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22 Ноя 2020, 21:14
Halsey flashes her sizzling figure as she shows off her long new tresses in sexy lingerie shots

Halsey’s been sporting a stylish buzz cut around since earlier this month.

But it looked like the Without Me singer, 26, was back to having longer locks in a sizzling new Instagram she shared online Saturday.

Halsey stripped down to a sexy lace bra and black thong as she pouted for the camera while captioning her picture: ‘I know I been bald but I just wanted to remind y’all I’m still that b****.’

The You Should Be Sad artist put cleavage was on full display as she leaned forward with a leopard-print robe slung over her shoulder. Further accentuating her chest, Halsey let a gold lock necklace dangle down into her decolletage.

In another photo the New Jersey native put her lean abs front and center, angling her figure to show off her toned abs and cinched waist.

The music star’s makeup was a neutral glow, perfectly complementing her dark, tousled locks. Halsey paired ochre eyeshadow with a coffee-colored pout and smooth skin.

Before her rich, raven tresses Halsey was sporting a slick buzz cut which she made even more edgy by tinting it a swirl of blue and green.

The singer’s sexy selfies and new ‘do come after the release of her first book, a collection of poetry titled I Would Leave Me If I Could.

The book has already proved quite the success, debuting at number two The New York Times Best Sellers hardcover fiction list.

Talking about the book, Halsey said it was a collection of ‘things I ruminate on, fixate, miss, cry, regret, re-live and overcome.’

She shared: ‘I love being a weird pop star. But I’ll always be a writer first and foremost.’

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24 Ноя 2020, 21:35

По его словам, Россия своей поддержкой плана по Донбассу, который предложили боевики, фактически признала свое участие в войне на Донбассе.

«Для меня это фактически означает, что Россия признала себя стороной конфликта. Не посредником, как они старательно изображают все шесть лет, а стороной конфликта, потому что поддержали заявления такого уровня… Уже (прошел, — ред.) почти год с подписания нормандских договоренностей, и возникает вопрос, кто должен отвечать за их невыполнение. Поскольку мы имеем поддержку Германии, Франции и новой администрации США, то виновным может оказаться непосредственно Путин», — сказал Арестович.

Ранее в украинской делегации в ТКГ рассказали, что российская сторона поддержала план действий по Донбассу, который предложили представители ОРДЛО.

Напомним, что глава украинской делегации в Трехсторонней контактной группе Леонид Кравчук озвучил план по достижению мира на Донбассе.

Согласно плану, Украина предлагает полностью прекратить конфликт и демилитаризовать отдельные районы Донецкой и Луганской областей в начале 2021 года, чтобы создать необходимые условия для проведения там местных выборов 31 марта 2021 года.

В Кремле ответили, что предложение Киева разоружить все незаконные вооруженные формирования и вернуть границу с РФ под контроль правительства Украины перед проведением местных выборов «расходится с Минскими договоренностями».

Украинская делегация в ТКГ 10 ноября заявила, что план «взяли за основу».

23 Ноя 2020, 01:14

Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy, 77, was the final Doctor during the original run of the BBC's sci-fi television series Doctor Who in the 1980s.

The long-running program went on a 15-year hiatus following Sylvester's exit, and has garnered an even stronger fan base after it was revived in 2005.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Sylvester revealed he was 'quite miffed' when he found out his run was being cut short via a letter and a follow-up phone call.

Scroll down for video

All seasons of Doctor Who have now dropped on BritBox in Australia, including Sylvester's three seasons from 1987 to 1989.

Sylvester, the seventh incarnation of the Doctor, said BBC executives had 'twisted [his] arm to do a fourth season', only to change their minds a few months later.

He explained: 'Later in year, the telephone rang and the producer, the late John Nathan-Turner, phoned me to tell me that he'd sent me a letter, which I thought was kind of a strange thing.

'I said, "Okay, good. I'll look out for it." Then he said, "I might as well read it to you," so he did and the letter was that they decided to put it into hiatus.

'The European understatement was that I was miffed, I was quite miffed really, because they had twisted my arm to do a fourth season. I only agreed to do three.'

He continued: 'I was annoyed, because they had kind of twisted my arm to do a full season and then I was also annoyed because the buzz was good.

'The last season, many people agreed, the writing and the stories were really good and they were working really well.'

Sylvester added that 'it was a mistake' for the BBC to cancel the original run of Doctor Who because it was still profitable.

'It was internal politics really,' he said, 'because what happened was the BBC in those days you could only make your name if you came along with a new program and of course the late Verity Ann Lambert OBE had made her name with Doctor Who 20-odd years before, so the new people wanted to get that [time] slot so they could make something new and make a name for themselves. That's why they got rid of it.'

Despite his disappointment over how things ended, Sylvester is delighted that a new generation is able to experience Doctor Who thanks to the 13 seasons released after 2005.

'When the 21st century Doctors arrived suddenly the fans loved it and went hunting for more and found us [the original Doctors], and liked us!' he said.

'That was nothing but delight and joy. To have a young person come up to you and say, "You're my favourite doctor," it just brings me such pleasure and such joy, really.'

BritBox has Australia's largest streaming collection of classic and contemporary Doctor Who with all 13 doctors in one place.

Visit www.britbox.com.au and sign up for your free trial today.

23 Ноя 2020, 19:15

Maurice Setters, the former Manchester United player and Republic of Ireland assistant manager, has died at the age of 83.

The wing-half, who made more than 400 appearances in the Football League, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease six years ago.

He spent the last two years in a residential home but became unwell a week ago and passed away at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary on Sunday morning.

United have paid tribute to Setters, who was the best man at the 1961 wedding of club legend Sir Bobby Charlton and his wife, Norma.

In a statement, they said they were 'deeply saddened' to learn of Setters' passing.

They added: 'A fearsome competitor, Maurice made 194 appearances during the 1960s for United. He was part of our FA Cup-winning side in 1963 and captained the team on a number of occasions. We send our sincere condolences to those closest to him. Rest in peace, Maurice.'

Setters was originally from Devon and made 10 appearances for Exeter City before being snapped up by First Division West Bromwich Albion.

Sir Matt Busby, searching for experience in the wake of the 1958 Munich Air Disaster, brought him to Old Trafford for £30,000 in 1960 following five successful years at The Hawthorns that saw him named as a reserve for England's 1958 World Cup squad.

While with United, Setters lifted the FA Cup in 1963. But after losing his place to Nobby Stiles, Setters moved to Stoke City and would later play for Coventry City and Charlton Athletic, along with a short spell in the United States.

After hanging up his boots he managed Doncaster Rovers for three-and-a-half years and settled in the area before becoming Jack Charlton's assistant at Sheffield Wednesday.

Setters rejoined the 1966 England World Cup winner when he took over at the Republic in 1986 and was his right-hand man in the greatest era of the country's footballing history, encompassing two World Cup appearances.

Setters was dismissed with Charlton in 1995, and reached a settlement with the FAI before an employment tribunal was due to start.

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