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13 Янв 2021, 23:15
Rebel Wilson claims a male co-star asked her to ‘put her finger up his a**e’ in shocking incident

Rebel Wilson has claimed a male co-star once asked her to ‘put her finger up his a**e’ in shocking incident.

The actress, 40, spoke candidly about her experiences of sexual harassment as she reflected on the #MeToo movement with Ant Middleton in a forthcoming episode of his show Straight Talking.

Detailing the incident, Rebel said the actor, who she did not wish to name, asked her to do the act while his friends watched and had their phones out to record her reaction.

Rebel discussed two incidents of sexual harassment with Ant, the first of which was with a filmmaker as she said: ‘One was with a director in a hotel room, but nothing happened because, (this was in Australia), his wife called abusing him saying he was trying to sleep with me.’

Of her run-in with her male co-star, the Pitch Perfect star added he ‘asked me to put my finger up his a**e.

‘Then he pulled down his pants and I was a bit entrapped in a room,’ she explained, as she detailed how he and his friends harassed her.

Ant asked if she reported him at the time, she said: ‘I called my agent immediately and said this happened. We made an official complaint to the studio.

‘But I’m such a professional that I was like, well I’m still going to continue with the job. Which now I might not have.’

She then claimed: ‘Things that happened to me aren’t that severe, but I’m still scared of naming the people.’

During the show, Rebel also claimed her staggering 40lbs weight loss was sparked by 20 years of self-loathing.

The Pitch Perfect actress told Ant she felt ‘so sad for herself’ she allowed her unhappiness to manifest for two decades and admits she’s now found contentment for the first time since her teens – and wants to become a mum.

However, the Australian star believes the backlash her dramatic weight loss has received is sexist, claiming a male actor would be ‘given an Oscar’, rather than trolling, for transforming their body.

Rebel said: ‘I wasn’t loving myself in the way that I should from 20 to 40 – that’s 20 years. I feel so sad that I did that to myself, just not loving yourself in the right way.’

Speaking to Ant in his Sky One series, which sees the pair take on a journey of discovery in Mexico, Rebel got emotional when explaining why she can’t fully celebrate her new figure.

She said: ‘It’s hard because I was so self-confident and don’t want to project a message to people that girls can’t be happy with themselves at bigger, plus sizes, because I was living the life.’

Rebel has documented her lifestyle overhaul on social media over the past year, revealing her fitness, diet and motivational secrets.

But her new slender frame hasn’t been accepted by all. Indeed, Rebel admits the trolling she’s received has been hard to take.

She explains: ‘People go “you’re not the same, you’re not funny anymore”, and I’m like, “screw you guys”.

After host Ant, 40, points out US actor Matthew McConaughey was lauded for losing 3.5 stone for his role in 2013 movie Dallas Buyers club,

Rebel replied: ‘Yeah, and they’re like “give him an Oscar”. But when women do it, it’s like “how dare she?” Or “she’s trying to get a man.”

Rebel began to put on weight when she was approaching her 20s, admitting she added 25 kilos when she went to college.

She was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which triggers issues with hormonal imbalances and metabolism, and Rebel says her condition coupled with an unhealthy diet and ‘comfort and emotional eating’ meant she would struggle to keep off the pounds.

Rebel explains: ‘I’d eat with any emotion. If I was stressed or had exams coming up.

‘But then I’d also eat if I was really happy, like I went out on an awesome night and had a great time.

‘Other people would just go home and go to bed but I’ll be like “what am I going to do? I’ll just eat these chips and then go to bed”.’

She says learning calorific meals were not ‘treats’ was a big part of her weight-loss journey.

‘What I realise is that, it wasn’t treating myself eating 2,000 calories for dessert, that’s not treating myself, that is putting toxins in my body that I don’t need. Is it momentary comfort? Yes. But the next hour it’s fat and it’s not healthy for you.’

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14 Янв 2021, 21:14

Lisa Kudrow has revealed she has already shot 'a little something' for the upcoming Friends reunion.

'There's different facets to it, and we already shot packages of things,' she revealed to actor Rob Lowe on his podcast, Literally! With Rob Lowe.

'I pre-shot something already so we're definitely doing it, because I already shot a little something.'

Fans of the beloved series rejoiced a year ago, after it was announced the show would be filming a reunion special for HBO Max.

The reunion was set to premiere last year, but much like many other Hollywood projects, was postponed due to the pandemic.

Kudrow clarified the upcoming reunion was not a reboot, and would not see the cast getting into character.

'It's not a reboot,' Kudrow explained. 'It's not like a scripted thing, we're not portraying our characters. It's us getting together, which just doesn't happen a lot and has never happened in front of other people since 2004 when we stopped.'

'Is it you just having nachos over at Jen's house?' Lowe asked her.

'Yes, that's what it is,' Kudrow jokingly replied.

After multiple delays, it looks like Friends is set to begin filming in March 2021.

Matthew Perry revealed the new timeline on Twitter back in November.

'Friends reunion being rescheduled for the beginning of March. Looks like we have a busy year coming up. And that's the way I like it!' he tweeted.

Plans have yet to be finalized, however there is an aim to film the show in the first part of 2021, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

'We haven't all been in the same room in front of people — I mean, we have privately once many years ago but that's it,' Kudrow previously told THR.

'The whole point of this is to be in the same room. That hasn't changed. And HBO Max is being phenomenally patient and understanding.'

14 Янв 2021, 03:17

West Brom are engulfed in a three-way takeover battle as owner Lai Guochuan stands eager to sell before the end of the season amid growing fears of relegation.

American-based businessman Mark Campbell, who held talks about buying Sunderland two years ago, is understood to be fronting one of the consortiums with West Brom hoping to have identified a preferred bidder by next week.

Guochuan is desperate to sell, but has yet to receive an offer that meets his £200million valuation and may struggle to recoup the £175m he paid for 88 per cent of West Brom’s shares five years ago.

The club’s income has been decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic and — as with every other club — they are facing the prospect of over a year without gate receipts.

A highly costly relegation to the Championship is a major threat. They have been in the Premier League bottom three all season and sit six points from safety.

Sam Allardyce was brought in to replace the sacked Slaven Bilic last month, but a battling 1-1 draw at Liverpool is the only point West Brom have earned in his four games in charge so far.

Guochuan has indicated that he will enter exclusive negotiations with a preferred bidder next week, with all three parties having submitted offers. All of the bids are understood to include penalty clauses, giving the buyers discounts in the event of relegation — and the club’s value is likely to decrease as that possibility looms ever closer.

One of the offers is understood to value West Brom at £130m if they stay in the Premier League, dropping to £105m if they are relegated.

Campbell is a British real estate magnate based in New York. His company Fairway Sports Capital has previously held talks about buying Sunderland, without agreeing a deal.

15 Янв 2021, 07:46

В Германии умерли десять пожилых человек, которые привились от коронавируса. Об этом пишет еженедельный немецкий журнал Der Spiegel.

«Все умершие были тяжелобольными», — заявила эксперт в области клинической фармакологии Бриджит Келлер-Станиславски. По ее словам, это были люди преклонного возраста.

Федеральный институт вакцины и биомедицинских лекарственных средств имени Пауля Эрлиха сообщил о 325 предполагаемых случаях побочных эффектов после вакцинации. Всего в стране сделали уже более 600 тыс. прививок от коронавируса. Келлер-Станиславски отметила, что неблагоприятные последствия чаще возникают у вакцинированных людей старше 60 лет.

Президент института Пауля Эрлиха Клаус Чичутек заявил, что вакцины, используемые в Германии, безопасны и эффективны.

В Германии проводят вакцинацию препаратом американской компании Pfizer и ее немецкого партнера BioNTech и препаратом Moderna. В материале Der Spiegel не уточняется, какой из двух вакцин были привиты умершие немецкие пациенты.

Известно о неоднократных летальных исходах после прививки препаратом Pfizer в разных странах мира. В Норвегии умерли 23 человека. Главврач Норвежского агентства лекарственных средств Сигурд Хортему заявил, что к смерти некоторых пожилых пациентов могли привести общие побочные эффекты от вакцины, температура и тошнота. Представитель агентства Стейнар Мадсен в то же время заявил, что вакцина «имеет очень небольшой фактор риска», кроме случаев, когда ее дают пожилым с ослабленным здоровьем.

В США после прививки Pfizer умерли два человека, один из них страдал атеросклерозом и ожирением. В Португалии скончалась 41-летняя педиатр, по словам близких, без проблем со здоровьем.

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