Even George and Julia can’t rescue this romcom: BRIAN VINER reviews Ticket To Paradise

Ticket To Paradise (12A, 104 mins)

Rating: **

Verdict: Starry but feeble

Don’t Worry Darling (15, 122 mins)

Rating: **

Verdict: More Styles than substance

There are more stars in this week’s two major releases than I fancy will be bestowed on them by critics. Ticket To Paradise is a particular disappointment; an A-list cast — George Clooney and Julia Roberts — in a B-minus film.

It’s a romcom that relies far too heavily on the undoubted charisma and chemistry of its leads to sprinkle stardust on a hackneyed premise whereby two people who loathe each other end up in love.

We have seen it a thousand times before in better pictures; indeed, it’s the most whiskery of comedic devices, stretching right back to the likes of The Philadelphia Story (1940).

If the writing and plotting are sharp enough, as they have been through the decades in films such as The Goodbye Girl (1977), Groundhog Day (1993) and The Proposal (2009), it will always be a winning formula. But Ticket To Paradise, directed and co-written by Ol Parker (whose credits include 2018’s Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again), doesn’t tick those boxes.

The set-up has a pair of bitterly divorced parents, David (Clooney) and Georgia (Roberts), finding rare common ground in an effort to stop their beloved only daughter, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), from marrying a Balinese seaweed farmer she has met on holiday. They are aghast at the thought of her making the same mistake they did.

Practically by definition, of course, romcoms don’t need to be taken too seriously. That this film reunites two of the great twinkly stars of modern cinema might be enough for some, while others may well rejoice in the cosmic misfortune of David and Georgia being ‘unexpectedly’ seated next to each other at Lily’s graduation, then on the long flight to Bali, where, guess what, they are again horrified to be given adjacent hotel rooms.

For my money this is predictable fare, lazily plotted and scripted, and it gets even more predictable, as the visiting Americans are left wide-eyed by the quaint local customs . . . although not by the far more astonishing fact that Lily’s intended, dishy Gede (Maxime Bouttier), speaks English (after his lifetime of Balinese seaweed farming) more like a native of Indiana than Indonesia.

Still, if anyone can give all this nonsense a much-needed lift it is Clooney and Roberts, who first teamed up on Ocean’s Eleven (2001). This is their first romcom together, however, and they are somehow able to make its iffy dialogue sing, although not even Roberts can bring much dignity to fortune-cookie homilies about parenting, among them the solemn observation that ‘a parent will do anything for their kid, except let them be exactly who they are’.

It’s hardly a spoiler to let on that as David and Georgia realise how wrong it is of them to try to sabotage their daughter’s wedding, so they gradually rediscover the attractions that brought them together in the first place (a process mildly and not very amusingly complicated by her younger boyfriend, a French pilot). In a way, a similar equation applies to the film: little by little, its deficiencies seem less significant than its amiability.

That said, the release date, originally set for a week ago today, was pushed back until after the Queen’s funeral. I wish I could recommend it as the perfect cinematic tonic to cheer up a despondent nation. Alas, I really can’t.

Like Ticket To Paradise, Don’t Worry Darling, which I reviewed in more detail from the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, has faint echoes of much better films, such as The Stepford Wives (1975) and The Truman Show (1998).

It’s a psychological thriller starring pop superstar Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction, in his first leading-man role. He and Florence Pugh play a married couple, Jack and Alice Chambers, who live in the suburban utopia of Victory, California, a town of identikit 1950s homes and cars. The husbands all work for a mysterious enterprise called the Victory Project, run by a creepy guru called Frank (Chris Pine).

Everyone in town is in thrall to Frank, though Jack and Alice are equally in thrall to their loins. They can’t keep their hands off each other, with Jack especially interested in a certain sex act. Let’s just say that he has only one direction on his mind.

But this is a film more about the wives. The story gradually comes into focus: it’s about the subjugation of women, yet another expression of the feminist crusades exemplified by MeToo and Time’s Up.

There’s nothing wrong with that, even if a sudden narrative lurch into the modern day sends any pretence at subtlety crashing to the ground.

No, the bigger problem is that Don’t Worry Darling — directed by Olivia Wilde, who also plays Alice’s best friend and is said to have fallen for her leading man on set — just isn’t very good.

It’s a shame, because Pugh gives a fine, feisty performance as a housewife fighting social and psychological manipulation, and the film is great to look at throughout, with a cracking period soundtrack.

But it’s at least three parts style (and two parts Styles) to one part substance.

How Poitier traded the tomato farm for the Oscars

Some years ago, I asked Michael Parkinson the unoriginal old question: who would he love to have interviewed on his chat show, but never did.

Frank Sinatra came the reply, but his wife Mary was there and groaned. ‘You always say that!’ she said. ‘I wish you’d pick Sidney Poitier. That would have been much more interesting.’

Happily, Poitier (who died in January, aged 94) did give interviews, and plenty of clips pop up in Sidney (12A, 111 mins, ****), a respectful but richly enjoyable documentary produced by Oprah Winfrey (who also contributes as a talking head, along with Denzel Washington, Barbra Streisand, Halle Berry and Poitier’s many daughters). Talking of his poverty-stricken childhood in the Bahamas, where his folks were tomato farmers, Poitier recalls that he didn’t even see a car until he was in his teens.

He couldn’t read, either. But nor did he know what racial discrimination was until his parents, worried that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd, sent him to Miami, Florida.

The film chronicles his early steps as an actor (in the American Negro Theatre in New York, understudying Harry Belafonte) and then his steady transformation into an Oscar-winning movie star, as well as a figurehead in the civil rights movement.

‘Vote and the choice is yours, don’t vote and the choice is theirs,’ he counselled, in a 1960s commercial aimed at African-Americans. It’s fascinating stuff.

Juniper (15, 94 mins, ***), a debut feature for writer-director Matthew Saville, is about the relationship between a cantankerous, gin-quaffing elderly woman (Charlotte Rampling) and the teenage Kiwi grandson she doesn’t know until she arrives in New Zealand to recover from a badly broken leg.

It’s pretty formulaic but newcomer George Ferrier does a decent job as the boy, grieving the death of his mother and resenting the arrival of this belligerent old stranger until, predictably, they begin to bond. Rampling, as always, is terrific.

Sidney is in select cinemas and on Apple TV+. Juniper is in cinemas now.

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Fatima Whitbread fought through ‘unbearable’ pain after breaking three ribs…
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  • 37 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Fatima Whitbread battled ‘unbearable’ pain after breaking ribs on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins

    Fatima Whitbread fought through ‘unbearable’ pain after breaking three ribs during a Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins task but chose not to talk about it as she didn’t want to be removed from the Channel 4 show.

    The former athlete, 61, injured herself when she jumped out of a helicopter into the sea, a challenge which saw TOWIE star Pete Wicks, 33, leave the show after he too cracked his ribs and knocked himself unconscious.

    Sportswoman Fatima, who is the oldest contestant to ever appear on the show, told the Mirror: ‘I can’t tell you the unbearable pain I was going through.

    ‘Even picking up my backpack was really hard. I knew I was being a pain to some of them asking them to help me on with my backpack where normally I’d just yank it up with one arm.

    ‘But I couldn’t even do that thanks to three cracked ribs. As the days went by, the pain got worse. I couldn’t lay down properly or sit up properly.

    ‘And it was just… moving about trying to get dressed, awful. Absolutely awful.’

    Fatima said quitting the show never crossed her mind as she was determined to see the process through.

    She said the pain was ‘gripping’ her after the accident, leaving her unable to lie down properly at night.

    At the time she was unaware she had injured her ribs and decided not to see a doctor about the pain because she didn’t want to be told to leave the series.

    MailOnline has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

    Last month, Pete said he was ‘truly gutted’ to be medically withdrawn from Celebrity SAS after he knocked himself unconscious and broke his ribs during the helicopter challenge.

    The Only Way Is Essex cast member was seen floating face down in the sea in the shocking scene after jumping from the aircraft with fellow reality star Ashley Cain.

    Rescue swimmers raced to help Pete, flipping him over in the water as the concerned recruits were heard saying from the shoreline: ‘Someone’s struggling.’

    After swimming to shore, Pete told a medic: ‘I winded myself and passed out, all my ribs are quite painful and my head is banging.’

    He later said: ‘I had no worries about that challenge, which is the weirdest thing. My strongest thing is probably swimming.

    ‘I genuinely thought this would be the challenge for me to show what I f**king got and I got it wrong, I got it very wrong. I think my leg got a little bit caught in the bag and I went straight down onto the bag, knocked myself out and broke my ribs.

    ‘I felt dazed and confused. I was struggling to move my upper body. Basically, I think where I’d hit the bag, and I think just the impact of being unconscious and everything else, I was very confused.

    ‘I didn’t really know exactly what was going on and even moving my arms was quite painful, just because the pressure that was on my ribs and everything, so it just wasn’t nice. It was just a strange, strange experience.’

    Following his accident, the Channel 4 show’s chief medical officer medically withdrew Pete because he needed to have a chest X-ray.

    New chief instructor Rudy Reyes, who took over from Ant Middleton, told the TV star: ‘The issue is you have some damage and the course is going to get much harder physically, and it’s too risky for your health.’

    Wiping his eyes, Pete said: ‘I didn’t want to come out like this. I don’t f**king quit anything, that’s what it feels like.’

    On leaving the series, Pete said: ‘I was gutted actually. This is a bit of a thing for me, it’s like I’ve always wanted to do this show and the worst thing for me was to be taken out because that’s something that I can’t control.

    ‘But, being completely honest, they’re 100% right because I wouldn’t have been able to carry on with my broken ribs. To have been out so early, I was absolutely gutted because it’s a fail. And, unfortunately now for me, I feel like I failed.

    ‘It’s something that will f**king haunt me because I just don’t fail things. I don’t say I’m going to do something and don’t do it, so I was genuinely so hurt, gutted, disappointed and angry at myself.

    ‘I still am, to be honest, even a year later. That was tough for me. I felt like I’d let a lot of people down, I felt like I’d let myself down.

    ‘There was no way I was ever going to hand my armband in. I knew I never would, so to go out the way I did really hurt. To be withdrawn because you’re physically unable to carry on for something that was an unfortunate accident, I just found really, really tough.’

    Pete said he would do the show again tomorrow if they gave him a second chance to appear.

    ‘I feel like I’ve got unfinished business and I failed as far as I’m concerned. I want to put that right,’ he said.

    ‘It was something that is genuinely going to haunt me. I think there are so many things that happen on that show that would have benefited me as a person.

    ‘Everyone who’s been on it said they came out a changed person. I think that’s the thing that I’m most sad about – that I didn’t get an opportunity for that too – I really felt like I was beginning, after just a few days, to understand a little bit more about myself and why I am the way I am.

    ‘I think that’s what I missed out on. I really think the course would have changed my life. So, to leave the way I did just left me quite angry. It’s left more than just a bitter taste in my mouth, I’m truly gutted.’

  • 37 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Naomi Campbell turns heads in an edgy leather ensemble at the L’Oreal show during Paris Fashion Week

    She’s always puts on a very stylish display.

    And Naomi Campbell made sure to turn heads as she stepped out in a head-to-toe leather ensemble for the L’Oreal show during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday.

    The supermodel, 52, looked as chic as ever in a bomber jacket with quirky fishnet sleeves as she was joined by a dashing companion at the event.

    Naomi boosted her height with a pair of heeled boots as she lifted the edge of her wide leg trousers.

    She slicked her raven locks in to a very sleek plait with a deep side parting and opted for a glamorous bronze eyeshadow to complete her look.

    Taking her seat on the front row, Naomi joined French fashion model Estelle Lefebure, 56, as they got ready for the show to start.

    Naomi’s outing comes after Naomi revealed that she has a ‘great baby whisperer’ as she gave a rare insight into motherhood with her 14-month-old daughter.

    The stunner detailed that her child, whose name is still unknown, is growing up to become ‘very tough’.

    Speaking to BBC News after receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of the Creative Arts (UCA), Naomi said: ‘She’s very tough. She falls down, she doesn’t cry. She doesn’t cry very much at all.’

    When asked if her daughter is a ‘good sleeper’, she added: ’12 hours [sleep]. We got her on 12 hours when she was like two months. I have a great baby whisperer.’

    Naomi has been extremely private about her daughter and did not reveal she was expecting a child until announcing her arrival in an Instagram post.

    In an interview with British Vogue, Naomi insisted her daughter was not adopted while revealing her face for the first time.

  • 37 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Emmerdale’s Isobel Steele ‘has quit the soap after six years to focus on music career’

    Isobel Steele has reportedly quit Emmerdale after six years on the show, hoping to focus more on her budding music career than acting.

    The screen star, 21, has portrayed Liv Flaherty in the soap for six years – joining in January 2016, when she was just 15 years old.

    And in light of the exit, bosses are thought to be planning a dramatic plot twist for her character – which will see her killed off the show later this month.

    Isobel won Best Young Actor at the British Soap Awards in 2018 for her portrayal of Liv in Emmerdale – which saw her join the show’s famous Dingle family after marrying character Vinny (Bradley Johnson).

    But according to The Sun, the actress is ready to branch out and ‘try new things’ as she makes a go of her music career.

    A source told the publication: ‘It’s been a big decision for Isobel but she’s ready to try new things.

    ‘She feels like she’s done all she can at Emmerdale and wants to focus on her music career and make a real go of it.’

    Emmerdale have been bringing their A-game for this month’s episodes to celebrate their 50 year anniversary – with the source adding the Isobel’s exit will tie into the dramatic bout of episodes, noting that they have ‘pulled out all the stops’.

    ‘Viewers are going to be on the edge of their seats as it all plays out and Liv is killed off. It’s a real heartbreaker, a death fans will remember for a long time to come,’ they explained.

    MailOnline have contacted representatives for Emmerdale and Isobel Steele for comment.

    Celebrating half a century on TV, Emmerdale are set to air an hour long special episode on Sunday, October 16.

    And bosses have revealed that a huge storm will hit the Dales, wreaking havoc on the Yorkshire village’s residents as drama is set to unfold.

    And Isobel’s character Liv could be at the centre of it and she deals with family drama, before the potential shock exit later in the month.

    Isobel, who sings and plays the piano and guitar, has posted videos to her Instagram page showcasing her musical talents.

    While she also appeared to regularly share covers to YouTube, between 2018 and 2020 – with her channel, dubbed Izzi Steele, not being posted on for two years.

  • 37 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Elle Fanning shares never-before-seen snaps of her Britney Spears Halloween costume from last year

    On Sunday, Emmy-nominated actress Elle Fanning shared never-before-seen snaps of her Halloween costume as Britney Spears last year.

    The 24-year-old former child star flaunted her fabulous 5ft9in figure in a recreation of the 40-year-old pop star’s sexy costume from the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

    Elle (born Mary) draped a fake snake around her neck and wore a green bra-top, tiny black shorts, and thigh-high boots selected by her Girl from Plainville costume designer Mirren Gordon-Crozier.

    Fanning’s longtime make-up artist Erin Ayanian Monroe gave her cheekbones plenty of shimmer, an excess of black eye-liner, and overall body tan.

    The Georgia-born blonde’s Girl from Plainville hairstylist Jules Holdren gave her Britney-style locks for the spooky festivities.

    Elle – who boasts 7.3M Instagram/TikTok followers – captioned her slideshow: ‘Ghosts of Halloween past.’

    Fanning received glowing comments from Paris Hilton and Chloë Grace Moretz, as well as her Girl from Plainville onscreen mother Cara Buono, Walker actor Keegan Allen, and Starcrawler frontwoman Arrow de Wilde.

    Spears made VMAs history performing I’m a Slave 4 U while holding a large albino python onstage the Metropolitan Opera House in Manhattan 21 years ago.

    And the two-time Golden Globe nominee wasn’t alone as she was joined at the Halloween party by her Girl from Plainville onscreen love interest Colton Ryan.

    The 27-year-old Broadway thespian appeared to have a blast dressed up in a beehive wig and feathered frock as a Fem-bot from the Austin Powers movies.

    In Patrick Macmanus’s eight-part limited series on Hulu, the acting pair depicted the real-life Michelle Carter and her suicidal 18-year-old boyfriend Conrad ‘Coco’ Roy III.

    Last month, Elle told Harper’s Bazaar Australia that she was hard at work executive producing and reprising her role as Catherine the Great in season three of Hulu’s The Great

    ‘This is the longest I’ve played any character and she has meant so much to me as I figure out who I want to be in this world,’ Fanning told the mag.

    But first, audiences can catch the Paco Rabanne brand ambassador and her big sister Dakota in Mélanie Laurent’s WWII drama The Nightingale. which is scheduled to hit US theaters December 23.

    The drama, based on Kristin Hannah’s 2015 novel, centers on two sisters struggling to survive and resist the German occupation of France.

  • 37 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Jordan Barrett looks pensive at Paris Fashion Week amid split from fiancé Fernando Casablancas

    Jordan Barrett has stepped out amid swirling rumours he’s quietly split from his fiancé Fernando Casablancas.

    The Australian model, 25, was spotted sans engagement ring on Sunday as he departed a luxury hotel during Paris Fashion Week.

    Jordan was dressed in a long-sleeved black shirt teamed with baggy trousers and black shoes.

    Sporting a shaggy mullet hairstyle and leather backpack, Jordan was seen chatting to hotel concierge before he made his way into an awaiting hire car.

    The sighting comes amid speculation the Australian-born model quietly split with his fiancé after they threw a lavish engagement party in Ibiza, Spain last year.

    Daily Mail Australia can reveal the pair are no longer following each other on social media and have both stopped wearing their engagement rings.

    A close friend claimed hinted that things may have ended on bad terms and the pair were ‘no longer on talking term’s.

    Their lavish engagement ceremony was attended by no more than 15 of Jordan’s closet friends including models Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger.

    ‘It was very spontaneous, but his wedding planner was able to pull some strings to make sure it was very special since his Aussie family couldn’t attend,’ a source told Daily Mail Australia at the time.

    Jordan announced his engagement on Instagram on July 20, writing: ‘I believe in love not the traditional kind, so I guess I just commit new chapter of my life…. Also… did I also just get engaged on this date. Yes.’

    Jordan looked suave dressed in a black sleeveless silk top, which he wore unbuttoned paired with a matching pants.

    His beau Fernando meanwhile opted for a black mesh sleeveless top with matching pants.

    The handsome model completed his look wearing a gold head chain from Messika by Kate Moss.

    Outside of his modelling career, Fernando is known as the younger brother of The Strokes rocker Julian Casablancas.

    Underneath, fans and followers shared their excitement over the big news and congratulated the male supermodel.

    ‘Congratulations!! Love is such a wonderful ride. Two beautiful people who found each other,’ one wrote.

    Another added: ‘Congratulations man, great,’ alongside a love heart and flame emoji.

    Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Jordan and Fernando for comment.

  • 37 минут назад 03.10.2022Showbiz
    Matt Poole spotted partying with mates on the night of fiancée Tammy Hembrow’s relaunch

    Matt Poole celebrated the NRL Grand Final in Sydney on Sunday – and his fiancée Tammy Hembrow was nowhere in sight.

    The couple, who recently welcomed their first child together, have been facing swirling split rumours for weeks, and Sunday’s activities did little to quell the chatter.

    Former Ironman Matt, 34, raised eyebrows after fans noticed he chose to attend harbour cruise event, rather than attend an event in Queensland hosted by Tammy, 28, to promote her fitness app.

    Posting to Instagram, Matt shared a gallery of photos and videos showing him drinking beers with his mates ahead of watching the AFL Grand Final.

    In the images, Matt looked like he didn’t have a care in the world as he laughed and clinked glasses with his pals.

    Tammy meanwhile spent Sunday night hosting her TammyFit app’s re-launch party in Maroochydore, Queensland, surrounded by friends including influencer Michael Finch and Lily Brown, and her sisters.

    Matt didn’t attend the event, nor did he promote it on his Instagram page.

    Tammy showcased her eye-popping physique during the exclusive event, sporting a slinky silver mini dress that hugged her toned post-baby body.

    Matt was first rumoured to have split with Tammy last month, just three months after welcoming their daughter Posy in June.

    Rumours of a break up were sparked after an Instagram account noticed Tammy has been wearing her engagement ring intermittently and hasn’t shared a photo with the Ironman since August.

    ‘Tammy hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring since 31/7/22,’ the account @influencer.updates.au shared via their Story.

    Daily Mail Australia reached out to both Tammy and Matt for comment.

    Tammy and Matt began dating in 2020 and became engaged in November 2021.

    Just two weeks after revealing they were engaged, the couple announced they were also expecting their first child together.

    Tammy’s also shares son Wolf, six, and daughter Saskia, five, with her former fiancé Reece Hawkins.

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Showbiz Even George and Julia can't rescue this romcom: BRIAN VINER reviews Ticket To Paradise