Ken Jeong drops by and Zoe Chao laughs uproariously with Zach Woods on set of The Afterparty

The cast of the Apple TV+ murder-mystery sitcom The Afterparty were seen thoroughly enjoying each other’s company on set this week.

Zoe Chao laughed uproariously while chatting with her co-star Zach Woods near one of the trailers in Santa Clarita, California.

A top-flight cast has been assembled for the upcoming second season, including Ken Jeong, who was spotted wandering across the set the same day.

Several of the actors were decked out in elaborate period costumes, including not only Zoe and Zach but also Vivian Wu.

Ken, Zach and Vivian are all new additions to the cast for season two, while Zoe has been a regular on The Afterparty since the show began.

A formidable array of actors has been part of the series since season one, including Tiffany Haddish, who leads the cast as a detective trying to solve a murder.

Sam Richardson, who is beloved by Veep fans for his role as the sweetly naive but hyper-competent Richard Splett, is also one of the principal cast.

Parks And Recreation alumnus Ben Schwartz, The Mindy Project actor Ike Barinholtz and James Franco’s brother Dave Franco could all be seen on season one.

Season two, meanwhile, will include such names as the dashing English comedian Jack Whitehall and the scene-stealing I, Tonya actor Paul Walter Hauser.

The eponymous afterparty takes place following a high school reunion, and turns out to be the site of a murder that dominates the rest of season one.

In a narrative flourish similar to the iconic Japanese whodunit Rashomon, the audience sees the events of the same party play out through the eyes of multiple different characters, each of whom has a different version of what happened.

The Afterparty was created by Christopher Miller, who is best known for his work in collaboration with Phil Lord.

As a team, Lord and Miller directed the 2012 movie 21 Jump Street starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, and they were also the duo behind The Lego Movie.

Season one debuted on Apple TV+ this January and concluded in March, with filming on the follow-up season now underway.

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  • 1 час, 2 минуты назад 18.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘RIP my tiger’ BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty saddened by colleague’s grief after own loss

    Naga Munchetty, 47, has taken to Twitter this week to express her sympathy to her BBC colleague Simon King. It comes after the journalist suffered through a recent bereavement.

    Lead BBC Weather Presenter Simon, took to Twitter a few days ago to announce his cat Aflie had passed away.

    Alongside a photo of the ginger cat, which sadly had to be put down, Simon tweeted: “He had a good life of 17 years.

    “But old age issues finally caught up with him and we had to say goodbye to Alfie today.”

    Naga – who works alongside Simon on the likes of BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 5 Live- responded to the sad news this week, with her tweeting: “So sorry Simon.”

    On Twitter, Simon wrote: “Rest in peace my tiger” revealing his cat had been put to sleep.

    Follower TCargo88 wrote a response to Simon to say that he too had lost his cat recently.

    The meteorologist told him: “We had to make that decision and it was so hard.

    “Just had to keep remembering it was the best thing for him in the circumstances.”

    Other fans rushed to the post at the time to share their well wishes.

    @AndyLv2012 wrote: “Sorry to hear about Alfie’s passing Simon but glad to celebrate a life well lived.”

    @Alexfyam said: “So hard to say goodbye but the greatest gift we can give them is to let them go when they need to.”

    Another wrote: “So hard to say goodbye but the greatest gift we can give them is to let them go when they need to.”

    Naga, however, was not the only co-presenter who shared her condolences.

    Others who took to the social media site include fellow BBC presenter Owain Wyn Evans.

    Owain wrote: “So sorry to hear this Simon.”

    It comes shortly after Naga, who is married to TV consultant James Haggar, lost one of her own cats, named Missy.

    Alongside photos of the pet, she wrote on Instagram a few weeks ago: “Goodbye to our darling, sweet girl Missy yesterday.”

    She added: “She may have been small but she was immense in stature.”

    Naga – who has two other cats – went on: “The sweetest cat I’ve ever loved. She’s left a massive hole in our hearts and home.”

  • 1 час, 2 минуты назад 18.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘No I am not’ RMT union boss slaps down GMB host over ‘six-figure salary’ claims

    Paul Brand locked horns with National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers’ boss Mick Lynch as he made his Good Morning Britain hosting debut. However, Mr Lynch soon slapped down the ITV journalist after he probed him about his salary live on air. The union boss appeared on the programme as 40,000 Network Rail workers walk out in another planned strike for better pay.

    Paul asked the 60-year-old: “What support are you giving members because you are on a six-figure salary, I don’t want to demonise you for that as there are politicians on a six-figure salary.”

    Mr Lynch quickly slapped Paul down by assuring him he was not on a six-figure salary, adding: “I’m not on a six-figure salary, that is completely untrue.”

    The pair spoke over each other as Paul suggested Mick was on “significantly more” money than the members of the union he represents.

    Paul reiterated how he was not interested in demonising Mr Lynch as the tension continued to mount.

    The Good Morning Britain presenter explained: “What I am trying to ask you is, you have got members who are on very low salaries, how much longer can they really continue with these strikes for?

    “You might be committed to them and you say your members are committed to them, but actually, many of them are going to start feeling the pain pretty soon, aren’t they?”

    Mr Lynch replied: “Of course, they are feeling the pain, they are making a sacrifice to stand up for their rights.”

    He reminded the host there was a cost of living crisis going on, adding: “You don’t get anything without being committed to a cause and our members are fully committed.

    “You will see around the country they need to go on strike and we are going to have mass demonstrations.”

    Rail strikes have caused travel chaos throughout the summer and another walkout is scheduled for Saturday, August 20.

    If passengers’ services have been cancelled, delayed or rescheduled, they will be entitled to a change or refund.

    DON’T MISS:Rob Rinder mocks Sajid Javid as viewers distracted by MP’s beard [PICTURES]GMB’s Alex Beresford hits back as he’s attacked over weather warnings [UPDATE]’RMT haven’t put offer to the staff!’ Rail boss slams Mick Lynch [INSIGHT]

    Mr Lynch continued: “We know exactly what we are doing and our members support this issue and will continue to do so until we have created a settlement we can put to the company to see if they want to accept it or not.”

    He stressed how the union members know what needs to be done in order to get the result they want.

    Kate Garraway and Paul spoke to Network Rail’s chief executive Andrew Haines following their interview with Mr Lynch to hear his views on the strike action.

    Mr Haines said Network Rail can’t afford to offer any higher pay rise to rail workers.

    He added: “What I don’t want is people coming to work with a pay rise but then worried that their job is going to be under threat because we’ve actually bankrupted the company.”

    Mr Haines told ITV viewers he thought an eight percent pay rise was a “good offer” which was supported by job security.

    He also said Network Rail gets half of its funding through the taxpayer, the rest is made up of fares and grants.

  • 1 час, 2 минуты назад 18.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘Better than Ben Shephard!’ Kate Garraway teases new GMB host as viewers ‘switch off’

    Paul is no stranger to the Good Morning Britain family as he often appears on the ITV show bringing awareness to a whole range of issues usually surrounding politics. However, Thursday was the first time he was hosting alongside Kate Garraway who couldn’t help but have a cheeky swipe at her co-star Ben Shephard when welcoming Paul to the show. Unfortunately, viewers weren’t as impressed by the host.

    At the beginning of the episode, Kate complimented Paul’s “amazing” journalism he’s brought to Good Morning Britain in the past.

    She then asked how he was feeling so far in the presenting chair next to her.

    He jokingly responded: “Awake! Which is a good thing.”

    Kate teased: “Oh that’s a good start! That’s better than Ben Shephard most of the time.”

    Paul told Kate as he has a one-year-old son, it’s been a good rehearsal for the early morning start he had to do for the show.

    He joked as he’s usually changing nappies around this time it’s a “significant upgrade” on his regular routine.

    After the clip was played Kate said: “Wow, I think we’re punching aren’t we?”

    Paul replied: “I feel like I’m on This is Your Life or something, have you got a ring binder under there for me Kate?”

    While Kate couldn’t stop complimenting Paul, some viewers weren’t impressed and “switched off”.

    Diannebrown128 said: “Turned on to see the biased Paul brand sitting in the seat and turned straight off again.” (sic)

    Gareth Richards added: “Thanks I won’t watching.”

    Cathy_M12 commented: “Good God, no thanks. Turned off.. you’ll be having Angela Raynor ‘guesting’ next @JuliaHB1 for me now.”

    Antony Nibloe swiped: “No thanks #milkshake on @channel5_tv is more interesting.”

    With Vanessa Oliver-Green adding: “You’ll never be on my tv, you’re the biggest reason to turn off! People are going to TALKTV!”

    Simonspudwynn simply said: “Another reason not to watch.”

    Despite the mixed reaction from viewers, Kate shared an image of them both smiling behind the GMB panel telling her 509.9k followers they were “loving it”.

    Re-sharing the snap, Paul paid tribute to his co-host for the day helping him settle into the role.

    He captioned the snap: “Kate generously keeping me on track this morning – what a woman!”

  • 1 час, 2 минуты назад 18.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘RMT haven’t put offer to the staff!’ Rail boss slams Mick Lynch ‘Workers would accept it’

    BBC Breakfast interviewed trade union boss Mick Lynch before putting his claims to Chief Executive of Network Rail Andrew Haines. The rail boss furiously denied Mr Lynch’s claim Grant Shapps is to blame for the stalemate between workers and the rail company, instead hitting out at Mr Lynch for not putting Network Rail’s latest deal to trade union members.

    Referring to an earlier interview, the BBC reporter said: “Mick Lynch there saying the politics of the Conservative Party is getting in the way of a deal here.

    “Do you feel from a Network Rail point of view that that is a problem?

    Haines remarked: “I think the problem is we put a very good deal on the table that gives a guarantee of jobs to everyone who wants it, that deals with a lot of the long-standing issues and an eight percent pay rise over two years.

    “But that hasn’t been put to my staff, the RMT have refused to put it to a referendum, and that’s the problem because if they had a chance to vote on it, I believe they would accept it.”

    Haines continued: “When we put a similar deal to a different union that got a very strong endorsement.

    “That’s the way to unlock it and get rid of this huge frustration for passengers today.”

    “That pay rise is contingent on some changes being made in the second year, reform, modernisation whatever you want to call it,” the reporter questioned.

    “For some people out there on the picket line this morning modernisation, one of them said to me, that means cuts.

    “Can you guarantee that they will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of the changes you want to make?”

    The Network Rail boss replied: “We have absolutely made that guarantee.

    “We have said if the pay deal is accepted we will guarantee no compulsory redundancies for all those people affected.

    “It’s a fundamental plan and of course the first strike day we were told that was the big issue, that was the issue people were striking for so we give you that guarantee.”

    Thursday’s strike is the latest in a number of union strikes to affect the transport industry.

    Earlier on BBC Breakfast, Mr Lynch furiously defended the union’s stance on negotiations.

    He said: “We haven’t got an offer that we can consider a reasonable offer, we haven’t got an acceptance package and that’s because the train companies and Network Rail are being blocked from making those offers from Grant Shapps.

    “It’s obvious now that Grant Shapps is locked in a cycle where he’s got to appease two really right-wing candidates for Prime Minister in the Tory Party election and if he wants to protect his position he’s got to prove he’s some steely right-wing militant which is what the whole party is becoming.

    “We need to unlock that there’s a political dimension to it now which is unfortunate because this is an industrial relations matter about jobs, condition, pay and pensions.”

    “There is a deal to be done,” he added. “I spoke to a senior negotiator from Network Rail this morning on this picket line, he came along and said hello.

    “We’ve got a decent relationship with them, we could build a solution if we were allowed to.

    “But at the minute the politics of the Conservative Party leadership election I fear is stopping this dispute from being resolved.”

    BBC Breakfast airs on BBC One daily at 6am.

  • 1 час, 2 минуты назад 18.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘Wrong on every level’ GMB sparks uproar as A-Level students open results live on air

    Students across the country opened their A-Level exam results on Thursday morning. Good Morning Britain filmed a variety of students opening their results live on air, with some being thrilled with their grades and others being left disappointed. However, many viewers felt it was an “awful” decision to make the youngsters tell ITV viewers their results.

    One of the students who opened her results live on air was called Ellie who lived in Hull.

    She said she would like to go on to do maths tutoring at a secondary school during a gap year before studying law.

    Ellie was very anxious as she started opening her results envelope and was reminded not to swear live on air.

    The youngster was stunned as she received A, A* and a C in her A-Level results.

    She needed an A* in law and said while putting her hands to her face: “I am so happy.”

    Dylan, who was hoping for Bs, got D, D, C but he did have an unconditional offer.

    He looked deflated by the results as the camera moved on to watch the next student find out their grades.

    Good Morning Britain viewers took to Twitter as they watched pupils read their grades aloud.

    Holls fumed: “This is wrong on every level. Way to put these kids under pressure #goodmorningbritain.”

    David Bank added: “This poor [students] being forced to open their exam results live on telly for our amusement.”

    Megan said: “#GMB having kids open results on camera is awful. To then say at least you have an unconditional offer is wrong. Poor lad.”

    @UnInterlocutor penned: “Does anyone else find this exam results theatre weird? It is a private matter – not news. #GMB.”

    Despite the backlash, other viewers were thrilled to hear what universities the students were getting into.

    Alice Malatesta commented: “Not me crying at the telly of students getting their A-level results! Congrats to everyone! #gmb”

    Jim Dryden added: “Bless those kids…Well done…#gmb.” (sic)

    Following the segment, Education Secretary James Cleverly was interviewed by Kate and Paul about whether A-level results were fair compared to previous years when exams haven’t taken place.

    He admitted his A-Level results were “shockingly bad” live to ITV viewers as he refused to share his grades.

    The minister said: “The deferral rate is not a particularly large or significant number.

    “What we are seeing is more students getting to their first or second choices at universities.”

  • 3 часа, 2 минуты назад 18.08.2022Showbiz
    Bruce Forsyth’s TOP Strictly Come Dancing moments: ‘My makeup lady… it’s not funny!’

    Bruce Forsyth had been suffering from ill health prior to his condition sadly deteriorating in 2017. But the legend of Saturday night TV – whose career spanned a staggering eight decades – will always be remembered for his sense of humour and comedic timing. Express.co.uk takes a look at some of the showbiz legend’s hilarious moments from his decade-long stint co-hosting Strictly Come Dancing alongside Tess Daly.

    Forsyth would often open the show with a song and choreographed dance to get everyone in the mood before announcing his well-known phrase.He would shout to the audience “it’s nice to see you, to see you…” before encouraging the audience to answer in chorus: “Nice.”Forsyth became well known for his catchphrases, often cracking up the crowd by telling them that they were “lovely, much better than last week”.The dancers themselves did not escape his attention either – he would encouragingly tell the celebrity and their professional partner that they were his “favourites”.

    Before the dancing would commence, Forsyth and Daly would entertain the audience with a bit of back and forth.In 2010, he said: “Just look at that dancefloor, every single crack has been filled in. Every inch has been sanded to perfection and it’s had six coats of varnish.”When Daly asked if he did it all himself, Forsyth quipped “my makeup lady… it’s not funny, she works so hard.”On another occasion, the audience erupted into laughter and applause when he pretended to hurl expletives at the four judges.

    Forsyth said: “It’s ten past nine, it’s after the watershed, so for the first time ever on Strictly Come Dancing, I can be as rude as I like… to the judges.”Forsyth then proceeded to address each judge and pretended to swear at them – “swearing” for the longest at Craig Revel Horwood, who often receives “boos” from the audience for his criticism.

    Also in 2010, the veteran entertainer made a quip at magician Paul Daniels, who was 72 when he took to the Strictly dancefloor.Forsyth said: “It’s doing me a world of good this show – Matt Baker, making me feel younger; Tina O’Brian makes me wish I was younger; Paul Daniels makes me look younger.”On occasion, Forsyth would step in when the dancers were being lambasted by the judges.When Revel Horwood told a contestant they were “painful” to watch, Forsyth jibbed: “I’m not being rude but sometimes you’re painful to listen to.”

    His lighthearted humour will always be remembered and often helped ease contestants’, and even the professional dancers’, nerves.Forsyth once joked that he had asked contestant and Hairy Biker, Dave Myers, how to do a trick before he took to the floor. He told the audience in 2013: “I said to Dave, you know when you’re riding your bike and it goes up at the front? I’d love to know what that’s called. He said ‘wheelie’. I said ‘yes, I wheelie would’.”

    But one of Daly’s favourite side-splitting moments was when Forsyth surprised her by doing the Gangnam Style dance – which was famously performed on the show by former politician Ed Balls.In 2011, Forsyth was given a Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards, and that same year, he was knighted for his services to entertainment and charity.In response to his death in 2017, Daly wrote a tribute on Twitter: “There are no words to describe how heartbroken I am to be told the saddest news that my dear friend Sir Bruce Forsyth has passed away.“From the moment we met, Bruce and I did nothing but laugh our way through a decade of working together on Strictly Come Dancing and I will never forget his generosity, his brilliant sense of humour, and his drive to entertain the audiences he so loved.”

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Showbiz Ken Jeong drops by and Zoe Chao laughs uproariously with Zach Woods on set of The Afterparty