All Creatures Great and Small’s James Herriot star addresses future with Helen in series 3

Season three of All Creatures Great and Small will air in September, and fans are eagerly waiting to find out how Helen Alderson (played by Rachel Shenton) and James Herriot’s (Nicholas Ralph) romance will play out. In a new interview, the actor who plays the beloved vet addressed his future on the Channel 5 drama.

Teasing what’s in store for the couple, the James Herriot star began: “I think we see them kind of closer than ever and stronger as a couple.

“And as you say, moving through some of the practicalities of it and things because they’re full of love and it’s great but there is then the practical side of it.

“Where are they going to live and what are their roles going to be?”

At the end of season two, James ended up proposing to his love, but will there be a wedding in the upcoming series?

“There might be marriage,” Nicholas teased before adding: “And certainly more of the same…bedding in and grounding in and growing in all those roots…kind of expanding out even further in the Dales with this kind of family that he has.

“We’ll see as I’m really excited to also find out.”

Discussing the show’s renewal for a third and fourth series, the James Herriot star addressed his future on the show.

“I’m absolutely buzzing,” Nicholas beamed. “So, so thrilled that we’ve been commissioned for another two [series].

“And as you say, as an actor, it’s a fantastic place to be [and] I’ll be certainly moving forward for a little while longer with this character.

“It’s a brilliant place to be in and I’m just looking forward to…like I said before, it’s more of these wonderful challenges.

“The wonderful operations and procedures that we’ll have to do…I’m sure the complexity of those will grow and change, and some more wonderful scenes that are maybe certainly poignant and funny.

“That’s one of the great things about the show as well, you get to do scenes that are funny.”

Recalling the challenges of filming, Nicholas added in the Masterpiece Studio podcast: “Sometimes he gets these scenes that are a little bit heartfelt and emotional.

“And you get the scenes that are really challenging…you’re in the Dales and it’s freezing and you’re lying Superman at the back of a horse.”

Despite the difficult conditions when filming, the actor admitted that is why he loves his job so much.

Going back to his storyline with Helen, Nicholas said despite the couple being in a “really good place”, fans will be disappointed to learn there won’t be a Christmas wedding for Helen and James.

He said: “A lot of people are asking me, and I know social media is screaming out for our Christmas wedding.

“Of course, Helen, you know, the previous Christmas just had the wedding that never was.”

“There would be no way that she would want to be getting married the next Christmas, and that wouldn’t be of interest to James either.”

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  • 49 минут назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Raising Kanan: Mekai Curtis previews Kanan and Raq fall-out ‘Reads her poker face’

    The first season finale of Power Book III: Raising Kanan shook viewers to the core last year when Kanan Stark (played by Mekai Curtis) tried and failed to bring down detective Malcolm Howard (Omar Epps). When Malcolm returns to reveal the truth in the second season of the hit Starz drama, Mekai teased exclusively to Express.co.uk if Kanan’s bond with his crime lord mother Raq (Patina Miller) will survive.

    Kanan and Raq could be on very shaky ground by the end of Raising Kanan’s second season.

    Unbeknownst to the New York queenpin, Raq’s scheme to orchestrate her son to kill Malcolm was unsuccessful after Kanan choked when it came to delivering the final shot.

    Malcolm is now aware he is probably Kanan’s father, and Raq will be doing anything to stop the NYPD detective from getting close to her son.

    However, according to Mekai, it won’t take long before Kanan starts seeing through his mother’s lies.

    “The base of it goes back to how a mother knows her son and how a son knows his mother,” he told Express.co.uk.

    “The story we’re telling in Raising Kanan is how a family sticks together.

    “It’s a crime drama but it’s about this mother wanting to protect her son and her son wanting to protect her mother.”

    Mekai revealed he and Patina had a rather different approach to their performance as mother and son this time around.

    Although Raq still has a deep love for her son, and vice versa, she’s incredibly worried Malcolm’s revelation could destroy what she and her brothers have built.

    Mekai added: “As a son, as a man, your mother is your first love, truly.

    “With that, you know how they take and you learn certain nuances of that person.”

    From the first episode of the new season, Raq will be trying her hardest to keep Kanan from learning the truth from Malcolm.

    Unfortunately for her, Kanan is now old enough to know exactly when his mother is lying to him and could set out to uncover more of her secrets during season two.

    “In the case of Raq and Kanan; Kanan’s been around long enough and he’s privy enough to know when things aren’t necessarily what they are,” Mekai continued.

    “He can kind of read through Raq’s poker face, and that’s where you see them.

    “She knows that he can read through her poker face. He knows he can read through her poker face.”

    “And it’s that constant back and forth of Raq trying to keep that persona, being the head in charge whilst also being the vulnerable mother.

    “It’s really interesting to see that dynamic back and forth.”

    Power fans are certainly in for a tension-filled season of Raising Kanan when the franchise’s first prequel continues Kanan’s rise to power in the 90s.

    Raq’s ultimate fate is still unknown in the main timeline, but the Queens crime lord could meet a sticky end if her rivals catch wind of her connection to Malcolm.

    Raising Kanan season 2 premieres Sunday, August 14 on Starz in the USA and StarzPlay via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

  • 49 минут назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    The Last Kingdom’s Alexander Dreymon ‘excited’ by sweet Uhtred tribute: ‘Look at that!’

    Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) story will soon be back on screens as part of Netflix’s feature-length The Last Kingdom blockbuster, Seven King Must Die. But while spoilers are being kept heavily guarded, a number of the historical drama’s fandom have been keeping up to date with leading star Dreymon on social media – and he had quite the surprise in store on Friday, August 12.

    In view of his 1.3million Instagram followers, Dreymon revealed he’d been gifted a replica of Uhtred’s iconic sword.

    “I’m very excited,” Dreymon said in a short clip of the unveiling before letting out a whistle as he uncovered the item.

    He went on: “It’s gorgeous. Look at that. I feel like I should be using the sword to open this one.”

    Dreymon then reached for a second package sent his way, filled with more goodies.

    Speaking to his followers, he went on: “I’m gonna use the sword for everything now – making dinner, clipping my toenails… it needs a bit of sharpening.

    “Sihtric!” Dreymon jokingly called out, referring to Uhtred’s fellow warrior, played by Arnas Fedaravičius.

    After struggling with the sword, Dreymon conceded defeat as he told his fanbase: “Okay, maybe I’m not going to use my sword for everything!”

    He eventually let out a roar before dropping a key quote of Uhtred’s which sent fans into a frenzy.

    “Destiny is all!” Dreymon yelled before turning to the camera and asking: “You wanna play with it?”

    Dreymon accompanied the video with a caption thanking the senders for their sweet tribute to his iconic Last Kingdom alter-ego.

    He penned: “Thank you to all my friends at @carnivalfilms for this precious gift.

    “I will send you the bill when I accidentally stab the couch. I’ll always be grateful to you for letting me be your Uhtred.

    “Thank you for the journey and for everything I’ve learned along the way.

    “Destiny is all,” he signed off, again repeating the famous Last Kingdom phrase.

    Needless to say, it didn’t take long for hundreds of fans to express their delight at the tribute to Uhtred.

    And among the reactions to the post were a few familiar faces as a number of his Last Kingdom co-stars shared their thoughts.

    The aforementioned Fedaravičius cheekily replied: “@alexander.dreymon when you said ‘you want to play with it?’ – you meant the sword, right? Right?!”

    While Aelswith actor Eliza Butterworth added: “Bring that to the next Witan meeting and I’ll have you removed imminently Lord Uhtred. Once a heathen, always a heathen xxxxxxxx.” (sic)

    And Brida star Emily Cox simply added to the comments with a love heart emoji for her co-star.

  • 49 минут назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    EastEnders theory: Beloved family torn apart after business betrayal

    Mitch Baker (played by Roger Griffiths) could end up pushing his nephews Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam) and Felix Baker (Matthew Morrison) away in EastEnders. The concerned uncle has been trying his best to support the brothers after the death of Avery Baker (Omar Lye-Fook) but he could end up betraying Finlay when he fears his nephew is taking on more than he can handle.

    In next week’s episodes, the day of Avery’s funeral arrives as the Baker/Taylor clan comes together.

    The day is an understandably emotional one for the family but the Baker brothers pay a touching tribute to their dad with uncle Mitch.

    Later in the week, Finlay and Felix look to the future as they discuss what they want out of their new life in Walford.

    The brothers decide they should set up their own market stall and really make the square their own.

    Finlay speaks to Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) about his idea for a food stall and she agrees.

    Meanwhile, the Baker/Taylor clan are saddened when Avery’s urn arrives.

    To lighten the mood, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) reminds everyone about Bernie Taylor’s (Clair Norris) birthday tomorrow.

    She secretly enlists the help of Felix and Finlay to plan a party for her daughter.

    Elsewhere, Honey has disappointing news for Finlay when she reveals Mr Lister (Nick Wilton) has rejected his food stall proposition.

    The brothers come up with a way to change Mr Lister’s mind but will it work?

    Setting up a stall could be just the distraction Finlay needs to help him cope with the loss of his dad.

    Felix and Finlay’s time in Walford has been tainted with tragedy after arriving on the scene when Avery collapsed.

    Putting down roots in Walford and doing something the pair find enjoyable could help the brothers and the Baker-Taylor clan move forward.

    Mitch has struggled to find the right way to help his nephews but getting involved with changing Mr Lister’s mind could be the perfect opportunity to support the brothers.

    Express.co.uk spoke to Bianca Neumann, head of bereavement at national bereavement charity Sue Ryder about the ways Mitch can help his nephews.

    She explained: “Activities can often help people to open up. Find a hobby or activity that they enjoy and offer to accompany them – whether that is going for a run, doing DIY, walking or watching sports.

    “People often talk better whilst doing something and this may encourage them to open up, whilst also taking part in something they enjoy.”

    However, Mitch may feel the brothers are putting too much pressure on themselves so soon after the death of their father.

    Could he sabotage Finlay’s chances of getting a food stall on purpose?

    Advising Finlay and Felix on how to deal with their grief, Bianca added: “Be kind to yourself.

    “Don’t place yourself under too much pressure to be ‘OK’. Emotions come and go and like waves, they can wash over us and seem overwhelming.

    “Allow yourself to feel and experience your grief and know that in time, the waves will eventually recede.”

    Will Finlay and Felix turn against their uncle if they find out he’s deliberately ruined their market stall plans?

    Mitch’s actions would be with the best of intentions but could lead to an already fragile family being torn apart.

    Sue Ryder is creating a national movement of kindness around grief which promotes open conversations about bereavement. To find out more visit here. EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

  • 49 минут назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Power boss speaks out on potential Ghost return to Starz – despite Tariq St Patrick murder

    James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) was the leading man of Starz’s hit drama Power for six seasons, with fans witnessing the drug kingpin-turned-nightclub owner face struggles with his family, a heartbreaking love affair with Angela Valdes (Lela Loren), and trying to keep the money rolling in with righthand man Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora). In the end, his actions caught up to him thanks to his disgruntled son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) who shot his own dad in the chest.

    Since his death at the end of Power, the universe has lived on in a series of spin-offs centred on some of the show’s biggest names.

    Tariq’s life after murdering his father has been explored for two seasons – soon to be three – in Power Book II: Ghost.

    Tommy, who upped sticks after the death of his best pal, continues to entertain Power fans in the Chicago-based Book IV: Force while Book III: Raising Kanan takes fans back to the ‘90s to see how Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis) became the threat to Ghost he once was.

    So with the Power universe still going strong, could there be a return from beyond the grave for Ghost? It’s a theory Starz boss Kathryn Busby recently addressed.

    Despite Power creator Courtney Kemp insisting Ghost did die at the hands of Tariq, the fandom continues to pick apart his final moments to suggest how he may live on.

    When this was put to Busby, the President of Original Programming at Starz, she told Deadline: “I don’t think you’re alone in that hope.”

    However, she echoed the words of former showrunner and creator Kemp by adding: “But…Ghost died.”

    Nevertheless, with both Book II and Book IV continuing in the present-day, if he were alive, there’d be plenty of scope for a shock return.

    There are a number of clues which fans are convinced hint Ghost never actually perished.

    One of the most talked about surrounds Ghost’s funeral, in which son Tariq, ex-wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and daughter Yaz (Amaya Carr) watched his casket be lowered into the ground.

    A number of fans pointed out that Ghost’s body is never shown and some even suggest that when the coffin is being taken to the grave, its movement suggests its empty.

    A second theory comes from an ambulance shown speeding away from nightclub Truth moments after Ghost was shot.

    Taking to YouTube, Power fan Alejandro Gonzales suggested Ghost used an ambulance he and Tommy had stolen for an earlier scam in order to plot his escape.

    They suggest that the ambulance speeding past Tariq moments after he left Truth had Ghost inside, querying: “Tariq literally just came back from shooting Ghost, why is there an ambulance already leaving?!”

    The theory expands: “An ambulance should’ve been arriving at the scene, not leaving it. Ghost knew this was the only way he could escape the ‘crime scene’.”

    It certainly raised eyebrows as the ambulance is indeed in the shot when Tariq is making his getaway from Truth.

    However, there are no plans for him to return and given Kemp’s insistence he’d died, perhaps a resurrection is off the cards.

    What has been ruled out is yet another Power spin-off, with rumours circulating that a London-based series could be in the pipeline.

    But Busby remained coy, saying: “I am not at liberty to answer anything in that vein except to say what we love about Power is the potential to spinoff and to spinoff successfully which we have done…

    “Which in theory, we would love to do again. I love that you’re hearing it.”

  • 1 час, 3 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Socialite Poppy O’Neil Tzaneros lists her $3.25 million Woollahra terrace on the market

    Poppy O’Neil has listed her terrace in Sydney’s Woollahra for sale for $3.25million, six years after purchasing the property.

    The Sydney socialite purchased the home for $2.1 million back in 2016, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

    The stylish home was built in the 1890s and features three bedrooms over three levels on a 120sqm block.

    The home features two newly renovated bathrooms and a rear studio apartment.

    The home will go under the hammer on September 10.

    Poppy and her husband Anthony Tzaneros will be moving into a $7.45 million in Sydney’s Bellevue Hill.

    Society sweetheart Poppy is the daughter of former yachtie Denis O’Neil and wife, Charlotte.

    Anthony is a member of the founding family of the giant port logistics firm ACFS.

    The couple will soon welcome a baby boy after tying-the-knot in a traditional Greek ceremony in October 2020.

    The couple spared no expense, celebrating in a New York Met Gala-themed event.

    The pair had their reception at upmarket restaurant Rockpool, which reportedly cost $10,000 per head.

    The wedding party continued with guests later boarding the super yacht, Quantum.

  • 1 час, 3 минуты назад 14.08.2022Showbiz
    Shia LaBeouf gets handsy with partner Mia Goth as they spend time with their newborn baby

    Shia LaBeouf looked very comfortable with his partner Mia Goth on Saturday as they strolled with their newborn baby near their home in Pasadena, California.

    The Peanut Butter Falcon actor, 36, was wearing a straw hat, LA Rams T-shirt, shorts and slide sandals with socks as he and Mia, 28, enjoyed a couple of green smoothies.

    The couple welcomed their baby earlier this year, but have not commented on the child’s name, gender or birthday.

    The British actress looked comfortable in a pair of black leggings and sandals.

    The Emma star was braless and wore a lavender crop top.

    As they stood chatting for a moment in front of a shop, The Tax Collector actor reached beneath Mia’s shirt.

    He was also spotted toying with the front waistband of Mia’s leggings.

    Though he appears blissful in his relationship with Mia, the actor is currently being sued by his former flame FKA Twigs, 34.

    The singer has accused Shia of abuse, claiming he knowingly gave her a sexually transmitted disease, as well as verbally, mentally, and physically abusing her during their relationship which lasted from summer 2018 to spring 2019.

    Recently the Tears in the Club singer reportedly got into a loud verbal dispute with another of Shia’s exes, Margaret Qualley, 27, at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

    It’s unclear what the cause of the alleged argument was, but an insider has claimed FKA twigs hoped Margaret would be willing to testify in the lawsuit against Shia.

    The Maid star, who briefly dated Shia in 2021, has indicated she believes the singer’s accusations against her ex.

    When asked about writing ‘Thank you’ on a social media post of the September 2021 cover of Elle magazine in which the singer, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, made her accusations, Margaret told Harper Bazaar ‘It was important to me for her to know that I believe her — and it’s as simple as that.’

    Shia and Mia began seeing each other in 2012. They tied the knot in Las Vegas in 2016, but divorced two years later, and Shia was involved with both FKA Twigs and Margaret during that time.

    Shia and Mia reconciled sometime after the Honey Boy actor and Margaret broke up, but have not re-married.

    The trial for the sexual abuse lawsuit is set to begin April 17, 2023.

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Showbiz All Creatures Great and Small's James Herriot star addresses future with Helen in series 3