Brooklyn Beckham showcases his FIFTH tattoo tribute to fiancée Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham has showed off another tattoo tribute to his beloved fiancée Nicola Peltz.

The aspiring photographer, 21, took to Instagram on Saturday to showcase an inking on the back of his neck of a love letter written by his ‘future wifey’.

Brooklyn’s latest tattoo is now the fifth permanent tribute he has made to the American actress, 26, whom he became engaged to in July last year.

The striking black and white snap shows the son of David and Victoria Beckham facing away from the camera, with the intimate words from Nicola written across his neck and upper back.

The tattoo read: ‘My forever boy. Read this anytime you feel anxious. I want you to know how deeply loved you are.

‘You have the kindest heart I’ve ever met and hope I never go a day without your love.

‘I think you are so incredible. Just we can get through it all together if you breathe slow and trust. I love you beyond.

‘Love always, your future wifey.’

Captioning the image, Brooklyn simply penned: ‘Love letters ❤️.’

And while some of his followers were loving his testament of love, others were concerned about the long-lasting tribute should the happy couple split in the future.

Brooklyn is well known for his love of inkings and has over 30 tattoos across his body.

His latest tattoo comes just days after he unveiled yet another tribute to his fiancée, with the design revealed in a post added to Nicola’s Instagram account on Thursday.

In large script inked onto his lower right arm, it reads: ‘My life, my love, my truth, my breath, my reason, my beauty, my precious.’

Captioning the image of Brooklyn’s arm affectionately resting on her leg, she wrote: ‘Forever my person.’

Brooklyn’s tattoo comes after he had the name of Nicole’s late grandmother Gina tattooed on his arm.

Sharing a picture of the inking, fresh from the tattoo parlour, Nicola, 26, wrote: ‘Best birthday gift’, clearly touched by the gesture of love.

Other dedications from Brooklyn include Nicola’s name, tattooed on his neck, and a pair of eyes and lashes that appear to be the double of hers.

The aspiring photographer has got almost 30 tattoos, including one on his chest which reads; ‘mama’s boy’, as well as a cupid, a rose and a camera.

Nicola was left devastated when her grandmother died in January, just before her birthday.

She paid tribute to Gina on social media in October, writing: ‘Happy birthday to my angel in heaven. I can’t even put into words how much I miss you being on earth.

‘I wish so badly you could come back to visit me and see me get married. I think about you everyday. I love you with all of my heart, my Gina.’

Nicola also shared a gallery of pictures, including one of Gina’s hands clutching a rose, and another one off her holding Nicola’s hands.

Meanwhile, Nicola recently appeared to compare her relationship with fiancé Brooklyn to that of her billionaire parents, Claudi and Nelson.

The actress seemed in a reflective mood, as she reposted a picture of herself and the photographer alongside one of her mother and father.

In the candid picture of herself and Brooklyn, the couple were faced towards each other while sat out on balcony.

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  • 1 час, 57 минут назад 20.04.2021Showbiz

    Justin Bieber’s protégé Madison Beer made quite the fashion impression on Tuesday.

    The Life Support singer modeled an unconventional white zip-up hoodie that looked as if she had cut off the sides with a pair of scissors to show more skin.

    The 21-year-old was leaving organic grocery store Erewhon in West Hollywood with one paper bag in hand.

    The beauty showed off her sides and a bit of her tummy as she wore the unusual-looking top.

    It is not known if she cut the hoodie herself or if this is the work of a fashion designer trying to carve out a signature style.

    The pinup paired the daring top with dark leggings and added white Nike Air 85 high top sneakers with white socks and a brown shoulder purse by Louis Vuitton while exiting the store.

    And her glam was casual California cool as she pulled her hair back and had on black sunglasses with a white face mask.

    This sighting comes after the star told to DailyMail.com that her new album – which she wrote and sang on – covers her struggle with mental health, specifically anxiety, while she touches on prescription drugs and delves into past toxic relationships.

    ‘Writing songs is like therapy for me,’ the artist told DailyMail.com.

    ‘That’s why this album is called Life Support. It helped me get rid of the darkness and see the light.’ She added, ‘My inspirations sonically are really diverse. I guess I’m not an easy artist to pigeonhole, and a lot of these songs are like nothing I’ve ever attempted before.’

    ‘All of me is laid bare on this album; it’s been a really fulfilling experience to create something that feels so true to myself,’ said the New York native.

    She has been romantically linked to Blake Griffin, Zack Bia, and Jack Gilinsky. She has also reportedly been close to Brooklyn Beckham.

    Recently Beer has been seen with Nick Austin.

    Sonically Life Support is reflective of Madison’s eclectic musical tastes, while lyrically it pushes the boundaries of accepted norms from female singer songwriters in pop in the same way as Rina Sawayama’s SAWAYAMA or Hayley Williams’ Petals For Armor do.

    There are references to mental health and prescription drugs, toxic relationships and to the atypical life that Madison has led since famously being discovered by Justin Bieber on YouTube aged just 13. An album written as catharsis, Life Support is delivered as a document of all Madison has experienced and a self-care guide to coming out the other side.

    Madison Beer’s Life Support is a strong personal and artistic statement as she wrote her own songs, producing and creating her own visuals.

    Beer broke down each song and the meaning behind it exclusively for DailyMail.com

    She said Good In Goodbye that she was inspired by her real life loves. ‘At my age, when you break up with someone, you tend to get back together at least a few times,’ she told DailyMail.com.

    ‘This captures the weird, purgatory place you’re in. You know you’re not with the right person, but you can’t bear to sever the ties. The song starts with someone diving in to water – that’s me pushing myself to take the plunge and end it.’

    In Follow The White Rabbit – part inspired by The Matrix, part Alice in Wonderland, ‘There’s a raw undertone to this song, a cool, grungey sound that took it to a different place. It’s a genre of music I’ve always liked but never felt able to tap in to before.’

    Effortlessly is one of her favorites. ‘It is one of the most vulnerable songs on the album. It’s about me and my mental health—the struggles I’ve been through that led me to therapy and medication and what they forced me to confront,’ she shared with DailyMail.com. ‘My mental health journey is not something I’ve spoken about before in my music.’

    Stay Numb and Carry On is a continuation of her mental health story, but more poetic than personal.

    ‘I tend not to react to situations. I used to think it was negative to not always stay calm, but I was wrong. You end up locked inside yourself, convinced that the whole world is against you or that you’re the only sane person and everyone else has gone mad.’

    Blue is one of the oldest tracks on the album. It’s about knowing when to quit a relationship. ‘I know when to run/When my make-up runs.’ ‘I’m excited with that lyric. It’s the perfect analogy, when the mascara runs, it’s time to get out,’ she said.

    BOYSH*T is one of the last songs she recorded for her album.

    ‘It was just kind of a build up after this really long year. It’s simply about knowing your worth and when to leave a situation. With the play on “bullsh*t” I figured it was the perfect time to use the age old saying about an immature or disrespectful boyfriend, “he’s not a man, he’s a boy,” but it then flourished into more.

    Prior to signing with Epic Records late 2019, Beer achieved success as an independent artist. Her debut EP As She Pleases boasts over 1 billion streams and made her the first independent female solo artist in history to break into the Top 20 radio charts, after having debuted in the Top 5 on iTunes in 18 countries and in the Top 10 in 42 countries worldwide. While her ‘As She Pleases’ headline worldwide tour sold out within minutes of going on sale.

    Globally, Beer now has over 3 billion streams across her catalog and has sold over 1 million records in the UK alone.

    Madison’s debut album Life Support is slated for release on February 26, 2021 via Sing It Loud/First Access Entertainment on exclusive license to Epic Records.

  • 1 час, 57 минут назад 20.04.2021Showbiz

    Country music’s Alex Hall is set to become a dad just a few months after tying the knot.

    The 26-year-old musician and his wife Brianna, 25, are still newlyweds but they’re about to become first time parents, the couple revealed to People Magazine on Tuesday.

    Gushing over the pregnancy, the soon-to-be mom and dad called their baby boy, who is due in September, ‘such a blessing and such a sweet surprise’.

    ‘This baby has been such a blessing and such a sweet surprise,’ Brianna said. ‘We’re so excited to meet him in September.’

    Alex revealed that the timing of when they learned they were going to be parents coincided with the release of his most recent hit.

    ‘We actually found out we were pregnant on Jan. 8, which was also the release day for my song Last One To Leave with Brad Paisley,’ he said. ‘So we celebrated a little differently for that one!’

    In a photo shoot for the magazine, Brianna cradled her baby bump donning a pale yellow duster dress.

    The pair posed for selfies in the car on the day of the shoot, which they shared on social media, but didn’t reveal that they had been about to make a huge announcement.

    Though, perhaps eagle eyed fans should have noticed something was up when Brianna shared a snap in the car in the same duster (and full glam) while eating waffle fries.

    ‘We originally wanted to wait and do a reveal party for the gender, but we had early testing done and had the option to find out early,’ the couple told People.

    Adding: ‘When they called about our results, we said we didn’t want to know the gender but immediately called back and asked to know because we were too excited to wait! It’s a boy!’

    Once the cat was out of the bag, Alex took to Twitter to express his excitement about becoming a dad.

    ‘SURPRISE! We’re having a baby! @briannahugan and I are so excited to announce we’re having a baby boy come Sept,’ he gushed.

    Adding: ‘The only things I have ever wanted is to make music and to be a dad with a beautiful family, so having this little fella on the way has been the best joy of my life.

    Alex and Brianna began dating in 2017 and they became husband and wife, officially, on November 1, 2020 – much to the shock of their family and friends.

    Originally, the couple had been planning a wedding in Nashville but decided to elope in California.

    Alex announced the happy news on social media: ‘We are MARRIED! About a month before our set wedding date, @briannamariehall and I decided to change our plans, go to California and elope.’

    ‘It was so important to both of us to get married on our actual date (11/1/2020) and COVID kept making that near impossible. I know we’ve only been married a little over a month now, but I can honestly say, married life is the absolute best!’

  • 1 час, 57 минут назад 20.04.2021Showbiz

    Georgia Toffolo kept things casual on Tuesday in a stylish cream top and drawstring trousers as she headed out in West London.

    The TV star, 26, gave a wide smile as she strolled down the road in the UK’s capital while holding a quilted camel handbag and beige coat.

    Her statement track pants featured bright stripes which trailed down the side while her V-neck top boasted frilled detailing.

    Opting for sensible footwear, Georgia rocked cream trainers and she decided to tuck her fringe back in a practical half-up hairstyle.

    The former Made In Chelsea star completed the look with full coverage make-up and delicate jewellery.

    Georgia’s outing follows reports that she is set to become a talent manager and has plans to open her own agency.

    The TV star is said to be launching her own company called The Visionary Talent Agency, and has already hired agents, according to The Sun.

    Georgia, known as Toff, and her team will reportedly find work for their celebrity clients, then take a percentage of their earnings.

    A source told the publication: ‘She already has a good few years of experience in showbiz under her belt but she feels like she’s been taken for a ride by some of her agents over the years.

    ‘She feels like she knows best what works and what doesn’t — and reckons celebrities will be more willing to trust her with their careers given she’s been there and done it.’

    During an interview last month, the 2017 I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner teased her new business.

    She said: ‘I don’t think I would have launched what I’m launching if I hadn’t had a lot of experience in TV and influencing and all these things.’

    MailOnline have contacted Georgia’s representative for comment.

    This comes after Toff recently revealed she has now accepted her acne as part of who she is after cruel trolls called her ‘pizza face’ because of her complexion.

    She has suffered from spots and scarring since she was a teenager, but said her ‘skin was really horrible’ when she appeared on I’m A Celeb.

    The TV personality told how she now feels ‘liberated’ after going on a ‘journey of acceptance’ with her acne battle.

    Speaking on Loose Women, Toff said: ‘I’m really proud of my skin and the scars and the redness that I’ve got… they’re a part of me now.’

    Toff explained: ‘When I went into the [I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here] jungle my skin was horrible at the time, it was the first thing when I came out my mum told me you’ve really helped others who are going through it.

    ‘It gets to that stage when you think oh yeah I’ve got a few spots, my friends and family love me as I am.

    ‘It’s taken me on this journey of acceptance, but also now I’m really proud of my skin and the scars and the redness that I’ve got… they’re a part of me now.

    ‘Of course, I’m 26 and I haven’t always felt that way. But I do think it’s really important to talk about it.’

    She continued: ‘I think lots of people would look at me with my skin and be like ‘Oh it’s an aesthetic thing she wants to be perfect and beautiful’.

    ‘That’s fine, that’s one thing. But the other thing is how deeply it affects you emotionally and mentally because it’s been on my face for 13 years.

    ‘Four months after going on the jungle and I was doing a feature on This Morning and I was getting trolls saying that I have pizza face and other stuff and I looked down the barrel of the camera and called it out and it was so liberating.’

  • 1 час, 57 минут назад 20.04.2021Showbiz

    What a Foxx!

    Jamie Foxx, 53, set pulses racing as he revealed his ultra-ripped physique in a new Instagram Story post on Monday.

    The Academy Award winner, who is currently preparing to play boxer Mike Tyson, showed ex Katie Holmes what she was missing as he stripped off his shirt to show off his six-pack abs while spending time with his dogs King and Kong.

    Jamie went with Western vibes for the rest of his look, rocking a cowboy hat, distressed jeans and well-worn leather boots.

    Though it was obvious the Terrell, Texas native could make knees weak, it’s unclear who Foxx is currently romancing.

    He was last linked to 26-year-old model and waitress Dana Caprio in 2020, a little less than a year after his split from girlfriend of six-years Holmes.

    Right now, it looked like actor/musician was putting everything into his workouts as he trains up to play notorious fighter Mike Tyson in a forthcoming streaming series.

    The show will span Tyson’s whole life, tracing his highs as Heavyweight Champion Of The World and lows, like his time behind bars.

    More recently, Foxx has been collaborating with his daughter Corinne on the Netflix series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, which came out last Wednesday.

    Jamie celebrated his daughter’s first big producing credits late last month, telling his 27-year-old ‘soooo proud of u!’ in a chic Instagram of his girl.

    In the show, Foxx plays ‘a single dad and cosmetics brand owner [who] figures out fatherhood on the fly when his strong-minded teen daughter moves in with him,’ according to IMDb.

    Talking about her new gig with Forbes last week, the USC grad said: ‘It was a really big learning experience because I was the youngest and the only female producer on the show.’

    ‘I was stepping into these rooms with Netflix executives, with people who were seasoned and had these long careers,’ she explained. ‘Not to say that any of them were weren’t sweet and amazing to me, but I knew these were big shoes to fill, and I had to level up very quickly.

    ‘At first, I was very intimidated by it, but then I remembered no one knows the material better than me because this is based on my life. I think that took some of the pressure off because no one can speak to this more than I can.’

    Dad Stop Embarrassing Me eight-episode first season is available to stream via Netflix now.

  • 1 час, 58 минут назад 20.04.2021Showbiz

    She recently revealed she’s set to welcome her third son with husband Justin Scott.

    And Kimberley Walsh revealed she’s reached the 33-week mark of her pregnancy in radiant images shared to Instagram on Tuesday.

    The musician, 39, caught the eye as she cradled her baby bump in a pink and white flowy dress by Fresha.

    Cutting a chic figure, the actress stunned in her shirt ensemble, embellished with floral printing throughout.

    The Promise hitmaker ensured focus remained on her outfit as she accessorised with dainty jewellery.

    With her tresses styled in loose waves, the blonde complemented her beauty with matte make-up.

    Last month, the singer told how she never found out what she would be having on either of her previous pregnancies but her boys Bobby, six, and Cole, four, were eager to know if they’d be having a baby brother or sister.

    Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: ‘I feel really excited now that I know what I’m having.

    ‘I’ve never found out the sex of the baby before so both my boys were a complete surprise, but this time literally the boys were asking me every day “What we having what what we having?”

    ‘So I was like OK, I’ve given in. They’re thrilled that they’re having another boy of course. I’ve got to the point where I’d like to meet him. I’ve got two boys who look completely different.’

    The Girls Aloud star added that she thought she would have another boy as the pattern runs in her family, with her sister currently pregnant with her fourth boy.

    Kimberley added that three is the ‘magic number’ for her family and joked she will now be outnumbered four to one by the boys in the house.

  • 1 час, 58 минут назад 20.04.2021Showbiz

    She’s been working hard on her drivetime radio show throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

    And Kelly Brook proved there’s no rest for the wicked as she left work at Heart FM in London on Tuesday.

    The broadcaster, 41, turned heads as she paired a paisley print dress with suede thigh-high boots while leaving Global Studios.

    Commanding attention, the presenter’s ensemble featured a low-cut neckline and balloon-style sleeves.

    The model dressed up her look with a three-strand gold necklace and dainty earrings.

    A sleek ponytail ensured focus remained on her naturally stunning features, which were complemented with neutral-toned make-up.

    The TV and radio star recently revealed she’s considered proposing to boyfriend of six-years Jeremy Parisi on the next leap year.

    Tradition dictates that women propose on leap years, and specifically the leap day itself, with the next one set to fall on February 29, 2024.

    And it seems the host has a plan in place if she isn’t engaged by then as she’ll take matters into her own hands.

    Speaking to Hello! magazine about the last leap year – which they spent in Italy – she mused: ‘I’ve missed that window so I’ll just have to wait another four years!’

    The actress also cleared up any confusion surrounding the diamond band that she is often seen wearing on her ring finger.

    Although the jewellery was a gift from Jeremy – which has their names and date engraved on the back – it isn’t to symbol an engagement, with the businesswoman revealing: ‘I wear the ring on that finger because it’s the only one that fits!’

    The honey-blonde beauty has been in a relationship with model Jeremy, 36, since April 2015, and said although she would love to get married and have children with him, neither are ‘high on her list’ of priorities right now.

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