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14 Янв 2021, 11:15
I’m A Celebrity fans HORRIFIED over Abbie Chatfield’s X-rated confession

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Abbie Chatfield has come under fire from viewers, after revealing the X-rated method she used to ‘prepare’ herself for the eating trials.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram shortly after the show aired on Wednesday, where she candidly wrote: ‘I swallowed c** for the first time in six years to prepare to the tucker trials. GLUG IT UP AHAHA!’

And while many were highly amused by Abbie’s words, some were left less than impressed – saying the graphic admission was ‘too much information’ and ‘actually disgusting’.

‘What a disgusting thing to write. Have some class,’ one critic wrote, while another added: ‘Anything to stay relevant.’

Monique Morley, who was in Abbie’s season of The Bachelor, commented: ‘Thirsty’.

Another simply wrote two vomiting emojis, while one Instagram user added: ‘Revolting post’.

However, many praised Abbie for her hilarious honesty, with another writing: ‘I f**king love Abbie!’

‘She makes the show!’ another gushed.

Her technique also got the seal of approval from her jungle co-star Alli Simpson, who was quick to comment: ‘Here for this.’

Hours after Abbie shared the image, she swiftly deleted it from her Instagram grid without reason.

During the trial, Abbie was first tasked with eating pickled herring, which left her retching as she tried to swallow it down.

‘Oh, that’s repugnant… This is the worst day of my life,’ she said in between gagging.

Up next, Abbie was forced to eat a BLT – bum, lips and tongue sandwich.

‘Do I have to eat the bread?’ she asked, prompting incredulous host Chris Brown to respond, ‘I love the fact the carbs are the most offensive thing on the menu!’

Finally, Abbie was forced to eat a pig’s snout during an all-in challenge with Colin Fassnidge and co-star Ash Williams.

‘I still have snout hairs in my teeth,’ the disgusted former Bachelor star told the rest of her co-stars after returning to camp.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues Thursday at 7.30pm on 10

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26 Янв 2021, 17:14

He's been very open about struggling to control his weight in lockdown after tipping the scales at 26 stone and said he is keen to get life-saving gastric surgery.

And TOWIE star James Argent, 33, appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday and revealed he's been 'struggling to find a purpose' amid the pandemic.

Gemma Collins's ex revealed he has felt 'lonely and bored' since they split and hasn't been able to stick to his exercise regime now that things have closed.

However, he should be very proud in that he has managed to stay sober for one year and one month following a near fatal drugs overdose.

He told the panel: 'I'm one year and one month clean and sober, so I always knew that was my main objective. That has been amazing for me, but I have really struggled in lockdown.

'I was going boxing and swimming regularly before. All of that got taken away. I know that's not just my excuse. Since I was a teen, I've always gone up and down. It's not a recent thing.

'I've been struggling with my weight and an eating disorder since I was a teenager. I'm always busy doing my singing with my band, but everything has been cancelled and postponed. I've been struggling to find a purpose.

'I can't work, do the exercise I want to do or visit my friends. I found myself bored, lonely and isolated. I turned to food from boredom. I haven't got a girlfriend to live with or another friend of mine.

'I'm the biggest I've ever been, but I want to do something about it. I want to get back to my best.'

James said he is hoping to get life-saving gastric surgery and his doctor has agreed he needs to do something.

He said: 'I spoke to my doctor on the phone numerous amounts of time and even though I had lost a lot of weight at the start of the year I was always considering weight loss surgery.

'My doctor said the weight I am right now, 26 stone, that is danger territory. My mum and my dad both suffer from heart problems and my dad has got a pacemaker so there could be serious implications for my heart.

'People even say to me, with my weight as it is at the moment, if I catch Covid, I could be one of the people that could be in serious trouble.'

He added: 'It is difficult as it is intense and serious. It's nothing to be taken lightly. I know that if I just work hard then I can do it. It's just about maintaining it. I've always struggled finding a happy medium.

'I believe from the research I've done, it can potentially really help me in terms of portion control. It'll help me long-term. Health is number one.

'I'm rotating three different clothes as that's all that fits me at the moment. All my friends and family haven't said it's too drastic - I think I have to go for it.'

James said his best friend Mark Wright has been very supportive and said: 'I speak to him every day. He's seriously concerned. He wants to help me.'

The Loose Women panel congratulated James on his sobriety and said he shouldn't beat himself up too much because he has already achieved a great deal.

He concluded: 'I feel once I've got my weight sorted, sky is the limit for me. Once I tackle this, I've got a real positive future ahead of me.'

Loose Women weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV and catch up on the ITV Hub

15 Янв 2021, 13:38

Министерство юстиции Республики Казахстан одержало важную победу в судебном разбирательстве против Анатола и Габриэля Стати, Ascom S. A. и Terra Raf Trans Traiding Ltd (далее – Стати).

Окружной суд Люксембурга отклонил ходатайство Стати о продлении временного ареста, наложенного в 2017 году. Суд вынес решение в пользу Казахстана и постановил приостановить разбирательство до тех пор, пока люксембургские правоохранительные органы не проведут полное расследование мошенничества. В настоящее время уголовное расследование мошеннических действий Стати в Люксембурге продолжается. Рассмотрев доказательства мошенничества Стати, а также различные экспертные заключения, представленные Казахстаном, суд пришел к выводу, что «нельзя исключать, что предполагаемое мошенничество могло оказать влияние на размер ущерба по строительству газоперерабатывающего завода». Он также постановил, что существует достаточная связь между делом Казахстана о мошенничестве и гражданским иском Стати в соответствии с арбитражным решением против Казахстана.

Суд прямо упоминает экспертные заключения судьи Апелляционного суда Свеа Патрика Шольдстрома, профессора Кристофа Шройера, профессора Джорджа Берманна, заключение Прайсуотерхаус, а также бывшего прокурора США Стефана Касселлы. Все эксперты пришли к выводу, что Стати занимались систематическим мошенничеством при получении арбитражного решения и продолжают совершать его, пытаясь добиться его исполнения. В частности, Стати сильно полагаются на суды Швеции, однако шведский судья и эксперт Шольдстром пришел к выводу, что «...имеются достоверные доказательства того, что Стати получили арбитражное решение своими действиями и сокрытием в соответствии со шведским законодательством, которые равносильны уголовному мошенничеству».

Напомним, что в марте 2020 года министерство юстиции опубликовало информацию о том, что в мае 2019 года РК подала уголовную жалобу в Люксембург, ключевую юрисдикцию, в которой Стати добиваются приведения в исполнение арбитражного решения. Эта жалоба касается нескольких обвинений, связанных с мошенническим завышением стоимости строительства газоперерабатывающего завода и использованием поддельной документации. В уголовной жалобе утверждается, что попытки Стати привести в исполнение арбитражное решение составляют мошенничество из-за того, что Стати:

а) совершили подделку документов, покушение на подделку документов и попытку их использования (в нарушение статей 196 и 197 Уголовного кодекса Люксембурга);

б) получили или попытались получить судебное решение путем мошенничества (в нарушение статьи 496 Уголовного кодекса Люксембурга);

в) участвовали в отмывании денег или попытке отмывания денег (в нарушение статьи 506 Уголовного кодекса Люксембурга).

Стати пытаются привести в исполнение арбитражное решение в Люксембурге с 2017 года, где они инициировали разбирательство после своего отказа от процессов в Англии, когда английский Высокий суд пришел к выводу, что имеются достаточные доказательства того, что арбитражное решение было получено мошенническим путем. В августе 2017 года Стати получили судебный приказ, по которому арбитражное решение было объявлено подлежащим исполнению в Великом Герцогстве Люксембург. Этот приказ был подтвержден решением Апелляционного суда Люксембурга от 19 декабря 2019 года. Казахстан подал жалобу в Кассационный суд Люксембурга, решение которого ожидается в феврале.

Независимо от исхода дела в кассационном суде решение Окружного суда Люксембурга от 8 января 2021 года означает, что Стати не могут привести в исполнение арбитражное решение в отношении каких-либо активов РК в Люксембурге до окончания уголовного разбирательства.

27 Янв 2021, 23:16

It may not be summer or even spring yet in Southern California, but Farrah Abraham is still making the most of her bikini wardrobe options.

The former Teen Mom star was pictured on Tuesday at a beach in LA showing off her physique in bikini bottoms and a white T-shirt, despite the chilly temperatures which have been as low as nine degrees Celsius.

Although the weather was a bit nippy, Farrah, 29, was all smiles as she gallivanted around the beach, holding a boogie board, though it was unclear if she was brave enough to fully dive into the icy ocean.

Certainly never one to be shy of showing off, the reality star struck a series of poses while she played on the almost deserted beach, and dipped her toes in while clinging on to her board.

Even in extremely cold weather, Farrah is not afraid of stripping off, like with her post-Thanksgiving vacation to Alaska last November.

The freezing temperatures didn't stop the personality from taking a dip and showing off her outstanding figure.

Farrah shared a playful video to Instagram on Friday of herself warming up in a hot spring while wearing a monokini that highlighted her prominent bust.

She had on a two-tone monokini that showcased her cleavage and her taut midriff.

The Interwind by Passion one-piece suit retails for $84 from Bikinis by Yas.

The 5ft7in reality star splashed around in the water and danced for her viewers to the strains of Michael Bublé's version of White Christmas.

'Dreamin of a white Christmas! ❄️✨,' she wrote in her caption, while also advertising the Anti-Drama face mask from Frank Body, which sells for $21.95 on the brand's website.

She slathered the gray charcoal mask all over her face while relaxing in the spring.

So, far, Farrah hasn't specified why she's vacationing in Alaska, but she first posted from the northernmost state on Thanksgiving day.

She celebrated the holiday with a mostly wordless video of her trudging through the snow repeatedly near a creek while listing things she was thankful for, including, 'family,' 'friends' and 'business colleagues.'

She also complained about 'viewpoint discrimination' and 'political segregation.'

An earlier video from Friday revealed that Farrah and her daughter Sophia, 11, were visiting North Pole, Alaska, presumably to see Santa.

The one-time Penthouse book critic suited up in a white hazmat-style outfit as she boarded a plane to Alaska and showed herself sanitizing her seats video screen.

Later, she sounded awestruck as she emerged in the snowy village.

Her daughter also got a chance to meet Santa at the tourist attraction, though she admitted earlier in the video that 'Santa isn't real.'

Farrah revealed in the post that her trip was partly to advertise a service that sends children 'personalized' messages from Santa Claus at Christmas time.

Farrah is best known for her stints on 16 And Pregnant and its follow-ups Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG, which she appeared on through 2018.

The series documented her mother's attempts to stop her from getting an abortion, as well as the shaming she received for being pregnant.

Sophia's father Derek Underwood was also killed in a car crash while she starred on the reality series.

But her stint on Teen Mom came to an end in 2017, when she was fired over complaints from other cast members about her adult film work.

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