Kate Hudson says the secret to looking young at 43 is ‘sleep, hydration and supplements’

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery star Kate Hudson still looks incredible at age 43.

And this week the actress daughter of Goldie Hawn told Vogue exactly what she does to make it seem as if she is drinking from the fountain of youth.

Turns out it is a mixture of plenty of ‘sleep, hydration and supplements.’ And she adds in daily meditation sessions as well.

She likes to sleep at least eight to nine hours a night. And when it comes to hydration, she keeps a bottle of water at the ready.

The supplements are easy for her too.

‘I created a supplement with InBloom called Beauty Aura and I take this every day. For me, for skin, fine line, hair and nails, this is my dream product,’ said the mother of three.

And on top of those three things, she also mixes in meditation.

‘Meditation is probably the most important self-care that I do,’ said the Almost Famous star.

‘I know it sounds silly but when you have your eye mask is a really good time to do it. I can thank my mom for that because she’s been doing that since the ’70s!’

Kate also said she is ‘not religious’ about her beauty routine.

The explained that she has started to ‘enjoy’ having a skincare regime as she gets older but doesn’t stick to it every single day and doesn’t take her makeup off every night.

She said: ‘I’ve always had some kind of routine, and I enjoy it more now that I’m older.

‘[Though] I’m not religious about it which I know a lot of people would be like “You have to take your makeup off every night” and I’m not gonna lie, I have nights where I do not do that.’

Speaking in a video for Vogue, she added: ‘I think because I love products so much, that keeps me playing with my skincare routine and I change it all the time.

‘So, like, what I’m using today is not what I’ll be using next week. I do like to do eye masks though before I put on before I put on makeup.

‘Everyone always asks me like “Skincare, skincare, what do you do?”

‘It really is just three things. Sleep, hydration, supplements.’

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  • 1 час, 33 минуты назад 06.12.2022Showbiz
    ‘Bit embarrassed’: Helen Skelton admits children were left ‘awkward’ after couple’s choice

    Last week, the remaining six couples took to the stage as they performed for Musical Week in a bid to secure their place in the semi-final. Helen Skelton and partner Gorka Marquez performed their Couple’s Choice to Mein Herr from Cabaret. However, she admitted that her children were left “embarrassed” over their sexy routine.

    Helen and Gorka joined It Takes Two host Rylan Clark to discuss their performance at the weekend.

    He asked: “You mentioned your parents’ support, your mum was in the audience, what did they make of it?”

    Helen admitted: “My children said it was a bit weird and they were a little embarrassed but they loved it.

    “My mum was in the front row going mad. All our families, it’s nice for them to see us having a good time because we had a great adventure, a great journey so far.

    “Obviously some bits are easier than others, but you put a lot of hard work in and when it comes together like it did the other night, it’s brilliant for us but performing for them as well.”

    Helen shares her three children Ernie, seven, Louis, five, and baby Elsie, nine months, with her ex-husband Richie Myler.

    Their performance on Saturday night received a stunning round of applause from the audience, their fellow dancers and a standing ovation from Shirley Ballas.

    Receiving their comments from the judges, Shirley kicked off: “I mean, am I looking at a mummy of three?

    “Am I looking at a young lady that has grown from a timid shy girl from week one to this sensual performance? I’ve got goosebumps all over me!

    “Absolutely off the chat in every way, from technique to coordination, to how you danced with your partner, to how you danced with the professionals.

    “It was a memory I will treasure forever, well done.”

    Anton Du Beke admitted that he got a little emotional because he liked their dance so much and was “proud” of her performance.

    Tough judge Craig Revel Horwood added: “I think you could have used your centre a little bit more…” but he was cut off by an uproar of boos from the audience.

    He continued: “Oh my goodness. In this dance, every move is a picture, I think you achieved that immaculately.

    “This style is very particular, it is based on Fosse’s work and I thought, actually, you did one of the most brilliant dances with Fosse’s stuff I have seen.”

    Getting their scores from the judges, Craig awarded them a nine, with the other three judges scoring their performance a 10.

    Unfortunately for presenter Kym Marsh and partner Graziano Di Prima, their Strictly journey came to an end as she became the 10th celebrity to be eliminated.

    Touching on her journey, she told host Tess Daly: “My dad has been so proud and it’s kind of kept him going.

    “When he was in hospital last week, and obviously we weren’t here, all these guys sent him videos and it meant such a lot.

    “My grandchildren are so proud. I have to say, it’s all down to this man (Graziano) here, he is just wonderful and he will be my friend forever.

    “But what a journey it’s been, this show is just wonderful, it shows you things about yourself you don’t know, it shows you how tough you can be.”

  • 1 час, 33 минуты назад 06.12.2022Showbiz
    Yellowstone fans ‘work out’ major Dutton family death as new promo teases tragic exit

    Kayce Dutton (played by Luke Grimes) and his wife Monica’s (Kelsey Asbille) story took another harrowing turn at the beginning of Yellowstone season five when their unborn baby John was tragically killed following a car accident. Ever since, the Paramount series has delved into the pair’s struggles with grief and while they’ve managed just about to keep their family unit together, the promo for episode six has hinted at yet another deadly exit to rip through the Duttons.

    The trailer for the next episode of Yellowstone opens with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) taking a trip into the Montana wilderness.

    “I could live here and never see another person in my whole life except you,” Beth tells her beau as she contemplates life away from the ranch.

    The trailer rolls on to show Summer, still sporting the cuts and bruises from her fight with Beth, speaking to Monica as they stroll through the Duttons’ graveyard.

    “Your family’s been here that long?” Summer asks before the trailer cuts to Monica saying: “When I say we give everything to this land, I do mean everything:”

    Soon, the promo descends into chaos as an air ambulance is shown flying onto the ranch, John (Kevin Costner) in deep conversation with Kayce, and a shell-shocked John and Beth making a jaw-dropping discovery.

    Beth removes her hat at whatever she’s just seen while another split-second shot shows John hugging and consoling a young man who looks a lot like Tate (Brecken Merrill).

    Rip’s voice can be heard asking over the top of the footage: “What happened?” before the trailer comes to a haunting close.

    With it clear the trailer is pointing towards a deadly incident, many fans have picked up on the fact John appears to be comforting Tate.

    And as a result, a number of the fandom are now convinced they’ll be saying goodbye to either one of Kayce or Monica.

    Replying to the trailer on YouTube, @danieldavis7269 thought Monica may tragically take her own life, adding: “There were a few signs…. Her odd behavior pushing her husband to not quit his job and also pushing for them to go to the ranch and for them to go with John and crew…”

    While on Reddit, u/dp37405 asked: “In next weeks previews, we see a Life Flight helicopter in one of the scenes. Who do you think will be on the flight going into the mid-season break?”

    And u/Green-Independent951 replied: “I have a bad feeling it’s Kayce and I really hope it’s not.”

    Fellow Redditor u/AmericanWanderlust agreed: “What if it’s Kayce? The only reason I say this is because there is some scene where John is looking all forlorn hugging someone in brown — the hair makes it look like Tate, the jacket makes it look like Kayce.”

    Meanwhile, u/La_Croix_Life argued: “It’s definitely plausible that Kacey could die. I’m still personally hung up on his vision quest and him seeing ‘the end of us’ and seeing that wolf everywhere.

    “And now a bunch of wolves are dead. Even though Kacey didn’t kill them, karma’s coming for the Duttons from those wolves, imho.”

    While u/Halsee_ weighed in: ”From this analysis, I also think it’s plausible that Monica might be the one to die. She may be planning to kill herself, which is why she discusses talking to god and doesn’t answer Kayce about another child.” (sic)

    Given the clues, it’s certainly likely that John and the rest of the Duttons could be soon burying another one of their own.

    However, other guesses have ranged from Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) to John’s old pal Emmett Walsh (Buck Taylor).

    Fans will have to tune in to episode six to find out who exactly the air ambulance was for and if John could be saying goodbye to his son or daughter-in-law.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 06.12.2022Showbiz
    2022 AACTA Audience Choice Awards: Netflix hit Heartbreak High blitz’s nominations

    Heartbreak High has blitzed the nominations at this year’s AACTA Audience Choice Awards.

    A re-boot of the 90’s Aussie classic, the show has scored an impressive six nominations across three different categories, including Best TV Series, Best Actor and Best Actress.

    Meanwhile, Abbie Chatfield, Robert Irwin and Chris Hemsworth also received nods.

    Voted by members of the public, the winners will be announced at the annual AACTA Awards on Wednesday at Sydney’s Horden Pavillion.

    Meanwhile Baz Luhrmann’s box office hit Elvis leads the nominations for Audience Choice Award for Best Film.

    Thor: Love and Thunder, Thirteen Lives, Ticket to Paradise, The Drover’s Wife, the Legend of Molly Johnson and The Wog Boys Forever are also nominated in the same category.

    Hugely popular children’s series Bluey has been nominated in the Best TV series category, alongside Heartbreak High.

    Also nominated are: Gogglebox, comedy panel show Have You Been Paying Attention?, Home and Away and Married at First Sight.

    Chris Hemsworth is up for the Audience Choice Award for Best Actor for Thor: Love and Thunder.

    Competing with the hunky actor is Heartbreak High’s Bryn Chapman and Thomas Weatherall.

    Christain Ravello (Here Out West), Hazem Shammas (The Twelve) and Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi are also nominated.

    Leading the Audience Choice Best Actress category are three stars from Heartbreak High – Asher Yasbincek, Ayesha Madon and Chloe Hayden.

    Hollywood bombshell Margot Robbie scored a nomination for her role in Amsterdam, while Wolf Like Me star Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson (Senior Year) complete the nominations for the category.

    Abbie Chatfield has also emerged as a major fan favourite.

    The Masked Singer judge and former Bachelor star leads the nominations for the AACTA Audience Choice Awards for Best TV Personality.

    Robert Irwin is nominationed in the same category, alongside Adam and Symon from Gogglebox, and Logie winner Hamish Blake from LegoMasters.

    Also nominated are Andy Lee and Chris Brown.

    Nominated in the Best Sports program category are Channel Nine’s 100% Footy, the AFL Sunday Footy Show and the Women’s Footy

    Foxtel’s Friday Night Football NRL and AFL were both nominated, while Seven’s coverage of the 2022 AFL Season is also a finalist and scored a nomination in the same category for The Front Bar.

    The AACTA Awards will be seen on Channel 10 from 7.30 pm on Wednesday, December 7 and streamed on demand via Foxtel, Binge and AACTA TV

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 06.12.2022Showbiz
    Kim Kardashian granted restraining order

    Kim Kardashian has been granted a restraining order against a man who allegedly believes to have been in telepathic communication with the her.

    Andre Persaud is forbidden from contacting Kim and must remain at least 100 yards away from her after he went to her home at least three times in August, according to TMZ. The restraining order will remain in effect for the next five years and was granted Monday.

    Kim, 42, claims to have never met Andre and was concerned he would become violent after he allegedly claimed to have been armed, according to the site.

    Persaud also allegedly posted about the reality star on social media, where Kim says he ‘claimed that I had been communicating with him telepathically’ in one particular social media post.

    The order also stipulates Persaud must not own or possess a gun. He must also relinquish any firearms he may already have to law enforcement.

    Kim was previously granted a temporary restraining order against Persaud last month.

    This is not Kim’s first stalker scare.

    Last year, a stalker, named Nicholas Costanza, was detained by security at her guard-gated Hidden Hills community.

    The man — who had previously sent her a diamond ring and the Plan-B morning after pill — was arrested for trespassing and violating his five-year permanent restraining order.

    This comes six years after burglars broke into her hotel room during Paris Fashion Week in October 2016, tied her up and stole $10 million of jewelry from her.

    ‘As far as jewelry, if I’m wearing something, it’s borrowed. It’s fake,’ she told Andy Cohen during the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion last year.

    She added: ‘I can’t sleep if I have jewelry in my safe, or money, or anything at my house. I just don’t live my life like that.’

    In addition to doubling her personal security, she has openly spoken about being less flashy and her hesitance over wearing expensive jewelry post-robbery.

    ‘On a positive note, I’m a completely different person because of it, in the best way,’ she reflected. ‘[Before the robbery], I had to have the coolest car, the best rims, the best outfit and I thought that I was the s**t because of that. I thought that made me.’

    She continued: ‘The things I valued before that happened were genuinely completely different than what I value now. It’s fun to get dressed up and all this, but like, [material] things don’t make me.’

    The traumatic incident also ‘significantly changed’ her and sister Khloé Kardashian’s relationship.

    While noting ‘Kim was obviously a great sister prior,’ the 38-year-old Good American founder said there has been a ‘significant shift in how’ Kim ‘caters to her relationships and the attentiveness that she now gives her family as opposed to red carpets or things.’

    ‘I mean, our relationship has significantly changed,’ Khloé noted.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 06.12.2022Showbiz
    The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis sparks rumours she has rekindled romance with her ex Will Stokoe

    Bachelor runner-up Bella Varelis has sparked rumours she has rekindled her romance with her ex-boyfriend, Will Stokoe.

    The former ‘It’ couple were recently spotted enjoying a night out together in Sydney.

    Bella, 27, and her photographer ex shared a plate of food and laughed over a glass of wine before heading to a concert.

    The Bondi-based influencer was dressed to impress in a low-cut long-sleeve black gown which showed off her cleavage.

    Will meanwhile opted to go for a smart casual look dressed in a green coloured printed shirt which he teamed up with grey pants.

    The footage was later shared to Stokoe’s Instagram stories.

    ‘They looked very flirty with each other. I don’t know if it was the spicy margs or what was going on,’ said the witness.

    Bella announced she and Will split back in September.

    She said she was hoping to keep the breakup private, but had no choice but to address it publicly due to her celebrity status and the ‘constant questions’ from fans.

    ‘I feel like it’s best to answer this once so the prying will stop because it’s really affecting me by being asked about this daily,’ she said at the time.

    ‘Will and I decided to take some time apart and go our separate ways to focus on ourselves.

    ‘We have so much love and respect for each other but this is just what’s best for both of us now.

    ‘I love you guys and am so grateful for the love and support you’ve given us over the last two years.’

    Bella admitted she was going through a ‘tough time’ with the breakup.

    ‘Personally, I’m not coping well, so if you could please respect our privacy and give us some space during this time it would be much appreciated,’ she said.

  • 1 час, 46 минут назад 06.12.2022Showbiz
    British Fashion Awards 2022: Dina Asher-Smith goes topless in an oversized blazer and mini skirt

    She is best known for being the fastest British female runner on record.

    But Dina Asher-Smith has shown she brings her A-game to the red carpet as well as the running track as she dazzled in a white oversized blazer and mini skirt at the British Fashion Awards in London.

    The athlete, 27, went topless in the co-ordinated outfit, putting her cleavage on display as she posed for a few snaps at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday night.

    Dina, who celebrated her 27th birthday on Sunday, looked gorgeous in the all-white outfit, with large lapels and a long hemline finishing by her knees.

    Her athletic physique was on full display in the thigh-skimming skirt and plunging neckline of the jacket.

    Dina slipped her feet into a pair of black pointed court heels which added some height to her frame.

    She gave a model-like stare to the cameras as she commanded attention in the white outfit, which featured a black abstract design on her right hand side.

    The 27-year-old Olympic runner accessorised with a pair of sparkling diamond earrings and a glitzy ring.

    She put her hair up in a slicked back high-top bun with a few strands styled out of the sleek knot.

    Her makeup was flawless, with her full-face complimenting her beautiful features with a smokey eye and a touch of gloss on her lips.

    Last month, Dina Asher Smith spoke on her journey to becoming a professional athlete as she attended the Bazaar At Work Summit 2022 at the Kimpton Fitzroy London hotel in Bloomsbury.

    The sprinter, who is the fastest British woman on record, revealed the Dame Kelly Holmes was her inspiration to become a runner… after watching the olympian win a double gold medal back in 2004.

    Taking to the summit, the 26-year-old looked stunning in a bright red midi dress with a high neck and cut-out detail.

    And opening up on her own experiences, Dina recalled the moment she decided to become a runner at just eight years old.

    The 2022 Fashion Awards returned to the iconic London venue The Royal Albert Hall on December 5.

    The star-studded event will be hosted by British and Jamaican activist and actress Jodie Turner-Smith and will be presented by Diet Coke.

    The event, one of the most anticipated moments of the global fashion calendar, celebrates fashion at the intersection of culture and is a global entertainment platform for brands, creatives, designers, artists and tastemakers who come together to celebrate the industry.

    The Awards is a fundraiser for the BFC Foundation (British Fashion Council) and focuses on celebrating excellence in the fashion industry and supporting the future pipeline of creative talent.

    The ceremony was first established in 1989 in a bid to spotlight those making impressive contributions to the industry.

    The Model of the Year Award recognises the global impact of a model who over the last 12 months has dominated the industry, with an influence that transcends the catwalk.

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Showbiz Kate Hudson says the secret to looking young at 43 is 'sleep, hydration and supplements'