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22 Ноя 2020, 01:15
Strictly’s Jamie Laing tops the leaderboard with TWO 10s after an epic street dance routine

He came close to losing his place in the competition in week two after landing in the dreaded dance off.

But Strictly Come Dancing’s Jamie Laing was well and truly back to his best on Saturday night as he topped the leaderboard with two 10s following his epic street dance performance with partner Karen Hauer.

The Made In Chelsea star, 32, was also surprised with a sweet message from best pal Spencer Matthews, 32, and his wife Vogue Williams, 35, as they lent him their support.

Jamie and Karen were in their element as they pulled off an energetic and colourful street dance performance Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).

And their couple’s choice dance appeared to go down very well with the judges, who gave them rave review for their dance.

‘I’m in shock!’ Shirley Ballas remarked, as Craig Revel Horwood gushed over the dance, despite admitting ‘I thought it was going to be all homeboys on the Kings Road trying to be all street’.

When it came to the scores, the judges were very generous, with Craig giving them a nine and Shirley and Anton Du Beke dishing out 10s.

Jamie and Karen were ecstatic at the result and jumped up and down as their near-perfect 29 score placed them at the top of the leaderboard.

Taking to Twitter, fans were quick to share their joy over Jamie and Karen’s entertaining routine.

‘Jamie and Karen were my favs of the night!! Amazing’ commented one viewer.

While another declared: ‘Of all the dances for Couples Choice, I didn’t think I would love Jamie doing street commercial, but oh damn was that awesome! It really felt like they were in the dance machine, loved every second of that! Karen has insane routines.’

‘Karen and Jamie dance of the night for me they made me wanna get up and dance with them and they’ve put a massive smile on my face LOVED IT’ shared a third watcher.

‘Have to say I love Jamie. He kept the timing the whole way whole and there were so really difficult moves throughout.’ Tweeted a fourth.

With another viewer adding: ‘Jamie Laing is #straightouttawestbrompton I’m dying!’

Ahead of his showstopping routine, Jamie was treated to some lovely surprise messages from friends and family.

After being FaceTimed by Spencer and Vogue, Jamie said of his pal: ‘Spencer is one of my best mates. We hate each other, we love each other. But at the centre is friendship. I am so proud to be godfather to his daughter.’

Jamie’s sister also called him, getting emotional on the call. ‘We speak all the time. She is a rock in my life,’ Jamie said of her.

He also spoke with girlfriend Sophie Habboo. He said: ‘Sophie is not just the person that I love, she’s my best mate.

‘To all my friends, all my family and especially Karen, this dance is for you!’

Meanwhile, Jamie recently joked that he would happily strip naked if it meant him remaining on the BBC dance show.

After narrowly surviving elimination early on in the competition, the reality star claimed suggested he’s do ‘anything’ to stay.

He told The Mirror: ‘I’d do anything to stay in the competition. If Karen said I had to dance naked for seven days, I would.

‘Although Karen would absolutely despise seeing me naked. She couldn’t handle it. We are so close, we are like brother and sister.’

Strictly Come Dancing: The Results airs Sunday at 7.25pm on BBC One.

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22 Ноя 2020, 19:05

Волгоградский «Ротор» сыграл вничью с екатеринбургским «Уралом» в матче Российской премьер-лиги (РПЛ).

Встреча завершилась со счетом 0:0.

В турнирной таблице РПЛ волжане занимают 15 место, набрав 8 очков. Уральцы расположились на 11 месте, имея в активе 16 баллов.

«buckshee» вела онлайн-трансляцию поединка.

РПЛ. 15-й тур «Ротор» — «Урал» — 0:0 Ранее сообщалось о том, что Джано Ананидзе планирует закончить карьеру из-за травм.

26 Ноя 2020, 18:06

Адвокат чемпиона мира 1986 года Диего Марадоны Матиас Морла раскритиковал скорую помощь, которая прибыла к легендарному футболисту спустя 30 минут после вызова.

Марадона умер 25 ноября от остановки сердца в возрасте 60 лет. В настоящее время в Буэнос-Айресе проходит церемония прощания с аргентинцем.

«То, что персонал не оказывал внимания или не контролировал моего друга на протяжении 12 часов — неприемлемо. Машина скорой помощи ехала к Диего полчаса — это преступный идиотизм. Этот факт не должен быть упущен, я буду требовать расследования», — написал Морла в Twitter.

В качестве футболиста Марадона выступал за «Архентинос Хуниорс», «Бока Хуниорс», «Барселону», «Наполи», «Севилью» и «Ньюэллс Олд Бойз». Всего в клубной карьере он забил 363 мяча в 687 матчах.

В составе национальной команды Аргентины он принял участие в 91 матче, в которых забил 34 мяча. По итогам чемпионата мира 1986 года Марадона был признан лучшим игроком турнира. На следующем мундиале форвард стал серебряным призером соревнований.

Его мяч, забитый в ворота сборной Англии (2:1) в четвертьфинале чемпионата мира 1986 года, был признан лучшим голом в истории первенства.

Будучи тренером, Марадона возглавлял сборную Аргентины, а также клубы «Аль-Васл», «Аль-Фуджайра», «Дорадос» и «Химнасия».

Ранее сообщалось, что на церемонии прощания с Марадоной фанаты устроили потасовку с полицией.

24 Ноя 2020, 01:16

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has become the oldest player to score ten goals in the first eight matches in Serie A - and the 39-year-old has a special diet to thank for this form.

The Swedish forward is having his best season for a number of years and his AC Milan lead the Serie A table after an unbeaten start to the 2020-21 campaign.

Ibrahimovic scored two goals against fellow high-flyers Napoli on Sunday night to help the Rossoneri move two points clear at the top, but there are even more interesting statistics which show the impact of the 39-year-old on Milan's fortunes this season.

In the latest statistics produced by Serie A, the striker has been clocked as the third-fastest player in Italy's top-flight this season, despite being one of the oldest players in the league.

One reason why Ibrahimovic is keeping in shape despite his age is his nutrition plan, which has been compared to fellow Serie A star Cristiano Ronaldo's.

Like the Juventus star, the Swedish striker is meticulous with the type of food he eats and how much of it he consumes. According to GQItalia, Ibrahimovic has every single food item he eats weighed on a scale, with everything measured to the exact gram.

Common foods he eats are white meats, bresaola meat and fresh vegetables, while frozen foods, ice cream and even Italian pasta have been culled from Ibrahimovic's diet.

Overall, his diet requires a great deal of carbohydrates, though he tends to get this intake from cereals rather than pasta - which is often a popular choice among footballers.

Too many carbohydrates, however, and Ibrahimovic, who also has a personal chef, is weakened as he likes to keep his weight inbetween 92 and 94 kilograms.

This way of preparing his body goes back to his first stint in Serie A at Juventus, where he welcomed advice put to him by Italian dietitians who ordered him to eat eight almonds a day due to their richness in magnesium and 'good fats'.

However, the Swede has often struggled to keep to his diet at the other clubs he has played at - which has often led to rows between him and chief dietitians.

At PSG, a dispute broke out between him and the club's chef about the absence of fresh fruit and vegetables at the training ground. According to GQ, the chef claimed that the Ligue 1 side could not afford it due to the tight nutrition budget at the club.

The excuse was not good enough for Ibrahimovic and the chef ordered his assistants to collect fruit and vegetables from the local food market near the training ground.

Rather peculiarly, Ibrahimovic is not a fan of doing gym work, though he does do his fair share of strength and conditioning with South American taekwondo expert Nilson Damacena.

Rather than adding to his muscles in the gym, the 39-year-old believes taekwondo's manner of improving the elasticity of his muscles is better-suited to his game, considering his age.

It's this combination of martial arts and his strict dietary regime that allows Ibrahimovic to stay at the highest level of the professional game.

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