Kim Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have ‘inspiring’ Friendsgiving with incarcerated youths

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson held an ‘inspiring’ Friendsgiving for youths incarcerated at a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles.

The reality star, 42, shared photos from her recent visit to Camp Kilpatrick, where she broke bread with the young men and listened to them share their hopes and dreams for the future.

Kim applauded the youths for the steps they had taken to improve their lives as she posted snaps of her enjoying dinner alongside Tristan.

The photos captured Kim meeting the young men, whom all appeared to give her their undivided attention as they gathered around the showbiz star and NBA player.

Subsequent photos captured the group sitting around a table decorated with pine cones and candles as they enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

Kim listened intently to the young men as they opened their hearts and reveal their hopes for the future.

In the caption of the post, Kim expressed her appreciation to those who allowed her to visit the camp as she commended the young men who had ‘earned their way’ into the ‘model’ facility.

‘These young men have earned their way to this model camp in Malibu for great behavior. Many are in college classes and have made huge changes in their life.

‘My favorite part at our dinner was going around the table and hearing what their dreams and aspirations are. I can’t wait to see them all come true. Thank you to the staff at the facility and to @antirecidivismcoalition, @scottbudnick1 and @swlewis01 for having me.

‘Happy Thanksgiving to all of the men and women that are away from their families this year. A special shout out to Darius, William, Matthew, Tony, Carlos, Daniel, Monte, Matthew, Alan, Kevin, Carlos down at Camp Kilpatrick. I love you guys!’

Kim set her differences with Tristan aside after he cheated on Khloe again in order to make the visit possible.

The SKIMS founder has been involved in criminal justice reform while also being an advocate for those she believes to have been wrongfully imprisoned over the years.

Kim has helped free those who have been incarcerated in the past, such as Crystal Munoz in 2020.

She was sentenced for 18-years in prison for drug conspiracy and was forced to leave behind her 5-month-old baby and welcomed a second child in jail.

At the time of her clemency by then 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, Kim sent out a tweet regarding the situation.

‘Crystal was shackled by prison guards during the birth of her second daughter,’ she typed. ‘Crystal case was highlighted in the First Step Act which banned the degrading and inhumane treatment of shackling female prisoners during childbirth.’

Two other women she helped free from incarceration and long-term prison sentences included Judith Negron and Tynice Hall.

Kim has notably been working towards achieving a law degree, and passed her baby bar exam in December 2021.

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  • 1 час, 35 минут назад 05.12.2022Showbiz
    Outlander’s Lauren Lyle speaks on being ‘annoyed’ with Marsali costume ‘Feel restricted’

    As the season six finale of Outlander came to a major cliffhanger ending, fans eagerly await the show’s return to Starz. Ahead of the season seven premiere, Lauren Lyle spoke on the physical difficulties she faced portraying Marsali Fraser.

    Marsali Fraser was introduced to fans in season three as Laoghaire MacKenzie’s (played by Nell Hudson) daughter and Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) stepdaughter.

    She later fell in love with Jamie’s adopted son Fergus Fraser (Cesar Domboy) and agreed to marry him and move to the Ridge.

    Jamie and Laoghaire had broken up following Claire’s return, even though 20 years had passed it was clear she and Jamie were still in love.

    Despite Laoghaire’s attempts, the two reunited and all moved away together with Marsali in tow.

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    Although Marsali had reservations about Claire, based on what her mother told her, she came to learn Claire was a kind soul who wanted to help others.

    Therefore, she became Claire’s apprentice in her clinic and assisted her with medication and ailing patients.

    As the show was set in the 1700s the outfits were vastly different to what Claire would wear in the 1940s

    When she travelled back to the past to reunite with Jamie, Claire made the corset and the Scottish dress to blend in with the 18th-century ideals.

    However, these costumes were a pain for Marsali star Lauren who found becoming an 18th-century woman challenging.

    Speaking on the major differences, Lauren admitted: “The corsets, as well. I get so annoyed with having to wear a corset all the time.

    “No wonder you get back problems and things from it, and you’re getting pain, and you do feel restricted.

    “And having to cover my shoulders up, I’d always get really annoyed about having to put bonnets on and cover my shoulders because why should we have to?”

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    She continued: “So yes, there’s lots of feminist brain about me that didn’t like certain things. “But at the same time, I loved how accurately it was portrayed of the time and that that had to be how it is so that we really tell an accurate, authentic story,” Lauren said to Parade.com.

    Although Marsali and Fergus were an admired couple, their lives took a dramatic turn when Fergus began working at Jamie’s wine business.

    There he began drinking heavily to soothe his fears about being able to protect his family.

    As the American Revolution was beginning, Fergus worried he wouldn’t be able to go to war with the other men as he only had one hand.

    His fears worsened during season five after Claire and a heavily pregnant Marsali were attacked and their baby Henri-Christian was born with dwarfism.

    The parents were shamed by the locals for the newborn’s disabilities, and the baby had also been kidnapped and placed in a basket in the river.

    With a stern wake-up call from Marsali, Fergus agreed to stop drinking and the young family relocated to River Run.

    Therefore, it’s yet to be seen if they will make an appearance in the upcoming seventh season.

    Outlander seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Starz in the US and on LIONGATE+ in the UK

  • 1 час, 35 минут назад 05.12.2022Showbiz
    Yellowstone season 5: Real reason John freed Summer exposed by bunkhouse stars

    During the fifth episode of Yellowstone, viewers saw the return of John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) former flame Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo). Although John was able to get her out of jail, there was a deeper meaning behind her release.

    During season four, Summer was introduced as one of the environmental activists protesting against industrial farming in Montana.

    Alongside her group called Free Earth, they were against the butchering of animals, and while outside the Montana Livestock Association offices in Livingston, they stripped and showered themselves with red paint.

    Although the protesters were all arrested, Summer was bailed out by John after he was left fascinated by her.

    The two had a torrid affair, which his feisty daughter Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) was less pleased about.

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    After another run-in with the law, Summer found herself back in prison with a lifetime sentence looming over her.

    Beth had also actively contributed to putting her behind bars and she decided to change her plea to guilty, for what she believed would be a 15-year suspension.

    Instead, Summer was left with a prison sentence which would last over three decades.

    When season five returned, John had newfound power as the Governor of Montana and the first issue he tackled was Summer’s freedom.

    Speaking on this choice, Ryan star Ian Bohen suggested: “I think he [John Dutton] feels bad that he put her away.”

    Denim Richards who stars as Colby remarked: “It’s interesting to see his morality when it decides to wield itself and not.”

    “Suddenly it’s like I need to care for the flower,” Ian added.

    While Jimmy Hurdstrom star Jefferson White interjected: “There might be a double standard there.”

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    Despite his new respected role, John was hating every moment of it as it came with a plethora of complicated responsibilities.

    When he wanted to be focused on his Yellowstone ranch and keep it safe from the prying hands of Market Equities.

    As it was the largest ranch in the US, the multi-million dollar company wanted to take a piece of the land to begin airport developments.

    However, John refused because the ranch had been in his lineage for several generations and he wanted to keep it that way but Market Equities were ruthless with their threats.

    John decided to release Summer because he was looking to hire an environmental advisor, who would think like the people against farming.

    With Summer’s experience and passion for activism, he considered her perfect for the position.

    John was able to get her out of prison on a six-month work release, where he will act as her supervisor and oversee her release programme.

    With their history, John could find himself embroiled in a complicated love triangle as he is also involved with Montana Senator Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz).

    Yellowstone season 5 continues Sunday on the Paramount Network in the USA and Monday on Paramount+ in the UK.

  • 1 час, 35 минут назад 05.12.2022Showbiz
    Wednesday’s Hunter Doohan speaks on whether Tyler had true feelings for co-star

    The iconic Addams family returned to screens with a new spotlight shining on their eldest daughter Wednesday Adams (played by Jenna Ortega). After it looked as though the youngster found love with a barista, Tyler (Hunter Doohan), the actor spoke of if those feelings were real.

    The spooky drama made its record-breaking comeback to Netflix with a huge makeover, as it followed Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.

    The teenager tried to master her psychic abilities and solve mysteries which embodied her parents 25 years ago.

    While contending with the other students, mysterious plots and old secrets, Wednesday formed a bond with the local barista Tyler.

    However, his shocking confession in episode seven left many questioning his true intentions for Wednesday.

    In the finale minutes of the season finale, Tyler admitted to being a murderous villain, the Hyde,

    This came after Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) was arrested on suspicion of being the creator.

    Tyler star Hunter opened up about whether his character ever had feelings for Wednesday or if he just harboured vengeance.

    The actor stated: “He was always playing her. Maybe there’s an attraction there and, he probably wouldn’t admit it.

    “A respect for her, but he’s filled with so much anger and hatred toward her and her family and all of Nevermore because of what happened to his mom,” Hunter added to Entertainment Weekly.

    After Wednesday escaped a counselling session she found herself at the coffee shop where Tyler was working.

    He was left intrigued after she was able to fix the coffee machine and although he seemed shy, Tyler was observing everything about Wednesday.

    After he probed about her skills, Wednesday admitted she had those machines at home so she could decapitate her dolls more efficiently.

    Tyler’s curiosity peaked because his father Sheriff Donovan Galpin despised Nevermore Academy.

    He also hated Wednesday’s father Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán) and considered him responsible for the murder of Garrett Gates, even though it was never proven.

    When Donovan saw Tyler hanging out with Wednesday, he was angered and told his son to stay away from her.

    Instead, he remained interested and tried his best to woo her, however, this proved unsuccessful, even though she did have a soft spot for him.

    The Hyde attacked Wednesday and although she got away, she noticed the monster left footprints which turned from paws to feet.

    After following the trail she came across Xavier whose excuse for being in the area left Wednesday with doubt.

    With Tyler’s confession of being The Hyde, fans will have to wait until season two to see the fallout of his confession.

    Viewers and critics praised Jenna’s performance many questioned whether the drama would be renewed for another season.

    While it became evident eight episodes weren’t enough for fans, they will have to wait for confirmation from Netflix over the coming weeks as the streaming giant keeps a close eye on the show’s success.

    Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.

  • 1 час, 35 минут назад 05.12.2022Showbiz
    Virgin River’s Muriel star to fall in love after star drops major clue

    Fans are eager to see Netflix’s hit romance drama Virgin River make its comeback with season five. Ahead of its release, actress Teryl Rothery hinted her character Muriel could finally settle down.

    When Muriel was first introduced, fans considered her a villain for getting in between Hope Mcrea (played by Annette O’Toole) and Doc Mullins (Tom Matheson).

    She made her romantic interest in Doc well aware, which filled Hope with hatred for her even though the couple had been separated for 20 years.

    Hope and Doc had been married but never made their break-up official with a divorce, instead, they chose to remain close friends.

    During season three Hope was away for the majority of the season as she went to visit an ailing aunt, as a result, Muriel and Doc got closer.

    After Hope got into a major car crash on the way back to the Virgin River, Muriel realised just how dedicated Doc was to Hope.

    As a result, Muriel was able to be there for him as a close friend and provided support.

    She also made Hope a photo blanket with all her loved ones’ faces for when she left the operating room.

    As Doc went from a potential romance to a platonic friend, actress Teryl Rothery hinted at her character bagging a love interest in season five

    Teryl stated: “I would want her to find a love interest, that poor woman Muriel is constantly searching and searching and searching.

    “It’s like okay ‘you need a break’, give her somebody

    “Just for her to experience that because there’s obviously a tremendous need in this woman that she does the things she does and behaves the way she behaves.”

    The actress continued: “That’s all her way of covering as we discover that vulnerability in her, which I think all humans do, we all cover it up with something.”

    “Muriel is no different, so it would be nice for her to have some kind of connection where she feels wanted.”

    When probed about an upcoming backstory, Teryl added: “Maybe her secret lover or her ex, or somebody comes forward.

    “I’m all for that too, that would be fantastic, that would be awesome .”

    Speaking on the Chatting with B podcast, she explained “That’s the beauty of this show, you can go just about anywhere.”

    Although Muriel’s potential relationship is yet to be confirmed there will definitely be wedding bells in the upcoming season.

    During the finale, Jack Sheridan (Marin Henderson) proposed to Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge).

    With the couple expecting a daughter, fans could see the couple tie the knot and welcome their first child in season five.

    However, there is also the question of Vince’s (Steve Baci) fate, after he was knocked out by Preacher (Colin Lawrence) to help Paige (Lexa Doig) and Christopher (Chase Petriw) escape.

    Virgin River seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix

  • 1 час, 48 минут назад 05.12.2022Showbiz
    Selma Blair arrives at Chris McMillan hair salon in Beverly Hills with her trusty service dog Scout

    Selma Blair, 50, was spotted walking her service dog Scout, who helps her in case she faints, as she arrived at Chris McMillan’s hair salon in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

    The Cruel Intentions actress – who recently gushed over Christina Applegate -sported a casual look in faded denim jeans, a fitted black pullover, and black loafers as she headed to her appointment.

    The beauty added dark glasses and wore a large green over-the-shoulder bag.

    ‘The thing is, I pass out a lot,’ she told Entertainment Tonight in an interview during her time on Dancing With The Stars.

    ‘It’s part of the reason I have Scout and it doesn’t mean I lose consciousness [or] it’s a whole ambulance experience, it’s something that I lose my vision, gravity pulls me down and I’m very disoriented and gone for a spell,’ she said.

    Selma explained that her dog is ‘kind of there to also catch me, you know, make the ground a little closer with his back.’

    Blair, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018, dropped out of Season 31, Dancing With the Stars at her doctors’ request in October, four weeks after she joined the competition.

    During her final episode as a contestant, Blair told the judges and her fellow dancers; ‘This competition has shown me how much I love to be with people who are trying their hardest.’

    Selma spoke about her journey with the disease on the show saying, ‘I was sick for so many years.’

    Blair was teamed up on the show with professional dancer Sasha Farber, who shared that Selma once fainted before a rehearsal, but insisted on coming in anyway.

    He said, ‘I’m like: “Take the day off, just chill.” She’s like: “Nope!”‘ Sasha spilled, adding that she stretched their scheduled two-hour rehearsal into a whopping five hours.

    Selma brought Scout home this past December on the advice of her neurologist, she revealed to People magazine earlier this year.

    She noted that her new English Labrador ‘kept me moving and helped me build stamina’ and noted that her son Arthur, 11, ‘loves knowing Scout is by my side.’

    The Hellboy actress explained: ‘It’s a big undertaking, and he’s still young, not yet two, but he’s a tremendous gift. He’s with me all the time.’

    She added: ‘If I fall into a big [muscle] spasm or have some trouble moving and need to recalibrate, he can get between my legs, help me get up, and balance me. It’s given me a lot of independence.’

    Last week, Selma shared a sweet snap of her 11-year-old son, Arthur to social media on Thursday as they celebrated Thanksgiving.

    The Hellboy actress wished her 3.1 million Instagram followers a happy holiday.

    Arthur appeared to be having fun as he was seen sitting in a toy car and smiling up at his mother.

    Selma shares Arthur with American fashion designer Jason Bleick whom she dated from 2010 to 2012.

  • 1 час, 48 минут назад 05.12.2022Showbiz
    Instagram ‘snark’ account slammed for sharing a close-up of stunning influencer’s crooked teeth

    An Instagram ‘snark’ account has been slammed for sharing close-up photos of a stunning young model’s crooked teeth.

    The anonymous page, which goes by the name DutchMinty, raised eyebrows on Sunday by uploading screenshots of model Sophia Begg, 18, speaking to her fans on TikTok.

    The screenshots were taken at the exact moment Sophia opened her mouth, revealing a glimpse at her natural-looking teeth.

    In the caption, the poster wrote: ‘After posting a video on her TikTok spam account, SophaDopha [Sophia’s TikTok handle] has received a lot of trolling about her teeth.’

    ‘SophaDopha Teeth’ is now a trending search on TikTok,’ the user added. M

    Many followers accused DutchMinty of adding to the trolling by posting the close-up photos.

    ‘This post is wrong on so many levels,’ one follower commented, as someone else agreed: ‘Well this is just a nasty post.’

    ‘Eww, no. It’s 2022. We’re not trolling people on their appearance,’ another added.

    Others praised Sophia for eschewing traditional ‘influencer beauty standards’, with one commenting: ‘I love seeing someone without a mouth full of veneers. Talk about relatable.’

    ‘Seeing influencers like Sophadopha and [rapper] Flexmami rox (rock) their teeth reminds me that my teeth are f**king normal and I love that they don’t drop the first bag [of money] they have on getting them fixed,’ someone else added.

    Sophia has previously spoken about how having crooked teeth impacts her confidence.

    In December last year she discussed her self image battle in a YouTube vlog, telling fans: ‘You guys know i am quite insecure about my teeth… as you can see they’re not the straightest.’

    ‘Like we all know. There’s no need to address it but i want to quickly show you guys the products that i use to make me feel more comfortable with my teeth,’ she continued, before spruiking a teeth whitening brand.

    In November last year, Sophia also uploaded a quick TikTok video of herself posing for a selfie with her mouth pursed shut.

    ‘How does everyone on TikTok be having straight af teeth like am I the only one with crooked teeth [eye-roll emoji],’ she captioned the clip.

    In the description, she wrote; ‘Tryna be confident out here but it ain’t easy [sic].’

    Sophia rose to fame with her quirky TikTok videos and has since collaborated with major fashion retailers including Beginning Boutique and White Fox Boutique.

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Showbiz Kim Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have 'inspiring' Friendsgiving with incarcerated youths