EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Royal hotel cries foul in battle with neighbours over development plans

As the only hotel to have received a royal warrant — conferred on it by the Queen in 2013 for ‘hospitality services’ — The Goring can fairly claim to hold an unrivalled place in monarchical affections.

But that has not, alas, insulated it from a fraught battle with the owners of the neighbouring building, which, I can reveal, is now heading to the High Court.

It’s there that The Goring — where Kate Middleton spent the night before her wedding to Prince William — is seeking an injunction against Belgravia Mansions Estates, a company established in 2021, more than 110 years after the former.

Aware that it has acquired a prime piece of Central London, Belgravia Mansions is intent on going full steam ahead with a multi-million-pound development, involving the demolition of the existing building and its replacement with a new one containing 42 ‘residential units’, plus an array of shops and a two-storey basement with a ‘wellness facility’ and car parking.

This has prompted The Goring to cry foul. In legal documents submitted to the High Court, The Goring cites a 1921 covenant drawn up by the 2nd Duke of Westminster when he sold the site now earmarked for development. This stipulates ‘the purchasers will not do or permit… any act or thing which… may… be a nuisance, damage, grievance or annoyance… to the owners of the neighbouring property’.

The Goring also cites a 2013 agreement which, it claims, prohibits any development unless ‘a steel-framed acoustic tunnel’ is built ‘to control the sound of all delivery waste removal’, with ‘an acoustic screen’ erected above the tunnel.

But that’s not all. The Goring additionally claims the agreement stipulates that ‘a mature, evergreen barrier’ must screen the hotel from the development.

If that’s not enough for the developers to contend with, it also claims the agreement states all ‘noisy works’ are to be limited to four hours a day at most.

Princes William and Harry’s former nanny Tiggy Pettifer — who received £200,000 in damages from the BBC after Martin Bashir wrongly implied she’d had an affair with the then Prince Charles — has raised £700 by knitting wading socks to auction for one of the King’s key charities, the Atlantic Salmon Trust. She is a fly fishing instructor.

Advent doesn’t start until Sunday, yet Christmas parties have begun in London. And Sienna Miller already has her stockings on display.

The Hollywood star wore the thigh-high hosiery to Claridge’s in Mayfair, where a party was held to celebrate the unveiling of the five-star hotel’s Christmas tree.

Miller, 40, was accompanied by her boyfriend, the actor Oli Green, who is 15 years her junior.

The actress, who is known for her ‘boho chic’ style, wore a £1,170 Simone Rocha gothic-inspired dress and velvet Jimmy Choo platform shoes.

Green hails from a family known in the art world; his grandfather Richard Green owns two galleries in Mayfair, with a collection worth around £74 million.

She looked as if she’d overdone things at this summer’s Burning Man Festival in Nevada, returning home to LA in jittery condition.

But that hasn’t diminished Cara Delevingne’s talent for making a pretty penny.

Harvey White Properties, of which the 30-year-old supermodel and actress is a director, has reported it holds £45.7 million in assets — a £3.8 million increase in value on 2021.

Her total earnings from all sources are £30,000 a day — something for Cara to shout about.

Perhaps in the soundproof bunker with mirrored ceiling and stripper pole at the LA house she shares with big sister Poppy?

Richard Shepherd, who played a major role in celebrated Mayfair haunt Langan’s Brasserie with actor Sir Michael Caine and entrepreneur Peter Langan, has died, aged 77.

One of the first British chefs to earn a Michelin star in 1974, Shepherd spent much of his time at Langan’s as a de facto bodyguard for Peter, whose drunken outbursts became the stuff of legend.

Having to explain to Langan the reason comedian Ronnie Corbett was sent a case of champagne by way of apology, Shepherd told him: ‘Peter, he might be small but there was no need to tell him he’s a f****** midget.’

HOWZAT! England cricket hero Stuart Broad has become a father.

His fiancee, pop star Mollie King, revealed last night she had given birth to their first child.

They have named their daughter Annabella.

‘Welcome to the world Annabella Broad,’ says The Saturdays’ former singer and Strictly semi-finalist, Mollie, 35, next to this photograph.

‘We have never been so in love.’

Fast bowler Broad, 36, who proposed to the accountant’s daughter last year, ruled himself out of England’s Test Match tour to Pakistan so he could be with Mollie for the birth.

Naturalist Dame Jane Goodall is fed up with Just Stop Oil eco-zealots, accusing them of provoking a backlash against environmental campaigners. ‘I don’t agree with what they’re doing,’ she tells me. ‘To stop traffic, to stop decent people going home or to work, people who would’ve been on your side, doesn’t make sense.’ Dame Jane, 88, adds: ‘They need to be leading by example.’ I won’t hold my breath…

At The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year Awards, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt couldn’t resist having a pop at Boris Johnson.

This weekend, he will move into Boris’s old Downing Street flat that underwent a controversial £112,000 makeover, complete with gold Lulu Lytle wallpaper. Hunt said: ‘[The wallpaper] had actually been painted over by Liz Truss. So, I will be saying to my children, ‘Scratch over there — there’s gold in the walls’.’

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Rishi Sunak’s cabinet reshuffle was ‘brutal’ and ‘frustrating’, says ex-cabinet minister
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  • 29 минут назад 27.11.2022Showbiz
    Andor creator ‘terrified’ by season 2 as he admits Star Wars spin-off ‘isn’t easy’

    The latest Star Wars offering to hit Disney+ has become one of the year’s biggest surprises after fans were burned out by the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett. More intergalactic adventures with Cassian Andor (played by Diego Luna) are currently in the pipeline, but creator Tony Gilroy has admitted he’s starting to feel the pressure after delivering an epic first season.

    Head screenwriter Tony is hoping he can recapture the magic of Andor’s first season when the Star Wars prequel returns.

    Season two will bring the series to an end, leading into the events of the 2016 film Rogue One, in which Andor and Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) track down the plans to the Death Star.

    The first season concluded with a daunting post-credit sequence confirming the destructive space station is close to being complete, and the Rebellion has more fights ahead in season two.

    Having slowly developed a rabid fanbase over the course of its first season, Tony is optimistic Andor’s already highly anticipated follow-up will be received.

    “It’s knowing and feeling confident that all of the energy and the insanely obsessive vibe we created can carry us for another season, through August,” he confirmed was the biggest lesson he learned from the first season.

    However, expectations from Star Wars fans will be even higher once the second season is close to release after the stellar first 12 episodes were delivered this year.

    Tony admitted to the Hollywood Reporter: “The second jump out of the aeroplane is more terrifying.

    “The first time you do it, your naivete carries you through. But what overcomes the terror of it all is knowing that we have this really great community and vibe.”

    Thankfully, Andor’s first season has received an overwhelmingly positive response from die-hard fans of the beloved sci-fi franchise.

    The critical acclaim should hopefully give the cast and crew enough confidence to deliver an equally successful second season, though sequels and spin-offs are always hit-or-miss when it comes to Star Wars.

    “Everybody’s a filmmaker,” Tony continued. “And these people just respond when you give them room and just enough money to do their job and tell them how good they’re doing.

    “Just put the s**t on screen and don’t waste any money. So it’s a good feeling to know that we have a community that works.”

    Andor’s second season is currently filming in London, but sadly won’t be premiering until 2024.

    Although viewers are optimistic the next 12 episodes will live up to the promise of the first, Tony had already run into trouble when he realised none of the directors he worked with would be coming back.

    “It’s not easy to do this show,” he explained. “You can’t learn on this job, and we can’t take big chances with these blocks.

    “People have to be pretty experienced, and so that’s a smaller group. There’s a billion shows and everybody is scrounging for people.

    “And a lot of people have a psychological impediment. They say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do season two.’

    “And we’re like, ‘This is not season two. It’s a whole other thing.’ And so it’s a lot of work getting directors. It was way more difficult than I ever thought.”

    After delivering one of the best Star Wars instalments ever with the first season of Andor, however, hopefully, Tony has the talent he needs to ensure season two is equally gripping.

  • 43 минуты назад 27.11.2022Showbiz
    Bob Dylan’s handwritten lyric sheets for his classic song Desolation Row being sold for $425K

    A rare piece of music history will be up for grabs for the right price.

    The handwritten lyric sheet for one of Bob Dylan’s most famous songs – Desolation Row (1965) – is going up for sale for the first time in history.

    Memorabilia dealer Moments in Time are handling the sale, with the asking price set at whopping $425,000, which isn’t unsurprising considering the rarity of the item.

    Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman), now 81, wrote the poetic lyrics on two sheets of paper by hand, and even feature a few of Dylan’s edits sprawled across it.

    TMZ is reporting that the seller is a man who has been friends with the legendary musician since they were kids, and that he was given the lyrics sheets over 20 years ago.

    That unidentified man opted to hold on to the lyrics initially, but more recently made the decision to sell them, which expects to be a very profitable move for his old pal.

    As many of Dylan’s devoted fans would agree, Desolation Row is widely considered to be among his greatest songs, alongside the likes of Like A Rolling Stone, The Times They Are A Changing, Mr. Tambourine Man, Hurricane Man and Blowin’ In The Wind, among so many others.

    Clocked in at over 11 minutes in length, which had long been a rarity in popular music songwriting, Desolation Row was the ninth and final song on Dylan’s sixth studio album Highway 61 Revisited (1965), which came as he was transitioning from traditional folk music to electronic.

    The iconic singer-songwriter used rock musicians as his backing band on every song of the album, with the exception of Desolation Row.

    Using surreal verbiage in a series of vignettes, Dylan paints the picture of a large cast of characters living in a chaotic and unpleasant place in Desolation Row.

    On the heels of the classic and catchy Like A Rolling Stone as the opener, many fans and critics still consider Highway 61 Revisited to be his crowning achievement.

    According to Moments In Time, handwritten lyrics for Dylan’s classic The Times They Are A-Changin (1964) were sold during a private sale in 2020 for $2.2 million, while the lyric sheets for Like A Rolling Stone (1965) fetched a world-record $2.045 million when they were sold at auction by Sotheby’s in New York in 2014, according to Reuters.

    In yet another sale, lyrics for Blowin’ In The Wind were purchased in 2020 for nearly $500,000, Moments In Time reported.

    Just this past January, Sony Music Entertainment acquired the entire back catalog of recorded music, as well as the rights to multiple future recordings, for between $150 million and $200 million, Variety reported.

    ‘Columbia Records and Rob Stringer have been nothing but good to me for many, many years and a whole lot of records,’ Dylan said in a statement. ‘I’m glad that all my recordings can stay where they belong.’

    In late 2020, Dylan sold his song catalog to Universal Music Publishing for an amount sources say was near $400 million.

  • 43 минуты назад 27.11.2022Showbiz
    Jay Leno takes vintage Bentley for a spin in LA five days after being discharged from burn center

    Jay Leno was spotted indulging his love of retro cars the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend by taking a vintage Bentley out for a spin in Los Angeles.

    The 72-year-old was discharged from a burn center on Monday after a horrifying accident when he was working on one of his throwback automobiles and a 1907 steam engine exploded in his face.

    However he clearly has not allowed the incident to dim his affection for his impressive car collection, and five days after leaving the hospital he was back in action navigating one of the vehicles through LA traffic.

    The legendary former late-night talk-show host seemed in fine fettle during his latest outing, dressed in his typical style including a full-sleeved denim shirt.

    Some burns however were still visible on the fingers of his right hand as he raised it up to his face.

    One day before Thanksgiving he was seen visiting the hospital where he was treated for his third degree burns – as he returned to pick up cards from the heroic medical staff who took care of him and to gift them a box of cookies.

    Driving himself in a blue electric Tesla, 72-year-old Leno returned to the Grossman Burn Center – where he had been a patient after he was scalded when a vintage 1907 steam engine suddenly exploded in his face.

    He spent ten days inside the specialist facility in LA for treatment for the serious burns to his arms and face before being discharged on Monday – and his grizzly marks are still visible on his body, with his surgeon warning he may have permanent scars.

    Leno, wearing a stylish double denim ensemble, headed back to his car carrying a box of cookies from the trendy Los Angeles Milk Jar, together with a thank you note – just a day before Thanksgiving.

    Despite the horrific accident, the comedian was in good spirits as he made the trip to visit his caregivers.

    He was then snapped walking out carrying a box with what looked like gifts which he carefully placed in the trunk of his car. Leno then headed to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru to grab some food – flashing a peace sign as he ordered.

    The iconic TV host, 72, had been at his LA mansion earlier this month on November 12 when one of the vehicles ‘erupted into flames without warning’ – with the star sustaining facial burns and requiring skin-graft surgery.

    The star told paparazzi who greeted him as he stopped at a gas station on Tuesday that he was doing ‘good’ and still has plans to drive the vintage car that burst into flames next week as the car didn’t do anything wrong.’

    His doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman, has previously warned that the once-popular late-night host may suffer from permanent scarring as a result but said in a statement on Monday he is pleased with his progress after the star spent time in an oxygen chamber.

    He added that he is ‘optimistic’ that Leno ‘will make a full recovery,’ as he continues to receive outpatient care.

    The star also revealed he will be taking to the stage at 7pm on Sunday at the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California, a place he has been performing at weekly for three decades.

    When a snapper suggested he get some rest before the gig, the star quipped: ‘Yeah, I need barbecue!’

    Dr. Peter Grossman told ET of Leno’s recovery: ‘He’s got a very strong attitude. He’s a very strong individual.

    ‘And he’s a person who really is looking to move forward, to try to find a way to get past this episode of his life and to get back to what he normally likes to do, which is to be out there and entertain and be with the people.

    ‘I think at some point soon he’ll get there, but I’ve had to tell him that, for the time being, he needs to sit back and take care of Jay.

    Leno said that a fast thinking friend saved his life after a gasoline fire broke out in his luxury LA garage on Saturday as the one time king of late night faces the possibility of needing skin grafts.

    In a statement Leno explained: ‘I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet.’

    He later told TMZ that it was his friend, Dave, who saved his life, by jumping on him and smothering the flames.

    The host said that he was repairing a clogged fuel line when he got sprayed on his hands and face with gasoline.

    Leno’s eyes and ears were not affected by the fire. On Monday, Page Six reported that Leno may need skin grafts as a result of the burns.

    George Swift, a mechanic in the comedian’s personal garage, told ET that it was a steam car that sent Leno to the hospital.

    ‘It was a steam car. This steam was made by gas. It got sprayed, as a gas,’ Swift, a mechanic who works at the garage, said.

    ‘He called me, and he told me there was a fire and the fire department is coming,’ the employee continued.

    In a separate interview with Access Hollywood, Swift said that Leno is ‘going to be fine.’ He added: ‘It’s nothing life-threatening. He’s in great spirits, but you know, it’s going to take a while.’

    Leno had previously shared details on his extensive collection of Barrons.com, sharing more details on how he acquired the lot of old-school cars.

    The steam cars, which he had said are ‘reliable and dependable,’ require a boiler to heat water to steam which then is used to drive a piston that turns the vehicle’s wheels.

    In 2021, the ‘Tonight Show’ veteran was actually stopped in his 1906 Stanley Steamer for speeding on Interstate 405 in California.

    Leno’s steam collection includes ‘cars, stationary engines, and even an enormous Advance steam tractor,’ according to the 2021 story published by Barrons.

    Jay Leno’s Garage posted a picture of the host posing inside of his garage with three of his extensive car collection on Instagram.

    His collection includes vehicles which are both affordable and attainable, with the host of Jay Leno’s Garage having an affinity for motor vehicles.

    It is not the first time the star has put himself at risk with his beloved vehicles, as he was left visibly shaken after getting in a car crash while filming the CNBC show in 2016 with legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle.

    Both ended up upside down after Riggle lost control and the car rolled over, though neither were hurt.

    In 2019, he spoke about his battle with high cholesterol after he was shown a scan of a blockage in his heart.

    Working in collaboration with Cholesterol 911, he urged others to overhaul their lifestyles.

    He said; ‘We really want people to see the connection, because a lot of people don’t realize high cholesterol — and if you’ve had a heart attack or stroke, you’re increasing your risk for another one.

    ‘It’s like an earthquake, it might not destroy the house, but it certainly weakens the structure.’

    ‘There’s a lot of people walking around like that, they’re just time bombs. You’ve got all this cholesterol, you don’t realize it until it actually hits, you know?

    ‘It’s like in a car, if even one piece of dirt gets in the eye of the needle of the jet, and boom and no more gas comes through. And that’s what happens with your heart.’

    He has previously detailed taking medication and using a portable EKG device that monitors his heart rhythm and detects irregular heartbeats.

    Leno added: ‘I’m not one of those guys. I don’t run five miles a day and do all that kind of stuff.

    ‘Hopefully I’m appealing to people who think like me, which is probably the majority of the population, who would like to do more but not if it sounds like kind of a pain.

    ‘But this is not a pain, it’s really simple. You go to the doctor, it’s a quick visit, he can tell you what you need to do.’

    The star was joined by Joe Biden on an episode of his show in October, with the thrill-seeking president pushing his beloved Corvette to over 100mph while drag racing.

    Biden and Leno reunited this summer, and drove his 1967 Corvette Stingray around the James J. Rowley Secret Service training facility in Beltsville, Maryland.

    The president whizzed around at astounding speeds of 118mph in front of the camera, while he admitted that he missed being able to drive himself around while living in the White House.

    Biden also appeared in Leno’s car-centric television show while he was vice president, in October 2016.

    The president, who frequently discusses his love of cars, raced Colin Powell in that episode – before he died October last year at the aged 84.

    In 2016, Powell lost the race to Biden, and Michael, 59, said he intended to avenge his father – saying he would ‘settle the score’.

    Michael was driving a 2015 Corvette with 455 horsepower V8 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, worth $55,000.

    Biden was racing him in his $150,000 1967 Stingray, with 350 horsepower and a four-speed manual gearbox.

  • 43 минуты назад 27.11.2022Showbiz
    Ashley Benson and rumored girlfriend Sofia Malamute head out shopping in LA

    Ashley Benson cut a stylish figure while shopping with her rumored girlfriend Sofia Malamute in Los Angeles on Saturday.

    The 32-year-old actress bundled up with a black longline blazer coat over a low-cut white blouse.

    She slipped her slender legs into a pair of baggy black jeans and strolled the sidewalk in trendy platform Converse sneakers.

    Benson found somethings she liked at one of the stores as she toted a pair of small shopping bags in her left hand.

    A black designer purse with gold hardware rested in the crook of her arm and she concealed her blue eyes behind large shades.

    She parted her short, platinum blonde hair in the middle and touched the top of her slender shoulders.

    The Pretty Little Liars actress was joined by Malamute who donned a black Supreme sweater and pale black trousers.

    She wore a headband to keep her light brown hair out of her face and wore big black headphones around her neck.

    Her appearance out came as rumors about a relationship between the actress and the photographer continue to swirl.

    While neither has commented on their relationship status, the blonde beauty has posted several TikTok videos featuring her cozying up to Malamute.

    On November 14, Benson uploaded footage of her lounging on the couch with her new love interest, who had one arm wrapped around her shoulders.

    Other videos on her account featuring Malamute show them dancing and goofing around while drinking coffee.

    Earlier this year, Benson was seen grabbing lunch with her ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy, who she split from in February 2021.

    A source told Entertainment Tonight that the actress was happy about rekindling their relationship, at the time.

    The insider expressed that the couple were ‘hanging out all of the time and definitely official.’

    The source also pointed out that the pair’s loved ones were happy about the rekindled romance.

    ‘Their friends are supportive of their relationship and G-Eazy’s friends think Ashley is really good for him,’ they said.

    The insider went on to remark that the couple’s previous break from their romance served to strengthen their bond.

    ‘They both felt like they needed to take time apart to realize that they actually work really well together,’ they said, before their ultimate breakup.

    Benson and G-Eazy, born Gerald Earl Gillum, were first linked when they collaborated on a cover of Radiohead’s hit track Creep in 2020.

    The actress was in a relationship with actress Cara Delevingne at the time, although the former couple called it quits that year.

    It was later confirmed that the two were officially seeing each other that May, and they remained in each other’s company for much of the year.

    The rapper publicly declared his love for the actress through an Instagram post that was shared that December.

    Not long after, however, it was reported by several sources that the duo had gone their separate ways.

    The two remained on friendly terms and worked on various musical projects following their split.

  • 43 минуты назад 27.11.2022Showbiz
    Kaley Cuoco showcases growing baby bump in adorable new Instagram picture with her boyfriend

    Kaley Cuoco displayed her growing baby bump on Instagram Saturday when she posted an adorable picture to her Story.

    The mom-to-be, 36, treated her 7.5 million followers to an image of her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey, 40, cradling her baby bump from behind as the pair posed in front of a hallway mirror.

    The Flight Attendant star is about halfway through her pregnancy, which she first announced in early October.

    Cuoco glowed as Pelphrey wrapped his arms around her and rested his cheek against the side of her head.

    The radiant actress wore her blonde hair up in a casual bun and had minimal makeup on for what appeared to be a relaxing weekend at home.

    A mysterious ring adorned Kaley’s finger as she held up her phone and captured the sweet moment for social media.

    Kaley flashed her burgundy manicure, which paired nicely with Tom’s all-black look.

    The acclaimed TV star sheathed her burgeoning belly in a pretty blue maternity dress from Gap.

    ‘@gap cutest maternity dress ever,’ captioned Cuoco, giving a shoutout to the brand behind her floral print design.

    The pair have been posting up a storm on social media, documenting their pregnancy with a stream of cute couple posts ever since announcing that they were having a baby girl.

    Kaley, as well as Tom, shared the pregnancy news on October 11, posting a collection of photos that included a photo of her positive pregnancy test.

    ‘Baby girl Pelphrey coming 2023 beyond blessed and over the moon… I [heart] you @tommypelphrey !!!’ she wrote on Instagram.

    In one image she held up a pregnancy test as she smiled at her beau.

    In another, they were showing off a slice of pink cake that served as their baby’s gender reveal.

    Cuoco’s tortured love life over the past decade has been well-documented.

    Her first engagement came in October 2011 when she accepted the proposal of addiction specialist Josh Resnick, only to part ways with him in March of 2012.

    The Wedding Ringer star eventually walked down the aisle with former professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, 35, tying the knot in December 2013 before announcing their divorce less than two years later.

    A second trip to the alter occurred in June 2018 when the famous horse lover married equestrian Karl Cook.

    That marriage lasted until September 2021.

    Kaley, who also dated her Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki from 2007 to 2009, declared to Glamour in April of this year that she ‘will never get married again.’

    But perhaps the star has already embarked on a third marriage with her Ozark actor as the pair have been wearing what appear to be wedding bands.

    The couple have not yet confirmed if they are already married or engaged.

  • 43 минуты назад 27.11.2022Showbiz
    Meghan Trainor reveals TikTok has saved her career – as she shares sad truth behind her Grammy win

    Megan Trainor has praised social media platform TikTok for revitalising her career after years of struggling to remain relevant.

    The US pop star and Australian Idol judge, 27, shot to global fame in 2014 with her Grammy winning single All About That Bass, but subsequently battled to replicate the same success.

    However, she finally enjoyed a major comeback this year after her new single Made You Look went viral on TikTok as part of a dance challenge.

    ‘When I got a Grammy, I thought all of the doors would open. [But] It felt like every door shut. It felt like everything was twice as hard, if not way harder,’ Trainor told The Daily Telegraph.

    ‘It felt like I was on a slope going down, down down. TikTok dragged me out of that dark place and this music, now everyone is saying a comeback.’

    Trainor, who is also a popular TikTok personality, praised the Chinese-owned platform for allowing her to connect on an authentic level with her fans.

    Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter spent time in Australia filming the upcoming reboot of Australian Idol alongside fellow stars Kyle Sandilands, Amy Shark and Harry Connick Jr.

    She was joined for the trip by her husband Daryl Sabara and their son Riley, one.

    Trainor even told The Daily Telegraph that she and Daryl were trying for another baby while staying Down Under, to no avail.

    ‘We were trying (to fall pregnant) when we were in Australia because we wanted to be able to say we conceived you in Australia, it would have been a cool story to tell but I think the time change was so rocky on my body that I couldn’t latch on but we are going to try again now we are home and chilling,’ she said.

    The hitmaker married Sabara – a former child star most famous for playing Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids film series – in 2018 after meeting him at a house party in 2014.

    Australian Idol will air on Channel Seven and Seven Plus in 2023.

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More voters trust Republicans on economy as interest in midterms hits high, polls say
Voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on top issues including the economy, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted less…
Soaring tax revenue, spending plunge spark record drop in budget deficit
The U.S. government posted a record decline in federal deficits in fiscal 2022, as surging tax revenue and waning pandemic…

Showbiz EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Royal hotel cries foul in battle with neighbours over development plans