1899 explained: Who is Ciaran? All the theories

Netflix series 1899 continues to baffle viewers with the series akin to opening up a Pandora’s box of mystery. Although the show offered up some answers after intriguing viewers over eight episodes, the final scenes very much left people with even more questions than before. One of the most perplexing things was Ciaran and who this person or entity really was.

Initially, Ciaran was presented as Maura’s brother who had gone missing while on board the Prometheus.

Maura Franklin (played by Emily Beecham) had been sent a letter supposedly from Ciaran calling on her to help him and so propelling the show’s narrative forward.

But as the show went on, Ciaran seemed to disappear into the background with the emergence of the Boy/Elliot (Fflyn Edwards).

In the finale, Daniel Solace (Aneurin Barnard) revealed to his wife Maura they were all trapped in a simulation run by her brother Ciaran.

Ciaran appeared to be some sort of puppet master controlling the simulation and everyone within it.

Previously, Daniel said Maura had created the simulation to escape the pain of reality with Elliot perhaps suffering or dying from an illness of some sort.

However, Daniel revealed Ciaran had taken over the simulation and locked them all inside it in an endless loop.

Daniel was trying to break the loop and Maura eventually appeared to escape the ship simulation and found herself on board a spaceship in 2099 with Ciaran sending her a message.

The message seemed to welcome her to reality but it was unclear whether Maura was in another simulation or had finally woken up.

Given there are questions over the very nature of reality, Ciaran too could simply be a construct rather than a person in their own right.

Many viewers have been speculating on Reddit, with user Psyychopatt posting: “Not sure what to do with this knowledge yet, but Ciaran is an Irish name that means ‘little dark-haired one’ which currently only fits the description of the kid who might or might not be Maura’s child.”

This would suggest Elliot is the one who is really Ciaran after all and is simply presented as a child – this would very much parallel with 1899’s sister series Dark in which a young child is the heart of the Knot.

“I think its Daniel who’s running the whole Simulation s*** as he already mentioned they created it to begin with so possibly he is the mastermind behind all simulations and sent his dearie wife to future simulation 2099.”

Redditor viridian_ark said: “I hope that 2099 isn’t another layer, but feel like it might be.

“I’m not convinced that Ciaran is her brother in the conventional sense of the term. Feel like there’s more going on here with duality/reflections/mirror images.

“Maybe Ciaran is another side of her psyche. I dunno. Just thinking back to what I assumed Dark was in the first season and how that totally changed by series end.

“I think this first season will be similar, where later revelations will recontextualize this episode.”

BotherEnough8259 seemed to agree and said: “Ciaran being another side of her psyche is such an interesting theory! I love it.”

This was backed up by monikacherokee’s comment: “And an observation… Ciaran is an acronym for crania, the plural of cranium (the skull, containing and protecting the brain).”

Meanwhile, user diacewrb drew parallels to a video game: “It is the year 2099 but some how they are still using a computer with a CRT screen and what appears to be MS-DOS. Maybe Ciaran is a big fan of the Fallout series?

“I am guessing the simulation is to keep the passengers sane whilst sleeping for so long in space.

“Speaking of Fallout, there was one vault where the survivors were kept in a simulation but the guy in charge went insane and started torturing everyone inside it for fun. Perhaps Ciaran has also gone insane as well.”

Dsstar666 had a very different theory, saying: “Who says Maura was married to Daniel beyond the 1899 level? After all, why is it that Daniel, Henry and Elliot are allowed to know that they are in a simulation? Seems like a design flaw considering that Ciaran is the one pulling the strings and is benefitting from them being trapped.”

The user added: “Hell, Ciaran may not even be her brother and is just a pseudonym for the mystery string puller.”

For now, it looks like the jury is out about Ciaran’s identity but there does seem to be some consensus suggesting Maura could still ultimately be in control of the simulation and her brother is simply part of her consciousness.

1899 is streaming on Netflix now

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  • 4 минуты назад 01.12.2022Showbiz
    Dua Lipa reveals she was unhappy with speculations over her performing at the World Cup in Qatar

    Dua Lipa has revealed that she was unhappy with ‘speculations’ that she was going to perform at the controversial World Cup in Qatar.

    The decision by FIFA to hold the World Cup in Qatar has been surrounded by controversy – particularly in relation to migrant workers and the LGBTQ+ community.

    And the singer, 27 – who has previously rubbished claims she’ll take to the stage in Doha – once again drove him her point and stated that though she has ‘nothing against Qatar’, she can’t perform as it ‘really goes against my beliefs.’

    Speaking to Variety, Dua said: ‘The World Cup is a really unique opportunity to hold Qatar to account. They made pledges on human rights when they signed the deal for the World Cup that have not been satisfactorily met on migrant workers’ rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and freedom of expression

    ‘What kind of message does it send if these pledges mean nothing?’

    The star – who recently wrapped her Future Nostalgia tour – added that though she has no ill will against the country, she ‘didn’t like being amongst speculation that I was going to perform for something that really goes against my beliefs.’

    Ahead of the World Cup, Dua rubbished rumours she’ll be performing and hit out at Qatar over its human rights record.

    She wrote in a statement on Instagram: ‘There is a lot of speculation that I will be performing at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar.

    ‘I will not be performing and nor have I ever been involved in any negotiation to perform.

    ‘I will be cheering England on from afar and I look forward to visiting Qatar when it has fulfilled all the human rights pledges it made when it won the right to host the World Cup.’

    She signed off: ‘One love, Dua x’

    There has been much backlash over the decision to hold the football tournament in the Arab country – where being gay is illegal with a punishment of up to seven years in jail.

    While the contractual conditions for hundreds of thousands of migrant workers employed to turn the tiny emirate into a region capable of hosting football’s biggest tournament was also a big concern.

    Some campaigners have urged celebrities to boycott the World Cup, with Robbie Williams and David Beckham both coming under criticism for associating with the competition.

    As well as Dua, Shakira and Rod Stewart are among performers who denied taking part in the World Cup in Qatar.

    Sir Rod was offered a $1million deal to perform in Qatar, but turned it down because of the Gulf state’s human rights record, the rockstar revealed.

    Discussing the controversy surrounding the World Cup host nation – where homosexuality is illegal – the singer said he thought it would be wrong to play a set there.

    ‘I was actually offered a lot of money, over $1m, to play there 15 months ago,’ Stewart, 77, told the Sunday Times.

    ‘I turned it down. It’s not right to go. And the Iranians should be out too for supplying arms,’ he said in reference to drones supplied by the country to Russia, which was barred from the tournament.

    He added that he thinks supporters attending matches in Qatar – where being gay can lead to imprisonment and even the death sentence for Muslims – ‘have got to watch out’.

    Stewart has been considered an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, previously saying he was ‘surrounded by gay men in the 70s’.

  • 4 минуты назад 01.12.2022Showbiz
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes Christmas shopping with her mother

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley cut a trendy figure as she went Christmas shopping with her mother Fiona in Chelsea, London on Thursday.

    The model, 35, wrapped up warm for the outing in a black coat and large beige scarf as she got ready for the festive season.

    The Transformers star also donned a pair of blue jeans and added height to her frame with dark heels.

    Letting her blonde locks fall loose down her shoulders, the star complimented her natural beauty with a light palette of makeup.

    Rosie, who is also known for her work with the Victoria’s Secret brand, completed her look with a black handbag.

    It comes after last month Rosie revealed she ‘frequently’ gets flashed by women wearing her underwear range while out in public.

    The businesswoman, who has a popular underwear range with Marks and Spencer, often gets to see her target market wearing the pieces first hand.

    Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Rosie divulged: ‘Yeah, I frequently get flashed. Like all the time by lovely ladies, in the lifts, going up and down the stairs.

    ‘People are very enthusiastic about showing me they’ve got it on. I love it. It’s always an ice breaker and a very funny moment.’

    With a new make-up range to her name, Rosie also revealed her partner, Hollywood hard-man Jason Statham, 55, does actually get involved in the process.

    She explained: ‘He loves creativity. He’s like somebody I always go to when it comes to interiors or art and architecture.

    ‘As we were creating the packaging I was really in touch with him about that and I talked to him a lot about that.

    ‘Both of us are very involved behind the scenes in each other’s projects.’

  • 4 минуты назад 01.12.2022Showbiz
    Teri Hatcher, 57, joins her daughter Emerson Rose Tenney, 25, at a glitzy gala in Munich

    Teri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson Rose Tenney looked nothing short of sensational at the The Mon Cheri Barbara Day Gala in Munich, Germany.

    The Desperate Housewives star, 57, and her actress daughter, 25, put on a stunning display on the red carpet as they arrived together on Tuesday evening.

    Teri cut a glamorous figure in a plunging lilac gown which was covered in a pretty floral pattern and featured a full and flowing skirt at the House of Art.

    She wore her brunette tresses swept up into a chic up do and opted for a radiant pallet of make-up, while accessorising with dazzling earrings.

    Teri and her daughter playfully posed on the red carpet for the cameras, before moving into the ballroom area for a sit down dinner.

    Coraline actress Emerson looked equally glam in a figure-hugging silver gown with ruffled detailing around the bottom of the dress.

    She kept the attention on her dress by keeping her accessories to a minimum, while she styled her dark locks in a pretty swept back do.

    Mother of one Teri has one daughter Emerson with ex husband Jon Tenney.

    Teri and Jon split in 2003 following nine years of marriage. In 2019 she revealed she had been happy being single for an ‘extended period of time’.

    The screen star split from her husband when her daughter was five-years-old.

    She explained following the divorce: ‘It wasn’t so much that my marriage changed: I was aware of things I was settling for and thought what was there was enough. Ten years later, it just wasn’t.

    ‘I never wanted Emerson to have parents in different households, and I’ll always feel guilty forever that she has to go back and forth. “But her dad and I work really hard to make it as easy as possible for her, and I genuinely think she’s OK.”

    Earlier this year, Teri revealed that she suffered a miscarriage years ago while trying for a second child in her early 40s.

    She discussed the experience while guest co-hosting E! News’ Daily Pop with Justin Sylvester, 35, and Loni Love, 50 in January 2022.

    When the topic of sperm donors came up Teri noted, ‘I did that. I actually had a miscarriage, unfortunately.’

    The subject arose as the trio was discussing Ginnifer Goodwin’s comments about volunteering her husband’s sperm to her best friend.

    Loni suggested, ‘Just get a sperm donor,’ before the Desperate Housewives alum chimed in with her experience.

    ‘It didn’t work out for me, but I tried to have a second child by myself and I went through that, got a sperm donor,’ the entertainer unveiled.

    She described the process of choosing a donor as ‘kind of fun.’

    ‘Because you pick out literally, “Do they wear glasses? Did they have acne? How tall?”‘ she elaborated. ‘It’s very interesting when you think about it that way.’

    The personal anecdote was completely spontaneous as she later noted, ‘I mean, who knew I was going to say that story today, but I just did.

    ‘Anyway it can be done, you can do it that way.’

  • 4 минуты назад 01.12.2022Showbiz
    Camilla Kerslake and Chris Robshaw put on a loved-up display at their charity foundation dinner

    Camilla Kerslake and Chris Robshaw put on a loved-up display at their inaugural charity foundation dinner to help raise money for children’s causes.

    The classical singer, 34, and former England rugby captain, 36, arrived at their special fundraising evening wearing red-carpet worthy outfits.

    While Chris looked slick in his forest green khaki velvet blazer, Camilla donned a gorgeous floor-length beige dress with glimmering silver tassels flowing across the gown.

    The eye-catching number synched her in at the waist and featured a tapered shoulder cut.

    It fell perfectly to the floor and glistened as she walked around the star-studded event.

    Her bright auburn locks looked fantastic in perfect loose curls in a half-up half-down do.

    Camilla’s fringe perfectly framed her face, and she wore a flawless makeup palette with glowing skin and a bronzed eyeshadow look.

    She added fluttering eyelashes to command more attention to her look and finished off with a nude lip colour.

    Her sportsman husband Chris Robshaw looked dapper in his tuxedo of the night.

    Chris wore a crisp white shirt and smart bow tie with his dark green velvet blazer jacket.

    He matched his bow tie with a pair of smart black trousers and slipped his feet into some shiny leather black shoes.

    His surfer-look wavy brunette locks were worn in a side parting and he kept a trimmed beard.

    The Kerslake Robshaw Foundation dinner, was held at The Hurlingham Club in Fulham, London on Wednesday night.

    Their charity aims to provide a creative outlet for children to be able to socialise and stay active through music and sport.

    Also in attendance of the event was Ade Adepitan who wore a khaki green velvet suit and looked slick with an added bow tie.

    British rock singer and DJ Amazonica stood out with her bold silver fringe and bob hair-do, and she slipped into a silver square-necked floral mini dress.

    It seemed like velvet suits was the men’s outfit theme of the night as retired rugby union player Lewis Moody donned a navy blue velvet suit with black satin lapels.

    Former tennis player Andrew Castle looked suave in his navy suit jacket with black silk lapels, keeping his silver fox locks gelled to the side.

    Camilla also performed for the guests at the event in London on Wednesday night alongside David Webb.

    Last year Chris and Camilla announced they’d welcomed their first child together, a son named Wilding, after the couple tied the knot in June 2018.

    The pair welcomed the birth of their baby boy called Wilding last month.

    In an interview with Hello! magazine, the pair said their son had been named after the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison.

    The couple relocated to the US after Robshaw signed for Major League Rugby side San Diego Legion.

    Kerslake and Robshaw tied the knot in a humanist ceremony in Provence, France, in front of 50 guests in 2018.

    Soprano Kerslake wore a dress designed by Jenny Packham for the big day.

    Speaking to Hello! magazine, Camilla and Chris said they had started trying for a child as their respective job commitments slowed down during the pandemic.

    Camilla told the publication: ‘Lockdown is why we decided to get pregnant. It seemed like a productive use of my time. I don’t have to take a career break because it’s not like I’m turning down any work.’

    Chris added: ‘We’re really excited for this next chapter – there’s a lot of excitement coming our way. Camilla will be a fantastic mum – she’s really good with kids.’

    Responding, Camilla enthused: ‘Chris is going to be a great dad. He’s always on the go. He always wants to be running around.’

    The British couple relocated to the US this year, but instead of a planned move to San Diego, California, where Chris has signed with Major League Rugby side San Diego Legion, they have been based in Las Vegas.

    They made the move to Sin City as his team has temporarily set up camp there for six months, due to the prevalence of COVID-19 in Southern California.

  • 4 минуты назад 01.12.2022Showbiz
    Love Is Blind’s Iyanna cries as her divorce from Jarrette is finalised

    Love Is Blind’s Iyanna McNeely has shared a video of herself breaking down in tears as her divorce from Jarrette Jones was finalised, citing irreconcilable differences.

    The couple tied the knot after agreeing to marry sight unseen during the second season of the show but Iyanna claims Jarrette, 32, was a different man off camera.

    They married in July 2021 but announced they had were divorcing in August of this year, a month after they celebrated their one-year anniversary.

    Crying, program coordinator Iyanna, 28, said on TikTok: ‘It is official. Divorce really is like a grief. As much as peple laugh at how long we were married, my expectations made it real. My hope made it real.

    ‘My effort made it real and my tears made it real. So I am crying for that girl I was at the beginning of this marriage. I was so hopefuL. I had less baggage.

    ‘I was optimistic, I was healed. I am crying for that marriage that I thought could work. I am crying for that man I believed he was

    ‘That man he convinced me he was in the beginning in between all that very scheduled filming.

    ‘There was good moments in there, there was connection and cameras left and s**t hit the wall.’

    She continued: ‘Don’t get it twisted, I may be crying and I may be sad now but I am happy that we are moving forward.

    ‘And I am happy that I’m out of something that no longer works for me. Something that drained the life out of me. It makes you question yourself, you know

    ‘I question my judgement, like, if my own husband couldn’t see the value in me then what the f**k. It’s really done now. So I release it. I release it.’

    Back in August, the couple shared that they were going their separate ways.

    Their statement read: ‘What’s going on, family. After much thought, we’re saddened to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing.

    ‘While we have love for each other, our lives are going in different directions, and that’s okay. Coming to this decision was far from easy and we will always wish each other the absolute best.

    ‘We hope you will give us some space as we close this chapter of our lives. Thank you to our close friends and family for loving us both through our experience.

    ‘To the Love Is Blind family and Netflix, thank you for this unforgettable opportunity and support. Each of you have brought overwhelming love and joy into our lives. This experience has taught us so much about ourselves, vulnerability and love. We don’t regret a single thing!’

    Porject manager Jarrette and Iyanna were considered perhaps the show’s biggest success story after they went through with their wedding.

    They were even still going strong by the reunion episode.

    In March, TMZ reported Iyanna and Jarrette have a record of their marriage on file with the Cook County Court in Illinois.

    ‘It’s been hard, but it’s been really rewarding too,’ Jarrette said during the reunion, while his wife admitted they have had to compromise on their lifestyles after viewers saw the couple clash over Jarrette’s partying during filming.

    ‘One thing I will say is we’ve been finding our balance,’ she explained. ‘We’re hyper aware that we are very different – he’s extremely extroverted and I’m like, “Please stay away from me”. So, we’ve been finding this will always be something that we have to deal with.

    ‘But we have such similar values and goals that it’s been a compromise.’

    Things seem to be going strong, as Iyanna had even taken her husband’s last name on her Instagram account.

    ‘Meet the Joneses,’ she captioned a photo dump of the pair back in March. ‘I took a huge leap of faith off of a cliff in this experiment but with you I can fly. I love you more than the world could imagine. I look forward to our now and FINALLY public lives together. My baby, my love, my man, my protector, my partner, my other half. I love you. *insert corny quote * ‘Love is truly blind’…not blurry’.

    Jarrette was equally gushing about their relationship in his own March Instagram update, writing: ‘To the woman that came and shook my world upside down in the best way possible… this is for you! Coming into this experiment, I knew that if I truly wanted that fairy tale ending, I’d have to not only be real with myself, but also open, honest, and most importantly VULNERABLE.’

    ‘From the very first conversation the chemistry between us was evident and has only grown over time,’ he said.

    ‘There is no handbook on marriage, but we have some great building blocks to set the foundation. This is gonna be one hell of a ride, but I wouldn’t want to ride this with anyone but you!’

    ‘I vow to always love you, cherish you, grow with you (even when it’s uncomfortable), prioritize you, ensure your happiness, but most importantly HAVE YOUR BACK, LIKE A THONG IN A BUTTCRACK!’

  • 4 минуты назад 01.12.2022Showbiz
    Katie Price’s ex Carl Woods ‘leaks bombshell recording of them speaking about drugs’

    Katie Price’s ex Carl Woods has reportedly leaked a recording of his former partner speaking about drugs, after they split over cheating allegations.

    Former glamour model Katie, 44, confirmed their separation last week and when they were seen hugging just days later, insiders insisted they were not back together.

    In the midst of their break-up, Carl, 34, has reportedly released a recording which allegedly hears Katie saying she didn’t turn up to an event ‘because I was on coke’.

    According to The Sun, the edited clip, which Carl released at 2am, begins with Carl complaining about Katie’s mother Amy blaming him for her not turning up to events.

    Katie allegedly responds: ‘Imagine if I sat down with my mum and said yeah, I was doing coke.

    ‘That’s the reason for why I haven’t turned up for this and that – because I was on coke, it’s nothing to do with Carl. Carl’s helped me get off it.’

    Carl then adds: ‘Maybe she’d have a different opinion of me then.’

    MailOnline has contacted Katie’s representatives for comment.

    Katie attended celebrity rehab clinic The Priory after she was handed a 16-week suspended sentence and two-year driving ban for flipping her uninsured BMW X5 into a hedge while disqualified and under the influence in September 2021.

    Katie escaped with a suspended prison sentence because she complied with a requirement to attend the £6,800-a-week rehab centre.

    Katie claimed that ‘traumatic’ events led to her driving while drunk, banned and high on cocaine and she feels ‘ashamed’ of herself after narrowly avoiding jail.

    In March 2021, Katie had revealed her kids threatened to ‘never speak to her again’ if she continued to take cocaine and said she vowed to take drugs tests to prove she was clean.

    Katie is a mother to Junior, 17, and Princess, 15, who she shares with Peter Andre, as well as Jett, nine, and Bunny, eight, with ex-husband Kieran Hayler and Harvey, 20, with Dwight Yorke.

    She also stayed in The Priory back in October 2020, following a host of rehab stints over the past few years in the wake of legal issues and substance abuse.

    The reported recording comes after Katie was said to have ‘begged’ Carl to get back together after they split over allegations she had cheated on him with another man.

    She reportedly tried to win back her former fiance after he took to Instagram to announce their split and accuse her of infidelity.

    The car dealer claimed he caught Katie cheating on him but just days later the former couple were spotted having lunch together.

    However, insiders have insisted that they are ‘definitely not back together’ and Carl has now closed the door on their relationship.

    A source told OK!: ‘They’re definitely not back together.

    ‘Katie was trying to win him back but pals don’t see him ever getting back with her. He is pretty adamant that he is done now.’

    Katie also recently shared a cryptic post about drama becoming ‘intolerable’ amid her on/off relationship with Carl.

    Taking to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Katie shared a post about surrounding herself with people who are good for her mental health.

    The post read: ‘The older you get, the more you choose calm over chaos and distance over disrespect.

    ‘Drama becomes intolerable to you and your peace becomes your ultimate priority.

    ‘You start surrounding yourself with people who are good for your mental health, heart and soul.’

    The on-off couple originally confirmed their separation earlier this month after further allegations of infidelity were aimed at Katie.

    Sussex Police were subsequently called to their shared property following a reported row, during which mother-of-four Katie ‘feared for the safety of herself and her children’.

    An insider told The Sun: ‘Carl was furious after discovering texts from another man on Katie’s phone. He’s demanded Katie return her engagement ring but she’s having none of it, and hasn’t even apologised.

    ‘Things have been rocky between them for a long time, and Katie’s family don’t want him in her life. He’s been increasingly jealous ever since it was revealed she had been texting ex-boyfriend Kris Boyson from daughter Princess’s phone in March.’

    A spokesman for Sussex Police said: ‘We responded to a report of a domestic incident. Officers attended to conduct a welfare check. Enquiries are ongoing and there is no further information at this stage.’

    Sussex Police, Katie and Carl were all contacted by MailOnline for further comment at the time.

    It comes after Carl revealed he split from fiancée Katie after claiming he found out she had allegedly slept with someone else – and admitted to it.

    The car dealer took to his Instagram Stories to make the claims and said their rocky relationship of two years is now done.

    He said: ‘There is no easy way to say this and it’s quite embarrassing to be honest. I found out yesterday Katie cheated on me.

    ‘She’s admitted cheating on me. So yeah, that’s the end of that I guess. I’m just going to have to focus on rebuilding myself and get my life back on track and concentrate on me. But that’s done.’

    A spokesperson for Katie declined to comment to MailOnline. It is not known who Carl is accusing Katie of cheating on him with.

    In addition, Carl has now unfollowed the star on social media, while Katie has deleted all traces of him from her Instagram.

    Katie and Carl got engaged in April 2021 following a whirlwind 10-month romance and had openly been trying for a baby.

    They recently returned from a romantic trip to Thailand together and hinting that all was well, Katie wrote on one of Carl’s Instagram posts of himself: ‘Fit.’

    The couple have been marred by constant drama and split claims throughout their relationship.

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