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14 Янв 2021, 11:15
Sofia Richie cuts an athletic figure in gray leggings as she enjoys a walk with her dog in LA

Sofia Richie is trying to keep herself busy in quarantine despite sharing last week that she was ‘still stuck in the house.’

On Wednesday the 22-year-old model daughter of Lionel Richie was seen taking the family dog out for a walk in Beverly Hills as she strolled with a friend.

Getting in her steps while putting on an athletic display in grey leggings and a crew neck sweatshirt, Richie looked at ease to be out and about.

Walking near her dad’s Los Angeles home, Richie showed off her toned legs in the spandex set.

She kept warm in an Inamorata sweatshirt before stripping down to reveal a sports bra as she tied the extra layer around her neck.

Sporting a pair of pristine white sneakers she held the family’s German Shepherd close.

Sofia went mask free for the outing and kept her blonde locks clipped back, throwing on a pair of thin black sunglasses.

Recently ringing in 2021 on a lavish St. Barts vacation with her family, Sofia seemed to be trying to start the year off on a relaxing note.

She joined the list of celebrities who opted for warmer waters and places with less Coronavirus restrictions as LA County continues to be in full lockdown mode amid a record number of 945,000 total cases.

While she was on her vacation, ex-boyfriend of three years Scott Disick, 37, was living it up with his new girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamlin, 19, in Mexico.

The pair were seen getting a bit handsy on the beach of their hotel as they proved the relationship is not slowing down.

To add insult to injury, Disick shared a photo from the trip on Wednesday where he was posted up at the same location the two had been seen lounging at.

Though he does not follow his younger girlfriend on social media she does follow him, and shared a snap from the trip last week with the caption ‘miss u already.’

Sofia unfollowed both parties on social media months ago after they flaunted their new relationship, in an effort to move on.

Despite cutting ties with many in the Kardashian circle, she continued to maintain a friendship with Kylie Jenner, however the makeup mogul swiftly unfollowed Richie on Instagram last week as she purged her account.

It was reported that Richie had retaliated by also unfollowing Kylie, though as of Wednesday it seemed like they had bedded any petty social media beef and are back in the friend zone – at least on social media.

After her split from the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star, the PrettyLittleThing ambassador was linked to socialite Matthew Morton who owns trendy matcha boutique Cha Cha Matcha.

They were seen packing on the PDA on many romantic dinner dates and things seemed to be heating up before it was reported that the couple fizzled out ahead of the holidays.

A source told E News, ‘The relationship has definitely simmered. Nothing in particular happened, they just both aren’t ready for something serious.’

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14 Янв 2021, 15:47

Аудитор Счетной палаты Михаил Мень, которого обвиняют в крупных хищениях, не смог дать показания в суде, поскольку заразился коронавирусом, передает ТАСС со ссылкой на сообщение его адвоката Мурада Мусаева. Защитник добавил, что многие следственные действия провели в отсутствие Меня. Адвокат и его подзащитный уже начали ознакомление с материалами дела.

Аудитору продлили меру пресечения в виде запрета определенных действий до 28 февраля, сообщили в пресс-службе Басманного суда Москвы.

Совет Федерации 18 ноября разрешил арестовать Меня по представлению генпрокурора Игоря Краснова. Аудитору вменяют хищение 700 млн руб. из бюджета Ивановской области. По версии следствия, Мень совершил это преступление в 2011 году, когда возглавлял регион.

Следователи полагают, что Мень руководил хищениями, которые организовали чиновники правительства Ивановской области и бенефициары группы «Продо» — предприятия, основанного в 2004 году инвестиционной компанией Millhouse Caplital, подконтрольной Роману Абрамовичу. Это один из крупнейших производителей мяса птицы, колбас, а также мясных полуфабрикатов и молочных продуктов.

По версии следствия, бенефициары компании знали, что государство намерено выделить кредиты нескольким субъектам, чтобы частично покрыть дефицит региональных бюджетов. Тогда они создали преступную группу, чтобы тоже получить такой кредит от Министерства финансов. Полученные руководством области деньги должны были поступить компании «Ивановский бройлер», которым до сентября 2011 года полностью владело «Продо». Деньги предприятию выделили через областной Фонд поддержки малого предпринимательства.

Выступая перед с Совфедом с представлением о задержании Меня, генпрокурор пояснил, что, хотя подписи ставил первый заместитель экс-главы Ивановской области Павел Коньков, сам Мень на тот момент был на рабочем месте.

19 ноября Басманный районный суд Москвы избрал Меню меру пресечения в виде запрета покидать место фактического проживания, за исключением двухчасовых прогулок, а также общаться с определенным кругом лиц, отправлять и получать почтово-телеграфные отправления, пользоваться интернетом.

20 Янв 2021, 23:13

A swimming robot that mimics the super-effective way that jellyfish move about underwater could soon be used to explore coral reefs and archaeological sites.

Experts use a measure called the 'cost of transport' to compare the movement efficiency of different species from across the animal kingdom.

Such studies have show that nature's more efficient mover — easily beating out running and flying animals and bony fish — is the moon jellyfish, Aurelia aurita.

These soft-bodied creatures move by squeezing their bodies in order to expel a jet of water that propels them forward.

Inspired by this, engineers from Southampton and Edinburgh built a jet-driven robot that is around 10–50 times more efficient that its propeller-driven peers.

Moreover, its lightweight construction and soft-flexible exterior would make it ideal for use in sensitive underwater environments — such as reefs and wrecks.

It would even be safe to operate in waters crowded with swimmers, the team said.

'The fascination for organisms such as squid, jellyfish and octopuses has been growing enormously,' said paper author and engineer Francesco Giorgio-Serchi of the University of Edinburgh.

'Because they are quite unique in that their lack of supportive skeletal structure does not prevent them from outstanding feats of swimming.'

'Previous attempts to propel underwater robots with jetting systems have involved pushing water through a rigid tube,' said fellow paper author and naval architecture researcher Thierry Bujard, who built the robot of the course of a few months.

'We wanted to take it further so we brought in elasticity and resonance to mimic biology,' he continued.

Resonance refers to the large vibrations that occur when a force is applied to an object at its ideal frequency — as is seen when an opera singer can actually shatter glass with their voice just by singing at exactly the right note.

Harnessed by the robot, resonance allows the robot to generate large water jets to propel itself forward while using very little power.

The design features a rubber membrane that encloses eight 3D-printed flexible ribs, which together form what the researchers have dubbed a 'propulsive bell.'

In the front part of the robot's body is a small piston which taps the bell repeatedly — causing it to expand and then spring back, thereby mimicking how the bodies of jellyfish move and producing jets of water to push it forward.

When the piston operates at the correct frequency — that is, the natural resonance of the robot's components — it can move as well as moon jellyfish, covering a distance of one body length (10.5 inches, or 26.6 cm) each second.

'The great thing about using resonance is that we can achieve large vibrations of the propulsive bell with a very small amount of power,' said paper author Gabriel Weymouth of the University of Southampton.

'We just need to poke it out of shape and let the elasticity and inertia do the rest.'

'This has allowed us to unlock the efficiency of propulsion used by sea creatures that use jets to swim.'

'I was really surprised by the results, I was confident that the design would work — but the efficiency of the robot was much greater than I expected,' added Mr Bujard.

'The last decade has seen a surge in research into flexible and biologically-inspired robots — such as Boston Dynamic's "Big Dog" — because they can be much more versatile than standard industry robots,' added Dr Weymouth.

'This research demonstrates that these concepts can also be applied to underwater robotics. There are still many challenges and exciting possibilities to explore with soft underwater robotic technologies.

'We are now looking to extend the concept behind this robot to a fully manoeuvrable and autonomous underwater vehicle capable of sensing and navigating its environment,' he concluded.

The full findings of the study were published in the journal Science Robotics.

19 Янв 2021, 13:15

Rebecca Gormley has admitted she may be scarred for life as she sustained agonising injuries following a horrific fall.

In a clip shared to Instagram on Monday, the winter Love Island star, 22, revealed she almost broke her neck as she damaged her collarbone and right arm after an accident.

The model - who wore a cast in the video - admitted she's 'just sick of crying and being in pain' as she addressed her fans while reflecting on her life exactly a year on from entering the South African villa.

Former beauty queen Rebecca shared: 'Hi everyone I just wanted to come and chat to quickly to give you an update. I'm struggling to reply to people because I'm right handed and that's the arm I've damaged.'

'Basically I fell and that's the arm I damaged really bad. Basically I fell and I'm lucky I didn't snap my neck. You've got this clavical (collarbone) bone. It's like it came out of its place but it's damaged as well.

Admitting she can 'hardly move', the influencer - who was dressed in silk PJs by Dior - elaborated: 'It's like one of the four worst bones to damage or break in your body so you can imagine the pain I'm in.'

The TV star went on to detail the recovery process, explaining she will need to undergo surgery if the injury doesn't heal within two months.

The Newcastle native said: 'Honestly my arm is deformed and it could take six weeks if not longer to heal. I can get an operation after that if it doesn't heal but then I'm going to be left with a massive scar and it could still be deformed.

'I'm just absolutely sick because I can't do anything for myself. I'm very independent so I like it do things for myself. I'm so so frustrated, so frustrated.'

Recalling when she first appeared on the ITV2 show, the media personality added: 'How times have changed. This time last year I was in my way into the villa and I was on my way to South Africa to go into the villa and now I'm on the sofa and can hardly even move.'

The social media star later expressed her gratitude towards her fans, mother, and boyfriend Biggs Chris for their support.

An emotional Rebecca said: 'I'm just so angry inside and hate not being able to do things for myself. I hate it so much but just hope I can have a speedy recovery and that it heals itself quicker than expected because it's awful man. I can't get comfy or anything but Thankyou to everyone who has messaged us.

'I'm just sick of crying and being in pain. Biggs and my mum I don't know how they are coping with us. My moms had to go to work today so bless him. I don't how he is so patient with us. I'm like an absolute madwoman. Bless him man.'

Former car repairman Biggs, 28, also updated his followers on his partner's wellbeing as he added: 'A lot of people are asking about Rebecca. She's here, she's recovering. Baby girl ain't really that well bit she'll recover. Thank you for your messages.'

Earlier in the day, Rebecca had celebrated her one-year Love Island anniversary as she wrote alongside a clip of her entering the villa: 'Can't believe I am writing this but 1 whole year ago I attempted to dance my way into the @loveisland villa (anyone who knows me knows dancing is not my strong point unless I've had a few drinks).

'I gave the villa my best shot, I stayed true to myself and that's all what matters! I am ever so grateful for such a whirlwind experience!

'Can you imagine having to dance on a bunch of lads who are total strangers with a bunch of daggering eyes watching you from behind yes it was hard but flipping amazing , what a buzz man.

Gushing over her 'soulmate', who she started dating months after their stints, she enthused: 'Met so many beautiful humans on my LI journey but most of all I met my soul mate @biggschrisx and I can honestly say I am the happiest girl on this planet!

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