I’m A Celeb 2022: Jill Scott and Seann Walsh FINALLY win chocolate for camp

The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! camp have been notorious for missing out on sweet treats during this season as they repeatedly fail the show’s Deals On Wheels challenges.

But their luck appeared to have turned during Thursday evening’s episode as Jill Scott and Seann Walsh brought back chocolate for their four other campmates.

Exclaiming ‘We did it’, Jill and Seann succeeded in a space themed trial, while the other celebrities correctly answered the final question – which is where they have been failing in previous episodes.

Arriving to the Deals On Wheels trial grounds, Jill jested to Seann: ‘Me and you on a challenge is quite worrying.’

They then learned they had to get the planets in the right order in the given time to win the dingo dollars, with the planet lighting up each time they correctly got it in place.

‘There’s definitely a rhyme! I forgot the planet one,’ said the Lionness.

They managed to complete the task and visit Kiosk Kev, who called camp and asked the question of: ‘Which way do I move my handle when you win the treat?’

Choices were: ‘Forward, backwards or down,’ with the camp choosing forward and winning the prize.

Seann said: ‘We did it! Chocolate!’, as Jill celebrated: ‘After three weeks we’ve got chocolate!’

And as they returned to camp triumphant, Mike explained: ‘We won for once. It was the obvious answer. And the reward was the smallest piece of chocolate ever. BUT my god it was good.’

‘That is really delicious. I’ve never enjoyed a third of a mini chocolate bar more than that,’ echoed Matt Hancock.

While Owen Warner said: ‘I’m never, ever going to take chocolate for granted again. It was absolutely beautiful. I savoured it, I sucked it. I can still taste it in my mouth.’

The campers managed to complete the Deals On Wheels challenge succesfully during Wednesday’s episode the day before, but missed out on the reward of chocolate chip cookies as the camp answered Kiosk Kev’s question wrong.

As they were asked to add up the numbers that appear in the titles of Adele’s albums, the camp incorrectly answered 70 and lost out on the treat.

And their win of chocolate was the first after a previous lost opportunity last week, in which they AGAIN got the final question wrong.

‘Who was born closest to the invention of the Walkman – Babatunde, Chris or Sue?’ the group were asked.

Upon Matt’s advice, he guessed Babatunde Aleshe, 34, was born closest to the invention of the Walkman in 1979 – which was incorrect.

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  • 29 минут назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Emmerdale’s Cathy Hope set for tragedy as ITV boss teases show history

    During Thursday night’s instalment of Emmerdale, Cathy Hope (played by Gabrielle Dowling) broke down in tears and stormed out after she auditioned to be in the village choir. As the villagers gathered around, Cathy took to the stage to sing, Merry Christmas Everyone. However, rather than cheering her pal on, April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) seemed to taunt the teenager during her performance.

    Before Cathy could finish the song, she stormed out of the cafe in tears.

    Her dad Bob (Antony Audenshaw ) was quick to run after her to ask what was wrong.

    “Cathy,” Bob shouted after his daughter. “What’s up love, you were great.”

    “I wasn’t,” the teenager sobbed as Bob replied: “Yeh it was everyone was enjoying it.”

    “It was rubbish they were trying not to laugh,” Cathy fired back.

    “It was disgusting you just really don’t get it at all.”

    Cathy’s outburst sparked concern from Bob, and in upcoming scenes, things will get worse for the youngster.

    Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk and other press, Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson discussed Cathy’s major storyline.

    “You get to an age with the young cast where you suddenly realise they’re growing up,” Jane began.

    “They’ve been off-screen for a few weeks and they appear and they’re a foot taller, they’re voices are deeper and you go, ‘Oh my god, we need to start growing them up in the show’.

    “Cathy, we kept her at 15 for about three years and she eventually went, ‘You do know my character is 18 now’.

    “And I said, ‘Oh gosh, yeh, we need to grow you up’. So, you’ll see a really big storyline for Cathy, Bob’s daughter.

    “It is really emotional and it’s her first big story really and it’s a challenging one.”

    “I think a lot of the parents will connect with it,” she added.

    “And it’s one I’ve never seen a soap do before, so Cathy has got a big one coming up.”

    Over the past month, April confided in Cathy about her feelings for Arthur (Alfie Clarke).

    Cathy told April if she was too scared to talk to Arthur, then she would put in a good word for her.

    However, things took an unexpected turn when Cathy got herself involved.

    And things came crashing down for April when she was rejected by Arthur.

    But, will April seek revenge on her so-called pal and will she feature in Cathy’s storyline?

  • 29 минут назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha’s shopping guilt as star reaches out for charity

    Loose Women panelist Nadia Sawalha, 58, said she’s greatly appreciative of the life she has, but the guilt of her privilege “weighs heavily on me”, especially when it comes to the grocery store. The mum-of-two has joined Action For Children’s Secret Santa campaign which allows people to make Christmas donations from as little as £5.

    Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Nadia shared the toll her work takes on her as she has to constantly be on the forefront of current affairs.

    She said: “My homework is to listen to radio stations day in and day out and I hear heartbreaking stories and it weighs heavily on me.

    “I know that I’m blessed, I have a lovely husband and children and food in the fridge whenever I want and I’m appreciative but I do carry guilt about that.”

    The Loose Women star finds the burden especially heavy when she goes shopping and “just throws something into my trolley”.

    She recalled one particular moment in a supermarket which struck her.

    A young woman was “panicking” by the cashier, as the cauliflower she had just picked up was £2 instead of £1.

    Nadia claimed the store clerk was not particularly kind to the woman, briskly telling her that it was “the old one” that was being sold for £1.

    The woman, filled with apologies and nerves, quickly dashed to exchange the cauliflower and came back to finish paying for her groceries.

    Nadia said: “When I got into the car where my husband was waiting and I was so upset because I had a basket full of stuff that I had just thrown in and I hadn’t thought about it.

    “There was this woman embarrassed and really nervous about this cauliflower.

    “I just thought ‘Bloody hell, how much is that going on for people in every single street’.”

    Nadia admitted that her being a part of the Secret Santa campaign did not magically resolve her guilt or the cost of living crisis people are facing, but it is “meaningful” work she is undoubtedly proud of.

    Nadia noted that she is “fully aware” that the crisis has also impacted people’s ability to donate this festive season, but explained that is exactly why the Action For Children campaign works so well.

    She explained the premise: “The British public are incredibly generous so we’re asking them, just whatever they can afford, to become a Secret Santa.

    “What I love about this campaign is you can donate and choose exactly where your money goes.

    “For instance, £10 will give a child a healthy breakfast for a week, £15 would get a child a trip to the pantomime.

    “I think this is a really lovely way to do it because the person who’s donating can have that connection.”

    Nadia also gushed over the British public and their unconditional charitability.

    She said: “It’s always extraordinary. There’s the other line like ‘Uh the British prefer their pets to people’ and they’re miserable.

    “But my god when people are in need they step forward.”

    To become a Secret Santa for Action of Children visit iamstanta.org.uk.

  • 40 минут назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Netflix: Harry and Meghan ‘rip off’ Laguna Beach’s opening title card

    Royal fans have cheekily accused Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of ‘copying’ the famous title card from early 2000s reality show Laguna Beach.

    The Netflix documentary about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opens with a disclaimer, featuring white text on a black background, explaining the footage was filmed before the death of Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, and that the Royal Family had declined to comment on the allegations made in the series.

    Some viewers said the opener looked suspiciously similar to Laguna Beach’s iconic title card, which coincidentally also specified the time frame of production.

    The first episode of the Netflix docuseries begins with the text: ‘This is a first-hand account of Harry and Meghan’s story, told with never-before-seen personal archive.

    ‘All interviews were completed by August 2022.’

    The screen then fades to black and another title card appears: ‘Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content within this series.’

    The content and layout of these disclaimers reminded some royal watchers of Laguna Beach’s title card, which read: ‘The following program was shot over an eight-month period in the city of Laguna Beach, California.

    ‘The people, the locations and the drama… are real.’

    Laguna Beach, which aired on MTV from 2004 until 2006, followed the lives of a group of high school students in Laguna Beach, California.

    The students featured on the show were Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti, Kristin Cavallari, Lo Bosworth, Trey Phillips, Talan Torriero, Morgan Olsen and Christina Schuller.

    Stephen was memorably at the centre of a love triangle with Lauren and Kristin.

    Laguna Beach was a cult hit and spawned a more successful spin-off, The Hills, which followed Lauren as she pursued a career in the fashion industry in LA.

    The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries were released on Thursday, and the disclaimer about the Royal Family being approached for comment was swiftly denied by palace sources.

    According to various reports, a ‘senior source’ in the royal household countered the written statement of ‘members of the royal family declined to comment on the content within this series’ which appeared at the start of episode one.

    A Netflix source has disputed this, saying ‘communications offices for King Charles and the Prince of Wales were contacted in advance and given the right to reply to claims within the series’.

  • 40 минут назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    MAFS Australia: Blair Rachael welcomes her first child with partner Robbie Lowe

    Former Married At First Sight star Blair Rachael has given birth to her first child.

    The 36-year-old and her partner Robbie Lowe welcomed a daughter named Astrid on Friday, December 2.

    Astrid is a Scandinavian name that means ‘divinely beautiful’ and is typically used for girls, although it is sometimes chosen for boys.

    Blair’s little girl was about a week overdue as she was expected to arrive in late November.

    The new mother was flooded with well-wishes from friends, family and former MAFS co-stars after announcing her child’s birth.

    John Robertson, who appeared alongside Blair on season five of MAFS in 2018, commented: ‘She is beautiful, Blair, well done.’

    Carly Bowyer wrote: ‘Congratulations, babe. I’m so excited for you all, she’s beautiful.’

    Jo McPharlin said she could not wait to see the ‘daily Astrid spam’.

    Blair had documented her pregnancy journey on Instagram after announcing she was expecting in June.

    She rose to fame on Married At First Sight in 2018 when she was unsuccessfully paired with FIFO worker Sean Thomsen.

    They split up on the Channel Nine show after Sean admitted he was struggling to form a romantic connection with her.

    Following their break-up, Sean dated fellow co-star Tracey Jewel for several months before they also called it quits.

  • 41 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Chloe Bailey is an ethereal beauty wearing a revealing Grecian gown at the 13th Annual Root 100 Gala

    Chloe Bailey made a show-stopping arrival at the 13th Annual Root 100 Gala that took place at the Apollo Theater in New York City on Thursday.

    The talented singer, 24, who also goes by the stage name of Chlöe, opted for elegance in a flowy, cutout gown as she led other celebrities at the annual ceremony.

    The performer has recently attended other star-studded events, such as the 2022 Earthshot Prize awards alongside her younger sister and Little Mermaid actress, Halle Bailey.

    The Grown-ish star opted for an off-white, Grecian-styled dress that flowed down towards the ground.

    Two slits could be seen on the front of the gown, and additionally contained cutouts that showcased her toned midriff.

    The strips of fabric on the top portion of the ensemble were held together by sequin, diamond-shaped embellishments that sparkled in the bright camera flashes.

    A sheer, matching cape was draped over her shoulders and secured with a shimmering, beaded choker, allowing the fabric to fall down into a short train behind her.

    The Let It Shine actress accessorized her look with a pair of small, silver earrings, in order to keep the dress as the main focal point.

    Her makeup was elegantly done, comprising of shimmering and smoky eyeshadow, a layer of black eyeliner and mascara, and a touch of pink blush and highlighter to her cheekbones.

    For a finishing touch, the beauty added a nude-colored satin lipstick that was bordered with a darker lip liner.

    Her long locks were pulled back away from her face and fell down behind her in a simple, chic hairstyle.

    Chloe stopped for photos when she arrived at the ceremony, and also took snaps with other celebrities, such as singers Candice Hoyes and Naomi Raine, along with The Root editor-in-chief, Vanessa De Luca.

    The Root 100 Gala is a special ceremony put together annually in order to recognize the most influential Black Americans from ages 24 to 74 throughout the industry.

    Accoridng to the official website, the event helps honor, ‘the innovators, leaders, public figures and game changers whose work from the past year has inspired, entertained, and simply moved us.’

    Chloe was not only a celebrity guest, but was honored with the 2022 One To Watch Award during the ceremony.

    She also made the Root 100 list, along with other stars such as Keke Palmer, LeBron James, Viola Davis, and Jennifer Hudson.

    News anchor and CBS Mornings journalist, Gayle King, opted for a pop of color as she attended the event in the bustling city of Manhattan.

    Gayle sported a long-sleeved, striped sweater dress that contained hues of purple, white and red.

    The ensemble stopped just below her knees, revealing a pair of vibrant, red-heeled boots. Her brunette locks were parted to the side, and lightly brushed her shoulders in classic waves.

    Gospel singer, Naomi Raine, opted for an all-black pantsuit which she paired with open-toed shoes.

    The top portion of the ensemble was made of a shiny, pleather fabric, while the bottom portion was made of a plain, flowy material.

    The Grammy winner added a pair of glittering, silver-hooped earrings for a contrast of color to her overall look for the big night.

    New York-born rapper, Sammus, opted for chic and monochromatic look comprising of a black and white, jersey-styled top and a pair of loose-fitting, black pants.

    She slipped into open-toed, nude-colored heels and added a dainty, gold-chained necklace.

    The former teacher allowed her hair to fall down behind her, and placed her hands in the pockets of her pants as she casually posed for the cameras.

    Musician and filmmaker, Questlove, donned a plain, black button-up and added a black printed jacket on top that contained stringy embellishments for a stylish edge.

    The Oscar winner also wore a pair of black pants along with a gold necklace to complete his look for the ceremony.

    Not long after the ceremony commenced, Chloe was awarded the One To Watch Award and she was pictured stepping onto the stage to accept the award from comedian, Loni Love.

    The For The Night singer held an exuberant smile on her face as the looked out at the audience to give a short, heartfelt speech to express her gratitude.

    Musical artist, Candice Hoyes, also took to the stage wearing an eye-catching, silver dress with dangly rhinestone earrings as she performed during the event.

    The Root 100 officially began thirteen years ago in 2009, and has brought recognition to individuals that, ‘continue to reimagine, and redefine, Black excellence, with grace and grit.’

  • 41 минута назад 09.12.2022Showbiz
    Olivia Jade surfaces with beau Jacob Elordi who covers face with bandanna

    Olivia Jade surfaced in Los Angeles this week with her smoldering boyfriend Jacob Elordi of Euphoria fame.

    The 23-year-old influencer, who became infamous for her involvement with the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal, went California casual for her latest look.

    She bundled up against the December chill in a boyfriend fit hoodie that covered her tiny shorts, which were cut high enough to show off her vertiginous legs.

    Meanwhile Jacob, 25, appeared to be stepping out for a bit of exercise, throwing on a long-sleeve Nike performance shirt and shorts from the same brand.

    The dynamic duo got together in late 2021 and dated for months before they were buffeted in August by reports that they had decided to split.

    By the following month however they were being spotted in public again, and an insider spilled to DailyMail.com: ‘They’re into each other but it’s still quite casual.’

    The source explained: ‘They’re seeing where things go as Jacob is really busy with his film career right now but they have great chemistry together.’

    Lately Jacob has been filming a performance as Elvis Presley in an upcoming Priscilla Presley biopic directed by Sofia Coppola.

    Olivia’s parents Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli were both imprisoned for their efforts to get her and her sister Isabella into USC.

    It emerged in 2019 that Lori and Mossimo had bribed Olivia and Isabella’s way into University Of Southern California.

    Lori and her fashion designer husband paid $500,000 to falsely pass the girls off as potential college rowers on USC’s team.

    Although they initially claimed to be innocent Mossimo eventually pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud and honest services and mail fraud, while Lori pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud.

    Lori spent two months in federal prison at CI Dublin in California in 2020 before being released in December just before New Year’s.

    Meanwhile Mossimo had to spend five months in prison for his role in the bribery scheme and was ultimately released in early April 2021.

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Showbiz I'm A Celeb 2022: Jill Scott and Seann Walsh FINALLY win chocolate for camp