Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner pose for cozy snaps during family’s extravagant Thanksgiving dinner

She previously said that she ‘probably wouldn’t be friends’ with her older sister Kendall Jenner if they weren’t related.

But Kylie Jenner and the 27-year-old supermodel looked totally bonded as they hung out during their family’s annual Thanksgiving feast on Thursday.

The 25-year-old makeup mogul had her arms wrapped around Kendall in a slideshow of loved-up snaps shared to Instagram.

Both sisters looked chic in all-black ensembles, with Kylie opting for a flowy black halter top that exposed her toned arms.

The mother-of-two styled it with a black satin maxi skirt and stylish black leather boots.

Her hair was worn in a messy bun with pieces left out to frame her heart-shaped face.

Being that it was a family gathering, Kylie seemingly opted for a soft glam look complete with wispy false lashes and a warm nude lip.

Kendall kept her model frame concealed beneath a baggy button-up blouse with matching wide-legged trousers.

The runway maven wore her hair in a half up, half down style while accessorizing with small silver hoops.

The sisters posed for the snaps on a modern look beige couch as a unique light fixture hovered over them.

Kylie had her arms wrapped around Kendall while Kendall leaned her back up against her chest.

They beamed for the camera during breaks from their infectious laughter.

‘thankful,’ captioned Kylie, followed by three brown heart emojis.

This is the first Thanksgiving for Kylie’s nine-month-old son, who she gave birth to in February.

She shares the little boy – who has originally named Wolf but has been given a new name that’s not been shared publicly – with rapper Travis Scott.

They’re also parents to four-year-old daughter Stormi.

The family were depicted in royal portraits hung up in Kim’s home, along with the faces of the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kanye West, Scott Disick and Tristan Thompson were not depicted.

Kim’s eldest daughter North West, nine, documented the annual festivities, as well as the decadent dinner and elaborate decor, on her popular TikTok account.

North’s video opens with her capturing the candle-lit entry of her mother’s Hidden Hills estate.

Orange candles were positioned at the base of several trees wrapped in twinkle lights, along with neighboring walkways.

Once inside, North panned over the long, narrow dining table with padded, wooden dining chairs dressed in a pale beige table cloth.

They dined on rust toned plates that matched perfectly with the autumn flower arrangements and candlesticks that made up the table’s length centerpiece.

Each table setting had a name card and a festive confetti popper.

The Thanksgiving eats, including classics like cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes, were prepared and served in gorgeous hammered copper chafers.

Desserts were aplenty as North panned her camera over a row of seemingly endless pies, including pecan and pumpkin pie.

There were also donut towers and yummy trays of gummy candies for the kids to enjoy.

Along with Kylie and North, Kendall and Kourtney Kardashian also shared their favorite moments from Thursday’s dinner with their respective Instagram followings.

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  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Fleur East admits Strictly experience is ‘difficult to deal with’

    Strictly Come Dancing star Fleur East has detailed the struggles involved with competing in the BBC show. Despite storming to the semi-finals of the dancing competition, the singer has not always found the votes from the public easy to live with. She opened up on the effects of falling in the bottom two to Lorraine on Friday.

    However, Fleuer explained to Lorraine Kelly how the toll of being in the dance-off is harder to deal with than TV screens may show.

    Lorraine asked her: “Ludicrously you have been in the bottom two three times which I just don’t get. I don’t get it at all, that’s just nuts.

    “Clearly you get saved because you’re very good, but that must be upsetting or just knock your confidence a wee bit.”

    Fleur replied: “It’s quite difficult to deal with, he [Vito] has to always pick me up on a Monday after we’ve been in a dance off.”

    She added: “You work so hard all week and you get to that point and you just really hope you get through.

    “To be in the bottom and then to dance again under a lot of pressure is tough, it’s quite tough.”

    This week the remaining hopefuls will dance twice in a rescheduled semi-final taking place on Sunday evening.

    Fleur kicked off the series as one of the favourites to be crowned the ballroom champion but has since been usurped by an emerging favourite.

    Hamza Yassin and his professional partner Jowita Przystal are the current favourites to bring home the Glitterball Trophy.

    After a run of memorable performances, the pair are now the most fancied by bookmakers to be crowned victorious.

    Hamza is currently tipped at 4/11 with Bet Victor to win the series, with Fleur a tempting 40/1 to lift the coveted trophy.

    Sam Boswell from the bookmakers gave his insight on the remaining five duos.

    He said: “Hamza and Jowita are the favourites for the Glitterball.

    “We have seen plenty of short-price favourites win Strictly over the years and his journey seems to have really resonated with fans.”

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    William ‘was right’ Meghan ‘needed more time’ to see if she was ‘cut out’ for royal life

    Reflecting on the first three instalments, Jennie said: “At the end I came to the conclusion that perhaps what we might learn is that William was right all the time when he suggested, we are told, that Harry should take his time and just think whether Meghan, wasn’t the right woman for him, but whether she was cut out for this role.

    “The level of unpreparedness, not ignorance, unpreparedness for life within the Royal Family was astonishing.

    “She didn’t understand the formality, she didn’t understand it was a hierarchy and she wasn’t going to be the chief executive.

    “She didn’t understand our manners, our culture, the hugging…”

    “All of this suggests to me that she needed more time to assess whether she an independent, forthright woman of mature years should want to go into the structure of the Royal Family,” she continued.

    “I think she needed more time and William was right.”

    In the Netflix docuseries, Meghan spoke about her first meeting with William and Kate Middleton.

    “I was a hugger,” she said. “I’ve always been a hugger, I didn’t realise that that is really jarring for a lot of Brits.

    “I guess I started to understand very quickly that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside.

    “There is a forward-facing way of being, and then you close the door and go, ‘You can relax now’, but that formality carries over on both sides. And that was surprising to me.”

    Social activist Nimco urged watchers of the series to be sensitive to both Harry and Meghan and William and Kate.

    She said: “What has left me uncomfortable is the rhetoric around it. I think two things can be true at the same time.

    “Meghan did experience racism and the media did racially abuse her.

    “But also at the same time we don’t have to make an enemy of William and Kate who are both doing their duty a part of the monarchy.

    “I think there has to be a reality check of a lot of us trying to take sides and we have to understand that as much as this is a Royal Family this is still a family issue and they’re just airing their grievances publicly.”

    Elsewhere in the Netflix series, Harry shared his thoughts on his family’s first impressions of Meghan.

    “I remember my family first meeting her and being incredibly impressed, some of them didn’t quite know what to do with themselves,” he said. “Because I think they were surprised. They were surprised that a ginger could land such a beautiful woman and such an intelligent woman.

    “But the fact that I was dating an American actress was probably what clouded their judgment more than anything else at the beginning: ‘Oh she’s an American actress; this won’t last’.”

    Meghan added: “The actress thing was the biggest problem, funnily enough. There is a big idea of what that looks like from the UK standpoint – Hollywood – and it’s just very easy for them to typecast that.”

    Good Morning Britain airs on ITV on weekdays at 6am.

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Carol Vorderman takes scathing dig at Prince Harry’s intelligence

    Maths whiz Carol Vorderman was invited onto Friday’s instalment of This Morning where she was interviewed by hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series. The first three episodes of the programme were released on the streaming giant on Thursday, and Carol shared her thoughts about claims the couple made within it. She even took a dig at the Prince’s intelligence as she dissected key moments in the docu-series.

    Former Countdown star Carol said: “Well, my take is that [Meghan] is a very intelligent woman, I quite liked her to be perfectly honest.

    “I found out more about her than I have ever by reading online newspapers. I liked her, she’s a planner and she likes to control things in her life – that is not a criticism.”

    “She had a career and I like her,” Carol continued before adding. “She’s super intelligent, but [Harry] is nowhere near as intelligent as her.

    “And I think they are genuinely in love and he’s now found a purpose, that’s what I think, to be honest.”

    Earlier on in the interview, Carol, 61, claimed the documentary was made for an American audience about Brittons.

    Carol, Holly and Phillip discussed how Meghan claimed the Princess of Wales did not hug her when they first met.

    Carol added: “It was very much like Notting Hill and everyone speaks like Hugh Grant and so it was extending this formality to say a lot of British people are like this.

    “Well, love, if you go and mix with that kind of person, that’s fine. But if you go to Manchester and go here, there and everywhere everyone is hugging like crazy.”

    Holly found it hard to believe members of the Royal Family were not “huggers”.

    “Just because you are posh doesn’t mean you can’t hug someone,” Holly exclaimed. “It’s crazy.”

    Gyles Brandreth, who was also part of the debate, added: “I don’t necessarily hug people I’ve never met before so I think it’s perfectly acceptable.”

    The debate comes after Meghan discussed meeting Kate Middleton in January 2017 where she implied the Princess was not expecting the Duchess to hug her.

    “Even when Will and Kate came over, and I had met her for the first time, they came over for dinner,” Meghan shared in the Netflix series.

    “I remember I was in ripped jeans, and I was barefoot. Like, I was a hugger, I’ve always been a hugger.

    “I didn’t realise that that is really jarring for a lot of Brits.

    “I guess I started to understand very quickly that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside – that there is a forward-facing way of being.”

    Meghan added: “And then you close the door and you are like, ‘Oh, great. Okay, we can relax now.’ But that formality carries over on both sides. And that was surprising to me.”

    Buckingham Palace has not responded to the allegations made in the docu-series.

    The final three parts of the series will be released on Netflix next Thursday.

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    The Flatshare boss had to make ‘loads’ of changes as story ‘didn’t work’ for TV

    The Flatshare lead writer Rose Lewenstein revealed the battles the production team had on making the new Paramount+ show. The new six part series starring Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh has been adapted from the best-selling novel by Beth O’Leary. Due to the unique situation in which the story is told, telling the tale on TV proved to be trickier than many would imagine.

    When asked whether any major changes were involved in the new romcom story, Rose gave an intriguing behind the scenes insight.

    She told Express.co.uk and other press: “There were loads because the book format doesn’t work for screen.

    “The series remains faithful to the arc and the characters and their journey but at the same time the specifics are quite different.”

    She continued: “Because what was exciting in an opportunity with the big screen is that you could not do it in a novel because it would be weird.

    “So, we can cut in between Tiffany and Leon and look at their lives side by side that you can’t do in a novel.”

    Rose declared: “A novel can do things that we can’t do on screen as well.”

    The will-they-won’t-they drama follows Tiffany and Leon’s unusual living situation in London.

    Leon is a nurse at a children’s hospice and Tiffany is a journalist for a website demanding tricky targets.

    They find themselves sharing a flat to suit their current needs, which means Leon has the flat from 8pm to 8am.

    Tiffany rents his flat for the rest of the time, while Leon works night shifts to help pay for his brother’s jail sentence appeal.

    Leon eventually meets his tenant, after they share a trail of post-it notes to communicate with each other.

    Ahead of bringing Beth’s novel to the huge streaming platform, Jessica waxed lyrical about how appropriate the show was for today’s times.

    She said: “There’s something about the circumstances of how we live in 2022.

    “Now you can be a professional in your late twenties/early thirties and still need to have a flat that you can only occupy for twelve hours a day.

    “Tiffany is at that point where it’s about restarting her life and looking at who she is outside of a relationship.”

    The Downton Abbey star continued: “For women, it is ‘I’m not going to get scared into settling down or doing something that isn’t right for me.’

    “There is nothing certain in Tiff’s life. Her job that she has been working at forever is not as secure as it should be.

    “Those friendships that are deep and long-lasting stay, but then others are maybe not as solid as you would think. I thought that spoke to the current moment.”

    Anthony also praised the bond the pair struck up while portraying the story of two flatmates with an unusual relationship.

    The star revealed: “I love working with Jessie. I was genuinely missing her when she was not on set.”

    The Flatshare is available to stream on Paramount+ now

  • 1 час, 21 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Eamonn Holmes admits ‘life just got lonelier’ over heartbreaking loss of ‘special’ friend

    Eamonn Holmes, 63, has opened up about the tragic death of one of his dearest lifelong friends, Dr Maria Moloney. Describing himself as “inconsequential” in comparison to her, he lamented that life would feel much more lonely without her around.

    GB News host Eamonn Holmes, who is married to fellow TV presenter Ruth Langsford, paid tribute to his friend on Twitter on the day of her funeral.

    “A dear lifelong friend is buried today. Taken too soon. Known each other since I was a teenager in The 70s,” he exclaimed.

    “Maria Moloney had a supreme intellect but still devotedly followed my inconsequential existence on TV.

    “A special human being and a real Lady. Life just got lonelier,” he lamented to his fanbase of one million followers.

    Belfast lord mayor Christina Black also gave her a fond farewell, describing her as a “a trailblazer who broke through glass ceilings and walls in the world of business and public life for over 40 years”.

    Explaining her role during the bitter era of the Troubles, which Eamonn remembers only too well, Christina added that Maria had “made a solid contribution to advancing our economy in the wake of the peace process”.

    “[She contributed] to a city working hard to attract tourism, investment and jobs for its people.

    “She will be remembered fondly as a strong advocate for the new Belfast to which she proudly belonged.”

    Maria died at the weekend following a short illness, and will be sorely missed not just by friends and family, but those who were touched by her charity work.

    The savvy entrepreneur – the first senior female executive ever to manage business development at Harland and Wolff – joined Friends of The Cancer Centre at Belfast City Hospital as a trustee.

    While there, she was passionate about ensuring patients got the right cancer care.

    Chief executive Colleen Shaw praised: “Her influence was far reaching, inspiring new volunteer board members to dedicate themselves to further the charity’s work and raising awareness across Northern Ireland and beyond.”

    Eamonn shared Maria’s passion for ensuring good health and safety for all, and recently gave the NHS a boost when he declared after receiving “excellent” treatment for slipped discs in his back that his “heart belongs to them”.

    Meanwhile, some of Eamonn’s followers knew of Maria and shared their own insights into the impact she’d made.

    “A person of integrity. She lost her parents in the Kegworth air disaster but achieved so much in the following years. Condolences,” @Phointe wrote.

    @jimflynn39 echoed: “Sorry to hear that . I knew her parents who were tragically killed some years ago.”

  • 1 час, 35 минут назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Stacey Solomon lands BBC Christmas special

    She’s earned a legion of followers with her DIY crafting videos online.

    And now Stacey Solomon is set to host a festive BBC show teaching viewers how to cut costs and upcycle with crafts this Christmas.

    The TV personality, 33, will front Stacey Solomon’s Crafty Christmas, an one-off show following the star, her husband Joe Swash and their children as they hand-make gifts and decorations for their family and friends.

    With the help of professional organiser and Sort Your Life Out co-star, Dilly Carter, Stacey’s biggest task is to transform a neighbouring barn into a Christmas grotto for a party with her local community.

    In true Stacey style there are ideas for all ages, with son Leighton, 10, helping Stacey to create personalised Christmas crackers, and three-year-old Rex getting messy with marbleised baubles for the tree.

    Speaking about her love of crafting, she revealed: ‘It’s something I can really lose myself in. Life for many people is really fast and busy, and when I craft my mind has to focus on the task at hand.

    ‘You can have all these thoughts running around in your head but you have to push them to one side to focus on the thing in front of you. It’s so relaxing.’

    Speaking about her Christmas plans she added: ‘There’ll be lots more crafting, of course. I’m yet to make my Christmas door!

    ‘But I’m most looking forward to spending time with Joe and the kids. It’s been a busy year so I’m excited to wind down and just do nothing.’

    It comes after Stacey showed off Christmas decorations in an Instagram post on Thursday.

    The Loose Woman star gave fans a glimpse at the stunning decorations outside Pickle Cottage after transforming her family home into a stunning winter wonderland scene.

    Her daughter Rose, 13 months, who she shares with her husband Joe, could sweetly be seen grinning as she took in the magical festive scene.

    Stacey Solomon’s Crafty Christmas will air on BBC One and iPlayer at 8pm on Thursday December 15.

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Showbiz Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner pose for cozy snaps during family's extravagant Thanksgiving dinner