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14 Янв 2021, 09:15
Modern Family alum Ariel Winter is casual in black hoodie and baggy pants as she runs errands in LA

She found fame as a child star on the ABC sitcom Modern Family.

And on Wednesday, Ariel Winter was spotted carrying a laptop as she ran some errands in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old wore her blonde dyed hair sleekly styled with a center parting and donned a face mask as COVID-19 cases rage out of control in Southern California.

Winter was dressed down in a black hoodie and a white baggy pants.

She added a more formal touch with a black Yves St. Laurent purse on a long shoulder strap.

She also checked her phone as she headed to her car.

Shortly before Christmas, Winter and her boyfriend Luke Benward, 25, moved into a new home together.

The sitcom actress offloaded a residence she’d previously shared with former boyfriend Levi Meaden for $2.8 million and purchased a similar property in the same neighborhood for $3.5 million.

Winter and Benward were first romantically linked in December 2019, just a short time after her split with longtime love Meaden.

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21 Янв 2021, 21:06

Эксперты в беседе с РИА «Новости» рассказали, как можно выравнять цены на жилье в России.

По мнению аналитика БКС Егора Дахтлера, снижение ставок и введение новых льготных программ ипотеки вряд ли могут решить данную проблему.

Эксперт считает, что ключевым фактором в развитии рынка недвижимости станет экономическое восстановление страны после кризисного года. Оно будет способствовать восстановлению реальных доходов населения.

Директор по макроэкономическому анализу и прогнозированию агентства «Эксперт РА» Антон Табах отметил, что для выравнивания цен стоит стимулировать строительство нового жилья.

Например, он предложил привлечь застройщиков в регионы с доходами ниже среднего за счет льготных условий или программ государственно-частного партнерства.

Ранее президент России Владимир Путин в ходе совещания по экономическим вопросам призвал обсудить меры по выравниванию цен на рынке жилья.

27 Янв 2021, 11:06

Китай приветствует договоренности России и США о продлении Договора о мерах по дальнейшему сокращению и ограничению стратегических наступательных вооружений. Об этом заявил официальный представитель МИД КНР Чжао Лицзянь, пишет РИА «Новости».

«Китай приветствует договоренность России и США продлить договор СНВ-3», — заявил дипломат.

По его словам, это укрепит стратегическую стабильность, мир и безопасность.

Ранее замглавы МИД РФ Сергей Рябков заявил, что Москва и Вашингтон продлили ДСНВ без предварительных условий и «довесков», как предлагал Кремль изначально.

Договор о мерах по дальнейшему сокращению и ограничению стратегических наступательных вооружений был подписан Россией и США в 2010 году. Он предполагает сокращение обеими сторонами своих стратегических наступательных вооружений. СНВ-3 заключался сроком на десять лет.

23 Янв 2021, 19:14

She is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her fiancé Martin.

And Kate Lawler and her partner of seven years were seen taking their baby stroller for a test walk as a film crew documented their venture with their two dogs - one of which was sat in the pram - in London on Saturday.

The former Big Brother star, 40, who is eight months pregnant, wrapped up warm in a denim jacket that had a white faux-fur trim and which she paired with a black scarf.

Kate added a chic touch to her look by wearing a zebra-print shirt that she paired with sleek black maternity trousers.

She stepped out in a pair of a black boots that were adorned with silver buckles, while she wore a white beanie hat.

Martin, meanwhile, kept things casual as he wore a black jacket over a grey jumper and denim jeans, and he accessorised with a green hat.

The happy couple filmed with one of their dogs sat in the pram as they walked around their neighbourhood while being filmed by a documentary crew.

On Thursday, Kate posed in black lingerie and asked her followers for advice on the skin pigmentation around her derriere.

Kate shared a selection of snaps showing off her pregnancy curves and pointing to areas around her posterior which have become darker in colour.

She penned: 'Did anyone else get this during pregnancy? I only noticed when I was taking these photos.

'My skin looks like corned beef around my bum and top of thighs but then it stops and my legs are the same pale colour they always are.

'The last photo if you swipe is where you can see the most. Anything I should be worried about or is it just my body doing strange things? Xx'

Kate has been very candid throughout her pregnancy and often updates fans on how she's feeling as her due date approaches.

Earlier this month Kate shared her worries that Martin may not be able to attend the birth of their child due to rising Covid-19 cases.

The mum-to-be emotionally admitted in a video shared to her Instagram stories that she is 'terrified' at the thought of having to 'go it alone'.

She explained that she was warned by her obstetrician that 'there is a chance' her partner might not be able to go to hospital with her amid the coronavirus crisis.

A teary-eyed Kate told her followers: 'I've been crying, that's why I look like death.

'So I've just got off the phone with my obstetrician, we were talking about the birth and my abdominal birth has been booked in, six weeks from today I'm going to have it.

'But because of Covid cases on the rise there's a chance that Boj might not be able to come to hospital with me and I might have to go it alone.'

She went on to explain that she has a 'huge fear of childbirth' and said she is 'upset' at the thought of welcoming her baby 'without the person I love holding my hand'.

Kate continued: 'So first of all, my heart goes out to any woman who's had to give birth without their partner there.

'As someone who has a huge fear of childbirth, the idea of giving birth to my baby alone without the person I love there holding my hand is just terrifying.

'It's just not for me, it's not what I want. So of course I'm upset, but there's nothing we can do.'

Kate scheduled an elective abdominal birth on the NHS due to her fear of spontaneous births.

The Big Brother star announced her pregnancy in September, two years after revealing her engagement to Martin.

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