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14 Янв 2021, 09:15
New photos emerge from Josephine Perry’s recent wedding to Michael Clift

While the ceremony is over, new photos have emerged from Neil Perry’s daughter Josephine’s wedding on Sunday.

In a series of posts on Instagram this week, Josephine’s proud mum, Adele, shared photos and videos from her daughter’s wedding to Michael Clift.

‘Can we go back… and do it again… it was the BEST day with my beautiful girl,’ Adele wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

She revealed Josephine’s wedding look had been inspired by actress Margot Robbie, with the bride opting for dewey skin and soft pink makeup.

In several other posts, Adele showed off the decorations at the reception, which was held at Rockpool in Sydney, one of Neil’s restaurant ventures.

The elegant table settings featured black tablecloths, white flowers and white candelabras.

Included on the menu was freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters, yellowfin tuna tartare, charcoal roasted coral trout and rib eye steak.

Adele also shared a video of Josephine giving a speech at the reception, after changing into a printed pink babydoll minidress.

In her speech, Josephine admitted she was ‘pretty stressed’ while planning the wedding, after having to postpone it because of COVID.

‘As you all know, we had to cancel our first wedding in March last year, which was hard, but we made the decision, and we stuck to it and we were strong with it and we felt fine about it, and then we planned this one, and then the restrictions came in,’ she said.

She also gave her 63-year-old father a special mention, and praised him for accommodating all of her requests.

‘I also want to say a massive thank you to my dad as well, who has been such a legend. Everything I’ve thrown at him, he’s just said yes,’ she said.

‘He has not questioned me once, he’s only made very few sarcastic remarks in the planning process. He’s been pretty, pretty good, considering. I love you, thank you, Dad.’

Adele also shared a series of photos from before the ceremony, showing the bridal party in customised dressing gowns.

Another photo revealed they had been given personalised coat hangers with their names and roles in the wedding party written on them.

Josephine and her bridesmaids enjoyed a sleepover the night before the wedding, with all the women dressed in matching pyjamas.

In the morning, they enjoyed a ‘bridal breakfast’, consisting of juice, toast, fresh fruit, muesli, eggs and yoghurt.

‘We’re very blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. We feel very, very lucky and we’re very surrounded by love, and we have really amazing people around us,’ Josephine said in her wedding speech.

Josephine wore a stunning A-line tea-length bridal number with puff sleeves at the wrists.

Her luscious blonde locks were styled in a neat up-do, with her veil tucked seamlessly around the tight bun.

Her bridesmaids all wore black, sporting matching strapless dresses with identical heels.

A number of high-profile media personalities were in attendance, including Three Blue Ducks restaurant owner Darren Robertson and his wife Magdalena Roze.

Model Simone Holtznagel was also a guest, and excitedly wrote on her Instagram ahead of the wedding: ‘TODAY’S THE DAY’.

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14 Янв 2021, 19:06

Московский «Спартак» расторг контракт с футболистом команды Малколмом Баду, передает «СЭ» со ссылкой на директор по связям с общественностью красно-белых Антона Фетисова.

Баду перешел в столичный клуб в 2019 году. Он сыграл 24 матча за «Спартак-2», отметившись забитым мячом.

В турнирной таблице Российской премьер-лиги (РПЛ) подопечные Доменико Тедеско занимают третье место, набрав 35 очков. Ранее «Спартак» объявил состав команды на первый сбор в Дубае.

20 Янв 2021, 13:15

Eva Longoria gave a rousing opening speech offering hope as she presented the Official Latino Inaugural 2021 on Tuesday evening.

Ahead on Wednesday's inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden, the Desperate Housewives star, 45, joined Lin-Manuel Miranda in hosting the hour-long stream, which aimed to show the Latino American narrative in the United States.

In her incredible opening speech, Eva paid tribute to Latino workers fighting coronavirus on the frontline, condemned the Capitol rioters for 'threatening our democracy' and lauded the future President for offering hope.

In her opening speech, she spoke of the COVID-19 pandemic which has ravaged the world and killed 402,000 Americans, and praised Latina workers - who make up 18% of the US population, of which 30% are essential workers.

Her other main point of reference was the riots on Capitol Hill, which took place earlier this month when supporters of the current President Donald Trump stormed the building to fight against Biden's victory in heartbreaking scenes.

Eva said: 'We all know this has been a difficult time for our country. Already this new year we've witnessed the very heart of our democracy being threatened during an assault on our nation's Capitol building...

'It's a day that will live and end for me and have ripple effects long after the siege and during all of this the nation continues its battle against COVD-19...

'For almost a year this pandemic has changed the way we live and relentlessly challenged our selfless hospital and healthcare workers...

'In our community, we know the toll the virus all too well. Latino's are 18% of the population but 30% of all essential workers. That's your teachers, your grocery clerks, your bus drivers and your farm workers...

'Our community has defined what it means to be essential. But now after months of loss and hardship and uncertainty there is finally light at the end of the tunnel we know that help is on the way today.

'Tonight we honour Vice President Elect Kamala Harris and President Elect Joseph R Biden who have a plan to heal our country...

'We honour the millions of Americans tonight who lifted their voices in November to call for their leadership and compassion. your efforts, your votes, your energy. Your love for this county made this day possible...

'Over the last 500 years we shaped the history of the Americas and for the last 244 we've been an essential part of the United States we've always fought to make this a better nation to leave a greater legacy, to leave a better future for our children...

'We've remained resilient even in the face of injustice then and now Still we prosper, still we thrive... for me that's a badge of honour. Lets look at a few contributions Latinos have made...

'We've always faced an uphill battle but we've never quit. COVID has decimated our communities but our essential workers continue to teach, labour and serve on the frontline. Together our fortitude moves us forward.'

A presidential inauguration is typically a joyous event full of pomp and circumstance, with hundreds of thousands gathering on the National Mall in Washington to hear the incoming Commander in Chief lay out his vision for the country.

This year, however, the Mall will be shut down to visitors, and only a small number of attendees will be permitted to watch Biden take the oath of office and deliver his first speech as president.

Instead of a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, there will be a memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. Instead of balls, there will be Zoom parties.

Instead of hundreds of thousands congregating on the Capitol grounds and on the National Mall, there will be thousands of National Guard members.

The measures reflect restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus and heightened security after a mob of Trump supporters breached the Capitol two weeks ago, sending lawmakers into hiding and leaving five people dead, including a police officer.

Tens of thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed in the U.S. capital after law enforcement warned some extremist Trump backers were calling for more violence.

26 Янв 2021, 10:05

Долги каталонской «Барселоны» превысили миллиард евро из-за пандемии коронавируса. Об этом сообщает Goal.com.

По информации источника, каталонский клуб задекларировал долг в размере €1 млрд, а также краткосрочную задолженность на €730 млн.

Также сообщается, что «Барселона» должна другим клубам порядка €126 млн.

После 19 туров испанской Примеры каталонская «Барселона» набрала 37 очков и расположилась на третьем месте в турнирной таблице, отставая от мадридского «Реала» на три очка и от мадридского «Атлетико» на десять очков.

Ранее нападающий «Зенита» Азмун высказался о возможной вакцинации от коронавируса.

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