‘Enough is enough!’ Tory MP in bid to end ‘evil trade’ of trophy hunting imports

Trophy hunting imports to Britain would be banned if a proposed crackdown goes ahead. Tory MP Henry Smith’s Hunting Trophies (Import Prohibition) Bill is due to be debated for its second reading in the Commons tomorrow.

The Bill would ban the import of body parts of endangered animals killed overseas.

Writing for the Express, the Crawley MP said: “Enough is enough. We’re a nation of animal lovers and I’m determined to help put an end to this evil trade.

“That’s why I’m bringing a Bill to Parliament that will stop British trophy hunters bringing their sick souvenirs back into this country.”

Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: “Henry Smith MP’s Bill has the support of voters, experts, African leaders and wildlife charities.

“It has the backing of the Government and opposition parties. I strongly urge MPs to come to the chamber and help make history.

“Trophy hunting isn’t just an American problem. British trophy hunters are among the world’s leading killers of elephants and lions.

“They have been shooting some of the most threatened species on the planet including polar bears, cheetahs and black rhinos. British companies are today selling trophy hunting ‘holidays’.

“This has to stop. Trophy hunting is cruel and contrary to British civilised values. It is fuelling the conservation crisis. Britain will be leading the way internationally in making this ban law.”

Every year, British hunters pay thousands of pounds to legally shoot animals such as lions and elephants abroad before bringing trophies back to the UK.

A YouGov poll last year of 2,000 British adults showed 82 percent back a ban on trophy hunting imports.

And the move was backed by 86 percent of 44,000 responses to a Government consultation.

But some supporters of trophy hunting claim it can provide revenue for conservation.

A clampdown was promised in the 2019 Tory manifesto. Mr Smith’s Bill is being supported by the Government and cross-party MPs.

It comes seven years after the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer sparked widespread outrage.

The world was horrified when American dentist Walter Palmer shot Cecil the lion in 2015, but it left us thinking that only Americans commit these atrocities, how wrong we were.

It turns out British trophy hunters fly to Africa every year to shoot lions.

Many of the poor animals have been bred in captivity. They are tame animals who will be shot in enclosures they can’t escape from. How cowardly is that?

It gets worse though, British trophy hunters love shooting elephants too, it’s their favourite animal, according to official records. They shoot them for their tusks; their skins.

Hardly a day goes by without a new story about how the world’s wildlife is under increasing threat.

So imagine my shock when I found out that British trophy hunters are shooting polar bears – an animal at risk of extinction.

Like many Express readers, I have enjoyed the wonderful wildlife TV documentaries of incredible animals like cheetahs.

Imagine my utter horror, then, to discover that British trophy hunters are shooting these incredible big cats.

There are even British-owned companies that sell trophy hunting holidays where you can go and shoot cheetahs, for fun!

Enough is enough. We’re a nation of animal lovers and I’m determined to help put an end to this evil trade.

That’s why I’m bringing a Bill to Parliament that will stop British trophy hunters bringing their sick souvenirs back into this country.

It’s a Bill that enjoys the support of 9 out of 10 voters; it’s backed by wildlife charities and I’m delighted that it is supported by both the Government and opposition parties.

This is an issue that has nothing to do with party politics; it has everything to do with basic British values of decency, fairness, and respect for our natural world.

But the hunting and gun lobby are rich and powerful, they want to defend so-called “hunters’ rights”.

So it is up to you – to all of us – to stand up to them and to stand up for voiceless animals. Please ask your MP to get behind my Bill – and help make trophy hunting history.

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  • 2 часа, 16 минут назад 02.12.2022Politics
    The US and UK need to take the lead with ‘friendshoring’ to break China’s economic power

    John Bolton has urged western democracies to break China’s grip on supply chains and cheap labour as he warned the authoritarean Communist regime led by Xi Jinping needs to be defeated. His comments came in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk on a visit to the UK this week as Rishi Sunak’s government prepared to fork out £100 million to buy out the Chinese share of the new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point as an act of national security.

    Mr Bolton served in the White House administrations of Ronald Reagan, George Bush snr and George W. Bush, but he was most recently the national security advisor to Donald Trump before resigning in September 2019 over disagreements on Iran and North Korea.

    But he warned the “greatest existential threat” to the west is China and insisted the UK and US should lead the way in taking on Xi’s regime.

    He told Express.co.uk: “I think China is an existential threat for us, probably the biggest threat we face in the 21st century.

    “We are still learning from the full extent of the threat and the implications of it. We aare coming from behind.”

    He suggested that the west was 30 years behind the curve in realising the problems posed by China.

    Mr Bolton pointed out that for decades, China has been stealing western intellectual property and then selling it back at a cheaper rate.

    He said: “We have seen how dependent we have become on Chinese supply chains. They do a lot of the doing the pieces together in China.

    “They have taken advantage of our free market approach. It’s a whole society approach by China.

    And he accused them of using “dead diplomacy” in Latin America and South Asia and in Europe to gain influence.

    He also warned that companies like Huawei are “weaponised corporation” designed to steal fifth generation communication technology.

    Mr Bolton went on: “It is something we have never seen before. It’s ifferent to Communism, it is a completely authoritarian social control.”

    He explained how party members in China have to download an app and are monitored to ensure they read it everyday with Communist texts and thoughts of President Xi.

    “George Orwell would be amazed,” he said.

    President Joe Biden recently met with Xi at the COP27 summit in Egypt where he described the Chinese President as “my friend”.

    The US President has been criticised for cosying up to China in the past including a champagne reception when he was Vice President to Barack Obama.

    Mr Bolton suggested that the UK and US should be purpusing a new concept called “friendshoring”.

    This is different to “offshoring” for cheap labour and basing supply chains around friendly countries and other democracies rather than hostile potential enemies like China and Russia on a purely cost basis.

    Mr Bolton said: “For the US to bring production out of China, and into central America, India or somewhere.

    “If there are price increases from a security point of view it is worth it.”

    Brexit tax deal with Brazil opens door to trade agreement with worl… [REVEAL]

    Biden is embracing Macron because he knows it will irritate British [INSIGHT]

    ‘President Trump will be back in White House by 2024, all signs show’ [REACT]

    But he said increased automation meant labour costs would not greatly change.

    He also warned militarily there is “a better chance than people think” that China will try to invade Taiwan by creating a crisis and cutting off the island from the rest of the world.

    A survey in the US has revealed the desire of its citizens for “friendshoring”.

    A Chicago Council survey revealed 69 percent of Americans want their country to prioritiise friendly countries for supplies rather than the cheapest option.

    It comes on the back of oil and gas embargoes on russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

  • 2 часа, 16 минут назад 02.12.2022Politics
    ‘How dare she!’ Von der Leyen condemned for likening IRA to Ukraine freedom fighters

    Ursula Von der Leyen has likened Ukrainian freedom fighters to the IRA, appearing to draw a comparison between the UK and Putin’s Russia in a speech in Ireland. Her words have been condemned for endangering peace in northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement.

    The European Commission President told Irish MPs: “Today, I would like to dwell on five Irish virtues that will help our Union to face our common challenges ahead.

    “First, the Irish passion for freedom. This country knows what it means to struggle for the right to exist.

    “Today, another European nation is fighting for independence. Of course, Ireland is far away from the front line in Ukraine.

    “But you understand better than most why this war matters so much to all of us. Just like our friends in Eastern Europe, you know that in Ukraine there is more at stake than the future of one country alone.

    “Ukraine is fighting for freedom itself; for self-rule; for the rules-based global order. And Ireland has gone above and beyond in its support to Ukrainians.”

    Her address came as the UK and EU continue to argue over the Northern Ireland protocol and European attempts to hive the province away from Britain.

    Baroness Hoey, a former Labour Europe minister who comes from Northern Ireland and backed Brexit, said: “Her words show the clear EU bias for the Republic of Ireland and her ignorance about the Belfast /Good Friday Agreement.

    “She may not have directly mentioned the IRA but she did not condemn terrorists who killed so many innocent Protestant and Catholic people in Northern Ireland all in the name of Irish freedom. How dare she equate their violence with the struggle of the Ukrainian people against Putin.”

    Former Brexit minister David Jones warned that with Sinn Fein now the largest party in Northern Ireland and eyeing power in Dublin her words could be inflammatory.

    He said: “It is extremely worrying that President Von Der Leyen should make such a statement, apparently without considering the potential consequences.

    “The Belfast Good Friday agreement was hard won. It has preserved the peace for almost 25 years. It would be easy to destabilise it.

    “The last thing the people of Northern Ireland need is to hear unwise, provocative comments such as this.

    “She really ought to know better.”

    T he UK and EU are at loggerheads over the Northern Ireland Protocol with one member state breaking ranks this week and accusing Ms von der Leyen and Brussels bureaucrats of seeking “Brexit revenge”.

    Hungary’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó told Express.co.uk: “What the European Union should push for now is to try to minimise the loss caused by Brexit.

    “But instead of a rational and mutual respect approach what we are seeing now is Brussles is making steps which bring us further away not closer.”

    Ms Von Der Leyen insisted that the most recent talks in London had ushered in a “more prgamatic approach” on both sides.

    But again she tried to pin the blame on the UK and appeared to suggest that it must suffer consequences for choosing Brexit.

    She said: “But the consequences of Brexit and the kind of Brexit chosen by the UK cannot be removed entirely. The solutions we find must ensure the Single Market continues to function, in Ireland and elsewhere in the EU. If both sides are sensitive to this careful balance, a workable solution is within reach.”

    The US’s former ambassador to the United Nations (UN) has this week criticised Joe Biden’s administration for siding with the EU in the row and said it was based on a poor reading of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “I think the widespread belief in the Democratic Party this dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol impedes the Good Friday Agreement.

    “My view is that the exact opposite is true that the Northern Ireland Protocol is what is interfering with the Good Friday Agreement.

    “The idea that somehow all the protections the EU would have with its members would be ruined if there was an open border in Ireland is completely wrong.”

  • 2 часа, 16 минут назад 02.12.2022Politics
    Matt Hancock had ‘bucket of s**t poured over his head’ following love affair

    Matt Hancock has claimed he had a “bucket of s**t poured over his head” in the wake of his affair with aide Gina Coladangelo. Saying he is “only human”, the former health secretary said he wants “forgiveness for the human error I made”. But he admitted a “failure of leadership” over the affair.

    He told the Mail: “I want forgiveness for the mistake I made, the failure of leadership at the end of the pandemic when I fell in love with Gina and I broke the guidance that I’d signed off.

    “I want forgiveness for the human error I made… but I’m not asking for forgiveness for how I handled the pandemic.

    “I woke up every single morning determined to do the very best I could in the most impossible circumstances until I needed to go to bed at night. I did that for 18 months.

    “There is a good, honest explanation for every single decision I made, whether it turned out to be right or not.”

    Mr Hancock, who was married with three children when he embarked on the affair with Ms Coladangelo, added: “We realised what was happening was of huge consequence that would last for the rest of our lives but… this was an affaire de coeur and therefore my political judgment was off.”

    He said that he has faced “horrific” abuse, adding: “It’s been absolutely horrific, especially for Gina. I’ve had an absolute bucket of s*** poured over my head.”

    Mr Hancock returned to Westminster today, after a stint in the jungle appearing on reality TV show ‘I’m a Celeb’.

    The former health secretary was kicked out of the Conservative parliamentary party after he revealed he was taking part in the reality TV show and it is not yet clear if he will get the whip back.

    The MP, who now sits as the independent for West Suffolk, was back in Parliament to present a bill calling for dyslexia screening in every primary school and improved teacher training.

    Mr Hancock finished third in the show after being voted to take part in a raft of bushtucker trials.

    He claimed that raising awareness of dyslexia was one of the main reasons he entered the jungle, as well as to show the human side of politicians.

    Speaking about his own experience of only being diagnosed with dyslexia at 18, Mr Hancock said: “I know and dyslexics who have that dyslexia identified know that the problem is a specific neurological one of the translation of letters that wobble around slightly on the page into how it sounds in your head.

    “It is not that you are bad at languages or stupid in some way, and there are still thousands of children who label themselves that because they do not get the identification they need. This has got to change.”

  • 4 часа, 16 минут назад 02.12.2022Politics
    Sajid Javid’s rise and fall: Brexit, a pandemic, and a standoff with Boris Johnson

    Sajid Javid has announced he will not stand at the next general election, meaning his political career will come to an end in 2024. During his 12 years in politics, the MP for Bromsgrove has served in a raft of senior roles including Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary and Health Secretary. Confirming his decision in a letter to the Conservative Party chairman, Mr Javid wrote: “Being the local MP and serving in government has been the privilege of my life and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve.

    “I always sought to make decisions in the national interest, and in line with my values, and I can only hope my best was sufficient. I will of course continue to support my friend the prime minister and the people of Bromsgrove in any way I can.”

    While Mr Javid is best known for his time in the House of Commons, prior to his career in politics, he worked in the City with investment banks such as Deutsche Bank International and JPMorgan Chase. He left the world of investment behind to pursue his political career in 2009 — a move which resulted in him taking a 98 percent pay cut, according to some reports.

    When the sitting MP for Bromsgrove, Julie Kirkbride, announced she would be stepping down at the 2010 general election, Mr Javid was voted to be the Conservative Party’s candidate in the Worcestershire seat.

    He won it with an 11,000 majority as the Tories formed a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, and spent the next four years on the backbenches, receiving critical recognition for his work as an MP.

    In 2012, Telegraph columnist Iain Dale listed Mr Javid among the “top 100 most influential figures from the Right,” writing of Mr Javid: “His fast rise up the greasy pole into George Osborne’s inner circle is not only proof of this man’s ambition but also his talent.”

    When he secured a role in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in 2014, then Prime Minister David Cameron described Mr Javid as “the brilliant Asian man who I asked to join the Cabinet”.

    Between 2014 and 2018, Mr Javid also served in other Cabinet roles – Secretary of State for Business and Secretary of State for Housing.

    By 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May was looking for a new Home Secretary after Amber Rudd was forced to resign. The Home Office was condemned at the time for its treatment of Windrush generation migrants.

    Mr Javid was chosen to succeed Ms Rudd, becoming the first politician of colour to hold the role. He spent 14 months in the Home Office and divided opinion due to his approach to the Shamima Begum case. Ms Begum left the UK to join ISIS in 2015, when she was just 16 years-old, and when she tried to return to the UK, Mr Javid stripped her of her British citizenship. Ms Begum’s lawyers argued that this was unlawful.

    The issue that brought Mr Javid’s time as Home Secretary to an end, however, was Brexit. By mid-2019, Mrs May had tried three times to get her unpopular Brexit deal through Parliament, but was eventually left with no choice but to resign.

    Boris Johnson succeeded her and appointed Mr Javid to another of the Great Offices of State. A Tory heavyweight by this stage, Mr Javid was made Chancellor of the Exchequer having fallen short in the 2019 Tory leadership race.

    Here, he vowed to increase funding to prepare for a no-deal Brexit as he continued to support Mr Johnson’s tough negotiating stance with the EU. This is despite the fact he had voted to Remain in the bloc in the 2016 referendum.

    Mr Javid’s stay in Number 11 only lasted six months. Just a month after being appointed, Mr Johnson’s political adviser Dominic Cummings sacked one of Mr Javid’s aides without telling him. It was reported at the time that the then Chancellor “voiced anger” due to the decision.

    The relationship between Mr Javid and the Prime Minister’s most senior adviser never recovered, and he resigned as Chancellor after Mr Johnson said he could keep the job, but only if he sacked all of his staff. His depature paved the way for Rishi Sunak to become Chancellor.

    Over a year on the backbenches later, Mr Javid eventually returned to Government as Health Secretary in June 2021, replacing Matt Hancock who had resigned after kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo, in breach of the Government’s COVID-19 guidance.

    By the summer of 2021, the UK was into its third wave of COVID-19 cases, and despite concerns about a potential surge in deaths, Mr Javid appeared to suggest that the country should move away from lockdowns.

    He said: “We are going to have to learn to accept the existence of Covid and find ways to cope with it – just as we already do with flu.”

    Fortunately, the UK’s vaccine rollout was already underway, easing the public’s concerns over the pandemic. But the partygate scandals continued to damage the Government’s reputation, leading to growing calls for Mr Johnson to stand down.

    Another scandal would ultimately prove one too many for Mr Johnson. When allegations of sexual assault were made against MP Chris Pincher, a man Mr Johnson had appointed as Deputy Chief Whip, the Government was plunged into chaos.

    Mr Javid and Mr Sunak resigned on the same day in July. These departures sparked the downfall of Mr Johnson. Mr Javid then ran for the Tory leadership again earlier this year, but was one of the many candidates to be beaten by Liz Truss.

    Prime Minister Sunak has today thanked his colleague with a heartfelt message, and said: “He’s been a proud champion of enterprise and opportunity during his time in government and on the backbenches – particularly for the people of Bromsgrove. May the Force be with you, Saj.”

    It is unclear what Mr Javid might move on to next after politics, but his time in a turbulent Westminster is likely to be remembered for years to come.

  • 4 часа, 16 минут назад 02.12.2022Politics
    ‘You have a habit of coming third!’ Hancock returns to Commons with joke from the Speaker

    Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans today poked fun at former Health Secretary Matt Hancock as he made his first appearance in the Commons since hs appearance on the hit reality TV show. The Suffolk MP was introducing a Private Members Bill on greater support for children with dyslexia.

    Referring to his placing in the cotest, Mr Evans said: “This is the third bill of the day and I know Mr Hancock that you seem to be making a habit of coming third these days.”

    Mr Hancock replied: “I’m not quite sure what to make of that but I am honoured to be third today and let’s see how that goes.

    “It is also a pleasure to be hear today and to be clean and well fed.”

    The former minister, who has lost the Conservative whip for his trip to Australia, was forced to resign last year after he was caught on camera breaking lockdown rules.

    One of the issues he said he wanted to raise while he was on the ITV was dyslexia and he said he was “proud to be dyslexic” himself and have overcome the problems that causes for reading and writing.

    During his time in the jungle, Mr Hancock was only registered of mentioning dyselxia once as he found himself nominated to carry out a number of bushtucker trials to win food for himself and his campmates.

    The ex-minister became a focus of the show where he survived elminations and beat celebrities like ex-England rugby player Mike Tindall before it was won by England Jil Scott.

    In his speech Mr Hancock pointed out that only one in five dyslexic children are diagnosed at school.

    His bill was seeking screening for all children.

    He also wanted all teachers to be trained to help dyslexic children in the classroom.

    Famous dyslexics include Apple founder Steve Jobs and former US President Abraham Lincoln.

    Mr Hancock described how he only discovered his dyslexia at Oxford University when his tutor said he could talk about ideas but not get them down on paper.

    On the Second Reading of his bill, he said: “If we believe in a world class education system we will pass this bill.”

    The Government have promised to continue to work with him to bring the bill forward.

    Supporting him, former health minister Jackie Doyle Price pointed out that “half the prison population” is filled with people who have had dyslexia.

    Education minister Claire Coutinho said that the government is “very committed” to helping children with special needs.

    The bill was talked out without a vote and will resume 3 March.

    Sajid Javid’s decision to quit is a sign the game is up for the Tories [INSIGHT]

    Migrant crisis is worse than ever warns veteran EU foreign minister [REVEAL]

    Rishi Sunak facing first major test as voters go to the polls [REACT]

  • 6 часов, 16 минут назад 02.12.2022Politics
    SNP’s Ian Blackford snatches top business job after quitting Westminster role

    After a tumultuous five years in Westminster front benches, Ian Blackford will be taking on the role of Business Ambassador. With the new role, the former Westminster SNP leader said he would be able to fully dedicate himself to making the case for Scottish independence with businesses and other Scottish parties. Mr Blackford, 61, hopes he will be able to conclude the last leg of his political journey with a victory for Nicola Sturgeon’s fight to respect the will of the Scottish people.

    Asked if leaving Westminster was his own idea, Ian Blackford said: “This is my idea …. the primary reason is the First Minister has asked me to be her Business Ambassador.”

    In his new role, Mr Blackford will work with the business community and other parties to have discussions over how the nation will exit the United Kingdom and later join the European Union.

    “I am delighted to take on that challenge. I can’t do that and play the role as Westminster leader, as well. And I think it’s right to make that choice to move on.

    “I am really keen that we’re able to have a discussion about the nuts and bolts as to what an independent Scotland would look like. We’ve had this long debate about how processes, and it still carries on.

    “At the end of the day, it”s that discussion about what kind of Scotland and the vision that we have for an independent Scotland. It is so important.”

    Whoever becomes the next Westminster’s SNP leader will have “my full support”, Mr Blackford said, adding he will keep fighting the good fight to make the case for an independent Scotland.

    Among the reasons for moving to the role of Business Ambassador, Ian Blackford mentioned his loyalty and friendship with Nicola Sturgeon and his determination to conclude that journey alongside the First Minister.

    The former SNP Westminster leader added: “Staying as an MP by the way. It’s a pleasure to represent my constituents and I’ll continue to do that.”

    After almost five years in Westminster, the outgoing SNP leader has been forced to step down after repeated attempts by his MPs to oust him in favour of the next generation.

    Reports said SNP MPs plotted to oust him amid a row over his handling of sexual misconduct allegations against SNP MP Patrick Grady. His stepping down is viewed as a blow to Nicola Sturgeon’s authority after her closest aides tried to keep him in post.

    The MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber said it was time for “fresh leadership” in the Commons, announcing that he would not be standing again at next week’s SNP parliamentary AGM.

    In a statement released moments after he landed at Inverness airport, Mr Blackford said: “After more than five years in the role, now is the right time for fresh leadership at Westminster as we head towards a general election and the next steps in winning Scotland’s independence.

    “During my time as leader, the SNP won a landslide victory in the 2019 general election, with an increased share of the vote and MPs, and support for independence has continued to grow, with polling this week showing a majority in favour.”

    Mr Blackford, who gained a reputation for asking probing and sometimes ponderous questions at Prime Minister’s Questions to four Conservative Prime Ministers, is now taking on a new role leading business engagement for the SNP’s independence campaign.

    Nicola Sturgeon paid a heartfelt tribute to Ian Blackford: “He led the group at a time of huge electoral success for the SNP, particularly at the 2019 general election, and has done an outstanding job in holding the Tory government to account and in promoting the case for independence.”

    She also rejected claims her Westminster chief had been ousted. She told STV: “No, it’s not a coup. He’s making the decision given all that lies ahead for the SNP, given all the exciting work that lies ahead for the SNP, that this is the right decision for him to pass on the baton.

    “It’s up to the group now of course to consider who that is.”

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Politics 'Enough is enough!' Tory MP in bid to end 'evil trade' of trophy hunting imports