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14 Янв 2021, 11:15
Lea Michele recommends biotin shampoo and prenatal vitamins for moms with postpartum hair loss

Glee alum Lea Michele shared tips on Wednesday for new mothers experiencing postpartum hair loss a week after complaining she’d have to get a ‘mom bob’ over her own loss.

‘Mainly everyone said not to stress. As if that’s easy!’ the 34-year-old new mother – who boasts 11.9M social media followers – wrote via Instastory.

‘It’s not fun and after everything our bodies went through for 9 months (and after) it’s hard experiencing this especially when we want to get back to feeling like ourselves again. But in the end it’s just temporary and our bodies are beautiful and amazing to do all that they do.’

Lea said she was going to try $48 Briogeo ‘Be Gentle, Be Kind Superfoods’ shampoo and conditioner and ‘will let you know how it goes!’

Michele (born Sarfati) urged her fans to eat more vitamin-enriched eggs, dark leafy greens, and fish to boost hair growth as well as continuing to take their prenatal vitamins.

‘Even in postpartum it’s important to keep up with your supplements especially if your breastfeeding,’ the Bronx-born brunette explained.

‘My daily vitamins [are] prenatal, probiotic, [and] breast milk supplements.’

Lea just celebrated her first New Year’s Eve with her baby boy Ever Leo, whom she welcomed August 20 with her husband of 21 months, Zandy Reich.

Michele next celebrates the 38th birthday of the Philadelphia-born Wharton graduate on January 23.

The SAG Award winner and Zandy originally met in July 2017 after being in the same bridal party at a wedding.

Reich keeps busy as president and CEO of the women’s clothing brand AYR.

‘I’m going to have like a billion [children]!’ Lea previously told Glamour UK back in 2014. ‘But mainly because I always hated being an only child, I always wished I had more siblings!’

Back on June 8, Michele publicly apologized for being ‘hurtful, privileged, and difficult’ following a flurry of resurfaced allegations from former co-stars like Samantha Ware.

‘I apologize for my behavior and for any pain which I have caused,’ the Same Time, Next Christmas actress wrote at the time.

‘We all can grow and change and I have definitely used these past several months to reflect on my own shortcomings.’

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14 Янв 2021, 05:46

Темпы роста цен в России в текущем году достаточно быстро вернутся к цели Центробанка в 4% с декабрьского уровня в 4,9%, при этом большую часть года они будут находиться на уровне 3-3,5%. Такое мнение в интервью «РИА Новости» выразил генеральный директор рейтингового агентства «Эксперт РА» Сергей Тищенко.

«Да, и достаточно быстро: мы ожидаем инфляцию в коридоре 3-3,5% большую часть следующего года», — ответил эксперт на вопрос о том, вернется ли инфляция к таргету Банка России в наступившем году.

Тищенко считает, что это произойдет, потому что экономическая активность остается подавленной, а повышение тарифов растянуто во времени.

В начале декабря президент Владимир Путин обратил внимание на рост цен на базовые продукты питания — сахар, макароны, муку, подсолнечное масло и хлеб.

На следующий день глава правительства Михаил Мишустин раскритиковал профильные министерства. В частности, тогда он заявил, что ведомства недооценили риски роста цен на продукты и упустили ситуацию.

Согласно данным Росстата, самым дорогим товаром из продовольственных товаров в России стал сахар.

Второе место среди продуктов по росту стоимости в 2020 году стало подсолнечное масло, цена которого выросла на 25,91% по сравнению с показателем за 2019 год. Стоимость круп и бобовых возросла на 20,12%, фрукты и овощи подорожали на 17,4%, яйца — на 15,14%, макароны — на 12,08%.

15 Янв 2021, 05:05

Капитан московского «Спартака» Георгий Джикия поделился мнением о возможном возвращении нидерландского форварда Квинси Промеса. Об этом сообщает «РБ-Спорт».

По его словам, нападающий амстердамского «Аякса» способен усилить команду и будет неплохим приобретением.

«Я был был очень рад, если бы он снова вернулся и присоединился к команде. Квинси — классный футболист, и когда такие игроки приходят в клуб, то это всегда плюс», — сказал Джикия.

Ранее сообщалось, что главный тренер мадридского «Реала» Зинедин Зидан отказался признавать провалом вылет команды из борьбы за Суперкубок Испании.

14 Янв 2021, 03:16

Thomas Partey is set to return for Arsenal on Thursday night ahead of a crucial run of games which could propel Mikel Arteta's side back into a race for the Premier League's top four.

But the Gunners are set to lose highly-rated striker Folarin Balogun, who is in talks with a number of overseas clubs over signing a pre-contract - with RB Leipzig among the interested parties.

Partey could start against Crystal Palace after manager Mikel Arteta hailed the midfielder, who signed in October for £45million, as someone who brings the best out of his team-mates.

The 27-year-old is back in full training following a cursed start to his Arsenal career which has seen him make only six appearances, with his last against Tottenham in December.

Arsenal host Palace on Thursday and asked about Partey, Arteta said: 'He brings something different to the team. It's not just about his talent. It's not just about his physicality. It's who he is as a person.

'He makes players better around him and that's a big, big quality. It's incredible that we are in January, we signed him in (October) and we only played him twice (at home).

'We haven't really seen the impact we believe he could have on the team. Obviously we have missed him. It's going to be a big bonus if we can keep him fit.'

Partey has struggled with a thigh injury since signing and Arteta added: 'When you are injured you feel, first of all, the responsibility when the club has made the effort we made to sign him.

'He was so willing for months to be joining us. He really wants to be a part of it and knows how much he can help. Then he had to deal with the injuries, with the lockdown and moving into a new place. That's been tough for him. That's why sometimes he was rushing and wanted to do everything straightaway - because he was so willing to come back.

'He doesn't want to be alone at home. He's in a really good place. He's settled really well in the dressing room, around the staff. He's a special character.'

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Balogun, who is stalling on signing a new contract at the Emirates, is ready to leave when his contract expires in the summer amid frustration at his lack of first-team action.

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