to lose, I wanted to make everything taste, look and be presented as good as I practised it so that I made a good impression of myself as a finalist.

‘My biggest fear was to get my lamb perfectly cooked.’

Danny also reflected on becoming friends with the other contestants, saying: ‘The last six or seven became really close as we were a smaller group and we were going through the same experience in terms of the pressure, and we supported each other and helped each other.

‘If one of us were worried about something we’d help them out, so it was quite nice having that. Some nice healthy competition.’

TV presenter Lisa, 50, said she was most fearful of ‘the jeopardy of cooking duck’ during the final.

She added: ‘I’d previously cooked (Irish chef) Anna Haugh’s dish, which was duck and waffle. I got it out of the oven and cut it straight away – it didn’t have time to rest.

‘That was a big learning curve, so I said to myself, ‘If I get through to the final I’m going to cook duck’.

‘I knew all eyes would be on me and that Gregg would be like, ‘Really? You’re going to do that again when you messed it up before?”

Twenty contestants have been whittled down to three over six weeks of cookery challenges and eliminations.

The final will see them present a three-course meal in two hours that will be judged by Gregg Wallace and John Torode, in a bid to win the coveted MasterChef title.

This year’s cohort of famous names also included former boxing champion Chris Eubank, TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher, former pro-footballer Jimmy Bullard and actor Ryan Thomas.

The final of Celebrity MasterChef airs on BBC One on September 22 at 8.30pm.

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  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 04.10.2022Showbiz
    Nick Giannopoulos slammed for ‘recycling 30 year old jokes’ at Wog Boys Forever premiere in Sydney

    Nick Giannopoulos has been slammed for telling ‘recycled’ jokes at the Sydney premiere of his latest movie Wog Boys Forever on Friday.

    The 59-year-old comedian entertained the crowd for half an hour with some crude jokes prior to the movie screening.

    In footage uploaded to TikTok, the actor is seen laughing with the crowd during his stand-up comedy act.

    ‘We got any Maltese here? Stand up… Oh, you’re already standing,’ he quipped.

    The Greek-Australian actor then joked Italians are too cheap to pay for parking.

    ‘Italians’ a**holes are so tight they can’t fart, they burp,’ he joked.

    His performance at Enmore Theatre was labelled as ‘stale’ by some TikTok users.

    One user bluntly said Giannopoulos was ‘recycling 30 year old jokes’ while another called the gags ‘boring and childish’.

    Although his stand-up set was not widely praised the same can’t be said about his latest movie.

    Former Home and Away star Sam Frost, who attended the Melbourne premiere, wrote on Instagram it was ‘such a fun and hilarious film’.

    Meanwhile, Nick’s Instagram page was flooded with supportive comments following the film’s premiere.

    One fan wrote they ‘f**king loved it’ while another added it was a ‘claaaasic’.

    Wog Boys Forever is the third installment of the bawdy Australian comedy series which began in 2000.

    It co-stars Vince Colosimo, Sarah Roberts and Havana Brown, and will be released nationally in cinemas on Thursday.

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 04.10.2022Showbiz
    Channel Nine reporter Charles Croucher is dumped from office WhatsApp group

    Channel Nine reporter Charles Croucher has revealed the brutal way he was farewelled by the network’s London bureau this week.

    Croucher recently spent time in Britain covering Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral alongside members of Nine’s foreign news desks.

    Just last week he publicly praised his UK-based colleagues on Instagram, calling them ‘special people’ in a gushing post.

    But days after returning home to Australia, Croucher was unceremoniously dumped from the London bureau’s WhatsApp group without having a chance to say goodbye.

    Posting to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Croucher shared a screenshot showing he’d been blocked from the group.

    ‘Woke to a brutal eviction from the London bureau WhatsApp. No grounds for appeal. [Waving emoji] friends,’ he wrote.

    In the chat, London-based Nine producer Shellie Doyle wrote: ‘Just realised Crouch is still in this chat. Time to dump him.’

    ‘Bye, Crouch’, replied Carrie-Anne Greenbank, the European correspondent for Nine News.

    ‘Thanks for the hangs,’ added Doyle, before blocking Croucher at 3.07am AEST.

    It follows reports Croucher is preparing to replace Chris Uhlmann as Nine’s chief political reporter.

    Uhlmann announced his retirement earlier this year, but the network has yet to announce his replacement.

    Industry website TV Blackbox reported last month that rising star Croucher was tipped to take the position.

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 04.10.2022Showbiz
    Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki reveal why they kept their relationship a secret while filming

    Kaley Cuoco and former beau, Johnny Galecki, recently revealed the reasons why they previously chose to keep their budding relationship a secret while filming The Big Band Theory.

    The popular sitcom ran for a total of 12 seasons from 2007 until its finale in 2019. Kaley, 36, and Johnny, 47, began dating in 2007 until their split two years later in 2009.

    The actors told Vanity Fair that they kept their relationship under wraps from fans in order to not ‘ruin’ their outlook on their characters, Leonard and Penny.

    Kaley expressed to the publication that, ‘when we were dating, Johnny was very worried about ruining the fans’ outlook on Leonard and Penny, because they weren’t even dating yet at that point in the series.’

    She also added that initially, they each had different viewpoints on the situation at the beginning of their relationship.

    ‘He was so cerebral, and I’m like, ‘What?! Who f***in’ cares?! They’re gonna be fine!’ she stated.

    The Flight Attendant actress explained to Vanity Fair that, ‘in hindsight, I kind of understood.’

    ‘He was very protective of what the fans would think, because we wanted them to want Leonard and Penny together so badly, that if they saw us together in real life, it could ruin the fantasy,’ Kaley stated.

    Johnny also chimed in and stated, ‘And if we broke up, how would that affect their acceptance of the characters?’

    He further added that, ‘at that time, it was complicated for me, and we didn’t talk about it. And Kaley was really respectful of the parameters that I had about it.’

    The Roseanne actor opened up about some of the complications. ‘At a certain point it felt like we were living this lie because we were going to award shows and functions and pretending like we’re not a couple, when in fact we were a very loving couple.’

    After two years of dating, both Kaley and Johnny came to the decision to end their relationship.

    The actor admitted to Vanity Fair what ultimately led to their split in 2009. ‘We’re from very different worlds, but we also seem to melt into each other’s worlds in certain ways.’

    ‘It was a lot of fun to teach one another different things, but then when I came to wanting different things, that made things more complicated,’ he stated.

    However, despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, the two stars still remain close and on good terms.

    ‘We just have such a bond that I appreciate so much. And I think that’s part of our great friendship,’ Johnny stated.

    Kaley revealed that her former beau and co-star attended both of her weddings, and that they still continuously support each other.

    Following the series finale of The Big Bang Theory in 2019, both Kaley and Johnny have been working hard in the industry.

    The actress has been starring in HBO Max’s thriller series called, The Flight Attendant. The second season recently aired in April of this year.

    Kaley has also been officially cast to star in a biographical limited series and will portray late actress, Doris Day.

    Johnny has occasionally starred in the series called, The Conners. He has also been focusing on raising his son, Avery, whom he shares with his ex, Alaina Meyer.

    Kaley recently made her red carpet debut with her boyfriend and fellow actor, Tom Pelphrey, at the 2022 Emmy Awards last month in September.

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 04.10.2022Showbiz
    Bob Marley’s granddaughter models Kanye West’s new White Lives Matter design in Paris

    Kanye West made a statement at his surprise Yeezy fashion show on Monday, wearing a black sweatshirt with the slogan ‘White Lives Matter’ written across it.

    Fashion models in the rapper’s show also wore clothing with the message written across it, a response to the Black Lives Matter movement that was founded in 2013 following the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

    Among those modeling was, Selah Marley, 23, the daughter of former Fugees lead singer Lauryn Hill and the granddaughter of the iconic Bob Marley, a chronicler of black people’s struggle for freedom.

    Selah posted video showing her talking and joking with West at the event. In the video, Selah is wearing a White Lives Matter shirt.

    She captioned the video: ‘Love u @KanyeWest.’ In total, Selah posted three videos showing her wearing the item.

    Selah was born during Hill’s long-term relationship with Rohan Marley, the son of reggae artist Bob Marley. The couple had five children together when they were together between 1996 and 2009. The pair never married.

    The model, who is represented by NEXT Models, was previously the face of Beyonce’s activewear line, Ivy Park SS17. In a 2017, she described West as one of her role models.

    Selah said: ‘He’s been through a lot of persecution in the media and by people, but it doesn’t stop him from being who he is.’

    She first worked with West in 2017 during New York Fashion Week. Selah fawned over West in an interview with Vogue over what it was like to work with the rapper.

    She said: ‘He is so passionate about everything, and he has you looking forward to his next move, as he always thinks outside the box.’

    The former NYU student described the experience as ‘exciting and inspiring.’

    West and Lauryn Hill have cross paths in the past. The rapper repurposed Hill’s Mystery of Inequity on one of his breakout hits, 2004’s All Falls Down.

    For his 2021 album, Donda, West was at it again, sampling Hill’s Doo Wop (That Thing) on his track Believe What I Say. In a 2020 tweet, West referred to Hill as ‘Our Queen.’

    Also posing with West, 43, was the right-wing commentator Candace Owens, who beamed while wearing a complementary version of the ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt, and Kanye’s daughter North West, nine, was even roped into the event.

    The move is another in West’s distancing himself from the mainstream of black politics.

    Famously in 2005, West made international news when he appeared on a telethon for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and declared: ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’

    Since then, however, Kanye has aligned himself with right-wing figures such as Owens, as well as President Donald Trump, regularly sporting a Make America Great Again baseball hat in public.

    During a May 2018 interview regarding his support of Trump, West said: ‘Racism isn’t the deal-breaker for me. If that was the case, I wouldn’t live in America.’

    ‘I am Ye, and everyone here knows that I am the leader,’ West, 43, said at the event while referencing his new legal name, adding: ‘You can’t manage me.’

    It is not the first time that Ye has stoked controversy surrounding race, after saying in 2018 that he thought 400 years of slavery ‘was a choice.’

    The Anti-Defamation League has previously called the phrase ‘White Lives Matter’ a hate slogan.

    The slogan worn on West and Owens’ shirts has previously been used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations as an attack against the Black Lives Matter movement and Black people more broadly.

    In April 2018, West drew huge criticism when he tweeted: ‘I love the way Candace Owens thinks.’

    The same month, West caused major controversy when he said during an appearance on TMZ: ‘When you hear about slavery for 400 years … for 400 years? That sounds like a choice. You were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all. It’s like we’re mentally imprisoned.’

    West later apologized for those remarks but also described them as an example of ‘free thought.’

    During the TMZ appearance, West was confronted over his comments by one of the show’s producers, Van Lathan.

    In response to West’s White Lives Matter sweater, Lathan wrote on Instagram: ‘We don’t need a reminder of the worth of white lives. America is a shrine to the worth of white people.’

    He went on: ‘This message is reactionary to a message affirming the worth of Black lives, which have never been worth anything in America. In its intent, it’s a white supremacist notion.’

    Lathan continued: ‘Because it posits that we can’t have a conversation about the worth of Black people without having a conversation about the worth of white people, which is f***ing insane.’

    The producer concluded: ‘The notion that it ALWAYS has to be about white people in America is incredibly frustrating, emotional draining, and the whole problem. But here’s Kanye, apparently centering that notion.’

    In the hip-hop community, outspoken rapper Boosie Badazz, who famously bragged about paying prostitutes to perform oral sex on his son, then 12, and nephew, then, 13, called out West

    Boosie said: ‘After all we been through as a race you put this disrespectful s**t on? U give no f**ks about how blacks have died n suffered to the hands of the white man n u say Bush don’t like black people… really n****a.’

    While Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill tweeted the picture of West together with Owen and wrote: ‘Kanye West decision to wear a “White Lives Matter” shirt is disgusting, dangerous, and irresponsible. Some of y’all will rush to defend him. You should ask yourselves why…’

    Former ESPN presenter Jemele Hill said: ‘So many folks are trying to excuse Kanye wearing a white lives matter t-shirt as just a troll move or marketing. Maybe it is.’

    She went on: ‘But it’s a dangerously dumb message to send for someone with his massive platform. I been off dude. But y’all go ahead labeling his foolishness as genius.’

    Will Smith’s son, Jaden, tweeted: ‘I can’t stand behind what Kanye’s saying. He doesn’t have the full support of the youth.’ He followed that up with a simple: ‘Black Lives Matter.’

    According to Page Six, West gave a speech to the crowd while wearing the garment, and referenced his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery in 2016, where she was held at gunpoint, as well as his fallout with clothing giant Gap.

    West’s latest appearance with Owens is particularly surprising, as she called his ex Kim a ‘prostitute’ on her Daily Wire show in September after Kardashian’s ex Ray J claimed she and her mother Kris Jenner had released their sex tape in a calculated manner, ‘like an album.’

    Although the producer and fashion star has feuded publicly with Kardashian over her parenting and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, he has expressed an ongoing desire to get back together with her for months.

    Owens has previously been critical of the NAACP, the Black Lives Matter movement, has referred to Covid-19 as a scam, and has claimed that white supremacy is not a pressing issue in society.

    Prior to the show, the rapper shared a photo of headshots of several models, actresses and singers, including his ex-wife, his current romantic interest Candice Swanepoel, Amelia Hamlin, Angelina Jolie, Emily Ratajkowski and others.

    However, it’s unclear if they were all expected to make an appearance, or if they just inspired YZY season nine in some way. According to Page Six, only Naomi Campbell and Hamlin walked the runway.

    Shayk was present at the show but stayed on the sidelines.

    Notably, the photos of the women were taken years or decades ago when they were particularly young. It’s unclear why he sought out those photos rather than more contemporary photos of them.

    During his introduction to the show, West also referenced his former manager Scooter Braun.

    Braun is perhaps best known to the general public for purchasing Taylor Swift’s master recordings, an act that infuriated her and has led her to rerecord her entire catalogue to prevent the current owners from garnering royalties.

    Naomi Campbell and Michèle Lamy were reportedly among those who walked at the show.

    Photos from the show appear to show some of the models wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts.

    The front of West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt appeared to show a collage of photo of Pope John Paul II, with the bottom caption referring to him in Spanish as ‘Juan Pablo II.’

    The YZY designer is no stranger to offensive clothing. In 2013, he wore a jacket featuring the Confederate flag, and he has previously worn the red Make America Great Again hat favored by former President Donald Trump and his fans.

    West previously found himself in the spotlight when he trudged through mud at Balenciaga’s fashion show for Paris Fashion Week in a thick, militarized ensemble.

    Shayk, who briefly dated the Monster rapper after his split from Kim Kardashian, shared her congratulations ‘on another epic YZY collection’ with a short Insta Stories video of him speaking in front of a much larger video screen of himself.

    He was also seen standing amid an array of earth-toned clothing that looked as if it had been carelessly thrown on the floor in a photo she posted.

    In an interview with Vogue Business prior to his show, West expressed his determination to make YZY an inclusive brand, despite having his hopes dashed with some of his recent clothing collaborations.

    The College Dropout rapper recently terminated his collaboration with Gap, and he has now outlined his long-term ambition for his fashion brand.

    Kanye — who has legally changed his name to Ye — explained: ‘Our point, our idea, is that there is no one who is not welcome at YZY, at Donda.

    ‘And that’s why I went to Gap,’ he continued. ‘And why I brought Demna [Gvasalia, Balenciaga’s creative director] with me. To say “OK, Demna’s cut is at the top of what Paris has to offer. And Paris is at the top of what fashion has to offer. So let’s bring Paris to the people.”‘

    Asked why the collaboration didn’t work out, Kanye said: ‘They made the T-shirts we had done cost $200. And then, they took our color palette and made a shape that was appropriate to what I think someone in the office thought was at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And I felt that was civil rights.’

    When asked to clarify his statement, he explained, ‘Well, when we went to shows,’ he began, referencing his 2009 trip to Paris with Virgil Abloh and other future fashion luminaries and friends, ‘there were certain shows we couldn’t get into.

    ‘That relates to the civil rights movement. It shouldn’t be that you can’t have this fabric or have this cut until you’ve made it to a certain place or class in life. It’s about dignity. And democracy.’

    The chart-topping star subsequently suggested that he plans to run YZY as a vertically integrated business.

    He added: ‘We just bought our fourth factory in California.’

    Kanye recently hit out at both Gap and another of his collaborators, Adidas, for failing to fulfill a promise to build ‘permanent stores’ for their ventures.

    Sharing his plans for his brand, the rapper wrote on social media: ‘I’ll buy the land and or building. Then we gonna open up in every state and then internationally.

    ‘Anyone who has over 10 years retail experience and is ready to change the world post your Instagram handle or store location in the comments and we’ll find you.

    ‘I signed with both Adidas and Gap because it contractually stated they would build permanent stores which neither company has done even though I saved both of those companies at the same time [sic].’

    Kanye has been getting a chance to have some family time while abroad for Paris Fashion Week.

    His daughter North, nine, was with him while he chatted with Vogue ahead of his YZY fashion show, which was off the official Paris Fashion Week calendar.

    The show will be his fourth in the fashion capital, and just his eleventh overall.

    On Saturday, he was seen taking her out to dinner in Paris, along with his other three children: Saint, six; Chicago, four; and Psalm, three.

    The children had previously been traveling with their mother Kim Kardashian as she headed to Milan Fashion Week, though now they seem to be spending some time with their father.

    In 2020, West launched his own ill-fated presidential campaign. The Daily Beast later reported that the campaign was largely funded by Republican operatives as a means to split the black vote.

    In the run up to the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections, he donated to the campaigns of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton respectively.

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 04.10.2022Showbiz
    Georgia Fowler shows off her supermodel figure in skintight leggings and a crop top

    She’s use to turning heads on runways across the world.

    And Monday was no exception for supermodel Georgia Fowler who turned heads as she went for a walk in Rose Bay, Sydney, with her daughter Dylan.

    The New Zealand-born Victoria Secret’s Angel beauty showed off her sensational figure in skintight leggings and a matching crop top.

    The 30-year-old mother-of-one pushed little Dylan, one, in a pram as her beloved dog trotted alongside her.

    Shielding herself from the Sydney spring sun with chic black shades, Georgia tied her hair back into a ponytail and appeared makeup free.

    While she seemed low-key in the Nike get-up, she added some runway glamour with a Prada bag.

    Georgia gave birth to her first child last September.

    She welcomed her Dylan with her businessman boyfriend Nathan Dalah, who is the co-founder of restaurant chain Fishbowl, on September 17.

    ‘Dylan Aman Dalah. 17.9.21. Welcome to the world. We love you so much,’ she wrote, sharing a series of photos of the adorable newborn.

    She recently shared her delight at becoming a mother, saying it was ‘much easier’ than she’d envisioned.

    ‘It’s been really nice to be able to hang out with Dylan and have a great baby.’

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 04.10.2022Showbiz
    Star of new Stan dating series Love Triangle details a creepy date night that went horribly wrong

    One of the stars of new Stan dating series Love Triangle has recalled a horror dating story.

    Lisa Leaño Hopkins, 32, told Daily Mail Australia a one night stand with a man while on holiday overseas ended in a shocking turn of events with a pair of her undies, her watch and her favourite sex toy being stolen.

    ‘So I met a guy in Mykonos at a club. We went back to my hotel and had fun,’ the Western Australian bombshell began.

    ‘He was foreign, doesn’t speak any English. I’m like, “I don’t know if I can still trust him.”‘

    Lisa went on to explain the pair had already ‘done the deed’ when she looked around and saw several of her personal belongings and valuables left sprawled across her hotel bedroom.

    ‘I could see my watch on the side (table) and my passport. I was like, “Maybe I’ll just hide my passport,”‘ she recalled.

    ‘I still left my watch out and my vibrator was there too.’

    The accounts worker continued, ‘When we were putting our stuff back on, he yanks my underwear – and these are really nice, expensive undies – and I was like, “Can I have them back?” And he’s like, “No, they’re mine.” And he puts them in his pocket!’

    It wasn’t long before she realised it wasn’t the only thing he took from her hotel room.

    ‘I left the hotel to go see my friends, come back to the hotel, sleep till the next morning,’ Lisa explained.

    ‘And I’m looking through my stuff and go, “Guys, where’s my watch?”

    ‘I’m the type where everything has its place – a place for everything and I know where I put stuff. My watch was gone and my vibrator.’

    Lisa said she was more upset about her vibrator getting pinched because she paid $200 for it.

    ‘My watch was given from my ex and I was more upset at the fact he took my vibrator!’ she continued.

    ‘I don’t know what the hell he’s done with them, but he can go to town!’

    The cast of Stan’s sizzling new dating show Love Triangle was unveiled last week.

    Created by the producers of Married At First Sight, the series follows a group of singles who are challenged to think outside the box and chose a mate who may not be their idea of a ‘perfect partner’.

    Ahead of its premiere on October 6, Stan has now revealed a glimpse of the saucy singles set to embark on Australia’s hottest new dating experiment.


    Described as a ‘down-to-earth tradie’, Kyle is a 30-year-old bachelor hoping to find his happily ever after.

    Based in Townsville, Queensland, Kyle works for his family business and is known for having a dry sense of humour.

    Kyle was in a long-term relationship throughout his twenties, but has since found himself single and desperate to settle down.


    Western Australian bombshell Lisa loves sex, and she’s not afraid to say it.

    She is described as ‘picky, forthright, funny, and honest’, and needs a partner who craves physical intimacy just as much as she does.

    The 32-year-old, who works in accounts, has been single for ten years and also dreams of marriage and kids.


    Yannick (aka Yan) is a slick sports lawyer who says he has no trouble attracting women.

    The 32-year-old hunk refers to himself as a ‘walking Tinder’ because he doesn’t need to use dating apps to find lovers.

    Yet despite this, Yan says he is sick of playing the field and wants to date someone long term.


    Victoria-based events manager Madi is a social butterfly who lives by the mantra ‘work hard, play hard’.

    Described as ‘charming, vibrant and outgoing’, the 30-year-old has struggled to find love in the past and yearns for something more permanent.

    Madi has her guard up when it comes to love following a string of failed dating app experiences, but is hoping to finally break the cycle on Love Triangle.


    Newly divorced technology specialist Alex, 31, is described as a ‘nice guy’ who is sensitive and romantic.

    Following the breakdown of his decade-long marriage, the Victorian says he finds modern dating confronting but is desperate for his next relationship to be his last.

    Alex takes pride in his gentlemanly ways and enjoys the courting stage of a new relationship.


    Victoria-based Ly, 28, dreams of finding a partner who is also her best friend.

    The Australian-born Vietnamese counsellor usually dates Asian men, but is open to expanding her horizons on Love Triangle.

    Described as ‘a funny, petite, playful pocket rocket’, Ly will no doubt make a splash on the show.

    Love Triangle challenges a group of singles to question what they think their perfect partner should look like, and instead date someone they’ve never seen before.

    In a bombshell twist, participants can text and call their potential matches as they get to know each other, but are now allowed to see what they look like until they go on a blind date.

    After meeting, the newly formed couples are then forced to move in together before a mind-blowing twist creates chaos in the group.

    The first two episodes of the eight-part dating series will premiere on October 6, with new episodes to follow every Thursday weekly on Stan.

    ‘Love Triangle represents a thrilling new step for Stan as we continue to ramp up our Stan Originals output, leveraging the proven pedigree of the Nine Network and the extraordinary makers of Married At First Sight to deliver a sensational new dating format,’ Stan Chief Content Officer Cailah Scobie said.

    ‘This is going to be an unmissable reality television event.’

    The Stan Originals series is produced by Endemol Shine Australia in conjunction with the Nine Network.

    With Endemol Shine Australia Director of Content Tara McWilliams and Nine’s John Walsh, who have both been Executive Producers of Married At First Sight Australia since its inception in 2015, the show is bound to be a surefire hit.

    ‘We are incredibly proud to produce the addictive new relationship series, for Stan,’ said Endemol Shine Australia Chief Executive Officer Peter Newman.

    ‘Tackling the difficulties of modern dating, the series features incredible characters on the journey to find long lasting love but with a mind-blowing mid-season twist. All we can say is, remember that a triangle has three sides!’

    The Stan Originals series, Love Triangle, premieres October 6 only on Stan.

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Showbiz Melanie Blatt admits she's 'scared of absolutely everything' ahead of Celebrity MasterChef final