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14 Янв 2021, 01:15
I’m a Celeb’s Abbie Chatfield says things are ‘totally good’ with ‘Dipper’ after their jungle row

Abbie Chatfield was left feeling ‘triggered’ by her I’m a Celebrity co-star Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico’s disrespectful remarks about her bikini.

In an episode last week, the AFL legend, 62, insinuated the former Bachelor star, 25, was seeking attention by wearing the revealing swimwear in the jungle.

Speaking to Who magazine on Thursday, Abbie said she was glad she’d called out Dipper, but assured fans things were now ‘totally good’ between them.

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‘I’ve been down this road before on The Bachelor when I was sl*t shamed. I’m glad it was aired,’ Abbie said, referring to her racy beach romp with Matt Agnew in 2019 which sparked backlash on social media.

She added: ‘I don’t want people to think it’s Abbie vs Dipper. I love Dip. We did the WAP dance two hours after that [argument]. He messaged me afterwards.’

Abbie had perfected the racy WAP dance – a routine inspired by the Cardi B song WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion – while spending 14 days in hotel quarantine last year.

Abbie said her clash with Dipper was a learning experience for him and viewers.

‘I think it was a great conversation starter,’ she told Who. ‘I’ve had so many people message me to say that calling him out on his comment made them have a discussion with their sons, dads and other family members.’

As a bikini-clad Abbie strolled through the campsite on the show last week, Dipper remarked: ‘How do you walk around like that? How can you walk around like that? We should do a G-banger day.’

Despite Abbie insisting she was wearing her ‘most conservative togs’, the retired footballer wouldn’t back down and said: ‘You’re not going out like that.’

When the Bachelor in Paradise star asked Dipper to clarify what he meant, he said she was ‘seeking attention’.

Abbie later said Dipper’s choice of words was ‘quite triggering’ and ‘disappointing’.

An apologetic Dipper addressed the incident on Twitter on Wednesday, writing: ‘Abby is an absolute force of nature. I shouldn’t have said what I said in camp.

‘I am glad we had the chance to discuss it. It was a learning moment and I am glad we could “twerk” it all out in the end.’

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! continues Thursday at 7:30pm on Channel 10

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15 Янв 2021, 15:14

The former Coronation Street star, 28, made the revelation as she chatted with her social media followers about her experiences with pregnancy number two.

She also admitted that life in the latest lockdown with her 15-month-old son Mexx has been 'carnage', with all semblance of structure falling away.

'To be honest I've enjoyed both pregnancy's with having found out and not. It's nice to know I'm having a boy and he will be so close in age to Mexx. Hopefully they will be little besties.'

Explaining why she decided to find out her baby's gender, Brooke wrote: 'We was literally on our way to our 20 week scan and I just said shall we find out.

'We then spent the journey going through the pros and cons and when she asked we just said yes! It was nice to be honest and also made both pregnancy journeys different.'

And one element that makes her pregnancy dramatically different is having her adorable little son to look after as she prepares to expand her brood.

When asked how she was finding lockdown, the brunette beauty said: 'I'm not too sure about anybody else with children but all I feel like I do is, wash up, clean my kitchen and go around tidying up obstacles.

'The first lockdown Mexx was only 5 months old and Kean was at home so we had a little bit more of a structured routine. This time around it's just carnage.'

Keeping the focus on Mexx, Brooke also revealed that she was unsure if the toddler was aware of a baby on the way, given his age.

She said: 'I'm not too sure what he thinks. I mean I hope he doesn't think jheez my mum's put on a lot of weight on this lockdown. We speak about the "baba" and he points to my stomach. I tell him all the time about him being a big brother.

'I actually told him I was pregnant first even before Kean. I knew he could keep the secret. He is obsessed with helping Cheryl our midwife when we have checkups.'

Answering whether she's bot a baby name ready, she said: 'In a word - No! We can't seem to agree on any just yet. We still have a few from when we had Mexx but I'm still open to new options. I mean if you can help feel free to send [possibilities].'

Elsewhere, Brooke was asked if she would stop at two babies, prompting her to respond: 'I think I want more... But we will see after 2.

Earlier this week, the star shared a snap of her growing baby bump as she posed in a form-fitting black dress.

She wrote: 'I’ve found this pregnancy completely different to my last. The change from being pregnant in 2019 to 2021 has been nothing short of drastic.

'The fact nothing is the same at the moment is just horrible... talks of partners not being able to come to scans, the uncertainty around birth plans... everything is just up in the air and it’s really hard to make sense of it all.'

Brooke - who welcomed her son Mexx in October 2019 - went on to reveal she has been using an app to chat to other mothers in the same boat.

'One thing I have found really helpful is the @peanut app, a place where mums can connect, chat and get advice from other women at a similar stage in life.

'It was amazing when I first started to wean Mexx but also now when I’m unsure of things. I just search for what's bothering me and I can see loads of others have already spoken about it!

'9 times out of 10 in motherhood, somebody has either been through it or are going through it themselves. If you're a mum, expecting or trying to conceive, I would definitely recommend @peanut.

'It's a safe place to find support, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the pandemic, birth plans, feeding, weaning, or sleeping, it is so helpful. Happy Chatting.

'If last year proved anything, it's that we can get through anything!'

Brooke told OK! last year that she is in her second trimester and is due next spring.

Brooke said she's not experiencing morning sickness and feel relaxed this time around, saying: 'I'm quite chilled about it. I'm really lucky with Mexx, because he's a good baby.

'But I just think to myself, "You don’t have any other option!" So if he's up all night crying, I can't give him to anyone, so I have to just deal with it.

'It's a perk having them together and growing together – that's what I really wanted.'

Brooke said that she is not a soppy person but the thought of Mexx being a big brother makes her want to cry.

She also told the publication she found out she was pregnant when she was five weeks along and has decided to keep the baby's gender a secret.

She is pregnant as the same time as her on-screen sister Helen Flanagan, who played Rosie Webster.

The actress has confessed she was shocked when she did not snap back into shape after giving birth to her son Mexx last year.

After welcoming the baby in October with Sheffield United player Kean, the Coronation Street star who has appeared on the soap since she was 11, admitted she was expecting to shed weight quickly yet was shocked at the outcome.

Appearing alongside the tot on Loose Women in August, Brooke made the candid confession about her body and her changing shape - something she had previously touched on in a widely-praised Instagram.

After welcoming Mexx last year, she confessed that after his arrival she was not expecting her body to change in the way it did.

She said: 'A lot of my friends had children in the past and it's just one of those things that wasn't spoken about, you didn't know you have a baby then however long to get back into your jeans...

'Katy Perry put something on Instagram this morning five days after giving birthday. You just presume your stomach is going to go down because the baby is out and not inside you'.

She confessed of her pregnancy diet: 'I have a few months of Deliveroo still knocking about for not bouncing back, one of those things i wasn't really aware of'.

Talk then turned to an Instagram post shared in November in which she detailed the pressures of motherhood in a candid message.

She admitted she was in tears as she struggled to fit into 23 of her pre-pregnancy outfits while planning to have her 'first cocktail in 11 months' with her partner.

The Manchester native started off her note by revealing she was gearing up to enjoy her first date night since giving birth to Mexx, but opted to stay at home as she felt like a 'completely different person'.

Brooke explained: 'Tonight I was supposed to look completely different, I was supposed to be dressed up, hair and make up done ready to eat some nice food and maybe have my first cocktail in 11 months with Kean.

'Our first time away from Mexx for an hour or two, instead I look like this. I look like this because I naively thought that 4 weeks after my baby I would be in all my old clothes looking exactly like I did before I got pregnant.' [sic]

The thespian confessed she was 'ashamed' as she struggled to fit into nearly two dozen of her old clothes, before comparing herself to fellow working mothers.

Discussing the post on the show, she said: 'I'm still struggling to breathe in these jeans they are so tight! When I posted that picture, me and my boyfriend were going out for couple hours without Mexx...

'I thought I've got clothes now, I can pop my self back into clothes, it wasn't the case. even baggy stuff wasn't baggy, my waist had changed. When I put them on Insta it's after I've doubted with them in my own head...

'I didn't put the post up for people to say you look mailing, it's to understand, must be so normal as never spoke about'.

17 Янв 2021, 21:06

В Вашингтон в рамках подготовки к инаугурации избранного президента США Джо Байдена продолжают прибывать отряды американских военных. Об этом сообщает телеканал MSNBC.

СМИ отмечает, что в столицу США прибыли 15 тыс. бойцов нацгвардии.

При этом, по данным телеканала, к церемонии, которая назначена на 20 января, планируют нарастить количество военных в городе до 25 тыс. человек. Бойцы прибудут из всех 50 штатов страны.

Ранее Байден получил более 270 голосов членов коллегии выборщиков, что обеспечивает ему победу на выборах президента Соединенных Штатов. Позднее Путин поздравил Байдена с победой на президентских выборах. Он направил ему телеграмму, в которой пожелал новому президенту США успехов.


— Трамп намерен покинуть Вашингтон до инаугурации Байдена

— В тюрьмах США усилили меры безопасности

14 Янв 2021, 05:05

Полузащитник «Манчестер Юнайтед» Джесси Лингард может перейти во французскую «Ниццу». Об этом сообщает Sky Sports.

Напомним, что в СМИ появлялась информация об интересе к Лингарду со стороны петербургского «Зенита».

В нынешнем сезоне полузащитник не провел ни одного матча в Английской премьер-лиге (АПЛ).

Ранее «Манчестер Юнайтед» обыграл «Бернли» и вышел на первое место в АПЛ.

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