Love Island’s Antigoni Buxton and Jacques O’Neill appear cheery as they head out for dinner

They may not have found love in the famous villa, but the former islanders have formed a strong bond outside.

And Love Island’s Antigoni Buxton and Jacques O’Neill appeared in high spirits as they headed out for dinner in Manchester earlier this week.

It comes after the 26-year-old singer confirmed that she was just friends with the rugby player, 23, following a slew of dating rumours.

She paired the number with strap detailed wrap-around heels, with a mini Louis Vuitton handbag over her shoulder.

The beauty had her signature blonde curls left falling freely, as she tossed them over to one side.

Leaning an arm on her pal’s shoulder, the beauty, who sported a glowing palette of makeup, beamed for some snaps.

While Jacques – who snubbed the Love Island reunion filming on Thursday – kept his look low-key with a pair of light grey, cuffed ankle trousers and a black hoodie.

He added a pair of chunky white trainers to the ensemble, as he shared a laugh with Antigoni.

It comes after the pair’s close friendship sparked dating rumours, with fellow former islander Charlie Radnedge stepping in to confirm they are just friends.

Attempting to put the rumours to bed via TikTok, Charlie explained: ‘Antigoni and Jacques are definitely not dating, they’re just good friends.

‘Everyone keeps on asking this at the moment. Similar to myself and Antigoni, we’re securely in the friend zone.’

Sportsman Jacques dramatically quit the villa earlier this month over fears he’d lose control after bombshell Adam Collard entered the villa – who has since coupled up with his ex-Paige Thorne.

And eagle-eyed viewers noticed this week how Jaques deleted all traces of paramedic Paige from his Instagram page.

Antigoni has also confirmed that the pair have not spoken since Paige’s departure from the villa.

Speaking at the show’s wrap party, she told The Sun: ‘I saw Paige last night, and they’ve not spoken, no.’

‘I am really happy for Paige though and I do want the best for her. She’s amazing and she was one of my really good friends in there so whatever makes her happy is good for me.’

And further confirming the friendship she has with Jacques, Antigoni added: ‘Me and Jacques are definitely not a thing. People can’t believe that a boy and girl can just be friends.’

Antigoni was reunited with her fellow islanders on Thursday as she threw a wile afterparty following filming for Love Island’s reunion, which will air next Thursday.

But with Paige in attendance to both the filming and afterparty, Jacques was the only islander to snub the reunion.

Putting it down to ‘not being ready’, a source told The Sun: ‘Unfortunately Jacques has decided he’s just not ready to see Paige quite yet and especially not with Adam.

‘He’s made the decision to wait for a more suitable moment to talk to her again after everything he’s been through.’

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  • 7 минут назад 19.08.2022Showbiz
    Kimora Lee Simmons, 47, with all FIVE of her children

    Model turned fashion entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons was seen beaming as she posed with all five of her children.

    The founder of Baby Phat has kids Gary, 12, Kenzo, 13, Wolfe, 7, Ming, 22, and Aoki, 20.

    The siren, who was born Kimora Lee Perkins, was wed to music producer and entrepreneur Russell Simmons in 1998.

    They have two daughters, Ming Lee Simmons, 22 (born January 2000) and Aoki Lee Simmons, 20 (born August 2003).

    The power couple split in 2006.

    Simmons began dating Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou – best known for Amistad and Gladiator – in 2006 and they wed in 2008.

    In May 2009, they welcomed son Kenzo Lee Hounsou.

    They split in 2012; he said that they never wed because she was still married to Russell.

    She married Tim Leissner in 2014.

    The next year she welcomed their son, Wolfe Lee Leissner.

    During a trial for his alleged $200M theft from his former company, Leissner said he was still married to second wife Judy Chan Leissner, lying to Kimora.

    In January 2020, Kimora adopted 10-year-old Gary Lee, and launched the Baby Phat makeup line the same year.

    The fashion label – created by Lee Simmons – joined forces with HatchBeauty Brands to bring the collection to stores, featuring Kimora’s two daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee.

    Kimora said: ‘The girls grew up on the runway. It’s teaching them to tap into their inner entrepreneur, inner creative director, teaching them the ins and outs of the business, which is also very important to me.’

    The first collection will launch with three different versions of a three-piece kit – each designed to represent the three women: Divine for Kimora, Opulence for Ming and Ethereal for Aoki – featuring a lip gloss, a body lotion and shimmery scented body spray.

    Kimora told People magazine: ‘Ming’s is Opulence. Ming is very similar to me, she gets the love of fashion, beauty and self-expression. The smell is also super yummy. It’s peachy and has orchid with the caramel,’ she said.

    ‘Aoki’s is called Ethereal. Hers is more about a free-spirited attitude, being independent, a pursuit of knowledge. It’s kind of an uplifting decoration of independence. It’s like I am woman, hear me roar.’

    And Aoki hopes the new line will help better represent their heritage to help other makeup lovers of different cultures feel accepted in the beauty industry.

    She explained: ‘Brands represent more than just products in today’s world, and it’s important for us to continue to be part of cultural and beauty conversations as we forge a new path for girls who look like us.’

    A portion of the kit’s sales will be donated to Fair Fight, an organization that promotes fair elections and educates on election reform and voter suppression.

    Kimora rose to fame at just 13 years old when she signed a modelling contract with Chanel, and helped inspire designer Karl Lagerfeld’s creative vision and call for racial inclusion.

  • 4 часа, 8 минут назад 19.08.2022Showbiz
    CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews House Of The Dragon


    This time, it really is all about the dragons. Fantasy addicts who championed Game Of Thrones always insisted the mythical fire-breathing monsters were the real stars of the show.

    The nudity, the brothel scenes, the rapes and the brutality to women, all that was a regrettable necessity imposed by the sexual excesses of writer George R.R. Martin’s epic novels.

    This was never a very convincing defence. It’s one thing to suspend your disbelief in witches and demons, quite another to accept that a generation of teenage boys fast-forwarded through Queen Cersei’s naked walk of shame so they could get to the next scene with dragons.

    Now this theory is being put to the test. There is very little medieval rumpy-pumpy in House Of The Dragon – and what there is, you’ll wish you’d never seen.

    There are, however, as the title suggests, a great many 80ft lizards with crocodile teeth and eagles’ talons. What’s more, the computer graphics are astonishingly convincing. When a dragon slinks out of its dungeon into a gladiatorial arena and flame-grills an unfortunate goat with a single roar, it’s as thrilling as any footage of lions hunting wildebeest on a wildlife documentary.

    But what marks out this lavish serial, conceived as a prequel to Games Of Thrones, is its radically different treatment of women. They are the real power in the kingdom.

    When Cersei (Lena Headley) was condemned to that humiliating march through streets lined with jeering crowds, it was for an episode screened in 2015.

    Since then, the MeToo movement has transformed TV production. Another Thrones star, Emilia Clarke, who played the would-be Empress Daenerys Targaryen, has complained that she was reduced to tears by some of her nude scenes, ten years ago. Those would not be filmed today, she claims.

    Instead of portraying women as frequently subservient and sex objects, House Of The Dragon has the rivalry between two powerful female aristocrats at the heart of its story.

    We can guess, from the moment we see best friends Alicent and Rhaenyra together, that they will soon be at each other’s throats – and that their feud might drag their kingdom into civil war.

    In the opening scene, the daughter of the king, Princess Rhaenyra (newcomer Milly Alcock), is dismounting from her dragon Syrax after an aerial tour of Westeros that proves the ambition of the film-makers to create an entire world using CGI.

    Rhaenyra’s best friend and the daughter of her father’s chief adviser is Lady Alicent Hightower (played first by Emily Carey, and later by Olivia Cooke, brilliant as Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair).

    Miss Hightower doesn’t look terribly impressed by dragoneering, which tells us all we need to know about her. Never trust a woman who doesn’t love a fire-breathing cross between a dinosaur and a jumbo jet.

    If you baulk at those names, by the way, don’t even think of persevering. Even more than the original show, this one is obsessed with the tongue-twisting minutiae of Martin’s imagination.

    The TV version evokes this with a three-minute proclamation, beginning: ‘It is now the ninth year of King Viserys I Targaryen’s reign, 172 years before the death of the mad king Aerys…’

    Much of the first episode continues in this vein, dumping information on the viewer in cartloads. Several early scenes feature the king’s council chamber, where bickering lords take it in turns to remind each other at length of their realm’s recent past.

    All this is delivered in cod Shakespearean language with a great many ‘mayhaps’ and ‘mine lieges’.

    Rhaenyra, who is 15 at the start, is expected to wait at her father’s table, filling goblets with wine. It’s a useful crash-course for her in Targaryen politics, though it does mean Milly Alcock has little to do for the first hour except hold a wine jug and practice looking like Emilia Clarke’s twin.

    Arguments over the succession to her father’s Iron Throne quickly give the character more depth, with a connection to each dimension of the plot. Game Of Thrones worked as a collection of separate stories, slowly converging, but this prequel has a more conventional structure – with Rhaenyra at its centre. Later in the series, as the princess grows up, Emma D’Arcy takes over the part.

    D’Arcy identifies as ‘non-binary’ and asks to be referred to as ‘they’ rather than ‘she’. In this, the star is like namesake Emma Corbin, who played Princess Diana in The Crown. It’s an odd thing, mayhaps, that non-binary actors should so often portray princesses, that most feminine of female archetypes.

    Rhaenyra’s insipid father, King Viserys I, a man who makes Frank Spencer look decisive, is played by Paddy Considine. He wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in Game Of Thrones, where even popular characters were lucky to live longer than three episodes.

    House Of The Dragon has a different pace, and Viserys does survive for a while, though not entirely intact. That doesn’t mean this show lacks a taste for blood.

    Torture, mass execution and fights to the death are enacted in psychotic detail. In particular, there is an obsession with childbirth. The opening episode, with Sian Brooke as the heavily pregnant queen, turns into a horror movie remake of Call The Midwife – the Texas Midwife Massacre.

    A jousting tournament descends into a free-for-all brawl where the camera zooms in to replay every hatchet through the skull in gore-splattered slow motion.

    And when the City Watch, commanded by the king’s scheming brother Daemon, launches a crackdown on crime, the ‘zero tolerance’ policy is taken to an extreme.

    All the scum of King’s Landing are rounded up for punishment. Petty thieves have their hands chopped off. Robbers have their heads chopped off.

    When a sex offender is caught (and aren’t half the men in Westeros sex offenders?), something else gets chopped off, in clinical close-up.

    This brings us to the biggest name in the series – Matt Smith, who plays Daemon in a silver wig with his ears poking out like a pair of dragon’s wings.

    Smith features in both the sex scenes that punctuate early episodes. Viewers who grew up with him on Doctor Who should be warned that one shot reveals a naked Daemon, from behind, with his pink rear looking like two slabs of pork on a butcher’s counter.

    His friend, whose favours he has purchased, notices his lack of enthusiasm. ‘What troubles you, my prince?’ she trills.

    When he turns around, careful camera angles hide the worst, though this attempt at modesty has an unlucky effect: Matt appears to have no genitalia, like Barbie’s friend Ken.

    Believe me, if I could hijack a Tardis and travel back to a time when I hadn’t seen that, I would.

    In another scene, shortly after his hopes of becoming king have been lifted and then dashed, Daemon organises an orgy. His heart isn’t in it – he can’t even be bothered to get undressed, for which small mercy we can all be grateful.

    Instead, he indulges in the chief pastime of Westeros and makes a speech. All the naked orgiastes hold their poses, like a lewd tableaux at the old Windmill theatre.

    One thing’s certain, fans of this lavish, spectacular fantasy show will never have to protest that they aren’t watching for the rude bits.

    This time, when someone insists to you, ‘It’s the dragons I like,’ they’ll be telling the truth.

  • 4 часа, 8 минут назад 19.08.2022Showbiz
    Chris Martin abruptly stops Coldplay Wembley concert mid-song to ask fans to stop recording

    Coldplay’s Chris Martin interrupted a hit song during his latest Wembley concert to ask fans to stop filming on their phones.

    While singing Sky Full of Stars on the Music of the Spheres tour at Wembley, the frontman, 45, suddenly stopped singing to fans’ surprise.

    He then abruptly said: ‘Wait, hold on, one second. I think we can make this better, hold on.

    ‘I’ll speed through this because we wanna get all the songs in before they shut the thing down.

    ‘So, let’s try that again but please, if we could just have one song with no cell phones, no cameras, no devices, nothing, just the power of people, people power.’

    The polite request left fans applauding his commitment to the show.

    The TikTok user benefitted from the request, captioning the moment: ‘Without a doubt the highlight of the night came shortly after this video ended.’

    Chris added: ‘I won’t do the whole speech because it takes ages, but the basis of it is, let’s just connect together as one group of people and see how high you can jump, how loud you can shout, and no phones, no cameras.

    ‘After this song, you can film everything. But for this one song, let’s just be people together, me, you, my brother, my sister and let’s try it again.’

    Despite the seemingly impromptu nature of his request, some have speculated all is not as it seems.

    One commenter shared that Chris uses this as part of his act on the tour.

    A TikTok user who been at a previous tour date revealed that this moment was planned for each concert.

    Chris seemed in high spirits as he danced along the stage while performing with his hit band Coldplay on Friday night at Wembley Stadium.

    Coldplay performed for the huge crowd who attended his Music Of The Spheres World Tour as the London stadium was filled with colour and strobe lights.

    The pop star cut a casual figure in a black denim jacket with bright patches on over a simple grey T-shirt.

    Chris opted for a pair of black trousers as he ran around the catwalk stage in a pair of matching trainers with eye catching neon laces.

    The star was seen leaping about the stage as he sung the band’s hits before later taking to a black piano to perform.

    Chris was joined on stage by guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer Will Champion.

  • 4 часа, 8 минут назад 19.08.2022Showbiz
    Maisie Smith opts for comfort in oversized T-shirt as she arrives for Strictly Ballroom rehearsals

    Maisie Smith opted for comfort as she stepped out for Strictly Ballroom The Musical, rehearsals on Friday.

    The EastEnders star, 21, cut a casual figure in an oversized graphic T-shirt and black leggings.

    The low-key outing comes after she returned form a sun-soaked holiday in Greece with Max George.

    Maisie gave an 80’s inspired look as she teamed her relaxed ensemble with a pair of of white socks and trainers.

    She also carried her essentials in a black and yellow The North Face duffle bag.

    She accessorised with small gold hoop earrings and swept her locks back into a low ponytail.

    Earlier this week Max and Maisie were seen kissing on a flight to Crete. In photos obtained by The Sun the pair are seen sitting next to one another and looking cosy on the romantic trip.

    A source told the publication: ‘They were all over each other. This isn’t a flash in the pan. Max has told people that he is falling in love with Maisie.’

    A passenger said: ‘They looked like a very loved-up couple – they were all over each other for the entire four-hour flight. Snogging and giggling like any new couple.’

    The pair are said to have grown close once again on the Strictly live tour, after starring on the show together in 2020.

    However, the couple’s getaway appeared to infuriate Max’s ex Stacey Giggs, who made a savage dig at the singer on social media.

    Former WAG, Stacey is reportedly furious that Max, 33, and his Strictly co-star are now dating publicly just days after they split.

    Amid the drama, Stacey posted some snaps from her holiday in the Algarve with her and Ryan’s two children Zachary, 19, and Liberty, 15.

    She looked stunning in the photos, captioned ‘beach bar to dinner’ and a further leggy snap with her children, with the post ‘These two.’

    The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Tanya Bardsley, 41, said the WAG looked like a 21-year-old, which is Maisie’s age, in a comment, she replied, ‘What happens when you shift a lead weight from round your neck [laughing emoji].’

    In a conversation with one of her friends Stacey detailed her heartbreak over the situation and explained how she feels ‘betrayed’ by The Wanted singer.

    The Sun reported that Stacey told a pal: ‘To see them dating publicly so quickly after I dumped him is like a dagger to the heart.’

    She continued: ‘Max cheated on me with Maisie. I asked him about her but he denied anything had happened.

    ‘After everything I’ve done for him, I cannot believe he would be so rude and disrespectful. He’s a lying dog. I feel betrayed.’

    She then went on to claim Max has changed since they first got together and he’s now ‘obsessed with fame’.

    The report claims that Max and Stacey’s first split in March this year was due to Stacey becoming suspicious about her boyfriend’s close relationship with Maisie, who he had spent the previous two months with on the Strictly tour.

    After a few days apart, the couple reconciled before Stacey reportedly dumped Max on July 25 after the Maisie rumours refused to die down.

    Despite splitting, Max and Stacey continued to spend time together, with the former boybander a regular guest at Stacey’s home as he continued to deny he had cheated on her with Maisie.

    It was on July 28 that Max jetted to on holiday to Portugal to meet up with Maisie and mutual friends. According to Stacey he continued to deny he was with his Strictly co-star, telling her in phone calls that he was in Spain.

    MailOnline has representatives for Stacey, Max and Maisie for comment at the time.

  • 4 часа, 8 минут назад 19.08.2022Showbiz
    Darren Hayes announces new album Homosexual

    Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes surprised fans on Thursday by announcing his upcoming album Homosexual.

    The openly gay singer, 50, posted the cover of his fifth solo album to Instagram, which shows the flamboyant star wearing a floral shirt and eye-popping pink pants.

    Darren has previously said that he’s finally at peace with his sexuality and happy he no longer has to hide in the closet.

    In an interview with The Guardian, the hitmaker said that the title of his new album holds special significance to him.

    ‘I get that it’s not the most original idea in the world to reclaim a pejorative. But it’s so important to me because I was so ashamed of that,’ he said.

    Darren added he spent the late 90s hiding in the closet as his band Savage Garden climbed the international charts and that he didn’t come to peace with his sexuality until after the group broke up in 2001.

    ‘I did not want to be gay. I just didn’t. So I’m going to take this word, and I’m going to turn it into the best compliment ever,’ he said.

    It comes after Hayes spoke about the struggles he faced at the height of his career.

    The musician told News Corp he felt ‘deeply saddened’ about not being able to express his true self.

    ‘I had a huge sense of grief about my relationship to my sexuality, and grief about my career at the peak of my Savage Garden fame,’ Hayes said.

    Darren came out in 2006 when he married his partner Richard Cullen in the UK.

    He recently released his first track in a decade, titled Let’s Try Being In Love, which he performed at the 2022 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade in March.

    Homosexual will be released on October 7 and Darren will be performing across Australia next year.

  • 5 часов, 55 минут назад 19.08.2022Showbiz
    Donna D’Errico, 54, poses in lingerie as Baywatch star celebrates still being ‘hot’

    Donna D’Errico, 54, stunned fans as she took to social media to share a breathtaking lingerie snap.

    The Baywatch actress defied critics who recently claimed she was “too old” to pose in a bikini by posting the photo in view of her 946,000 Instagram followers.

    In the snap, Donna could be seen facing away from the camera while looking back, only wearing some pink lace lingerie and fishnet stockings.

    She captioned the shot: “I feel sexy as hell. Men are complimenting me and I’m eating it up. Let me live.

    “When I’m 80 I’m going to look back and be so happy I did this while I was hot.”

    Donna continued: “So IG removed my other post because too many Karens were complaining about it saying my caption was indicating that I was soliciting prostitution.”

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Showbiz Love Island's Antigoni Buxton and Jacques O'Neill appear cheery as they head out for dinner