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22 Ноя 2020, 05:16
Sofia Richie posts stunning bikini selfies on holiday as she cavorts in the ocean surf with PIGS

In this time of prolonged lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel is generally frowned upon.

But that didn’t stop Sofia Richie from posting a dazzling array of vacation selfies to her Instagram on Saturday, from an idyllic beach getaway with friends.

The model, 22, wowed in a skimpy green and black string bikini as she cavorted in the crystalline ocean waters with a gal pal.

Also along for the outing was a group of furry pigs, seemingly native to the region where they were staying.

One shot saw Richie sitting in the sand as the ocean waves gently lapped at her legs, staring out at the horizon and some boats as two pigs flanked her.

‘Pigs in Paradise’ she captioned the post, including the emoji for a conch shell.

Another image in the gallery showed Sofia modeling her dynamite figure as she walked along in the surf.

And a third image showed her trying to get her friend Abby Smidt to pet one of the porcine animals, seemingly against Abby‘s will.

The post also included a brief video snippet which saw the pigs swimming in the shallow ocean waters, with Sofia running away in the hip deep surf so as not to collide with one of the animals.

In her IG Stories, the runway star included shots of a healthy fish dinner as well as the gorgeous horizon from a boat.

She also added in a cute selfie of her and Smidt.

The social media activity comes as Richie recently enjoyed a fun-filled weekend surrounded by some of her closet friends and a bunch of farm animals.

Ahead of that excursion on Saturday, the ex-girlfriend of Scott Disick shared footage of herself and three female pals blaring Carrie Underwood’s big 2006, Before He Cheats, in the car.

Once the twentysomething women arrived, they had a blast taking selfies, feeding and cuddling up to nearly a dozen cuddly and charismatic llamas.

It was unclear whether that outing was part of the same trip from this weekend.

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23 Ноя 2020, 13:16

She's been busy filming the third season of Brassic in Manchester recently.

But Michelle Keegan was in a reflective mood on Sunday, as she joked about her 'hobby that lasted three weeks' over the summer as she shared a snap while out on a bike ride.

The Our Girl actress, 33, showed off her sensational figure in cycling shorts and a sleeveless sports top that fit snugly to her slender frame.

Apparently keen to show off her keen interest in cycling at the time, Michelle wore Lycra clothing from a cycling brand.

She also made sure to protect herself on her journey by wearing a cycling helmet and accessorised with chic shades.

Completing her look, Michelle opted to ride her bike in a pair of white low-top canvas shoes that matched her sleek bicycle.

Joking about how her interest in cycling quickly fizzled out, she wrote in the caption: 'My hobby that lasted 3 weeks... and what a fantastic 3 weeks they were.'

Michelle recently returned to the set of Brassic the day before after it was reported she had to self-isolate for two weeks after being exposed to Covid. While she had come into contact with the virus, she had not contracted it.

A source told MailOnline: 'Michelle had to take time away from the Brassic set once again and has been laying low in Essex with her husband Mark Wright.

'She only missed one day of filming. But she needed to isolate after she came into contact with someone in Manchester who had it.

'Luckily it all happened very quickly and Michelle did not return to the Brassic set before isolating. So it didn't affect filming too much.

'She has spent last two weeks in total isolation. She will go back to filming at the end of this week.'

MailOnline understands that at the time Brassic worked around this and continued to film scenes Michelle didn't feature in.

Meanwhile, Michelle and her husband Mark, 33, have certainly used their time at home wisely - deciding to put up their Christmas decorations earlier this month.

Despite it still being seven weeks until Christmas Day, the pair - who have been married since 2015 - documented their festive makeover on social media on Sunday, from the delivery of a gigantic tree, to the decorating of it to the impressive finished product.

29 Ноя 2020, 11:14

Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi took a drive up the coast on Saturday for a shopping trip in Santa Barbara, California.

The 62-year-old comedian was seen outside of a Wendy Foster boutique as she and Portia loaded up their car with their purchases.

The two were out and about a day after the daytime talk show host was lambasted on social media with clips and stills from a contentious interview she conducted with Dakota Johnson a year earlier.

Ellen was dressed for comfort in a black T-shirt and a pair of dark jeans, which she lightened up with white trainers.

Portia, 47, opted for more of an haute couture look with a striking beige jumpsuit and gray boots.

She wore an olive-colored scarf around her throat and she carried a beige handbag that matched her ensemble.

The couple appeared to be stocking up on home products, as Ellen also carried what looked like a bag of blankets.

Ellen and Portia have been keeping a low profile in recent months, following allegations from employees that the talk show host fostered a toxic workplace for years.

A Buzzfeed exposé from June shared claims from one current and 10 former employees that they had been the victims of racism and intimidation tactics while working on the popular series.

Her producers, including Andy Lassner, Mary Connelly and Ed Glavin were also accused of bullying.

Glavin, Executive Producer Kevin Leman and Co-Executive Producer Jonathan Norman were later accused of multiple forms of sexual misconduct, and all three were fired, though they denied the allegations.

Ellen's alleged transgressions were less severe, though she was accused of taking joy in making employees cry, and multiple former employees claimed on social media that staff members were instructed not to speak to her or look her in the eyes.

She returned for the season 18 premiere in September with a six-minute monologue addressing the allegations.

The controversy doesn't seem to have hurt the comedian in the long run, as she emerged triumphant at the E! People's Choice Awards earlier this month.

Ellen won the Daytime Talk Show of 2020 award at the ceremony, which was voted on by viewers.

But her controversies were front and center again on Friday, when multiple social media users shared stills and video from Dakota Johnson's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show exactly one year earlier.

The interview quickly got testy, as Ellen joked offhand that she hadn't been invited to Dakota's birthday party the month before.

'Actually, no. That's not the truth, Ellen,' she said.

'Last time I was on the show, last year, you gave me a bunch of s**t about not inviting you, but I didn't even know you wanted to be invited.'

Dakota got an extra laugh from the audience when she admitted, 'I didn't even know you liked me.'

After she invited Ellen to 'ask everyone' to confirm that she had been invited, her producer called out from off stage to say she had been out of town.

'Oh yeah, I had that thing,' she said to more laughter.

The clip resurfaced amid the allegations of a toxic work environment.

26 Ноя 2020, 20:35

По информации источника, Галатасарай уже длительное время следит за Яремчуком, а в переходе украинского нападающего лично заинтересован главный тренер стамбульского клуба Фатих Терим.

Галатасарай обратился к агенту Кристофу Хенротаю с просьбой узнать сумму трансфера Яремчука, а также мнение самого игрока относительно возможного перехода.

Контракт Яремчука с Гентом рассчитан до лета 2023 года.

Сообщалось, что Гент готов продать Яремчука во время ближайшего зимнего трансферного окна.

Также была информация, что неназванный итальянский клуб сделал предложение Генту по аренде Яремчука.

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