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22 Ноя 2020, 13:14
The Block 2020 finale: Jimmy and Tam are crowned the winners

After months of blood, sweat and tears, The Block’s five couples took their houses to auction on Sunday night’s episode.

Jimmy and Tam were crowned the winners with a profit of $966,000, on top of the $100,000 cash prize.

The Brisbane-based couple were understandably ecstatic, with Tam remarking: ‘Oh my goodness, can you believe that just happened?’

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23 Ноя 2020, 15:16

She is a reality star and devoted mother to her young daughter.

And, Binky Felstead, 30, and India, 3, wrapped up warm as they picked up breakfast while enjoying a winter outing in South London, on Sunday morning.

The pair were both wrapped up in big coats as India could be seen on her scooter while the Made in Chelsea star kept a close eye on her little girl.

Binky kept things low-key, stepping out in a muted ensemble comprising skin-tight black leggings and an oversized coat boasting a fur-trimmed hood.

Putting comfort first, the Influencer strolled along in a well-worn pair of brown Ugg boots, and covered her brunette locks with a black beanie hat.

Little India looked adorable in a padded pink cord coat and stretchy black trousers tucked into yellow Wellington boots.

Binky's daughter, who she shares with ex Joshua Patterson, was in her element as she rode her colourful scooter, and kept warm with a grey knitted beanie.

Last month, Binky revealed she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.

The star was expecting her second child - her first with fiancé Max - but sadly miscarried at the 12 week mark, leaving the couple 'heartbroken'.

She wrote on Instagram: 'I've thought long and hard about doing this post, but I felt that if I can pass on any warmth, comfort or help to anybody in the same position - well that would be great.

'It's only fair that I share some of my 'downs' as well as my 'up' moments. Today would have been my 18 week mark, but sadly we had an early miscarriage just before 12 weeks. Not only was this heartbreaking for us, but it also came as such a shock to me.

'I hadn't realised until then how blessed I was with having such a relatively straight forward pregnancy with India - I'll admit I was naive enough to assume the next one would be as straightforward, but I had two early scans as I was concerned I was bleeding.

'They found a 'very strong' heartbeat. However, on the third scan I was told 'I'm afraid there's no heartbeat'.

'I was told by my doctor that 1 in 4 pregnancies miscarry (not that statistics make it any easier!) With 82% of my following being women - that means roughly 237,800 women 'following' me could (or have) experienced the same, which is just so sad.

'When speaking to a few close friends about our situation, we learned that some of them too have had miscarriages in the past.

'I asked them why they’ve never said anything, and they just said they felt they couldn't, or shouldn’t talk about it. Almost like it’s a taboo subject, which is heartbreaking.

'If you have been through this, I hope you are giving yourself time to mentally and physically heal and do what you need.

'I keep reminding myself that there was nothing I could have done, and perhaps this was nature’s way of saying that for whatever reason, this little soul wasn’t ready for the world. Sending so so much love.'

Binky announced she was engaged to Max, after 19 months of dating and shared a picture kissing the businessman while holding up her hand to show off the sparkling diamond.

Gushing about the proposal, which took place after he asked her daughter India for permission to pop the question, she wrote: 'The easiest 'Yes' EVER!

'On Friday morning, on their way to the duck pond, Max asked India for her permission to ask her mummy to marry him.

'I love you Max - you bring out the best in me. Im so lucky (sic).'

In the sweet snap, Binky passionately kissed her beau after she had accepted his proposal, which took place in a picturesque field at the Long Man of Wilmington.

25 Ноя 2020, 03:15

Bruno Fernandes's wonderful opening goal for Manchester United against Istanbul Basaksehir on Wednesday night was described as 'Paul Scholes-esque' by BT Sport pundits.

The Portuguese midfielder let fly from the edge of the penalty area after seven minutes at Old Trafford after a corner had been cleared out to him, with Fernandes' effort rifling straight into the top corner of the net.

Fernandes netted another goal later on in the first-half as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side ran out 4-1 winners overall, with the 26-year-old delighted with his individual effort.

Speaking to BT Sport after the match, the United midfielder claimed: 'It was a really good goal, you need to be ready when you're on the edge of the box to maybe stop the counter-attack.

'This time I felt I needed to shoot, maybe next time I need to take a foul and get a yellow card.'

Former Manchester United midfielder Scholes was in the BT Sport studio covering the game, with fellow pundits Gary Lineker, Owen Hargreaves and Rio Ferdinand agreeing that it was a 'Scholesy-esque strike'.

Scholes admitted that he often took up that position on the edge of the penalty area at corners, while he also had time to praise Fernandes' overall display.

The 46-year-old said: 'I used to love that spot, waiting for the ball to come and hoping there's no defenders and hoping nobody's on the edge of the box. What a first time strike and it was a sensational goal.

'He was the one that won it for them early on. He's their most creative player and he will create all the chances, even the scrappy goals from midfield, they all count.'

Fernandes nearly had the opportunity to score a first-half hat-trick in the Istanbul game when Manchester United were awarded a penalty when Marcus Rashford was felled.

The Portuguese midfielder, however, turned down the chance to take the spot-kick and instead handed the ball to Rashford who dispatched his effort with ease.

In the second period, Istanbul pulled a goal back through Deniz Turuc's free-kick but Daniel James sealed the points with a swift counter-attack in the dying moments.

Earlier this month, Fernandes admitted that his style is very similar to Scholes' after a goal-laden start to his Old Trafford career.

The 26-year-old has 21 goals in 35 United games in all competitions but claims he is more like Scholes than other ex-Red Devils midfielders in front of goal.

Fernandes told the United Podcast last week: 'For me, maybe I'm closer to Paul Scholes. (He) was a guy who likes to be in the box, who likes to give an assist, who likes to score a lot of goals.

'I think Scholes was one of the best midfielders in the world. For England, a lot of people talk about Frank Lampard because he scored a lot of goals of course, one of the best in England too, you have Steven Gerrard too.

'But I think Scholes is the one who makes more difference than anyone else. In the last generation, those three were the three best ones, and for me Scholes was best.'

22 Ноя 2020, 13:06

Глава Крыма Сергей Аксенов заявил, что энергетическая блокада, устроенная киевскими властями в 2015 году, в итоге привела к обратному эффекту — регион впервые перестал быть энергодефицитным и приобрел солидный резерв мощности. Об этом Аксенов написал на своей странице во «ВКонтакте».

Крым был полностью обесточен в ночь на 22 ноября 2015 года. Из-за подрыва опор вышли из строя все четыре ЛЭП, идущие с Украины. В Крыму и Севастополе ввели режим ЧС и графики аварийных отключений электричества. Ситуация улучшилась с поэтапным запуском энергомоста из Краснодарского края. По энергоблокаде возбуждено уголовное дело по факту диверсии.

«Пять лет спустя уже ничто не напоминает о том драматическом моменте истории российского Крыма. После запуска новых электростанций наш регион впервые перестал быть энергодефицитным», — заявил Аксенов, отметив, что теперь у полуострова есть солидный резерв мощности, позволяющий обеспечивать ускоренное развитие всех отраслей.

Глава Крыма уточнил, что в 2015 году полуостров получал более 80% электроэнергии с территории Украины.

На Украине рассчитывали, что блэкаут приведет к коллапсу экономики и социальной сферы, из-за чего крымчане будут просить украинские власти возобновить подачу электричества на любых условиях, отметил Аксенов.

«Но реальность, как всегда, разрушила киевские фантазии», — заключил он.


— Киев не собирается решать вопрос обеспечения Крыма водой путем войны с РФ

— В офисе Зеленского рассказали, как «вернуть» Крым

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