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22 Ноя 2020, 23:14
Tyler Perry helps out those in need by donating Thanksgiving food for 5,000 families in Atlanta

Lines of cars stretched for miles in Atlanta on Sunday as nearby residents lined up to get free Thanksgiving meals donated by Tyler Perry.

The actor and billionaire was donating boxes full of supplies for the holiday to those in need, along with gift cards, Fox 5 in Atlanta reported.

The 51-year-old Medea star capped off his charity at 5,000 families, but there was no shortage of those looking for extra help amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Perry’s donations were processed through Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, and the event was called #TPSGiving.

‘Although we wish that we could feed everyone in need, we will close the line at the 5,000th family,’ a description for the charity event read.

The giveaway was intended to only run from 8 a.m. until noon, but the intense demand meant that some people lined up their cars the night before in hopes of getting a box of non-perishables.

Jeanette Walton, was the first person to line her car up, and she arrived at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 15 hours prior to the start, just to ensure that she wouldn’t go home empty-handed.

‘I’ve been blessed in where my job has allowed me to work from home, but still I’ve had other family members that have lost jobs and had to move in,’ she said. ‘That’s really why I’m here because when you have to take on the burden of others, you find yourself in need yourself.’

Walton also explained that this was the first time she’d ever needed to take advantage of a food drive.

Photos on Twitter showed that the boxes including around 10 items, mostly non-perishable cans of favorites like green beans and cranberry sauce, as well as a gift card.

Perry has previously passed out Thanksgiving foods, but this was the first year his charity took the form of a drive-through, in order to cut down on possible coronavirus exposure.

Many social media users praised the writer and producer’s charity efforts, including Back To The Future and Caroline In The City star Lea Thompson.

‘This man @tylerperry is one of the big hero’s [sic] of GEORGIA. He invested in the people of this fine state Bringing jobs confidence and power to the people,’ she tweeted.

But some, including Dr. Steven W. Thrashner, blasted the filmmaker for what they described as a history of fighting unionization, under paying employees and using loopholes to decrease his tax burden, leaving Atlantans and Georgians with fewer resources.

Many families are particularly struggling this year, as the pandemic has led to massive job losses.

A Pew survey from September revealed that 25 percent of Americans say they or someone in their household has lost a job since the start of the pandemic, and nearly half of Americans classified as lower income say they have had trouble paying bills and making ends meet.

Although Americans were sent $1200 checks in the spring by the government, and some people were eligible for increased unemployment insurance payments, there hasn’t been a second attempt at direct payments to Americans, and many of the increased benefits have now dried up.

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26 Ноя 2020, 13:46

Парламент Азербайджана принял в третьем чтении законы о введении наград для участников военных действий в Нагорном Карабахе. В соответствии с первым из них в Азербайджане появятся два новых ордена — «Победа» и «Карабах», уступающие по значению только высшей награде страны, ордену «Гейдар Алиев», сообщает Trend.az.

Одновременно с этим значительно увеличивается число медалей. Высшей из них, потеснив награду «Золотая звезда», станет медаль под названием «Герой Отечественной войны». Эта награда будет вручаться обладателям введенного вторым законом звания «Герой Отечественной войны», которое будет считаться даже более высоким, чем звание Национального Героя Азербайджана. Новая медаль должна носиться выше всех других наград.

Также для участников боевых действий вводятся новые медали, которые в наградной системе страны будут располагаться ниже медали «За отвагу». Большая часть новых наград предназначена для участников боев, в результате которых военные заняли тот или иной населенный пункт в Нагорном Карабахе, хотя некоторые из этих городов были переданы Азербайджану уже после завершения боевых действий, по итогам мирного соглашения.

Новые медали получили следующие названия:

Кроме того, учреждена и медаль «За заслуги в тылу в Отечественной войне».

Боевые действия в Нагорном Карабахе продолжались с 27 сентября по 9 ноября. 10 ноября при посредничестве России было заключено соглашение о прекращении боевых действий, по условиям которого Азербайджану возвращаются территории, потерянные в начале 1990-х годов в трех районах. Кроме того, из региона должны быть выведены армянские вооруженные силы. Армении гарантируется создание транспортного коридора в Карабах, а Азербайджану — создание транспортного коридора в эксклав Нахичевань.

04 Дек 2020, 13:16

Maya Jama took to Instagram on Thursday to debut her brand new look.

Clearly chomping at the bit to get to the salon after the lifting of lockdown 2.0, the presenter, 26, filmed herself showing off her newly blonde tresses.

The honeyed locks cascaded around her shoulders as she posed in a white ensemble, with Maya evidently thrilled with the result.

'I'm a blonde now hunnies!' she declared. 'I was going to post a picture but got too excited!

'I'm like a whole new b****! I think this is the new me hunz. What shall I call myself? Lena!'

Maya enjoyed a whole day of pampering, also documenting her trip to get a facial.

Maya's giddiness comes as she revealed she made her first million at the age of 24.

The TV presenter opened up about her career success in a chat with the Evening Standard but insisted that she isn't money motivated.

And all of Maya's hard earned pennies will be going on herself and chosen loved ones, as she revealed that she's currently enjoying single life and isn't on the hunt for a man.

However, Maya has since revealed that she actually became a millionaire 'two years ago', when she was just 24, and used some of her hard-earned cash to buy her very first home in London this summer, with the beauty currently living with a pal.

On her success, Maya added to the publication that though being a millionaire is 'nice', it was never her goal as she's never really been motivated by cash.

She said: 'You do something you enjoy and then you get paid for it and you’re like: "Oh my gosh, this is so cool!”.'

Meanwhile, Maya, who split from rapper Stormzy last year after four years, also opened up on why dating is not on the cards for the time being.

She said: 'It’s different for everybody, but I’ve accepted that now isn’t the best time to find somebody', adding that she's 'not actually looking.'

The stunner has said in the past that she was 'nervous' about future relationships, but for now though, she's concentrating solely on herself.

Sharing her goals for lockdown, Maya said she'll strive to 'maintain herself', and hopes that if she can remain 'the same' person as she was went she first entered lockdown, then that'll be 'good enough' for her.

The last few years has been hugely successful for the star; she has fronted dating campaigns, deals with Coca Cola, a skincare range, clothing collaborations and further TV deals in the pipeline.

The Bristol native rose to fame when she dated Stormzy between 2015 and 2019. This helped build her reputation, going from hosting a show on community radio station Rinse FM in London to landing her own slot on Radio 1.

In 2017 she became the youngest person ever to co-host the Mobo Awards, and she has since appeared on the likes of MTV’s True Love Or True Lies, The Circle and Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer.

She has also worked with clothing brands PrettyLittleThing, Adidas, Gap and Kurt Geiger over recent years.

Maya is known for her outspoken sass, and hit back at a troll on Instagram recently after he branded her a 'sl*t' while commenting under one of her posts.

Hurling back an insult by calling him a 'pr**k' and sharing one of his Instagram pictures with her 1.9 million followers, the star wrote on her Instagram Story: 'I'm childish but...'

TV and radio personality Maya captioned the image of the man, which showed him sitting over a pint of beer: 'If you can't beat 'em.'

She then rounded off her trio of posts with a brief video of herself wearing a monochrome face mask as she stroked her chin, with Princess Superstar's Bad Babysitter playing in the background.

The star also shared the three images on her Twitter account, captioning her unpleasant encounter: 'A short story.'

23 Ноя 2020, 15:05

Нападающие Сердар Азмун и Себастьян Дриусси отправились вместе с петербургским «Зенитом» в Италию на матч четвертого тура группового этапа Лиги чемпионов против римского «Лацио», сообщает «Спорт-Экспресс».

Напомним, что Азмун и Дриусси пропустили четыре ноябрьские встречи петербургского клуба.

Игра «Лацио» — «Зенит» состоится 24-го ноября. Начало — 23:00 мск.

Ранее сообщалось, что матч «Атлетико» — «Локомотив» обслужит бригада арбитров из Словении.

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