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22 Ноя 2020, 13:15
Manchester United ‘are ready to sell wantaway goalkeeper Sergio Romero for just £2.5m in January’

Manchester United are prepared to sell goalkeeper Sergio Romero for just £2.5million in January following a standoff with the player.

Romero was less than pleased to become the club’s third choice stopper behind David de Gea and Dean Henderson. He pushed for a summer exit but United could not find a club to pay their £5million asking price.

As Romero remained a Man United player past the transfer window, this led to plenty of hostility between the two with neither wanting to budge.

The 33-year-old was left frustrated after the club played hardball with Everton during the summer and did not agree a loan deal with them.

It became an even messier affair when Romero’s wife took to social media and blasted the club for blocking his exit.

United have left Romero out of both their Premier League and Champions League squads for the season and despite this they did threaten to exercise an option to extend his deal by another year to get a better price.

However, according to the Daily Star, they are now willing to let the Argentine leave for £2.5million in the upcoming winter window.

Romero, who joined United back in 2015, will breath a huge sigh of relief after he feared he may give up football if United would not let him leave in 2021.

David Beckham’s MLS side Inter Miami have also shown interest in Romero but were unable to strike a deal with the £100,000-a-week goalkeeper.

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28 Ноя 2020, 10:05

Аргентинское издание Clarin оценило наследство, которое оставил после себя чемпион мира 1986 года Диего Марадона.

По информации издания, легендарный футболист владел несколькими домами и квартирами в Буэнос-Айресе и его пригородах. После него остался внушительный автопарк, в который входит грузовик-амфибия, подаренный ему во время его работы в качестве президента брестского «Динамо».

Также в Белоруссии Марадоне подарили бриллиантовое кольцо, которое оценили в €300 тысяч.

Аргентинец имел инвестиции на Кубе, в том числе гостиницу, и предприятия в Венесуэле и Италии.

Точная сумма наследства неизвестна, однако по данным Clarin, оно оценивается в сумму до $500 млн.

Ранее стали известны результаты вскрытия Марадоны.

27 Ноя 2020, 13:47

В «Яндекс.Картах» появилась опция, показывающая уровень загруженности московского метро. Об этом сообщили в пресс-службе компании.

Чтобы посмотреть загруженность метрополитена, необходимо зайти в приложение «Яндекс.Карт» на iOS или Android, а затем выбрать станцию или построить маршрут. Программа покажет степень загруженности с помощью цветовых индикаторов: зеленый — слабая загруженность, оранжевый — средняя, красный — сильная.

Приложение определяет загруженность с помощью специального алгоритма, который следит за плотностью сигнала GPS около станций. В «Яндексе» отметили, что в разработке новой опции участвовали сами пользователи приложения. Они оценивали количество людей на станции, когда находились в метро. На основе ответов был создан искусственный интеллект, который обучался определять степень загруженности.

«Новый инструмент поможет переждать час пик или выбрать менее людный маршрут. Это особенно важно во время пандемии, когда нужно соблюдать дистанцию», — отметили в компании.

Ранее, 25 ноября, состоялась ежегодная презентация новинок компании YaC, в ходе которой представлена обновленная «умная» колонка «Станция.Макс», оснащенная голосовым помощником «Алиса». Она поступит в продажу 1 декабря, ее стоимость составит 16 990 руб.

25 Ноя 2020, 01:15

Alicia Silverstone has spoken out about her son's decision to cut his long hair after some speculated that the boy was caving to pressure from bullies.

The 44-year-old actress revealed over the weekend that her son Bear, nine - who she shares with ex-husband Christopher Jarecki - cut his long hair short and shared a video of the moment to social media.

But after a publication wrote a story on Bear cutting his hair 'after being made fun of', Alicia felt the need to clarify.

On Tuesday Alicia shared the article with a message to clear things up.

'Hi! I saw this story and feel compelled to say this is not what happened - Bear chose to cut his hair at this time for himself - because he wanted a change - not because he felt pressure from anyone else or was being teased.

'I did share a story a few months ago about an isolated event that took place more than 2 years ago where he was being called a girl... and I shared it because I was so proud that it didn't make him want to change how he looked because of how anyone else felt about it.

'I sincerely wish for all of us to not need to seek approval from other's.'

Alicia said on Monday that she was overcome with emotion when she watched Bear have his waist-length tresses chopped off.

The Clueless actress revealed to fans, alongside a video of the moment he made the transformation, that Bear wanted to 'try something new'.

Alicia explained that she was supportive of his decision but has a 'feeling' he'll decide to let his hair grow long again.

On Sunday, the actress shared a video of Bear getting his hair cut on Instagram and wrote: 'Yes, It's true. Bear cut his hair!! My baby's growing up.

'I miss his hair!!!!! Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe… but did I try to stop him? Not for one second. The reason he chose to keep it for as long as he did was because he loved it so much!!!

'Although I have a feeling he'll find a way back to his long hair again in the future.

'No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes.(sic)'

In the clip, Bear admitted he was 'nervous' about making the change.

Alicia asked him, 'What are we doing right now?' To which he replied: 'Cutting my hair.'

When she asked him why, he replied with a smile: 'I have no idea.'

She then asked if he was nervous at all, and Bear admitted: 'Yes, very.'

But the youngster also said he felt 'so excited' as two stylists worked on his hair.

Bear's haircut came two months after the actress revealed her son had been bullied because of his flowing tresses.

She wrote on Instagram: 'One time my son was made fun of by other kids because of his hair on a bus ride to surf camp.

'After he had returned and told me, I thought he would want to cut it at a haircut appointment we had already scheduled the next day, but when we showed up, he said "please give me a trim so I can grow it to my waist."

'That's my boy! He knows who he is. He loves his hair and chooses to have it long. Mama and Papa aren't going to stop him from being him. He's beautiful and we love his hair!'

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