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14 Янв 2021, 07:15
Rob Kardashian shares a photo of Dream dressed as Wonder Woman as he gushes ‘my Queen’

Rob Kardashian is indulging daughter Dream in her superhero fantasies.

The 33-year-old reality star shared a photo of the four-year-old decked out in Wonder Woman makeup as she played dress up.

Proving that he is every bit the doting dad he shared, ‘My Queen wanted to be her favorite superhero – WONDER WOMAN – so here she is,’ as he posted a sweet Instagram snap.

With a big grin plastered on her face, his lookalike daughter – who he shares with ex Blac Chyna – sported a furry coat and a face of costume makeup.

She rocked her own version of the heroine’s headdress on her forehead and some blue eyeshadow as she became her very own superhero.

Sister Khloe was quick to comment on the photo as she wrote, ‘Dreamy!!!!!!’

His Instagram bio reads ‘@dream daddy,’ and his account features mostly photos of his little girl mixed with business ventures including sock line Arthur George and clothing brand halfwaydead.

Recently wrapping up 20 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians last Friday, both Dream and Rob were present to film the show’s final episode.

Khloe posted a photo with her daughter True and Dream both flashing grins, as they celebrated 15 years of the show that made them famous with an al fresco lunch at Kim’s.

Though Rob has been increasingly absent from the spotlight in recent years due to his battle with weight and wanting to distance himself from Hollywood, he made an effort to close the chapter alongside his famous family on the hit E! show.

Rob has been embroiled in a lengthy three-year custody battle with Chyna over Dream but finally reached an arrangement ahead of the new year.

The pair both have physical custody over their child and will alternate every week, also agreeing to split time over holidays and vacations.

Additionally they agreed to be drug and alcohol-free while caring for Dream after Rob reported that the mother of his child was under the influence while taking care of her and got violent on numerous occasions with him.

Rob filed for sole custody of Dream in January 2020 and requested that Chyna only got to see her on weekends with a nanny present, though the request was denied.

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19 Янв 2021, 21:16

Big Brother star Glyn Wise has unveiled the results of his new healthy regime, just 18 days after starting a new diet.

The Welsh reality TV personality, 33, took to his Instagram story on Monday to share a before and after comparison snap as he lauded the progress he has already made.

Glyn posed shirtless in the two images to display the results, writing underneath the shot: '18 days into the diet.'

The television star shared the snap alongside a before picture of his side profile to show how much progress he has made.

He shared the motivational picture with his 7K followers, and added Dua Lipa's hit Physical to the shot.

The reality star recently left fans stunned when he he shared his image transformation over 15 years.

He took to Twitter to post a picture of himself aged 18 on the now-axed Big Brother alongside a recent photo of him aged 33.

Glyn appeared on the 2006 series of Big Brother, where he finished as a runner-up.

The reality series aired its final episode in 2018.

Posting the comparison photo to Twitter, Glyn tweeted: 'I know that a lot of people still think of me as an 18 year old that was on #bbuk but I'm actually 33 today! Thanks for the Birthday wishes x Diolch x.'

Fans were quick to comment on the post as they joked that they now felt 'old' as he pointed out that his series of Big Brother was in fact 15 years ago.

Last summer, Glyn left fans swooning after he appeared on Big Brother: Best Shows Ever in June.

Glyn - who was 18 when he appeared on the Channel 4 reality show - filmed a brief piece to camera for Davina McCall and Rylan Clark-Neal to say hello, as they watched back one of his series' episodes.

The Welsh reality star looked very different from his 18-year-old self, who famously entered the house in a Baywatch lifeguard ensemble.

Now considerably more blond, stubbly and hunkier, Glyn joked about how Big Brother saw him learn how to boil an egg for the first time in his life - in relation to one of his show catchphrases.

22 Янв 2021, 11:15

Brittany Cartwright showed off her blossoming baby bump as she picked up a display of orchids at the grocery store on Thursday.

The former Vanderpump Rules star, 31, left a Los Angeles market with her husband of over one year, Jax Taylor, 41.

Brittany was outfitted in a grey maxi dress and chunky white Nike sneakers as she left the store with a beautiful new display of flowers in her left hand.

The reality star was looking cute and cool with her hair pulled up into a no-fuss ballerina bun, and a preppy striped face mask helping her slow the spread of coronavirus.

Her doting husband Jax did much of the heavy lifting, pushing their cart full of groceries into the parking lot.

Ever the open couple, the duo documented their jaunt to the grocery store on their respective Instagram accounts.

Brittany, who revealed she had been craving fruit as of late, showed off a cart full of oranges, bananas, grapes, and raspberries.

'CRAVING FRUIT BIG TIME THESE DAYS!' she wrote in the post.

Jax also shared a photo of his beaming wife happily waiting before the bakery counter.

'HEAVEN FOR A 7 MONTHS PREGGO GIRL,' Brittany wrote as she re-posted the photo to her own stories.

Brittany and her husband Jax are expecting their first child together, a baby boy, who is due to arrive very soon.

Ever since announcing her pregnancy in September, Brittany has flooded her Instagram feed with photos chronicling her pregnancy.

Brittany reflected on the highs and lows of pregnancy in a candid post she shared Wednesday of her burgeoning bump.

'Being pregnant is a trip and even though I have my bad days and days where I can't leave the bed, I wouldn't change a thing. Feeling him move around makes my heart so full. I can't believe in just 12 short weeks I will be a Mom.

'I am so ready for this next chapter in my life. Let's go 3rd trimester!! To all you other mommy to be's and amazing mommas in general, WE GOT THIS!'

24 Янв 2021, 18:51

Крокодилов, длинных ядовитых змей и некоторых пауков хотят внести в список диких животных, которых нельзя содержать и разводить в домашних условиях. Ограничения настроены ввести и для передвижных и контактных зоопарков. Для этого чиновники намерены подготовить новшества в законодательство по вопросам животного мира и генно-инженерной деятельности. Это предусмотрено планом подготовки законопроектов на 2021 год. Их намерены подготовить к маю, а в сентябре представить на рассмотрение парламенту.

В обосновании к плану подготовки законопроектов на 2021 год (оно имеется в распоряжении редакции) говорится, что власти хотят откорректировать Закон «О животном мире». Для этого намерены внести нормы, которые ограничивают содержание и разведение отдельных видов диких животных в квартирах многоквартирных и блокированных жилых домов, одноквартирных жилых домах и на придомовых территориях одноквартирных жилых домов. Речь идет в том числе про ввезенных из-за границы животных.

В список диких животных, которых нельзя будет содержать и разводить в домашних условиях, хотят включить:

В нашей стране нет отдельного закона, в котором был бы перечень животных, разрешенных для содержания в качестве домашних питомцев, сообщалось ранее на портале коммунальной грамотности. Утверждены только правила содержания домашних собак, кошек, а также отлова безнадзорных животных. «Теоретически можно завести и енота, и удава, и даже хрюшку, как это сделал хозяин квартиры на проспекте Пушкина в Минске. Другое дело, что владельцы домашних питомцев обязаны строго выполнять санитарно-ветеринарные нормы и правила содержания животных, обеспечивать безопасность людей и не допускать загрязнения животными общедоступных мест», — говорилось на портале. Но есть ограничение по числу животных в одной квартире — не больше двух.

Чиновники хотят также установить перечень видов диких животных, которых разрешено содержать в контактных зоопарках. При этом ограничения и запреты не будут распространяться на содержание и использование таких животных в стационарных зоопарках, цирках, дельфинариях, объектах содержания и (или) разведения диких животных. Это поясняется тем, что «в стационарных объектах, в которых содержатся дикие животные, используемые в культурно-зрелищных мероприятиях, возможно создать условия, соответствующие биологическим (видовым и индивидуальным) особенностям животных, не причиняя вреда их жизни и здоровью».

В передвижных и контактных зоопарках хотят запретить содержать все виды диких животных (при осуществлении деятельности в области организации и проведения культурно-зрелищных мероприятий). Исключение — виды, относящихся к подотряду мышеообразные (хомяки, мыши, тушканчики, сони и другие).

«Введение ограничений по использованию отдельных видов животных в передвижных и контактных зоопарках будет соответствовать принципам охраны и использования объектов животного мира и среды их обитания — пользование объектами животного мира способами, не допускающими жестокого обращения с дикими животными (принцип гуманности), и ограничение или запрещение хозяйственной и иной деятельности, оказывающей вредное воздействие на объекты животного мира и (или) среду их обитания или представляющей потенциальную опасность для них», — говорится в обосновании

Среди причин, по которым хотят ввести новшества, — сохранение биологического разнообразия, предотвращение вреда жизни и здоровью диких животных в неволе, установление гарантии безопасности граждан.

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