Dan Walker fumes over ‘never heard of them crew’ as he addresses Strictly line-up backlash

Dan Walker, 45, turned to social media to express his outrage today after a number of people complained that they’ve “never heard of” the celebrities completing Strictly Come Dancing’s line-up this year. The former contestant bluntly told those who were making a fuss to “google it”.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Will never get my head around the ‘never heard of them’ crew when you see someone announced on #Strictly who you don’t know much about.”

“Get on Google, learn a bit about them,” he added incredulously.

“Looking forward to seeing the full set of this year’s bunch.”

The former BBC Breakfast presenter shared the same message with his Twitter page, and in view of his 771,000 followers.

Dan competed in Strictly 2021, lasting until week 11 and coming fifth with professional partner Nadiya Bychkova.

However, it was EastEnders actress Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice who went home with the Glitterball Trophy.

This year, a new line-up is taking shape, with each celebrity being dramatically announced one by one.

Hollyoaks actor Will Mellor was the first famous face to be revealed, with Coronation Street actress and Morning Live presenter Kym Marsh being next up.

BBC Radio Two’s Richie Anderson followed soon after before Loose Women’s Kaye Adams took up the fourth spot.

Comedian Jayde Adams was the latest contestant to be announced, with news of her taking to the dancefloor breaking today.

Every year, Strictly has a mix of famous faces and rising stars, with lesser-known celebs often going on to win the show.

Dan’s followers took to the comments section of his tweet to discuss whether it was fair to comment on how known a celebrity is before entering the show.

Helen Brodigan agreed with Dan’s take, writing: “It’s one of the things I love about Strictly… Seeing people you’re not familiar with… Watching their dance journey… Picking your favourites… I wasn’t familiar with Rose Ayling-Ellis last year, but she went on to be one of my favourites!” (sic)

Joanne Richardson added: “I know all the people this year really well so far! 3 really well known actors, a good comedian who’s acted in a number of comedy series.

“Alma’s Not Normal was nominated for awards… And Richie and Kay. The ‘who are they’ seem to have a very narrow world view…” (sic)

Meanwhile, others began to argue with one another, with Matt Ballard commenting: “It’s a fair comment, isn’t it? What’s the problem?”

Katie Aitch fired back: “It’s mean-spirited and disrespectful. It’s short-sighted. If I don’t know someone it doesn’t mean they’re not well known.

“It’s closed-minded. You might not know them now but you might end up a fan of them or their work.” (sic)

Tony Ford asked: “Here’s the thing though, surely if I have to google them, can they really be considered a ‘celebrity’ if nobody’s heard of them?

Sarah Hamilton replied: “You having to Google them doesn’t mean no one’s heard of them.”

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  • 26 минут назад 17.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘Surprised by that!’ A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman deflated by ‘fussy’ couple’s snub

    Sarah and Greg were looking for a traditional French cottage in Charente with a budget of £250,000. It soon became apparent that a big kitchen was the most important feature for Sarah, while Greg was keen to have a garage. After a few rejections, the pair admitted to A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine they were “fussy”. Before going inside the first property, Jasmine asked them to rate their excitement based on the outside and was disappointed and surprised when they only gave a six.

    The couple was after a four-bedroom property, and Sarah was eager to find a large French-style open kitchen.

    The two wanted a swimming pool or a house with the option to install a pool themselves.

    They were also keen to have outback space and a garage, and Jasmine had warned them they may be looking at places over their budget with such a specific list.

    When they got to the first property, a four-bedroom home with a huge garage, Jasmine was certain Greg and Sarah would instantly fall in love.

    “This is it then, our first property!” Jasmine commented as they stood outside the home.

    She asked the couple: “Tell me what you think of this?”

    “I like it,” Greg replied enthusiastically before turning to Sarah and asking: “Do you like it?”

    “I do,” she replied. “Totally different to what I imagined but I am not discounting it at all.”

    “This property’s full of surprises,” Jasmine explained. “Four bedrooms upstairs, two bathrooms, two separate WCs, for you Greg a nice garage there!”

    Hoping to sway them further, she continued: “It’s a massive three-car garage.”

    “Oh gosh!” Sarah stated, while Greg simply remarked: “Right.”

    “So… where are we on a scale of one to 10 for excitement?” Jasmine probed.

    “I’d say about six,” Greg confessed as Jasmine gasped and asked: “Six?! Is that all?”

    She went on: “Wait, I’m disappointed – only a six?” before adding she was “surprised by that”.

    “Well, we haven’t been in yet,” Sarah pointed out.

    Jasmine added: “Do you want to know the price? Well, it’s on the market for just under £251,500 – so it’s pretty much on the budget. Shall we go and have a look inside?”

    The second property was preferred by the two but Jasmine realised the kitchen was going to be the deal-breaker.

    After a few more rejections, an exasperated Jasmine commented: “You two! What are you like?”

    “We are fussy,” Greg admitted as Jasmine agreed: “You’re making me work for this.”

    However, the Channel 4 host eventually managed to impress the pair with her final property.

    Greg and Sarah asked Jasmine to put forward an offer of £270,000 on the final house.

    This offer was almost £30,000 lower than the asking price but the owner suggested a counteroffer of £285,000 which was accepted by the couple.

    “We found our dream house,” Sarah beamed, while Jasmine congratulated the successful house hunters.

    A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4.

  • 2 часа, 38 минут назад 16.08.2022Showbiz
    Adrienne Bailon and husband Israel Houghton announce the birth of their son via surrogate

    Adrienne Bailon has announced her and husband Israel Houghton, 51, have welcomed a son via surrogate.

    The singer/host, 38, shared a photo of her holding their newborn, revealing his name as Ever James.

    Adrienne wrote: ‘We have quietly prayed while sitting on this most magnificent secret for the last nine months,’ adding that they feel ‘love and gratitude’ for God, their surrogate, friends and family who have been with them on their ‘challenging’ journey to parenthood that spanned five years.

    Adrienne cradled Ever in her arms with Israel looking over her shoulder at their baby boy.

    The star wrote a touching message about the five year journey it took to become parents, revealing that they experience miscarriages and tried IVF.

    The couple welcomed Ever via a surrogate, and opted to keep the entire pregnancy a secret.

    Adrienne posted a poem about her son in the caption, writing: ‘Ever James [Infinity emoji]. For this child we have prayed. Just to hear our baby cry. Skin to skin and face to face. Heart to heart and eye to eye…’

    Adding: ‘He’s here and we have never been happier to lose sleep! #HappilyEverHoughton,’ adding a heart emoji.

    Adrienne has been open in her struggles to get pregnant, speaking to the audience for The Real in 2018.

    At the time, she said the process of getting pregnant ‘isn’t what I thought it would be,’ via People.

    The Cheetah Girls star said that people are ‘very insensitive to that,’ in the sense [that] I know you guys are like, “Is she pregnant?” “Her face is fuller” – FYI I’ve always had a really chubby face so that’s not what it is.’

    ‘I think that as an audience we should be sensitive to the fact that everybody doesn’t get pregnant right away. I think for myself I thought it would happen so easily for me and it just hasn’t happened that way.’

    Adding: ‘I’ve had to come to peace with that it’ll happen when it’s God’s timing and I believe in that and I have faith in all of that. But it can be really discouraging and it can be really frustrating.’

    ‘I think I looked at myself and in my mind I was like, “I’m a Cheetah Girl, I’m 19 years old” and then I woke up and was like actually I’m going to be 35 in a few weeks and that makes a big difference. I can feel as youthful as I want in the inside and in my heart, but my ovaries are what they are and that sucks to hear that,’ she said at the time.

    Adrienne also told The Real audience during the 2018 conversation that she always thought her ‘having wide hips and the fact that I’m Latina – I thought that if my husband looked at me I’d get pregnant. I really believed that and it just hasn’t been that way.’

    Adrienne and Israel, a gospel singer, tied the knot in 2016 in a Paris.

    He has four children from a previous relationship: Mariah, Milan, Jordan and Israel.

  • 2 часа, 38 минут назад 16.08.2022Showbiz
    Last picture of Darius Campbell Danesh before he was found dead aged 41

    Darius Campbell Danesh was last pictured out in Malibu with actor Gerard Butler in June – two months before he was found dead in his bed at the age of 41.

    The former Pop Idol contestant and theatre star was found unresponsive in his apartment in Rochester, Minnesota, on August 11 – although the cause of death remains unknown.

    The two men – who became friends after Darius moved to America – were seen walking barefoot towards Malibu beach as the late singer walked his dog.

    The picture was taken nine weeks before Darius’ shock passing on June 11.

    Daris was wearing a baker boy style flat during the outing with a pair of trousers rolled up to his knees.

    Gerard, who lives in the Malibu area, walked ahead wearing a pale blue polo shirt and a pair of jeans.

    Darius, who was married to Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge, whose films include sci-fi hit Species, from 2011-201 and has been based in the U.S. for the past fifteen years.

    The couple married in 2011 at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, but were divorced a few years later. He previously told the Scottish Herald: ‘That relationship was certainly not without its ups and downs. Over the course of 12 years, we broke up many times and had a period of six months apart.

    ‘It was often a long-distance relationship for half of it. That in itself was an amazing experience, but a painful one. When you love someone you want to be with them.’

    As well as becoming friendly with A-lister Gerard, 52, he also also become close with other stars including Rebel Wilson.

    During his stint stateside, Darius became a successful actor and producer and was known for Imperium (2016), Tomorrow (2018) and Hotel Babylon (2006).

    Darius’ family wrote in a tweet announcing the news on Tuesday: ‘It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Darius Campbell Danesh. Darius was found unresponsive in bed in his apartment room in Rochester, Minnesota and was pronounced dead in the afternoon by the local medical examiners’ office.’

    Police have said there were ‘no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances’, his relatives also confirmed.

    Danesh made his first bid for fame in ITV show Popstars in 2001 with his quirky rendition of Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time.

    He did not make it into the band but the following year appeared on the first Pop Idol, which was won by Will Young, with Darius finishing third behind another household name in Gareth Gates.

    The Scottish performer went on to forge a successful theatre career, appearing in Chicago as Billy Flynn in two runs of the production, as well as Guys And Dolls, Gone With The Wind and more in the West End.

    He lived in the US and was in a relationship with Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge, whose films include sci-fi hit Species.

    The couple married in 2011 at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, but had since divorced.

    A family statement said: ‘It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Darius Campbell Danesh. Darius was found unresponsive in bed in his apartment room in Rochester, Minnesota, on August 11 and was pronounced dead in the afternoon by the local medical examiners’ office.

    ‘The local police department have confirmed that there were no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances. The cause of his sudden death is unknown at this stage while medical examinations continue.

    ‘We ask that you kindly respect our wishes for privacy at this time whilst we come to terms with the tragic loss of our son and brother.’

    Following the news that the Scottish singer had passed away, a slew of stars took to social media to offer their sympathies, including Lorraine Kelly, Adele Roberts and Rylan.

    Responding the news of his death, actress Carrie Hope Fletcher tweeted today: ‘This is such sad news’ and shared a broken heart emoji.

    He first shot to fame when he appeared on Popstars in 2001 before going on to defy critics and enjoy a successful music and theatre career.

    In a performance regarded by most as cringey when it aired at the time, Darius garnered attention for his cover of Britney Spears’s Hit Me Baby One More Time sporting his memorable ponytail and goatee on the ITV talent show.

    After Pop Idol in 2002, Danesh turned down Simon Cowell’s offer of a record deal and signed with producer Steve Lillywhite, whose credits include U2 and the Rolling Stones.

    His debut single, Colourblind, was released in July 2002 and went straight to number one, marking the start of a run of top 10 releases.

    As the accolades began pouring in for the acclaimed singer and songwriter’s career, his first solo album Dive In went platinum, while his first West End stage appearance came as Billy Flynn in the iconic Chicago.

  • 2 часа, 38 минут назад 16.08.2022Showbiz
    Robert Downey Jr. beams with happiness as he films new project in the Hamptons

    He’s spent much of his life on camera.

    But the magic of movie making has not dwindled for Robert Downey Jr.

    The actor, 57, couldn’t have looked any happier as he filmed a new project in the Hamptons on Monday.

    Robert smiled from ear-to-ear as he strolled about the set wearing a blue top, joggers, and white sneakers.

    He shielded his eyes behind a pair of black sunnies and accessorized his look with a smart watch.

    The actor made a costume change as he was spotted in a sharper look.

    Robert was now wearing a black button down, green trousers, and smart sneakers.

    The Iron Man commanded attention as he chatted with several other men, including employees of KEM South, a full service diesel shop.

    The actor lit up as he clenched his fists, putting his acting abilities on display.

    It’s unclear what film Robert was pictured filming, but he does have several projects coming soon.

    All-Star Weekend and Oppenheimer are both currently in post-production, while his other projects – Play Dirty, Sherlock Holmes 3, and the mini series The Sympathizer – are all in pre-production, according to IMDb.

    Outside of his film career, Robert has reportedly been helping the disgraced actor Armie Hammer, after his career imploded in January 2021 following sexual assault allegations made against him.

    A source previously told Vanity Fair that Hammer, who has reportedly struggled with substance abuse issues, had been staying at a home owned by the Avengers: Endgame actor and ‘attended an A.A. meeting’ in Malibu.

    The source added that Downey has been providing Hammer with ‘financial assistance until he gets back on his feet.’

    The insider confirmed that Downey paid for Hammer to spend close to six months in the Florida rehabilitation facility the Guest House.

    Downey himself has a famed Hollywood redemption story, after he returned to the big screen following multiple arrests on drug related charges, and a stint in prison.

    DailyMail.com previously caught up with Armie’s estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers who seemed to confirm Robert had helped fund Hammer’s rehab stint and said ‘everybody needs help.’

  • 2 часа, 38 минут назад 16.08.2022Showbiz
    Katie Piper is rushed into emergency surgery with ‘extreme pain’ in her eye after 2008 acid attack

    Katie Piper has revealed she was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation as she thanked her surgeons for their ‘knowledge, expertise and kindness.’

    Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the presenter, 38, shared how she was left in ‘extreme pain’ on Sunday and her husband noticed a black spot in her eye.

    The Loose Women panelist has continued to be plagued by medical issues after suffering horrific injuries to her face, chest, arms and hands, and being blinded in one eye, following a 2008 acid attack, organised by her ex-boyfriend.

    Her latest incident resulted in her not being able to tolerate light anymore and as her condition worsened she had to be rushed in to hospital.

    She penned: ‘Emergency Operation for me! On Saturday my husband noticed a small black circle in my blind eye, I was excited thinking I had a pupil again.

    ‘By Sunday my left eye was extremely painful and couldn’t tolerate light, so I patched it up and put it down to old injuries.

    ‘I’m used to being in some level of discomfort and I went to work.’

    Detailing how the black circle was a hole in her eye she said she had feared of this happening.

    She added: ‘By Sunday night I felt nausea and in extreme pain. I got in touch with my eye specialist @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk and unfortunately he confirmed the black circle was a hole in my eye and the eye had perforated.

    ‘This had always been a fear that it would happen.

    ‘Yesterday @sherazdaya sourced tissue for me and operated on me. I cannot thank him and his team enough, their knowledge and expertise but also how kind and caring they all are.

    ‘There maybe some evil people in this world but there are also some pretty incredible people doing amazing things for people on a daily basis.

    ‘Huge thank you team @sherazdaya @centreforsightuk You are the best!’

    Earlier on Tuesday, on Loose Women Katie told her ‘Life Before Loose’ story, detailing how her world changed after the acid attack which left her disfigured and recalled the abuse hurled at her during her recovery.

    Stefan Sylvestre was sentenced to a minimum of six years in 2009 over the horrific assault after he threw acid on the orders of Katie’s obsessive ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch, who co-ordinated the pre-planned street assault outside her north London home in Golders Green.

    As well as looking back on the moment that simultaneously changed her life and found her purpose, Katie also spoke fondly of happy childhood growing up in Hampshire, her teenage rebellious years and moving to London.

    Talking to panellists Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan and Janet Street-Porter, Katie candidly reflected on how her world changed aged 24.

    She admitted: ‘When I look back on it and reflect, it does feel like two separate lives. I’m 38, but I sort of feel in my 70s or 80s.

    ‘Because what’s happened to me, I’ve condensed so much into such a short period, and that happen to some people in their whole lifetime.

    ‘In some ways you can take that as a positive – life experiences enrich us, they build our character and we can go onto use that in our future, but in other ways it was a lot. It took its toll on me mentally and physically. Some of the physical changes are still ongoing in my medical journey.’

    She added: ‘Nobody prepares for that.. It was like my life was turned upside down in a matter of seconds. Lots of different things happen to people and what’s happened to me is obviously more visual, but we all experience trauma in varying degrees. Trauma’s a fact of life, but it needn’t be a life sentence.’

    The sulphuric acid, some of which Katie had swallowed, blinded her in her left eye, and caused partial thickness and full thickness burns.

    On how her parents dealt with the situation, Katie said: ‘It was quite complex because when people think of burns, you think of military heroes or burns in the kitchen or fireworks.

    ‘I don’t think any of us realised how much it affects so many functions and so many other internal medical problems that we had to educate themselves on…

    ‘It wasn’t an accident that happened to me. A long legal trial, several different charges that the whole family was affected – my siblings, my parents…’

    Katie also reflected on why she made her first documentary – Katie: My Beautiful Face – in which she spoke candidly about what had happened to her.

    She explained: ‘How people reacted was my motivation to do the documentary because initially I looked very different to how I sit here today, I wore a face mask for two years, I had a shaved head, very purple/red appearance…

    ‘People reacted by asking me to leave shops, shouting at me in the street. I wasn’t famous, I wasn’t known, people didn’t understand why I wore a mask…

    ‘I wanted to explain people why I looked this way, educate people, relieve myself of that isolation]… I’m not contagious, I’ve not going something which means I need to be rejected from society.’

    The presenter also opened up about how Simon Cowell helped her in her journey to set up the Katie Piper Foundation, where she mentors burns survivors.

    Katie – who recently received an OBE – said: ‘Taking back that empowerment and having that voice became very important to me….I believe that in life there are some things we’re sometimes out of control, we’re the captain of our own ship. Your life is ultimately in your hands… what a privilege to find your purpose at 24.’

    Elsewhere, Katie reflected on her ‘great’ childhood, growing up in a small village, recalling: ‘I was a tomboy. I had a dreadful haircut – a bowl haircut. My dad was a barber in the local village, and my mum a teacher, so you either had a haircut from my dad or detention from my mother.’

    She added, ‘It was innocent, I never had any real pain or trauma at all growing up. My mum and dad were invested in us… They weren’t about big ambitions, but about independence and making your own way in life.’

    Speaking about her teenage years, Katie said she was a ‘disappointing’ teenager. She revealed, ‘I grew up in such a small town, I really wanted city life… I rebelled, I was the smoker, the drinker, I used to jump out of the window to go out at night, I pierced my nose… used to dye my hair with food colouring because I couldn’t access hair dye.’

    Katie then went on to say she studied a college hair and beauty course, admitting: ‘I wasn’t really academic. It wasn’t because I wasn’t bright, I just wasn’t interested… I was more interested in going out and boyfriends.’

    Aspiring for more, Katie moved to London ‘to seek out a different life’, moving into a house share with actors, dancers, those in theatre, promo girls, which ultimately became the path she took.

    She told: ‘It felt exciting, who knew where it may or may not take me? It was more money than I was earning at that time .I worked on shopping telly selling solar panel lights, quiz shows until 4 in the morning, furniture catalogues and adverts,…’

    Katie explained that there was ‘a lot of partying around this.’ She said, ‘ Monday-Thursday, clubbing, drinking, eating. I’ve always been a real people person. I’ve always grabbed life and loved glamorous things.’

    Katie also revealed she watched Loose Women back then, telling the panel: ‘I always wanted to be in that world and talking on telly, connecting with people, I used to watch Loose Women, I’ve watched it since I was a child. I think Coleen Nolan was back on it, even then!’

  • 4 часа, 25 минут назад 16.08.2022Showbiz
    ‘I’ve got no bra on!’ This Morning’s Rochelle Humes caught in awkward exercise blunder

    During Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV show, Rochelle and her This Morning guest presenter Andi Peters join in with an exercise segment with Peloton instructor Ben Alldis. However, when Rochelle started to jump around she quickly realised she wasn’t wearing a bra.

    Before the presenting duo got into the exercises, Andi told his co-host he was taking the segment far too seriously as he got changed into some athleisure wear beforehand.

    Rochelle, still dressed in a shoulderless top and white flared jeans, admitted she was too busy watching the VT of Doctor Scott to change her outfit.

    Taking off her heels, Rochelle was told she would be doing five easy lower body exercises.

    One of the moves they had to do was to get into a squat before jumping up and getting back into position.

    When they both started to jump, Andi encouraged the former Saturdays star by commenting: “Go on Roch.”

    Although after a couple of jumps, Rochelle stopped as she clung to her chest explaining: “I’ve got no bra on!”

    While Ben laughed, Andi joked: “That’s a revelation we weren’t quite prepared for.”

    She replied: “Well, I didn’t know we’d be jumping! Sorry guys.”

    The 33-year-old continued with Ben’s workout but had to hold her top up as a result.

    For the last move, Rochelle and Andi made the whole crew on set get involved which saw some members squat up and down while holding the camera.

    Commenting on the team all working out, Andi shouted: “Come on, that’s what I like to see everyone!”

    At the end of the segment, the former CBBC host showed he had worked up a sweat to Rochelle but she joked that he was simply “glowing”.

    Elsewhere in the show, the duo were left in fits of giggles after speaking to Patrick the Pony’s owner Kirk Petrakis live from Devon.

    The miniature pony is a therapy animal and due to his positive impact on the community has earned the title of mayor of Cockington.

    After Kirk spoke about Patrick’s fame, he asked Rochelle and Andi if there was time to sing a song.

    Caught off guard, Andi burst out laughing before Rochelle asked: “Well what song would you like to sing Kirk?”

    Bursting into a song about Patrick, the This Morning hosts could be hard giggling off camera.

    Applauding him once the song had finished, Rochelle said it was “lovely” while both presenters were struggling to keep a straight face.

    Thanking him for appearing on the show, they continued to laugh as Andi commented: “No one mentioned the song!”

    This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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Biden enters the Always Be Closing phase of his first term
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Showbiz Dan Walker fumes over 'never heard of them crew' as he addresses Strictly line-up backlash