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22 Ноя 2020, 21:15
Strictly’s Maisie Smith and HRVY fuel romance rumours as they stay late at BBC studios once again

Strictly Coming Dancing rivals Maisie Smith and HRVY continued to fuel romance rumours on Saturday night, after they both stayed behind late at the show’s studios.

After a long day of filming the latest round of their BBC One talent competition, Maisie, 19, and HRVY, 21, each made late-night departures from Hertfordshire’s Elstree Studios in separate cars – just one minute apart.

Wearing a powder blue tracksuit under a cream quilted jacket, EastEnders star Maisie gave onlookers a thumbs up and playfully winked as she sat in the back of a chauffeur-driven car.

Keeping her face covered with a sequinned pink mask, which perfectly matched her cherry blossom Crocs, the actress appeared to be in an upbeat mood.

Wearing grey tracksuit bottoms with a blue flannel shirt, while a clear visor covered his face, HRVY shared a smile with photographers as he was driven away.

This isn’t the first time the pair have made late departures, as they were the last to leave Elstree Studios following the show’s movie week, with HRVY departing at 4:36am before being closely followed by Maisie in a separate car at 4:37am.

With Strictly recording live from 7:25pm on Saturday evening it was a surprisingly late hour to be leaving, with professional dancer Oti Mabuse also seen departing in the early hours at 4:15am.

It came soon after Maisie described HRVY, with whom she has been repeatedly linked, as a ‘beautiful-looking guy’.

HRVY recently revealed that he wants to take Maisie ‘out for dinner’ when Strictly comes to an end, as he is currently concentrating on ‘getting to the final’.

The YouTuber said that although romance is not currently on the cards, he is ‘sure’ he will take the actress out for a meal, The Sun reported.

But he went on to admit that he does need to check that his co-star is, in fact, still ‘single’, as he revealed he is ‘ready’ for love.

He told The Sun: ‘I’m sure at one point, when we can, Maisie and I will go out for dinner. I’m pretty sure she’s single too, I haven’t actually asked, but if we ever go for a meal, I’ll make sure I check first.’

But the singer is putting all of his focus into the dancing contest, explaining that ‘it’s dancing first — then love and fun afterwards’ as he ‘fancies getting to the final’.

While addressing the romance rumours, he also bragged that he is ‘actually amazing on a date’ as he is a ‘good listener’, describing himself as a ‘relationship person’.

The TV presenter continued: ‘I’ve been rejected a lot of times, so I can take anything now.’

But HRVY said there is no romance between him and Maisie yet, insisting that he ‘definitely has not kissed’ her, after Strictly bosses banned kissing due to Covid-19.

Last week, HRVY and Maisie were spotted standing far less then two metres from each other as they arrived to film the BBC spin-off show.

In the pictures obtained by The Sun, Maisie and HRVY were seen arriving to film It Takes Two together, despite the government’s requirement of maintaining at least two metres distance to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The pair were seen chatting to their professional partners Gorka Marquez and Janette after speaking to Gethin Jones on It Takes Two.

A source told MailOnline at the time: ‘The stars are being reminded that they must stay at least two metres apart.

‘It’s hard to maintain, as everyone knows, but it’s more important than ever now for Strictly that everyone stays as far apart as possible.’

Addressing the slip up when speaking to The Sun, HRVY said that he was ‘sorry’ if they ‘forgot for a split second’ not to be two metres apart, insisting they ‘do try to remember’.

And it is not the first time that HRVY has been forced to discuss his relationship with Maisie as romance rumours continue to swirl about the show rivals.

Speaking to Roman Kemp and Sian Welby on Capital Breakfast last week, he teased at the possibility of romance when the BBC dance competition ends.

He said: ‘You know what? I am still single, I was hoping after movie week, I’d get to be James Bond, Batman or Spiderman, and they put me in a gnome outfit as Gnomeo and Juliet. I thought I’d get some DMs but sadly I haven’t.’

When grilled about the romance rumours between himself and Maisie, he admitted that the soap opera star is ‘very beautiful’ and a ‘lovely girl’.

But he went on to explain that now is not the right time for romance, as he can’t ‘see or touch anyone’ amid the strict coronavirus regulations while on the show.

Strictly has seen a number of changes due to COVID-19, including regular testing for the cast and crew, social distancing enforced and the series run shortened to just nine weeks.

Addressing romance rumours, HRVY revealed: ‘Do you know what? She’s great, she’s a very good dancer, she’s very beautiful, she’s a lovely girl.

‘But right now, it’s not like I can see or touch anyone anyway, not that I’m touching anyone, but because of all the COVID restrictions what can you do? Right now I’m going to focus on the dancing but Maisie is a great girl.’

However, the Strictly star then teased at a possible romance with his ‘good friend’ following the show’s final on December 19, as he told radio host Roman, 27, ‘you never know’.

He said: ‘Hmm, yeah I mean who knows! But right now, we’re good friends.’

Capital FM’s co-host Sian then excitedly said to HRVY: ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance!’

To which the he cryptically replied: ‘You never know, you never know…’

But HRVY previously denied the speculation in an interview with Lorraine Kelly, saying that while he does find Maisie attractive, there is no romance on the cards.

He said: ‘She’s lovely, very talent and she’s beautiful, but for now I’m concentrating on the dancing…’

Denying romance rumours, he told Lorraine: ‘Do you know what, I’d tell you if anything was going on, Lorraine. Trust me I would! No, we are just friends.

‘Obviously because of the whole Covid and pandemic rules, we can’t really be within any distance of each other anyway, we’ve got to be two metres, so we’re just friends, we’re just dancing.’

Earlier this month, Maisie and HRVY were seen leaving the show’s Hertfordshire venue within a minute of each other as they continued to spark romance rumours.

The series has seen Maisie dancing with professional partner Gorka Marquez, who saw themselves narrowly avoid elimination last week after being in the bottom two alongside Max George and Dianne Buswell.

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23 Ноя 2020, 05:15

They were crowned the winners of The Block on Sunday, netting a profit of $966,000 in addition to their $100,000 cash prize.

And on Monday, Brisbane couple Jimmy and Tam Wilkins revealed that they are planning to relocate North to be closer to their family.

'We think that we might go into the Sunshine Coast hinterland,' Tam, 31, said speaking to Daily Mail Australia.

'My parents live in Noosa, so being close to them would be really awesome. So that's we think where we're going to end up.'

The couple explained that the prize money will be put toward purchasing their first home and spoiling their four-year-old daughter, Frankie.

'Oh, we will definitely get her some presents,' the proud mother revealed.

'Frankie doesn't understand the value of money... as she is only four, so you know, we don't want her to get over the top to spend our money for us.'

The proud parents also spoke of their excitement that daughter Frankie was able to regularly visit them while filming the show.

'Oh, it's so good having her with us because she's experiencing this,' gushed Jimmy.

'She's going to be able to look back and watch the episodes of The Block that she's in and remember this house.'

Jimmy and Tammy, who are still residing in Melbourne's Brighton, are waiting for coronavirus restrictions to ease to fly back home to Brisbane.

'We're just going to we've decided we're just going to have the rest of the year off and celebrate with friends and family,' they said.

'We just want to relax a bit. This year has been absolutely massive. So to have a bit of time with our friends and family will be so amazing.'

23 Ноя 2020, 04:06

В рамках реформы институтов развития в правительстве решили ликвидировать восемь структур, в том числе отвечавших за развитие Дальнего Востока. Об этом сообщает , ссылаясь на источники.

Речь идет о ликвидации следующих институтов: Фонда развития моногородов, АО «Особые экономические зоны», Российского фонда развития информационных технологий (РФРИТ), Росинфокоминвеста и Агентства по технологическому развитию.

В число ликвидируемых организаций также вошли три структуры, отвечавшие за развитие дальневосточного региона. Глава Минвостокразвития Алексей Чекунков в комментарии подчеркнул, что весь функционал институтов по поддержке опережающего развития Дальнего Востока и Арктики сохранится.

«Возможно, будет объединение нескольких юридических лиц в одно, более сильное, с оптимизацией пересекающихся расходов», — заявил Чекунков.

Согласно плану, часть функций упраздненных институтов перейдет к ВЭБ.РФ. На базе этой госкорпорации предусмотрено создание единого института развития.

Кроме того, под управление ВЭБ.РФ планируют передать Российский экспортный центр, Корпорацию «МСП», ЭКСАР, Фонд развития промышленности, Фонд содействия развитию малых форм предприятий в научно-технической сфере, Фонд «Сколково», «Роснано» и Фонд инфраструктурных и образовательных программ.

24 Ноя 2020, 13:16

Myleene Klass shared another freaky video of her double-jointed elbows during Dancing On Ice rehearsals on Monday.

The presenter, 42, was attempting to nail a lift in the video before her elbows began popping forwards, leading her skating partner Łukasz Różycki to retch.

The star - who looked chic in a black sweater and leopard print shorts - was seen balancing herself on her arms in a video captioned: 'Today's challenge, learn to balance on my bendy arms for lifts.'

She humorously added: 'Lukasz is off camera' following by vomiting emojis.

The video showed the star balancing before her elbows popped forwards over and over again - and she fell down.

Myleene was heard cackling as her elbows popped out of place while Lukasz made vomiting sounds off-camera.

Earlier this month Myleene managed to freak out her skating partner with her remarkably bendy elbows during rehearsals..

The TV and radio presenter posted a hilarious video on her Instagram, showing her unusually flexible arms.

Myleene said the skating pro, 40, thought she was bending her arm while they were practicing as he did not realise she had hypermobile joints.

While flaunting her bendy elbows in the clip, she said: 'Łukasz just thought I was bending my arm cos I've got these! Cos they do this!

'Now he won't even touch my arm. Touch the arm! Touch the arm!'

The duo could be heard hysterically laughing as Myleene showed off her flexibility before she taunted a freaked-out Łukasz to come and touch her arm.

The figure skater eventually gave in and lightly grabbed her arm before immediately squirming away, leading to an uproar of laughter from Myleene.

Captioning the video, she penned: 'DOI update...My ice skating partner can't figure out why my back arm keeps bending downwards when we skate!

'I'm hyperextended. Now, he won't even touch them, he's completely freaked out!'

Myleene's remarkably flexible elbow condition, more commonly known as hypermobility, is caused when the tissues holding a joint together are too loose.

A person with hypermobility is able to easily and painlessly extend their joints beyond the standard motion range.

In Myleene's case, her elbows bend in both directions, but hypermobility also commonly affects knees, shoulders, wrists and fingers.

Her latest video comes after reports that Dancing On Ice is set to be hit 'in a big way' during the second lockdown due to some rinks being closed.

According to reports, the pro skaters and celebrities are said to be concerned that they'll be unable to train due to council ice rinks shutting.

The new rules, which came into effect on Thursday, saw all leisure centres and sporting venues shut until at least Wednesday 2 December.

Despite not all ice rinks shutting, some pro skaters and celebrities are said to be worried they'll be unable to train as they don't live near the select few open venues.

A source told The Sun: 'Lockdown is affecting many industries, but Dancing On Ice looks set to be hit in a big way.

'The main concern from some of the professionals is that because council rinks are being closed down, they're going to be left with nowhere to train.

'Not all of them are near one of the few available UK rinks so it remains to be seen how they'll get on-ice training.'

But a Dancing On Ice spokesperson hit back at the claims and told MailOnline: 'We're in constant contact with our entire cast in training and there have been no concerns raised.

'All scheduled training is proceeding safely within guidelines and at easily accessible locations.'

They added: 'ITV takes the safety and welfare of everyone involved with its programmes extremely seriously and follows all government guidelines regarding Covid-19.

'The government has confirmed that TV production can carry on throughout lockdown, to that end we will be hiring the local ice rinks on a private and exclusive hire basis.'

To adhere with coronavirus rules, the cast have been undergoing weekly coronavirus tests in order to train with their professional partners on the ice.

Myleene shared a video of her and Łukasz undergoing a coronavirus test while on the rink last month.

The Smooth FM host also admitted last month that she was feeling 'dishevelled' and 'had the fear' because some of her competitors were more advanced than she was.

Myleene urged her followers not to 'put their money' on her, as she practiced her skating skills ahead of the show's launch early next year.

Speaking to the camera on her Instagram Stories, Myleene said: 'Okay I'm all dishevelled I've just come off the ice.

'Oh man, I've got the fear today! I don't normally get this cos I really think paddle your own canoe, don't worry what anyone else is doing.

'But I found out that while I'm trying to learn to stand people are practicing jumps, only me and Denise [Van Outen] are starting from scratch. They've been skating since they were kids.'

Myleene has also been joined by her two talented daughters Ava, 13, and Hero, nine, during her training sessions on the ice.

An adorable video on her Instagram Stories saw both of her daughters perfect an effortless spin on the ice with the coaching of Lukasz.

She even joked that she was 'training up my body doubles' and would 'slip' her talented daughters in her place and just hope that nobody would notice.

Myleene shares her two daughters with her ex-husband Graham Quinn, who she separated from in 2013.

She recently revealed that she had got engaged to the father of her baby son Apollo, Simon Motson.

The TV star was astounded when her partner of five years popped the question with a nine-carat diamond ring on the fifth anniversary of their first date.

Dancing On Ice will return to ITV in the new year and see twelve celebrities skate live with their professional partners each week.

The upcoming series of Dancing On Ice has a star-studded line-up with the likes of Rebekah Vardy, Jason Donovan, Myleene Klass, Billie Faiers and Denise Van Outen competing on the rink.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby once again return to present the show and the expert panel of Torvill and Dean, John Barrowman and Ashley Banjo will all resume their roles as judges.

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