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14 Янв 2021, 09:16
Jeff Bridges, 71, is ‘elated’ after doctors tell him his tumor’s ‘drastically shrunk’

Jeff Bridges is making progress in his battle with lymphatic cancer.

The Big Lebowski star, 71, said in a statement on his website that a ‘new protocol’ he’s under in his health battle seems to be a success.

‘I go in for CAT scan to see if my new protocol is shrinking my tumor,’ the Oscar winner said. ‘Turns out it’s working beautifully. The thing has drastically shrunk.’

The Hollywood veteran, of films such as Crazy Heart, Starman, The Last Picture Show and True Grit, said he returned to his home ‘elated with the news.’

Bridges said that his mood took a swing downward after learning of news of the deadly riots in the U.S. Capitol.

‘I turn on the TV to find out what’s going in the world, and….well…I don’t have to you what’s goin’ on,’ Bridges said. ‘To see our country attacking itself broke my heart.’

Bridges said introspection led him to familiarity source of inspiration amid the deadly day, which saw extremists breach the U.S. Capitol in a protest against 2020 election results.

‘A question rose in me – what’s an individual to do in a situation like this?’ Bridges said. ‘My mentor, Rozzell Sykes, came to mind. His mantra was Be Love.’

He shared multiple works of the late Sykes, a Los Angeles based artist who died in 1994, further down on his page.

Bridges opened up about his cancer diagnosis October 19 on social media.

‘As the Dude would say.. New S**T has come to light,’ Bridges said, quoting a line from Lebowski. ‘I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma.

‘Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I’m starting treatment and will keep you posted on my recovery. I’m profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family and friends.’

He added, ‘Thank you for your prayers and well wishes … Love, Jeff.’

He later said that he was grateful for the well-wishes he’d received amid his prognosis: ‘I want to thank you all for reaching out during this time, it feels good getting all the well wishes and love!’

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26 Янв 2021, 09:17

Former Home and Away star Jake Ryan is set to play a heavily tattooed, rough-as-guts gang member in the powerful new movie, Savage.

And now, the 37-year-old actor has revealed the rather unusual trick that helped him get into his character, Damage, while filming his new action film.

Speaking to Nine Entertainment on Sunday, Jake explained he was able to channel his character by sitting in a shopping mall while in costume with Damage's face tattoos and a mullet.

'I didn't have to do anything and people were parting ways, and people looked terrified, they wouldn't make eye contact,' he said.

'At first I was quite scared to do it and then you start resenting people for judging you and then you're craving connection... it was amazing what a couple of stickers on your face and a haircut [can do], how you can be perceived by society.'

The actor gained 20kg and met with ex-gang members in New Zealand while deep diving into the dark role.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Jake admitted the role took a toll on him.

'Not only physically, but emotionally going down into that world is a heavy, dark world... it took a bit of a toll on me,' he explains.

Inspired by the true stories of New Zealand's street gangs across 30 years, the film follows Jake's character Danny as he grows from a boy into the violent enforcer of a gang.

Jake explained the story has more heart and soul than what appears in the trailers, as it shines a light on just how many youths went from violent family homes to abusive state care in the 80s.

He also insisted that the movie does not glorify gang violence.

'I met these ex-gang members who had suffered abuse in state homes, it was a pretty dark road. It took a bit of a toll on me, but it's such an important story that everyone needs to understand and see,' Jake said.

Savage is now available for streaming on Stan.

24 Янв 2021, 06:05

В очередном матче регулярного чемпионата Национальной хоккейной лиги (НХЛ) «Монреаль Канадиенс» оказался сильнее «Ванкувер Кэнакс».

Встреча прошла в Ванкувере на стадионе «Роджерс Арена» при пустых трибунах и завершилась победой гостей со счетом 5:2.

В составе победителей заброшенными шайбами отметились Ник Сузуки, Кори Перри, Брендан Галлахер, Джонатан Друэн и Джоэл Эдмондсон, поразивший пустые ворота.

У проигравшей команды отличились Элиас Петтерссон и Нильс Хегландер.

Ранее сообщалось, что «Коламбус Блю Джекетс» оказался сильнее «Тампы-Бэй Лайтнинг».

21 Янв 2021, 23:06

Главы государств и правительств Евросоюза на онлайн-саммите обсуждают опрос внешних границ, которые закрыты с марта 2020 года. Об этом пишет ТАСС со ссылкой на источник в Брюсселе.

«Обсуждают и внутренние, и внешние границы», — сказал он.

Детали переговоров не уточняются.

Ранее в Германии скончался пациент, который повторно заразился коронавирусом.

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