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13 Янв 2021, 23:15
Chrissy Metz DENIES she is engaged to beau Bradley Collins after wearing ring on wedding finger

She set fans speculating after she was seen out with a ring on her wedding finger.

But now Chrissy Metz has cleared up the confusion and revealed the sparkler was only a honeycomb-shaped ring that her boyfriend Bradley Collins bought her for Christmas.

According to Chrissy, the ring was an innocent present and not a sign of impending marriage. ‘So let’s be very clear,’ Chrissy began as she took the ring and held it up to her webcam.

‘So Bradley bought it for me — I’m so glad that you’re clearing this up… So we went crystal shopping for a friend and I also love crystals as well, but I was like, wait, this is a ring that he bought me for Christmas,’ she explained.

Anyone close enough to get a good look at the ring likely would not have mistaken it for an engagement ring due to its distinct pattern and lack of any stones.

‘It’s a honeycomb. I’m obsessed with bees. I love bees. I’m like, who thought that this was an engagement ring, first of all?! And like, what?!’ she said with a laugh.

The singer complained that there were more important news stories to focus on than her possible engagement.

‘It’s definitely not a slow day in the news. Let’s talk about some real stuff. Okay? About like what’s going on in our country as opposed to a ring that I might be wearing. I’m like, “y’all, goodness!”

‘Anyway, thanks for clearing it up. It’s a honeycomb ring and I love it very much, but it’s not an engagement ring,’ she said definitively.

On Monday, Chrissy revealed on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show Radio Andy that she met her boyfriend Bradley on the dating app Bumble.

She said that she intentionally set up a sparse profile ‘because I thought it sort of weeds out the people who want to maybe talk to me for any other reason than a genuine reason.’

She recounted seeing one man who was ‘an aspiring writer’ who had a ‘This Is Us coffee cup,’ which she thought would be ‘too weird.’

But she and Bradley hit things off almost immediately, and it didn’t hurt that they unknowingly shared the same social circle.

‘You like to think the best of every situation, but interestingly enough, Bradley and I have all the same friends — he knows all the same songwriters, he’s [been] in music publishing for 16 years,’ she said. ‘And so we’ve been in the same rooms, but we had never met… I feel like it was meant to be, for sure.’

Chrissy confirmed their relationship in October on Instagram.

‘Happy #nationalboyfriendday to my dreamboat!’ she wrote. ‘Bradley, from the first moment I laid eyes on you I wanted and needed to know you. Now I feel so lucky to love you. You can #Collinsmesmitten for sure! Thank you for being the absolute wonder that you are, I love you.’

Chrissy’s fans will get a chance to see the ring in person on Thursday, January 14, when she makes an appearance on Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune while wearing it.

The Breakthrough actress will be joining comedian Drew Carrey and Teri Hatcher on the charity episode, in which she’ll be competing to raise money for Blessings in a Backpack.

The non-profit organization gives meals during the weekend to children who receive free meals as part of the federally funded Free and Reduced Meal Program during school days.

Although their food needs are taken care of on weekdays, many children still need help to find stable meals when they’re out of school.

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13 Янв 2021, 21:14

They've been together since they were teenagers and married in 2016.

And Danny Dyer has now revealed that both he and wife Joanne Mas took a liking to the 'handsome' male midwife who helped deliver their daughter Sunnie, 13.

The EastEnders star, 43, and his wife, 44, share two other children - Dani, 24, who is currently pregnant with her first child, and their seven-year-old son Arty.

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers podcast alongside his eldest daughter Dani, he said: 'The midwife was a very, very handsome man.

'She [Joanne] talks about him, which is weird in a way. The weird thing was I fancied him and all.

'Imagine if he'd have called on a threesome. All right, not during birth obviously.'

Danny married Jo in September 2016, after she proposed to him on Valentine's Day the year before. The couple have been together since they were teenagers.

The actor often speaks openly about his family and again chatted about his wife when he revealed he's excited for Jo to turn into her mother, Carol, as she gets older, as he joked he is 'in love' with his other half's mother.

Speaking on his podcast, Danny said that he thinks he's 'more in love' with his 'mother-in-law than his wife'.

He said: 'You know a lot of men don't like their mother-in-laws... I think I'm more in love with my mother-in-law than my wife.

'I do love her very, very much. What they say is you look at your wife and then you look at your mother-in-law and that's what your wife will turn into.

'I can't wait for my wife to turn into Carol.'

Danny's also spoke about his dad on a recent episode of the show, revealing that his name is actually Danial Dyer - because his father misspelt Daniel on his birth certificate when he was 'off his nut'.

He explained that he thinks his dad Antony was 'battered' when he was given the responsibility of filling in his birth certificate, and as a result his moniker was accidentally set as Danial rather than the conventional spelling of Daniel.

He said: 'I did change my name, because my name is Danial. My old dad, and I love him very much, is old school...

'He agreed to the name Daniel but he spelt it Danial - D-A-N-I-A-L. It could've been a mix of things - that he was battered, that he doesn't spell. It could've been a bit of both.'

Danny was born in Custom House, East London, in 1977 and his parents split up when he was just aged nine

The Dyers are now preparing for the imminent arrival of Dani's first child with her beau Sammy Kimmence.

Ahead of welcoming his first grandchild Danny revealed he's nicknamed the unborn child 'the chav', a term often used to describe anti-social lower-class youths.

However, Love Island champ Dani appeared to take the comment in stride as she chatted with her screen star father on their podcast about her due date.

During their chat, Danny excitedly declared: 'The Chav's coming – it's on its way!'

Dani asked her dad if he would be on hand to support her through labour, prompting Danny to respond: 'As long as it’s nice and quick for you, it doesn’t matter if I’m in the waiting room or indoors with my feet up eating some crisps.'

14 Янв 2021, 16:06

Президент России Владимир Путин заявил, что спрогнозировать ситуацию с новыми штаммами коронавируса сложно. Его слова приводит «Интерфакс».

«Как будет развиваться ситуация в ближайшее время с этими новыми штаммами и так далее, мы пока на 100% предугадать, предусмотреть не можем», — сказал он на встрече с главой Удмуртии Александром Бречаловым.

Глава государства отметил, что в этой ситуации особенно важно грамотно управлять коечным фондом и своевременно принимать решения так, чтобы не было перегрузки в одном месте и недогрузки в другом.

В середине декабря стало известно об обнаружении в Великобритании новой мутации коронавируса. Британские власти утверждают, что новый штамм распространяется с большей скоростью и является более заразным.


— Коронавирус выявили еще у 24 763 жителей России

— Россия увеличила производство «Спутник V» до 3,5 млн доз в месяц

— Британский штамм коронавируса обнаружен в 25 европейских странах

14 Янв 2021, 03:17

The families of football and rugby players living with dementia invited Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Kenny Dalglish to discuss with them how the current approach to understanding the link between blows to the head and the illness has to change.

Dr Judith Gates, wife of former Middlesbrough defender Bill Gates, has helped bring together a group of families across both sports and she wants the former managers — who will speak with Gareth Southgate and Jurgen Klopp at a virtual fundraising event in aid of dementia research tomorrow — to understand the challenge over the 'ultra-conservative' approach by some scientists.

The families believe this outlook is a huge obstacle to the illness being designated an industrial disease — one aim of Sportsmail's dementia campaign.

Dr Gates, whose husband has severe cognitive deterioration after years of heading which caused him regular migraines in his 20s, said: 'This week's event is brilliant news. I would love to talk to all of the speakers. We want them to understand where the real potential for research lies.'

Dr Gates is concerned that several major organisations who attract funding — including the International Concussion and Head Injury Research Foundation and the International Consensus Group on Concussion in Sport — are arguing that a direct link between football and brain disease can only be proven by examining hundreds of deceased players' brains with a similar sized control group. That would take at least 20 years.

Many families believe that funding should go to the type of work undertaken by Glasgow University's Dr Willie Stewart, who has already identified the greater occurrence of brain disease in ex-footballers.

'We want funding to be directed to benefit the players and the games,' said Dr Gates.

'We have to get the focus right.'

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