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22 Ноя 2020, 11:14
Lisa Wilkinson reflects on her marriage to Peter FitzSimons

They’re one of Australian media’s power couples, having celebrated 28 years of marriage in September.

And The Sunday Project’s Lisa Wilkinson, 60, revealed how she first met author husband Peter FitzSimons, 59, in a sweet Instagram post on Saturday.

Sharing photos of the couple outside the Channel Nine studios in Sydney’s Willoughby, Lisa explained how 60 Minutes journalist Liz Hayes played matchmaker.

‘You see 30 years ago last May, Peter and I met in the Channel Nine makeup department for the very first time when we were both guests (in separate segments) on the Today show,’ Lisa began.

The journalist said their first meeting was nothing more than a ‘brief introduction and a handshake’ as they were both in their own respective relationships.

Lisa revealed how 60 Minutes star Liz Hayes played matchmaker 18 months later when they were both single, and after just nine months, they tied the knot.

The former magazine editor, who shares sons Jake, 27, Louis, 25, and daughter Billi, 23, with Peter, gushed about how their marriage has survived.

‘Well, three kids, four changes of address, five animals, the occasional disagreement and a million good times later, the marriage has survived,’ she wrote.

Lisa accompanied the heartfelt caption alongside two photos of the couple standing next to the Channel Nine sign at the Sydney Willoughby studios, before the site gets bulldozed to make way for an apartment block.

Peter, a former rugby union player-turned-journalist, described their relationship as a ‘bloody good relationship’ in an online podcast for Mamamia back in 2016.

‘We don’t have 365 blissful days a year. I say we have 50 blissful days a year, 300 pretty good days and 15 shockers,’ he said.

‘But as we have got older, no joke, 15 shockers are now down to three shockers.’

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25 Ноя 2020, 01:16

Since releasing the video for her new song Body, Megan Thee Stallion has taken the internet by storm yet again, resulting in a '#BodyodyChallenge' that has flooded TikTok and social media.

One rendition that caught Hot Girl Meg's attention in particular was a Los Angeles Starbucks employee named Hunter Gallagher who not only posted a full video of him doing the dance, but also did it while working the Starbucks drive-thru.

The video was quick to go viral, securing a spot on her Instagram grid for her 17.3M followers to see as an apron-clad Hunter danced for the camera after handing out coffee.

In the video Gallagher is seen putting his major moves on display as two female drive-thru passengers blast the song while he puts on quite the show.

Flashing his ample dancing talent while on the job, the video was all in good fun and brought a smile to his employees and customers' faces - as well as the 25-year-old rapper's.

Re-posting the epic video to her social media Megan wrote, 'GOODMORNING HOTTIES, put a smile on somebody’s face today,' with fire emojis.

In the video Hunter who describes himself as an actor in his Instagram bio, was seen flawlessly executing the video's choreography from the window.

The customers were quick to marvel at the early morning surprise as they wrote, 'Covid can't keep us down! C'mon Hunter!' while cheering him on.

Apparently having a background in cheerleading, it was no surprise that he was a wiz at hitting the dance moves.

Gallagher was quick to thank his own social media following for their support on the viral video as he said, 'My energy is really like that at work 24/7,' before thanking Megan and telling her, 'I love you so much.'

Having practiced the dance after previously sharing a full rendition stitched against Megan's music video on TikTok, the talented youngster was not shy about showing out in any circumstance.

The internet continues to be flooded with a serious of other takes on the #BodyodyChallenge as Megan continues to inspire her fans to imitate her racy dance moves.

On Tuesday Megan announced that she had received not one but FOUR Grammy nominations as she celebrated her success on social media.

With nominations for Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song, the hitmaking artist has a future that continues to shine bright.

Having released her latest album Good News on November 20th, she has also found tremendous success during quarantine as her song Savage and Cardi B's WAP all became top TikTok challenges and catapulted her songs to the top of the charts.

24 Ноя 2020, 15:21

Об этом свидетельствуют данные соцопроса, который провел Центр Разумкова.

Так, в середине октября 2020 года около 42,9% украинцев поддержали внесение на всеукраинский референдум вопроса о статусе ОРДЛО. При этом, 40,7% украинцев посчитали, что этого делать не стоит, а примерно 16% респондентов затруднились с ответом.

Больше половины опрошенных (51%) поддержали бы позицию официального признания оккупации этих территорий, их изоляцию до установления официального контроля со стороны Украины. Присвоение ОРДЛО особого статуса, проведение местных выборов на этих территориях, а также амнистию для участников сепаратистских движений, которые не совершили тяжких преступлений, поддержали бы 23,9% украинцев. При этом 25,1% затруднились с ответом.

Согласно опубликованным данным, 53% респондентов приняли бы участие в таком всеукраинском референдуме. Не намерены принимать участие в референдуме 29,3% опрошенных. 17,7% затруднились с ответом.

Соцопрос проводился с 6 по 22 октября 2020 года во всех регионах Украины за исключением оккупированного Крыма и ОРДЛО. Опрошен 2021 респондент в возрасте от 18 лет. Теоретическая погрешность выборки — 2,3%.

24 Ноя 2020, 05:15

Manchester City devised a 10-year strategy to maximise the benefit of landing Lionel Messi from Barcelona, Sportsmail can reveal.

Messi was scuppered in his attempts to secure a move to the Etihad Stadium over the summer after failing to argue that a release clause in his Nou Camp contract had not expired.

City remain interested in signing the Argentine superstar next year and Sportsmail has learned of plans to discuss a decade-long association with City Football Group (CFG).

That would start with a multi-year contract to play for Pep Guardiola, who committed his next two seasons to City last week.

Yet club officials, who believe the influx of fresh commercial revenues would go a long way to financing a mega-money deal, hope a prospective relationship would extend far further.

The option of Messi starring for another CFG team has been floated, with New York City in the United States suggested as an obvious possible destination.

But the idea of the 33-year-old sticking with the group represents significant intrigue and raises the prospect of Messi finishing his career in other far-flung parts of the globe.

City, who own 10 clubs, have roots down in China, India, Japan and Australia. Sources stressed that the idea is fluid and would likely take in some form of ambassadorial role in the future.

That is dependent on Messi's agreement and - given Barcelona's steadfastness that he would not leave this year - the topic of playing elsewhere under the CFG umbrella or other roles was not broached in the summer.

There is a belief that the marketing upsides of signing Messj would help propel City into one of the world's super clubs. Finalising a deal to retain their association with the six-time Ballon d'Or winner well into his 40s would act as a huge financial impetus and create countless opportunities in foreign markets City want grow their allure.

Messi, rested for Barcelona's Champions League tie at Dynamo Kiev on Tuesday night, has not made a firm decision on his future. He is free to speak with interested parties regarding a free transfer from January 1, with talk set to intensify over the coming weeks.

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