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14 Янв 2021, 09:16
Brielle Biermann has tested positive for COVID-19 and is ‘recovering’ as she continues to quarantine

Brielle Biermann has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The 23-year-old influencer daughter of Kim Zolciak-Biermann revealed on Instagram Wednesday that she contracted COVID-19 and is currently quarantining in the salon at the family house.

‘I’ve had Covid (still recovering but I’m doing good today!!),’ she shared as she posted some selfies and spoke to her followers on her story.

She added that she opted to do her hair and makeup for the first time in a long time on account of her feeling better but also had Zoom meetings all day.

Speaking to the camera she said, ‘I’ve been beyond bored for real, so if anybody has any suggestions on what to watch on Hulu or Netflix please let me know, because I’m running out of things to do.’

She continued, ‘Shoutout to Kroy who has been delivering me my necessities at the stairs. He’s been bringing me all my clothes and food.’

The in-home salon is a full wing attached to the house that is equipped with a bathroom, couch and television.

Brielle said, ‘I’m gonna test again today and see how I’m doing cuz I think I’ve had it for almost two weeks now.’

Mom Kim reposted the video of her saying she thought she had been fighting the virus for two weeks and said: ‘Lies!!!!!,’ while adding that her daughter very much ‘still has it.’

Kim added: ‘With Brielle having COVID, that’s had me very stressed too,’ as she talked about enjoying a much needed glass of wine while trying to care for her daughter at a distance.

Brielle posted a photo of some homemade chicken noodle soup made by the family’s chef Tracey Bloom as she tried to battle the virus the old fashioned way.

She also said that Kim had made her milk and cookies and had brought her their dog for some cuddly reinforcement.

Though Brielle did not share where she thinks she may have contracted it, she seemed to be doing wardrobe fittings for work on January 3, and had spent time in Miami.

Taking a break from social media posts since then, many wondered why the active poster had gone silent all of a sudden, before she revealed her diagnosis.

Additionally she has been in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the past few months, though the family traveled from their home in Atlanta via RV for their hit show Don’t Be Tardy on Bravo.

With cases on the rise throughout the country despite the vaccine’s roll out, it seems that the virus has no signs of slowing down.

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22 Янв 2021, 13:47

Европейский суд по правам человека (ЕСПЧ) отказался признать повторным наказанием административный надзор за освободившимися в России заключенными. Решение опубликовано на сайте ЕСПЧ, внимание на него обратил «Коммерсантъ».

На административный надзор ЕСПЧ в 2014–2015 годах пожаловались двое россиян — Аркадий Поступкин и Василий Тимофеев, отбывшие уголовные наказания. Тимофеева в 2003-м приговорили к 11 годам лишения свободы за убийство, а Поступкина в 2007-м осудили на 7,5 года за торговлю наркотиками.

В 2013 году администрации колоний потребовали в суде установить над освобождающимися заключенными административный надзор. Его в России можно вводить с 2011-го. Бывшие заключенные, которые находятся под административным надзором, должны отмечаться в полиции от одного до четырех раз в месяц, также им могут запрещать участвовать в массовых акциях, посещать «определенные места», покидать дом в определенное время и выезжать за пределы территорий, установленных судом. Процедура применяется к гражданам, осужденным за тяжкие и особо тяжкие преступления, к рецидивистам и к лицам, совершившим умышленные преступления против несовершеннолетних.

Российские суды запретили Поступкину и Тимофееву выходить из дома с 22:00 до 6:00, последнему — также посещать митинги, бары, ночные клубы и прочие увеселительные заведения. Кроме того, Тимофеев должен был трижды в месяц отмечаться в полиции, а Поступкин — раз в месяц. Административный надзор за ними был установлен на срок погашения судимости: восемь лет у Тимофеева и шесть — у Поступкина.

В своем обращении к ЕСПЧ Поступкин сослался на ст. 4 протокола № 7 к Конвенции о правах человека, посчитав административный надзор повторным уголовным наказанием за одно и то же преступление. Кроме того, он привел ст. 2 протокола № 4 той же конвенции, сочтя запрет выходить из дома ночью и необходимость отмечаться в полиции нарушением прав на свободное передвижение.

Тимофеев, в свою очередь, отметил, что, когда суд приговаривал его к наказанию, административного надзора в российском законодательстве еще не было. Помимо этого он сообщил ЕСПЧ, что во время процесса о назначении процедуры надзора запросил, однако не получил адвоката по назначению. До этого оба заявителя пытались обжаловать назначение им надзора в российских судах, но те отклонили иски.

В результате ЕСПЧ согласился лишь с нарушением права на защиту и присудил Тимофееву компенсацию в размере €4 тыс. Саму процедуру административного надзора европейский суд отказался считать повторным уголовным наказанием, решив, что ее цель — предотвращение преступлений, а не наказание за них.

Требования отмечаться в полиции и запрет на выход из дома в определенное время ЕСПЧ назвал пропорциональными, установленными на определенный срок, указанный в российском законодательстве, которые могут быть обжалованы в суде.

Административный надзор в России также может применяться к лицам, совершившим умышленные преступления против несовершеннолетних. В мае 2020 года детский омбудсмен Анна Кузнецова предложила бессрочно следить за вышедшими на свободу педофилами, для чего создать специальный реестр таких лиц. Кроме того, после освобождения они должны будут носить электронные следящие устройства в виде браслетов.

26 Янв 2021, 03:15

Crawley Town boss John Yems does not even pretend to be over his sacking at Bournemouth and does not dare to predict how he might feel as he returns for the first time.

'I'd like to feel I'll be a little bit upset,' said Yems, who has not set foot inside the Vitality Stadium since he was dismissed without warning from his role as football operations manager in 2018.

He had worked there for six-and-a-half years, was responsible for securing the return of Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall to the club and worked closely with them as they climbed to the Premier League.

'My last game was Burnley away,' said Yems. 'I knew they were talking about not renewing my contract but I spoke to Eddie on the phone and it was all, 'don't worry it'll be sorted, blah, blah, blah' and on Tuesday my P45 turned up.'

Bournemouth had finished 12th in the Premier League and banked more than £111million in TV money. They paid Yems a redundancy package of £3,800.

'I was annoyed, I was angry, I was everything,' he said. 'After doing what we'd done, it did affect me. It was hard to swallow, and I had people calling me because it looked as though I must've done something drastically wrong.

'I don't know why they wanted to treat me like that or get rid of me. I'd have less of a problem if they'd told me but there was no explanation so you never get closure and you see people you helped getting on within the club. Another season starts and football moves on. It felt strange.

'The lesson I took from it all was how not to treat people. It's about where you set your morals. Where I'm from in South London you wouldn't treat your worst enemy like that.'

Yems worked some of the anger from his system and returned at Crawley and delivered the big shock of the FA Cup Third Round when his League Two team thumped Leeds 3-0.

'The most enjoyable thing was to see the players basking in the glory,' said the 61-year-old. 'We've a lot of players that have been released and rejected, or had bad injuries and we took a punt on them.

'Working in football is the greatest job. There are only 92 clubs and to work at any one of them is an honour and an achievement. And this club is being run how it should be. It's a joy to go to work in the morning at Crawley, like it used to be at Bournemouth.

'It was me, Eddie and Jason doing everything and there were promotions and some great memories but as we got bigger more people got involved and we lost our sense of reality.

'In the end, Bournemouth became like Disneyland, it wasn't real. Money-people run these clubs and they've never been in a dressing room, never been around players. They hide behind desks and emails.'

When the Fourth Round draw paired Crawley with Bournemouth, and a reunion with Tindall, who took over from Howe at the end of last season, Yems was surprised not feel more emotion. 'It was like a nothing draw,' he said. 'And that's sad because I had some good times there.'

His main problem since the draw, however, has been to keep enough players fit to get the tie on. Crawley suffered a Covid outbreak in the ranks and have not played since beating Leeds and did not return to the training ground until Monday. Top scorer Max Watters has been sold to Cardiff.

'We've got a few missing,' said Yems. 'It's difficult but it's time for others to stand up. It's a great opportunity for people.'

20 Янв 2021, 10:05

Стали известны даты финала Кубка России по фигурному катанию в Москве.

«-Спорт», ссылаясь на источники, связанные с Федерацией фигурного катания на коньках России (ФФККР), сообщает, что финал Кубка России пройдет с 26 февраля по 2 марта.

Напомним, что изначально турнир должен был пройти в Нижнем Новгороде с 23 по 27 февраля.

Ранее стали известны сроки проведения московского командного турнира по фигурному катанию.

Brielle Biermann has tested positive for COVID-19 and is 'recovering' as she continues to quarantine читать читать онлайн последнее важное форум Buckshee Бакши спроси у Бакши Buckshee

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