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14 Янв 2021, 11:14
Marcia Cross pours cold water on rumors of a Desperate Housewives reboot at Hulu

Rebooting popular TV shows is all the rage these days as streaming services look to gain subscribers.

But a fan-generated rumor that Desperate Housewives is heading back to screens was quickly shot down by on of its stars.

‘News to me!!’ Marcia Cross tweeted in response to a post claiming Hulu is in the ‘final stages of development for a 10 episode Desperate Housewives revival.’

Cross, 58, starred as Bree Van de Kamp on the TV series centered on the women who lived on Wisteria Lane.

The show aired on ABC for eight seasons from 2004 to 2012.

Other leading castmembers included Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis, Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer and Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo.

The supporting cast included Nicollette Sheridan, Dana Delany, Vanessa Williams, Alfre Woodard, Steven Culp and Jesse Metcalfe.

Back in August 2019, showrunner Marc Cherry dashed reboot hopes as he promoted his new series Why Women Kill.

‘I did 180 episodes of Desperate Housewives. So you know, unlike say a Sex and the City or something, which was on cable and didn’t do as many, I feel like I’ve done that,’ he explained.

He added that his CBS All Access show Why Women Kill, starring Lucy Liu and Ginnifer Goodwin, dealt with many of the same themes as Desperate Housewives.

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15 Янв 2021, 15:05

Спортивный врач Марк Шмидт приговорен к 4 годам и 10 месяцам лишения свободы по делу о допинге, сообщает Spiegel.

Врачу также запрещено на протяжении минимум трех лет заниматься профессиональной деятельностью.

Шмидт признался, что с 2012 года он давал спортсменам запрещенные препараты. По его словам, он не получал прибыли за распространения допинга.

В феврале 2019 года во время чемпионате мира по лыжным видам спорта в Зефельде правоохранительные органы Австрии задержали по подозрению в нарушении антидопингового законодательства австрийцев Макса Хауке и Доминика Балдауфа, эстонцев Карела Таммъярва и Андреаса Веерпалу, а также представителя Казахстана Алексея Полторанина.

В ходе расследования дела была раскрыта группировка, связанная с немецким врачом.

Ранее австрийского полицейского обвинили в утечке по делу о допинг-скандале.

22 Янв 2021, 03:14

Chrissy's Court star Chrissy Teigen might be an outspoken Democrat, but she made a surprising statement about former First Lady Melania Trump on Thursday morning.

'I will say, Melania killed the White House fashion game,' the 35-year-old wisecracking presenter - who boasts 47.7M social media followers - tweeted.

'Literally the only thing she did, so do not take that one single thing she did away from her.'

However, Chrissy was not a fan of the $39 Zara jacket emblazoned with 'I really don't care, do u?' after visiting Texas' Upbring New Hope Children's Shelter in 2018.

Teigen wrote: 'Yes of course the jacket was trash!'

That same year, the Slovenian-born 50-year-old was criticized for going on safari in Kenya while wearing a traditional pith helmet, which is a symbol of European colonial rule across Africa.

Replying to a fan, the half-Thai Utah native tweeted she would have worn the LBD Melania donned to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2017 - but with 'different hair and no veil.'

Trump (born Knavs) idolized former First Lady Jackie Kennedy and every stitch of clothing she wore over the last four years was professionally styled by Hervé Pierre.

Hours later, after reading horrified tweets from fans, Chrissy - who's followed by President Joe Biden - took back her praise for the former model.

'Sometimes I try to be nice and honest and even that is wrong and it's confusing and I don't know what to say,' Teigen tweeted.

'I promise I still think they very much suck. I care too much about making everyone happy for this app! how did I get here man oh man. It is so much easier, emotionally, to just never ever talk because then I don't beat myself up after! I'm gonna get my assistant to set up a fake creedthoughts dot com a la Ryan for me.'

The Lip Sync Battle color commentator concluded: 'You guys really know how to f*** a person up, I'll tell you that much. I got it, I got it. You have drilled it into my head and I legitimately know that was a s*** take. I promise. I am gonna go now!'

Ultimately, Melania will 'be best' remembered for not 'giving a f*** about Christmas,' destroying the White House Rose Garden, and plagiarizing former First Lady Michelle Obama twice.

Chrissy - who's nearly two months sober - was in Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Teigen's husband John Legend performed during the inaugural primetime special Celebrating America, which aired Wednesday night on most networks.

'It was so special for me to celebrate with the nation in front of the memorial to one of our greatest presidents,' John tweeted on Wednesday night.

'AND I loved honoring the late great Nina Simone, my constant source of musical inspiration.'

24 Янв 2021, 21:05

Норвежский лыжник Эмиль Иверсен подвел итоги эстафетной гонки на этапе Кубка мира.

Сборная Норвегии заняла первое место. За вторую строчку боролись Финляндия и Россия. На финише финский спортсмен Йони Мяки подрезал россиянина Александра Большунова, а тот отмахнулся от соперника палкой. Российская сборная была дисквалифицирована. «Россия повержена, а Норвегия вернулась. Мы показали наш уровень. Четыре хороших этапа — и мы уже недосягаемы ни для кого», — передает слова Иверсена NRK.

Ранее Анфиса Резцова эмоционально поддержала Большунова.

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