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14 Янв 2021, 11:14
Real Housewives Of Orange County: Braunwyn Windham-Burke declares that she’s ‘a big ol’ lesbian’

Braunwyn Windham-Burke after admitting that she was an alcoholic during the season 15 premiere of RHOC declared that she was a ‘big ol’ lesbian’ on the finale.

The 43-year-old reality star celebrated six months of sobriety during Wednesday’s season finale and it was revealed that she no longer speaks to girlfriend Shari who she had been favoring over her husband Sean Burke, 47, during coronavirus quarantine.

‘I am on a journey of sobriety, I am redefining my marriage, I am finding myself,’ Braunwyn said in a confessional at the end of the one-hour episode.

‘The true Braunwyn is?,’ a producer then asked the mother-of-seven.

‘Braunwyn is an amazing mom, a good friend and she is a big ol’ lesbian!,’ she answered.

‘I like women and it’s beautiful. This is the real me,’ she added.

The episode titled Making Waves concluded with a beach party organized by Emily Simpson, 44, who offered a toast to all the women and congratulated Braunwyn for being sober for six months.

Braunwyn also excitedly told the women that she was going to ‘start school on Monday’ as she was going back to college.

An update showed Braunwyn and Sean smiling at each other at the beach party with text saying, ‘Braunwyn celebrated one year of sobriety with new, 29-year-old girlfriend, Kris.’

‘And while she and Shari no longer speak …Sean is still standing by his wife’s side,’ the updated added.

Braunwyn earlier in the episode was quizzed by her fellow cast members about her relationship with Shari after admitting that their close bond had caused a rift with Sean.

‘What’s going on with your girlfriend that you’re hanging out with all the time and what’s going on with your husband?,’ Kelly Dodd, 45, bluntly asked her at the beach.

‘Are you in love with him?,’ followed up Gina Kirschenheiter, 36.

‘I love him,’ Braunwyn answered.

‘Are you in love with Shari?,’ asked Emily.

‘I love her. She doesn’t sleep in my bed. We’re not having sex, if that’s what you’re wondering,’ Braunwyn said.

She added: ‘There’s a lot going on, and I have to figure it out myself, and I haven’t. So it’s not that I’m not telling you, Kelly. There’s some big s*** going on in my life, and I don’t have an answer. Sean and I talked about what was happening, and now we made a commitment that we’re gonna fight for our marriage. And that was the commitment we made, and that is what we’re currently doing.’

Braunwyn explained that for them the commitment required Sean to start therapy on his own, attend Al-Anon and spend less time on his phone.

Sean earlier was shown walking past Braunwyn as Shari helped her with her bathing suit outfit for the beach party.

‘That’s hot. …Wow,’ Sean said as Shari admired his wife’s breasts in the outfit.

Braunwyn in a confessional called Sean the love of her life and her ‘life partner’, while also noting that she was experiencing the feeling of ‘being in love with someone’.

Emily at the beach party wondered if she was considering Sean’s needs and Braunwyn admitted she was being selfish keeping Shari around.

‘I kinda need to be selfish right now,’ Braunwyn said.

‘I think every decision that Braunwyn makes in life is to better Braunwyn,’ Emily said in a confessional while also referencing the couple’s marriage vow renewal ceremony that was featured earlier during the season.

‘I guess by vow renewal you meant ”Continue to pay the bills, Sean, so I can live the same lifestyle, but I’m just going to be with my girlfriend now”,’ Emily said. ‘And that’s beyond putting your needs first, that’s just doing whatever you want. You don’t care what anybody else thinks.’

The Bravo show at the end of the season finale gave updates on all the cast members and revealed that Gina had made three resolutions for 2021.

She was resolved to give a victim’s impact statement in her ex-husband’s case, looked forward to celebrating her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Travis Mullen and pledged to ‘not going overboard with new hairstyles’ after getting bold during quarantine.

It was revealed that Kelly wed Rick Leventhal, 60, on their ‘ideal date’ of October 10, 2020 and that none of the other women were in attendance.

Shannon Beador, 56, was enjoying her relationship with boyfriend John Janssen that was ‘stronger than ever’.

Emily was grateful for her husband Shane who was hospitalized after they both were diagnosed with coronavirus and her update revealed that a ‘whole lot of fun Emily’ was gained after she had a hip replacement, took out her breast implants and shed 20 pounds during the season.

The updates also said that show newcomer Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, 45, was continuing to work with a therapist after revealing her troubled childhood and was ‘officially one of the richest women in Newport’ after her ‘substantial divorce settlement’.

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17 Янв 2021, 01:14

It's all in a day’s work… but Lily James seems happy to be sharing a smooch with her handsome co-star in these intimate scenes.

But it could be her last on-screen kiss for some time, as The Mail on Sunday understands that filming on her new romcom was brought to a halt on Friday when a fellow actor tested positive for coronavirus.

Ms James got intimate with Joshua Collins as they filmed a scene revolving around a Tinder date for What’s Love Got To Do With It? in London before the third lockdown was imposed.

But now the entire production has been put on hold after an unnamed co-star contracted Covid.

‘The male actor went down with coronavirus so that was it, everything shut down and those who came into contact with him were told to isolate for the next ten days,’ said a source. ‘Nobody knows when they will be back to work but it has thrown a spanner in the works.

‘They had been lucky with this movie, being able to film so much of it outside, and the on-site testing has been extremely professional.

‘Everyone involved in the production has been told that the health and safety of the cast and crew is the most important thing now.’

The movie, written and produced by socialite and journalist Jemima Khan, is thought to be 31-year-old Lily’s first role since she hit the headlines last summer by canoodling with Dominic West, her co-star in a BBC adaptation of The Pursuit Of Love, after filming in Rome.

When photographs of the couple in the Italian capital emerged, 50-year-old West returned to the UK and then staged a very public show of unity with his wife Catherine FitzGerald, kissing for the cameras outside their Wiltshire home.

The couple, who have been married for ten years and have four children, even posted a handwritten note on the gate to the family’s home, reading: ‘Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together.’

Described as a ‘cross-cultural comedy’, What’s Love Got To Do With It? also stars Dame Emma Thompson, Rob Brydon, Spooks actor Shazad Latif and Asim Chaudhry from the BBC comedy People Just Do Nothing.

Ms Khan has previously been seen on the London set. Some scenes have also been shot in South Asia.

20 Янв 2021, 23:14

Almost six months after announcing his intent to sue, Jamie Doran has revealed new details in his lawsuit against Warner Bros., following his stint on Bachelor in Paradise.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, the 40-year-old Bachelor franchise alum said he was pushing ahead with the lawsuit.

'I feel they lacked a duty of care with a lot of things. There's 22 different things we're looking at,' he said of the now-axed reality show.

Although he was initially excited to appear on last year's Bachelor in Paradise, Jamie said he felt like he was 'set up' to seem 'clingy' and 'emotionally unstable'.

He also claimed he was 'bullied' by the production team, who allegedly used 'sneaky tactics' to generate drama.

'Firstly, their alcohol policy was way out - they said two drinks an hour but we were having up to 10 drinks an hour,' he said.

'I was bullied into doing certain things on the show and I thought, "If I didn't do it, I'd get sent home."'

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Channel 10 and Warners Bros. for comment.

Jamie first announced his intention to sue in July, claiming his case against Warner Bros. went far beyond his 'bad edit' on last year's Bachelor in Paradise.

He officially lodged legal claims against Warner Bros. International, the company that produces the dating franchise, in September.

'Don't assume that my legal case against Channel 10 and Warner Bros. is built around an "edit". It's a lot more in-depth and there's a lot more in play here,' he said on social media in August.

Since making these claims, Jamie has only lodged official claims against Warner Bros. and not Channel 10.

22 Янв 2021, 21:05

Главный тренер «Фиорентины» Чезаре Пранделли высказался о предстоящем переходе нападающего московского «Спартака» Александра Кокорина.

25 января форвард прибудет в Италию для медосмотра. В случае его успешного прохождения клуб подпишет с игроком контракт на 3,5 года.

«Мы ждем его приезда, затем подписи в контракте. Потом у нас будет возможность о нем поговорить», — цитирует Пранделли Firenze Viola.

Ранее комментатор Дмитрий Губерниев высказался о предстоящем переходе Кокорина в «Фиорентину».

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