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13 Янв 2021, 23:15
Emmerdale star Charley Webb reveals she’s struggling to homeschool her ‘feral’ sons in lockdown

Charley Webb has admitted she’s struggling to homeschool her three children amid England’s third coronavirus lockdown.

During Wednesday’s Loose Women, the Emmerdale actress, 32 – who shares sons Buster, 10, Bowie, five, and 17-month-old Ace with husband Matthew Wolfenden – confessed her house is ‘absolute chaos’ amid the global pandemic.

The soap star candidly said: ‘Well, the homeschooling thing I find so stressful, honestly. I’m not gonna lie. And my kids are quite feral as well.’

On the exhausting experience, the media personality – who was joined by her toddler Ace from their home – added: ‘Three boys in lockdown. I mean, it’s chaos. absolute chaos. They’re not like these quiet little boys that will sit and play with trains.’

The thespian also added that she attempts to ‘zone out’ when it comes to current affairs, and only tunes into news for the ‘really important stuff’.

The mother-of-three told panellists Jane Moore, Brenda Edwards, Gloria Hunniford and Janet Street-Porter: ‘I don’t watch the news at all. Obviously, I watch the really important stuff.

‘But anything that’s not going to add to my day, I just don’t watch it because it just sends me through the roof.

‘I just have to shut myself off. Because obviously, I’ve got three children at home. You don’t have that time to deal with anxiety like you normally would when they’re at school. So I just have to zone out.’

Last September, Charley – who plays Debbie Dingle in the ITV soap – said she found it ‘hard’ seeing her second child Bowie grow up and attend his first day of school.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: ‘My little shadow is heading to school tomorrow. We had a special day today, just the three of us and I’m so happy we got to have it.

‘It’s hard with 3 to have that one to one time but today we did and it was amazing. I can’t even begin to explain how emotional I’ve been feeling, I’m sure loads of people feel like this when their babies are starting their school journey (please tell me I’m not on my own).

‘Now I’ve been off work for so long I feel like I’m so used to having him by my side, he follows me everywhere I go and I love it. He’s beyond excited to start tomorrow and be one of the ‘big kids’ and I’m so encouraging of it but god I’m finding it hard.

‘It feels like starting reception is the first day of letting them go a little and start their own journey. He will be absolutely fine and will LOVE it, I know he will.

‘You just might find me sobbing in the corner for a few days but I’m sure I’ll get used to it very quickly. For all the Mums and Dads whose kids are heading off tomorrow or have already started I hope you’re doing ok. Xxx (sic).’ (sic)

At the start of the month, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all primary and secondary schools will be shut until at least February half-term, with only the vulnerable and offspring of key workers allowed to go in.

University students are being told to stay at home and study remotely, while exams will not go ahead as planned and nurseries can stay open.

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14 Янв 2021, 03:15

Fulham boss Scott Parker shrugged off his pre-match war of words with Jose Mourinho and hailed his side's battling display to secure a 1-1 draw at Tottenham.

The pair had clashed after Spurs' game with Aston Villa was postponed and the Premier League quickly rearranged this match with the Cottagers, which was originally due to be played on December 30.

It looked like his grievances had foundation as Spurs dominated the first half and led through Harry Kane's first-half header, before a spirited second-half showing from Fulham was rewarded with an Ivan Cavaleiro leveller 16 minutes from time.

Afterwards Parker said: 'I was very very impressed. I thought we were outstanding tonight from start to finish.

'And also with that's happened... a lot of talk, but no one really knows what we've been through the last couple of weeks. There are players out there tonight that have had one day's training. There are players in the box that have barely had any day's training. They've been in the building yesterday, some of them.'

Parker called the Premier League's decision on Monday to cram this rearranged game into the Wednesday night slot as 'scandalous' after a recent outbreak of coronavirus at the club, yet Spurs counterpart Jose Mourinho said the Cottagers should have to say sorry to everyone if they named a strong team.

They did that, with 10 of the players who played their last Premier League game on Boxing Day in the starting line-up, and Parker was rewarded with a performance that he described as 'immense'

He added: 'To prepare the game like we did, and play like we did, I'm proud of the team because of how we performed under the circumstances.

'I feel more proud of them because we showed some real quality today. We caused Tottenham numerous problems and, to be honest with you, at the end of it you're thinking we could maybe win the game.

'The second half, the way the game was going, I felt a goal was coming. I felt we had a real dominance in the second half. You've got someone on the pitch there in Ade (Lookman) who carves those chances out of nothing. Cavaleiro puts it in the back of the net. And then after that, some big chances to be fair. I'm very pleased.

'Big games coming up. Every game in this division is going to be massive for us. We understand that. We've come to a big club with top players who have done well. We had an identity about us. The squad today was the numbers we had.

'If there's one thing you do need (to avoid relegation) first and foremost it's spirit. That's something we're drumming in every day. You also need quality to stay in this division, and we showed that in abundance.'

13 Янв 2021, 05:05

«Манчестер Юнайтед» обыграл «Бернли» в матче 18 тура Английской премьер-лиги (АПЛ).

Встреча проходила на стадионе «Терф Мур» в Бернли и завершилась со счетом 1:0.

Таким образом, «Манчестер Юнайтед» набрал 36 очков и вышел на первое место в АПЛ.

Главный тренер «МЮ» Оле-Гуннар Сульшер прокомментировал результат игры.

«Всегда, когда берешь три очка, ты доволен. Нам нужно было побороться и заработать их, и мы это сделали», — передает слова Сульшера BBC.

Ранее сообщалось, что полузащитник «Спартака» Крал может перейти в «Вест Хэм».

13 Янв 2021, 13:14

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed she would only return to acting if she was f***ing the writer and admits she's 'no longer comfortable in front of the camera.'

In the latest episode of #NoFilterWithNaomi, Gwyneth, 48, told Naomi Campbell, 50,: 'Someone said 'what is it going to take to get you acting again'?

'And I said I have to be 'f***ng' the writer!' 'But that's sort of it if my husband, [Brad Falchuk, 49], writes something and he wants me to do it then I'll do it.

'I could never say never. I would like to go back on stage one day I really loved doing theatre.'

The actress' most recent film role was in 2019's movie, Avengers: Endgame.

The mother-of-two who is now focusing on her global lifestyle company, Goop, worth $250million (£191million), said her priorities in life have changed.

And talking about a return to acting with Naomi on Zoom, she said: 'I think lot of that also comes from the fact that I and this is something that I think I realised later in life.

'Like, I actually haven't been that comfortable being a public person or being in front of the camera even though I’ve done it for so long.

'There’s a part of me that really feels shy and doesn’t feel like I'm naturally an extrovert…'

She continued: 'I started doing it so young… I went for a long time before I asked myself like do I like this job? Am I comfortable doing this? Do I want to be an actor?'

Naomi said: 'I think I did something of your husband's... one of his productions actually and I LOVED IT.

'I did American Horror Story. It was an amazing experience. Loved it'

Gwyneth and Brad were introduced on the set of Glee in 2014 - she played Holly Holliday and Falchuk was a co-creator of the series.

Us Weekly confirmed in November 2017, that the couple were engaged after more than three years of dating.

They said in a statement: 'We feel incredibly lucky to have come together at this juncture in our lives when our collective successes and failures can serve as building blocks for a healthy and happy relationship.'

The couple didn’t live together until August 2019, a year after they tied the knot.

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