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22 Ноя 2020, 01:15
Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard jokes he was ‘surprised’ by Kate Garraway in Christmas PJs

They spoke candidly about her husband Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle on Friday’s Good Morning Britain.

And Ben Shephard was clearly impressed by his co-host Kate Garraway, 53, after she turned up to work in her Christmas pyjamas.

The presenter, 45, took to Instagram to share a snap of his colleague showing off her festive ensemble, writing ‘Kate continues to surprise and delight as only she can’.

Kate appeared to be in good spirits as she posed with her arms in the air for the snap and showcased her cream jumper with the outline of Rudolf the reindeer on it.

She continued the Christmas theme with a pair of comfortable trousers covered with a matching reindeer pattern before finishing up her ensemble with brown boots.

Ben penned: ‘You know it’ll be a good morning when your co host turns up in this outfit! @kategarraway continues to surprise and delight as only she can.

‘Thank you for all your lovely messages I know that she appreciates every single one #merrychristmas #christmasonsie #kategarraway’

It comes after Kate admitted she feels ‘physically sick’ at the prospect of facing her first Christmas without her husband Derek Draper.

The presenter told Ben that as she ‘is in total panic’ as she her children Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11, are still unable to visit Derek, while he continues to recover from COVID-19 in intensive care.

Kate admitted earlier this month that Derek had ‘a tough week,’ as she shared over uncertainty over whether her husband could finally be discharged from hospital.

Kate and Ben were discussing the possibility of more COVID-19 restrictions over the festive period, meaning families wouldn’t be able to mix and celebrate Christmas together during Friday’s show.

She said that as Derek is still too ill to return home, and her children’s grandparents are unable to visit, she’ll be facing her first Christmas alone since her eldest daughter Darcey was born.

‘I feel physically sick actually and can feel my chest tightening at the thought of it,’ Kate said.

‘I’m in total panic about the idea of me, Darcey and Billy on our own this Christmas unable to visit Derek because of potential restrictions.

‘That huge emotional hole, and I don’t know how to fill it, without grandparents and without friends helping to fill it.

‘It feels like such a significant moment as all festivals are. I do feel in a panic about it, but we’re in this situation because of the spread of a disease that at the moment doesn’t have a cure.’

Derek was originally admitted to hospital with COVID-19 symptoms on March 30 and remains seriously ill.

Kate told how generous fans have offered to give her their cars after she revealed their family Volvo – which she and Derek have had for the past 20 years – had been stolen from outside their home last week.

Speaking of her appreciation to these kind-hearted strangers, Kate said: ‘They’ve been unbelievably nice, and it’s been a bit of a tough old week for Derek so I haven’t got back to anybody.

‘But it’s so lovely – some viewers are offering to lend me their cars! I am constantly blown away by how lovely you’ve all been through this.’

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22 Ноя 2020, 19:21

Об этом сообщил владелец бюро Юрий Кузь в Facebook.

"Люди, я вас прошу не умирайте на выходных, дождитесь понедельника", — написал он в шутку.

Кузь сообщил, что сначала полиция выписала ритуальной службе штраф и составила админпротокол. Однако позже владелец бюро заявил, что полиция решила все-таки не штрафовать ритуальную службу. Кузь поблагодарил начальнику Калушского отдела полиции за быструю реакцию и помощь в решении недоразумения.

Напомним, после введения Кабмином карантина выходного дня ряд городских голов выступил против этого, в том числе мэр Ивано-Франковска Руслан Марцинкив. Исполнительный комитет Ивано-Франковского горсовета до конца ноября сделал выходные дни рабочими, чтобы не выполнять постановление Кабинета министров.

Однако 19 ноября Марцинкив заявил, что 21-22 ноября в городе будут действовать ограничения карантина выходного дня.



30 Ноя 2020, 09:46

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В штате Висконсин инициированный президентом США Дональдом Трампом ручной пересчет бюллетеней с выборов 3 ноября только увеличил преимущество его конкурента Джозефа Байдена.

Ставка по ипотечным кредитам не опустится в первом полугодии ниже 6,8–7%, считают аналитики рейтингового агентства НКР. В своих прогнозах НКР исходит из того, что программа льготной ипотеки завершится 1 июля 2021 года и продлеваться не будет.

Пандемия новой коронавирусной инфекции пойдет на спад, только когда у населения сформируется достаточный коллективный иммунитет из-за большого числа переболевших или вакцинированных людей, считает глава научного центра «Вектор» Ринат Максютов.

26 Ноя 2020, 15:15

He was left seething when he was informed that he would face his third consecutive trial on Wednesday.

And Shane Richie was seen spluttering in disgust as he and Hollie Arnold took on the Wicked Waterways trial, due to air on Thursday's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

The EastEnders star, 56, and the Paralympian, 26, were chosen by the public to face the next trial, which saw them face all manner of water critters in a stinky underground sewer.

Hollie, wearing a hard hat and goggles, was seen calling out: 'Right go go go. I've untangled it' as she passed Shane a section of chain.

The soap star nearly retched as he crawled through the sewer and was showered with putrid water.

A whimsical Ant and Dec said: 'They're making hard work of this, I don't think they need to do all this you know.'

Hollie called out: 'I just need a bit to fill up this one and we can get another star.'

A panicked Shane called out: 'I can't get the chain!'

Dec said: 'There's nothing we can say to help. It is what it is. Get the water, pour the water in the collection point. That's all it is. 'I've said this earlier, I read it off the card.'

The clip ended with Hollie said: 'You've got it Shane?' leaving the fate of the trial unknown.

Shane was seen reeling in disbelief as he he learned that he'd been voted to take on his third trial in a row on Wednesday.

The actor admitted he was 'done' with the trials as it was revealed he'd been chosen to face Wicked Waterways.

As hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly revealed the results of the latest vote, Shane had a look of fury as they announced it 'might be him.'

With the result coming down to him and Hollie, the results revealed that both of them would be facing the next trial.

Exhausted at the prospect of facing another trial, Shane declared: 'I'm done! I'm done!' while Hollie seemed thrilled that she'd finally be taking on a challenge.

This marked Shane's third trial in a row and his sixth overall, after taking on the solo challenge Cruel Jewels, which saw him gather stars by moving through a series of display cabinets covered in critters.

On Wednesday night he then took on the hilarious Sickening Stalls with Jessica Plummer, which saw them down an array of disgusting drinks.

The actor left viewers in hysterics as he gagged and retched his way through the challenge, with him and Jess earning 12 stars for the camp.

With the duo thrilled to earn a full house, Ant joked: 'Well done on completing the noisiest Trial we've ever had.'

As they headed back to the camp, Jess announced: 'Tonight my friends we eat like Kings and Queens – 12 stars!'

Meanwhile this will be the first trial Hollie's been voted to face by the public, having previously taken part in group challenges with the rest of the camp.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues at 9pm on ITV.

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