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14 Янв 2021, 09:16
What happened to The Block winners Sara and Hayden Vale?

Hayden and Sara Vale surprised everyone when they won the 14th season of The Block in 2018, despite scoring low throughout the competition.

But a lot has happened for the couple in the years since they pocketed an impressive $645,000 on auction day.

The Vales have welcomed their second child and renovated their dream home following the show.

However, they’ve also faced setbacks, having lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic after spending all their prize money.

On Thursday, Sara revealed she was back in the skies and working again as a Virgin Australia flight attendant almost a year after being laid off.

She shared a photo to Instagram of herself in her uniform, and wrote in the caption: ‘Hey Big Red, I’m back.

‘It has been a very sad several months in the world of aviation, with friends all over the world in different airlines, each one of their airlines slowly succumbing to Covid.

‘It’s been very upsetting and at one point I actually thought the same about our airline but with a little luck we are managing to survive.’

In March last year, Sara and Hayden were left without a source of income.

Sara told The Sunday Telegraph she had temporarily lost her job as a flight attendant, after Virgin Airlines laid off 80 per cent of its staff.

‘[My manager said], “After this mess, if there is an airline to come back to you will hold your job, unfortunately we don’t know,”‘ the mother of two said.

‘They said there’s a lot of restructuring… so I don’t have a job pretty much. At the moment I’ve got nothing,’ she added.

Hayden, who is the director and manager of a construction company, was also unable to work on-site at the time due to the lockdown.

Sara also revealed she and Hayden had spent their entire $645,000 prize money on a home on the South Coast, which they are in the process of renovating.

In February last year, they sold their North Bondi apartment for $1,225,000, according to Realestate.com.au.

After appearing on The Block, the pair welcomed another child. They are now proud parents to Harlow, four, and Lawson, one.

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20 Янв 2021, 21:46

В полдень 20 января после принесения присяги Джо Байден выступил с 14-минутной инаугурационной речью. Дональд Трамп в 2017 году выступал 17 минут.

«Это день Америки, день демократии», — начал Байден. Сегодня американцы «празднуют триумф демократии» и «воля народа была услышана». «Мы снова узнали, насколько демократия драгоценна, хрупка, но что она победила», — также заявил Байден.

«Всего несколько дней назад мы видели, как насилие потрясло Капитолий, но мы все объединились и сплотились, чтобы осуществить мирную передачу власти, как это происходило более 200 лет подряд», — продолжил американский президент.

«Коронавирус забрал почти столько же людей, сколько Америка потеряла во время Первой мировой войны, — констатировал он, перейдя к новым вызовам, с которыми столкнулась страна. — Мы видим подъем радикализма, идеологии белого превосходства, внутреннего терроризма. Моя цель в том, чтобы объединить Америку, объединить нашу нацию, и я прошу всех американцев присоединиться ко мне в этом деле. Бороться с беззаконием, насилием, эпидемией, безработицей».

«Мы снова сможем сделать Америку силой, ведущей мир к добру, — обещал новый президент. — Я знаю, что силы, разделяющие нас, очень глубоки и сильны. Но они не новы».

Политик выразил надежду, что американский народ, всегда преодолевавший серьезные проблемы, справится и с этими: «Я гарантирую вам, что мы никогда не потерпим неудачу. Давайте все вместе перевернем страницу».

На церемонии присутствовали бывшие президенты США Барак Обама, Билл Клинтон и Джордж Буш-младший. Впервые за 152 года на инаугурации не было сложившего полномочия президента: Дональд Трамп приехать отказался.

Утром Трамп покинул Белый дом и вместе с семьей улетел во Флориду. С собой он забрал в том числе и один из «ядерных чемоданчиков»: до 20:00 мск у него сохранялись полномочия пустить его в ход, а потому контейнер с набором пусковых кодов Трамп до этого времени был обязан носить с собой. Байдену аналогичный чемоданчик вручат сразу после присяги.

Далее выступавший обратился к своим противникам: «Если вы до сих пор не согласны с нами, пусть так и будет, это и есть демократия. Право на мирное несогласие в рамках нашей республики, возможно, самая большая сила этой нации. Несогласие не должно привести к разъединению. Я буду президентом для всех американцев и буду бороться за тех, кто не поддерживает меня, как и за тех, кто поддерживает».

Ожидается, что в первый же день работы Байден, как и его предшественники, подпишет почти два десятка указов. В частности, президент собирается объявить о возвращении США в Парижское соглашение по климату и остановить процедуру выхода страны из Всемирной организации здравоохранения. В ближайших планах президента также прекращение финансирования строительства стены на границе с Мексикой и снятие запрета на въезд в США жителей ряда мусульманских стран.

15 Янв 2021, 15:15

The epic medieval show Vikings recently came to a close, after six gory seasons and 89 drama-filled episodes.

And while audiences saw numerous bloodthirsty deaths over the course of the show, Georgia Hirst - who played iconic shield-maiden Torvi - has revealed the cast were just as shocked as viewers when Björn Ironside was killed off in the final season.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Georgia revealed that since filming wrapped up in 2018, most of the cast didn't get to see Alexander Ludwig's character be slain until years later - unless they were in the scene at the time.

'It felt like we were all on separate shows,' she said. 'I didn't do any scenes with Alexander.

'So while we knew it was in the script, none of us saw it until it came online. It was a big shock, but it was more shocking for us to see it on-screen.'

Björn was presumed dead after facing off with his half-brother, Ivar the Boneless, in the mid-season finale - but he lived to fight another day, leading his army on to the battlefield before taking his final breath after being shot by three arrows.

But Georgia believes it's exactly the course of action which should have taken place for his character, adding: 'I feel like it was a pretty epic ending for him; Aleksander was ready to go, I think.

'He was on the show from the beginning, and I feel like he felt that it was a natural end. As actors, we have to accept our fate.'

Björn was the eldest son of Scandi-warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, who was played by Australian actor Travis Fimmel. His character endured a painful death in season four, much to the horror of fans who doubted the show would be the same without him.

'When Ragnar was written to die, we all knew as a cast that it would rock everything,' Georgia added. 'But we all felt so safe, because we knew that Ragnar was going to have four sons, and they were all such good actors.'

And if anything, Georgia says it made the cast 'work harder' to achieve such an epic final two seasons - including the incredible finale, which only recently aired.

'I personally think it got better,' she added. 'Not because of losing him, but because we had to keep the fans gripped and I think we did just that.'

Georgia, whose father Michael Hirst is the show creator, writer and executive producer, also teased the upcoming spin-off season Vikings: Valhalla, which is set to come out in 2021.

'I've heard many things...' the model laughed. 'I wish I was in it, but I literally don't know much about it.

'I did try e-mailing my dad like "any chance?" - but it didn't work out for me! But if it goes to plan and goes ahead, I certainly will be watching.'

The final season of Vikings will is now available on SBS and SBS On Demand

19 Янв 2021, 21:17

She's long been a style icon, known for displaying her incredible curves.

And Kelly Brook put on a chic display on Tuesday in a faux fur gilet and a beige baseball cap as she stepped out at Heart FM studios.

The radio presenter, 41, completed her fashionable look with cropped jeans and a nude jumper as she strolled through Leicester Square in London.

The brunette beauty added height to her frame in brown heeled boots as she was seen clutching her mobile phone.

Kelly also swept her chocolate tresses over to the side in effortless curls and enhanced her visage with full coverage make-up.

The model recently revealed that her weight crept up to size 16 during lockdown but she has since dropped two dress sizes.

She also admitted to altering her social media pictures in the past to recreate 'the 20-year-old version' of herself after struggling to come to terms with her figure when she was a size 16.

In an exclusive interview, Kelly told MailOnline that she has questioned her sense of identity over the years after wanting to give up being a lingerie model and 'Keith Lemon's sexy sidekick' in favour of a quiet life in the countryside.

Kelly, who was accused of using Photoshop in 2018 when she appeared to make herself look slimmer in a picture with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi, at Ascot, said: 'It's a terrible message to send out if I started altering pictures digitally.

'That's not fair, so I wouldn't do that. Not to say in the past I haven't done that! When I was a size 16, I was like "that's not what I look like"!

'I would make the 20-year-old version of myself. It's been a process for me to accept my new body and my new life.'

She added: 'So now, pretty much what you see on my Instagram is what I am. Some of the selfies I take, even though I don't digitally enhance them, they're beautifully lit and I know how to take a nice picture of myself. That's kind of cheating as well.'

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