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22 Ноя 2020, 03:15
Strictly’s Shirley Ballas says Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice’s tango was ‘hot’

The dancing duo have been hit by romance rumours after Strictly Come Dancing’s Shirley Ballas commented on their ‘strong chemistry’ during last week’s contest.

And the head judge, 60, was yet again blown away by the intense closeness between Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice as she branded their dance ‘so hot’ during Saturday’s live show.

Ranvir, 43, had previously teased that she and the professional dancer, 30, would be up in ‘each other’s business’ while dancing the Argentine tango to When Doves Cry by Prince.

And she did not fail to disappoint, as Shirley could not help but gush about how the Strictly stars ‘almost kissed each other’ during the intimate routine.

After the performance, she excitedly said: ‘Well it made me rather hot under the collar I have to say. You’re very feminine but extremely powerful.

‘And I felt like you were in your own room and we were all watching from the window, as your legs got entwined and your lips puckered.

‘And you almost kissed each other! It was so hot, it was so sensational.’

But Shirley was not alone in noticing how close their ‘puckering’ lips came during their final pose, with Strictly fans taking to Twitter to speculate about the moment.

One fan excitedly wrote: Agree with @ShirleyBallas thought Ranvir was going in for a kiss!!’

While another penned: Ranvir wow think she was really lost in the moment. I honestly thought she’d kiss him at the end. Fantastic’

And a third gushed: ‘Ranvir couldn’t have gotten closer to Giovanni if they tried! Wow they basically kissed.’

The sensual dance scored Ranvir an impressive 27 out of 30 – an eight from Craig Revel Horwood, a nine from Shirley, and a staggering ten from Anton Du Beke, who is standing in for Motsi Mabuse as she self-isolates after returning from Germany.

Giovanni and Ranvir had previously teased that the sexy tango is all ‘about chemistry’ while speaking in a training video earlier this week.

On BBC’s It Takes Two, he explained: ‘Argentine Tango is about the chemistry between the two dancers.’

While the Good Morning Britain host quickly agreed, saying: ‘It is about the passion. I am loving it.’

They have been hit by speculation about a budding romance since Shirley Ballas commented on their ‘strong chemistry’ after their fun-filled Cha Cha last week.

She told the couple: ‘I love the flirting and teasing, there’s definitely a strong chemistry between this team.’

But Ranvir has denied that there is any romance between her and Giovanni, insisting that they find the idea that they will be hit by the Strictly curse ‘very funny’.

Speaking to The Mirror, Ranvir revealed: ‘We both find the idea that we might get hit by the curse very funny – he is a 30-year-old man!’

Her Strictly rival Jamie Laing also said that he could not see a romance between the duo, as Ranvir has told him that she ‘hates’ Giovanni after a long day of rehearsals.

He continued: ‘He is so competitive and she is so laid back and it makes him furious, it’s hilarious. I just don’t see how the curse can happen.’

Speaking with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, Ranvir also addressed how close she has to be to her Italian dance partner during the routines.

Ahead of Saturday’s flirty performance, she teased: ‘Wait til you see the Argentine tango… we are up in each other’s business all the time.’

But Piers, 55, seemed to support the idea of a potential romance, saying that because are both single it ‘wouldn’t be a Strictly curse, it would be a Strictly blessing if they got together’.

Looking red-faced, Ranvir said: ‘In a few mins I have to see him… [clip showing how close they’ll be on argentine tango] Well, basically you’re like that the whole time.’

Talking about their incredible chemistry, she added: ‘There is dance magic!’

Piers went on to note that the pair sizzle together, but Ranvir was having none of it.

She said: ‘Oh he sizzles on his own, he doesn’t need my in the room. he’s a 30-year-old hot Italian he doesn’t need me.’

The TV presenter is single after splitting from husband Ranjeet Singh Dehal several years ago, who she shares her son Tushaan with.

She has seen considerable success on this year’s series of Strictly, which has pushed her to juggle a hectic schedule and gruelling rehearsal regime that sees her working almost 16 hours a day.

She previously told the Daily Mail: ‘Having lots of work is a blessing, and it would be churlish not to be grateful.

‘I don’t really feel like I’m running on adrenaline, I feel like I’m just really focused. I’ve got to do the dance – I can’t delay it!

‘I thrive on pressure – my whole professional life is working to live deadlines, so it’s quite a familiar feeling.’

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25 Ноя 2020, 19:14

Suranne Jones was back filming Gentleman Jack scenes in York city centre on Wednesday.

The actress, 42, who plays Anne Lister in the BBC series, was sporting her trademark black period dress, with her hair in three buns, as she walked around with the crew.

Scenes looked a little different this time around as members of the cast sported face masks with their period costumes to ensure filming could commence safely.

The series is set in Yorkshire in 1834 and is based on the real life diaries of English landowner and diarist Lister - filming began earlier this month.

The new episodes follow Suranne's character as her love Ann Walker [Sophie Rundle, 32) moves in with her at Shibden Hall and the pair embark on their life as wife and wife.

On Wednesday, during breaks from filming, ladies wore brightly coloured costumes and male actors were wearing top hats and suits alongside their modern day masks.

There was a real mix of old and new during filming as one actor held a Slazenger umbrella over an actress's head between takes.

The first series saw Anne and Ann torn apart when Ann was taken to Scotland, under threat of being married off by her brother-in-law.

But the finale saw the pair brought back together when Ann was called back to Yorkshire to visit her bedridden aunt.

Their reunion took place in a dramatic hilltop moment in which Ann revealed she was finally ready to marry Anne.

Anne confessed her continued love for Ann, saying: 'Do you know I don't think one hour passed when I didn't think of you. I tried not to.'

'If you asked me to marry you again I wouldn't say No,' Ann promised. 'But would you say yes?' Anne checked quickly.

'Yes. I love you,' the younger girl sighed, touching the heroine's face. 'I'm in love with you. I always have been.'

'Don't hurt me,' muttered Lister back, unexpectedly, poignantly. 'I'm not as strong as you think…Well I am obviously. But sometimes I'm not.'

23 Ноя 2020, 13:52

К такому выводу пришла рабочая группа Совета ООН по правам человека. Ее доклад от 20 ноября опубликован на сайте Совета.

С ноября 2018-го по апрель 2019 года Гона четыре раза арестовывали в рамках дела о сокрытии доходов и незаконном обогащении.

«Учитывая отсутствие альтернативного объяснения со стороны властей [Японии], неоднократные аресты Гона, по-видимому, представляют собой процессуальное нарушение, направленное на то, чтобы он оставался под стражей… Рабочая группа пришла к выводу, что аресты и задержания Гона четыре раза были в корне несправедливыми, поскольку помешали ему обрести свободу и пользоваться правом на справедливое судебное разбирательство, включая свободное общение с адвокатом», — говорится в докладе рабочей группы.

31 декабря 2019 года Карлос Гон заявил, что сбежал в Ливан от японского «неправосудия и политических гонений». Выйдя под залог $20 млн, Гон осуществил побег из Японии в багаже частного самолета, наняв для этого, как утверждают правоохранители, американскую охранную фирму, созданную бывшими «морскими котиками». В Ливане Гон создает на базе частного Университета Каслик программу EMBA, Центр поддержки стартапов и Центр навыков и развития.

23 Ноя 2020, 10:06

Умер бывший глава Республики Хакасия Виктор Зимин, у которого ранее выявили коронавирусную инфекцию. Об этом информирует 19rus.info со ссылкой на источник.

Отмечается, что экс-чиновник скончался в 5.00 23 ноября в Москве. Причиной смерти стала тяжелая форма пневмонии, легкие не выдержали.

Зимин был госпитализирован с коронавирусом в августе текущего года. С тех пор он находился в военном госпитале в Москве.


— Умер митрополит Казанский и Татарстанский Феофан

— В Москве простились с Романом Виктюком

— Супруга экс-президента Армении Саргсяна скончалась от COVID-19

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